Direct Sales Clothing Footwear and Latest Fashions

  Debbie Cater  Hi Everyone! My name is Debbie Cater and I am a independent rep with Llynda More Boots! Our boots are a 2 piece interchangeable boot system that you can style and wear 30 different ways and are made to fit your calf! Ever have a hard time finding boots that fits your calf? well Llynda More Boots solves that problem with our boot tops, Our boot tops come in sizes 12-17 ,just measure your calf and pick your boot top size, now every women can achieve the perfect fitting pair of boots! How cool is that ,nothing else like it on the market! We offer 4 different ankle boot options in black and in Chocolate Brown along with a variety of different boot top designs so you can mix and match for endless possibilities! Our most popular ankle boots are our More Light which is a 2.5 inch heel and our More Love which is a 3.5 inch heel, Some of my favorite boot tops are our , chinchilla, leopard and snakeskin  them! You may shop and look around my site at We are also running a special this month of March on our Black and Brown More Luck ankle boot this is our 1.5 inch heel, purchase a pair of the more luck and a pair of boot tops and get your second pair for FREE! Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions!


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