Essentials for Your Kitchen

Hi, I’m with Tupperware. My favorite products (all!!) Are our Microwave Pressure Cooker. Anything you can make in a Crock Pot in 6-8 hrs you can do in the MICROWAVE PRESSURE COOKER in 20-30 minutes! This product is amazing & is on sale right now. You can save $50. Check my website Another product I love & use is our Quick Chef. This is a hand Food processor. Come with a blade & a whip. Our Stack Cooker you can cook a full 3 course meal in just 30 minutes. Great for people on the go.

  LaKesha Gaines  Hi I’m LaKesha an Independent Princess House consultant. We offer top quality hand crafted and hand blown crystal, Top quality Stainless Steel cookware( lifetime warranty) place settings, dinnerware, store & go, bake and serve as well as products to make eating healthy and cooking right easy. We have over 80 products under $30, we offer layaway and great Hostess and Consultant rewards. My website is My phone number is 443-768-5270


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