Healthy Direct Sales Products for You and Your Home

  Kristie Boyd  Healthy Products for You and Your Home: Hello! My name is Kristie Boyd and I’m an Independent Sales Consultant with Norwex. I am not a fan of cleaning, but Norwex products make cleaning easy, fast, and give much better results, all without harmful, toxic chemicals! My Top 3 Favorite Products:  *Enviro Cloth – Microfiber cloth that cleans with only water!  * Window Polisher Cloth – Provides streak free windows and mirrors!  * Descaler – Easily removes soap scum, limescale & rust. Chemical free, eco friendly alternative to harsh chemicals.  For more information and/or to place an order, please visit my website at  Like my Facebook Group page Kristie Boyd – Norwex Independent Sales Consultant and post “Saw your ad on the Spring Sneak Peak event” and receive 10% off your first Norwex order!  Have a wonderful day!

  Natasha Kocela Sykora  *Healthy Products for You and Your Home  – Hi my name is Natasha and I am an independent consultant with ENJO Canada. I love to teach people how easy it is to change their home to a chemical free zone. Lets get rid of those chemical toxins and let me show you how just fibres and water can remove bacteria, product residue, smells and stains. ENJO is now found in over 25 countries worldwide!  Our top 3 products would be our Home Starter Pack, includes all the fibres you need for a whole home clean and replaces all your chemicals. Next would be our amazing floor system removing and trapping all pet dander, dust, dirt and leaving your floors streak free! And lastly, lets talk outdoors. Our outdoor pack is fantastic for your cars, patio furniture, kids toys and so much more!  Hosts receive 50% off their products. Free shipping all across Canada. US shipping rates will apply.  Feel free to browse our website at or our blog at  My facebook page is


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