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Scentsy Product Review

  • Recently we asked    Kimberly Turner to tell us little bit more about the VERY popular and super cute SCENTSY BUDDIES: 

    Scentsy Buddies are huggable cuties that come to life with the help of a Scent Pak.
  • Just insert a Scent Pak and bring your Buddy to life with some of the best scents Scentsy has to offer. If you want your Buddy to smell really sweet, just give them a squeeze! If you’d like to swap your Scent Pak for a different fragrance, just unzip your Buddy, remove the Scent Pak, and replace it with another one of your favorites.
    scentsy stuffed animals
    Find Scentsy Buddies and more at

BREAKING MLM NEWS: New Company Simply Aroma

  Deanna Sweidel Diulus is an independent representative for Simply Aroma.  Today we asked her to introduce us to this new Direst Sales Company.

Hi!  I represent Simply Aroma.  Simply Aroma is just 5 months old and already taking the DS market by storm! Essential Oils have been around for 1000’s of years and ours are 100% pure therapeutic grade! The company is focused on the consultant which will make them hugely successful. Combine that with an amazing product, and you have a WINNER! There are oils to help so many ailments and issues. Need to get beach ready? We have oil for that! Can’t focus or concentrate? We have oils for that! Need help sleeping or relaxing? We have oils for that too. And SO much more! And right now, you can get started for free! There are 3 chances this week to hear about the company through a free webinar and make the decision for yourself. I joined because after 16 years in DS, and proven leadership, sales, recruiting and training, I fell in LOVE with the company’s mission and the overall personality of everyone you get to work with! We are new, so I cannot comment on “financial success” but so far the overwhelming response is positivity and excitement, which tells me that my team and I are headed towards very big things! I can be contacted on FB or via email at


BREAKING MLM NEWS: New Company Vfinity

  • Kem Lorett  is a representative for the new Direct Sales Company Vfinity.  Today we sat down with her and asked  her to introduce us to the company.

    Hi, I represent Vfinity. This is a fairly new company and just this week, the name changed. I am impressed about so many aspects of the company. This is an MLM, selling the most amazing weight loss, mood enhancing, metabolism boosting product I have ever used!!! You may know it by it’s old name, Voyager Health. Everyone, even at the very top is still working extremely hard to make this work. Everyone is extremely helpful and wants to make you a success in your physical and financial health. I have only been with the company for a little over a month. My first check was $12, my second should be over $500 and I feel it will keep increasing. Between my husband and me, we have lost over 30 pounds and feel like spring chickens! I have no doubt this will be a successful company. I have no doubt anyone involved with this company who works hard will become successful. My official website is I have a facebook page as well – U2Succeed. Anyone who knows how to do social marketing can excel with this company. Contact me for more information. Thanks for this opportunity!!!!


Home Party and Direct Sales SNEAK PEEK Outlet Shopping – Summer Edition

 summer sneak peek 2Welcome to the DIRECT SALES Party Rep

SNEAK PEEK Outlet!  

Each year, in the SPRING Direct Sales Companies release NEW Products, New Catalogues and New Opportunities.  

It’s a great time to shop!

Here in the SNEAK PEEK OUTLET, we are re-inventing how people buy direct sales products online.  For many people, shopping online can be confusing.  You may not be sure what products are right for you, how to purchase them or even how to get the lowest price.  These reps do!  Just ask any questions you may have.  These Reps are going to give you the individualized attention you deserve.  Why?  Because, Direct sales reps love helping people and are experts in the products and services they offer, so they are uniquely suited to help people find just the right products at exactly the right prices.

Getting Started:

1) Click here to scroll through the different Categories. Click on the Category that interests you.

2) Watch for the Advisors Top 3 SNEAK PEEKS.  These reps are professionals, they know how to help you find what you are looking for and how to get it at great price.

3) Many Sneak Peek Advisors will be offering coupons or special offers.  Take advantage!

4) IF YOU NEED HELP… Go directly to the SNEAK PEEK Advisor’s website or Facebook and contact them directly.

5) If you see what you want – follow the link to the SNEAK PEEK Advisor’s personal webpage site and put it in your cart. You’ll be done and if you have questions, you will be able to contact the rep directly to get answers.

6) IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR SOMETHING SPECIFIC and you don’t see it on the list, We DO Take Requests.  Just ask for help in the comments below or go to CLICK HERE   We can help you FIND a SNEAK PEEK Advisor From ANY Direct Sales Company!

Click here to Ask Questions, Get Help, and Find Your Own Personal SNEAK PEEK Advisor on Facebook 

To get started, click Pick a Category

NOTE to Reps:  Sometimes in direct sales, you feel like you’re begging for people to listen to you.  In the SNEAK PEEK OUTLET, reps will be blown away as customers seek you out  for advice and for the ‘easy way’ to learn more and buy your products. Reps in the SNEAK PEEK OUTLET will get found all year long by people looking for exactly what they have – fantastic products, that really work and people love!
NOTE to GUYS:  You know it’s TRUE, shopping for the women in your life is like doing your own brain surgery. You Need a Personal SNEAK PEEK Advisor-LET these Reps Help!

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