BREAKING MLM NEWS: New Company Vfinity

  • Kem Lorett  is a representative for the new Direct Sales Company Vfinity.  Today we sat down with her and asked  her to introduce us to the company.

    Hi, I represent Vfinity. This is a fairly new company and just this week, the name changed. I am impressed about so many aspects of the company. This is an MLM, selling the most amazing weight loss, mood enhancing, metabolism boosting product I have ever used!!! You may know it by it’s old name, Voyager Health. Everyone, even at the very top is still working extremely hard to make this work. Everyone is extremely helpful and wants to make you a success in your physical and financial health. I have only been with the company for a little over a month. My first check was $12, my second should be over $500 and I feel it will keep increasing. Between my husband and me, we have lost over 30 pounds and feel like spring chickens! I have no doubt this will be a successful company. I have no doubt anyone involved with this company who works hard will become successful. My official website is I have a facebook page as well – U2Succeed. Anyone who knows how to do social marketing can excel with this company. Contact me for more information. Thanks for this opportunity!!!!


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