BREAKING MLM NEWS: New Company Simply Aroma

  Deanna Sweidel Diulus is an independent representative for Simply Aroma.  Today we asked her to introduce us to this new Direst Sales Company.

Hi!  I represent Simply Aroma.  Simply Aroma is just 5 months old and already taking the DS market by storm! Essential Oils have been around for 1000’s of years and ours are 100% pure therapeutic grade! The company is focused on the consultant which will make them hugely successful. Combine that with an amazing product, and you have a WINNER! There are oils to help so many ailments and issues. Need to get beach ready? We have oil for that! Can’t focus or concentrate? We have oils for that! Need help sleeping or relaxing? We have oils for that too. And SO much more! And right now, you can get started for free! There are 3 chances this week to hear about the company through a free webinar and make the decision for yourself. I joined because after 16 years in DS, and proven leadership, sales, recruiting and training, I fell in LOVE with the company’s mission and the overall personality of everyone you get to work with! We are new, so I cannot comment on “financial success” but so far the overwhelming response is positivity and excitement, which tells me that my team and I are headed towards very big things! I can be contacted on FB or via email at


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