Todays Women In Business SHOUT OUT Goes to Tina from Origami Owl

Tina Kashlak NicolaiWomen Owned Business Wednesday

Love this Idea of Women Owned Business Wednesday!

1) I admire the women on my Origami Owl team who are steadfast and focused on their goals while juggling families, spouses, and full time careers.

2) My special offer is this: Post a comment on my Blog Website with your name, email and phone number and i’ll send you a free scratch off card towards your Origami Owl purchase.*All cards are winners!

My Blog website is: and follow me on Twitter for other OWLMAZING ideas and fun! @bestlockets tina

Find Tina at

2 thoughts on “Todays Women In Business SHOUT OUT Goes to Tina from Origami Owl

  1. Thank you so much!!! We LOVE working with women and supporting business growth! Please drop by our newly created team website for more information if you’d like. 🙂 Team Locket’ears!

  2. Thank you so much for the SHOUT OUT! We love supporting women in business and feel there is plenty of work to go around for all. If you’d like more information about Origami Owl, please visit our exclusive TEAM WEBSITE designed for our team and customers! We are offering great tips on our blog. Thanks! We are so humbled to be chosen.

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