Sneak Peek Outlet Shopping Categories HOLIDAY Edition

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Look through the Categories below.

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that interests you or the person you are shopping for.

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Decor for Your Home

Essentials for Your KITCHEN 


Popular SKIN CARE Lines 

Nails and Make Up

SPA Bath and Beauty

Health and Fitness


Weight Loss


                                                         Fashion: Clothing and Footwear                                                         

Personalize Items


       Chocolate and Wine      

Coffee and Tea

                                                TRAVEL and Vacation Planners                                               

HANDBAGS and Pretty Purses

     TOYS BOOKS and GAMES    


Wholesome Meals and FOOD for Your Family

             Natural and Organic Products        


CANDLE Companies

Sexy and Romantic





Healthy Living Products


  Direct Sales Services and Opportunities

Gifts for HER


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Ask Questions, Get Help and Find Your Own Personal SNEAK PEEK Advisor on Facebook 

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Rep OPPORTUNITY:  Sometimes in direct sales, you feel like you’re begging for people to listen to you.  In the SNEAK PEEK OUTLET, reps will be blown away as customers seek you out  for advice and for the ‘easy way’ to learn more and buy your products. Reps in the SNEAK PEEK OUTLET will get found all year long by people looking for exactly what they have – fantastic products, that really work and that real people really love!  Just ask in the comments for an invite.

6 thoughts on “Sneak Peek Outlet Shopping Categories HOLIDAY Edition

    1. Hi Kim,
      Let’s Get YOU In the Outlet! To get in the outlet -POST- to this PAGE YOUR Responses to the following and we’ll start working to get you and your business found for the HOLIDAYS.
      1) Pick a Category.
      You can view the categories at…/sneak-peek-outlet…/
      2) Introduce yourself.
      Say things like, “Hi, I am… I can help you find… for…”
      3) Top 3 Gift Ideas
      Remember that in the Outlet you are a Gift Advisor. People will want to know your Top 3 Gift Ideas. This should be easy – you are a professional, you know what everyone on their list wants.
      4) Coupons or Special Offers
      Gift Advisors should share any coupons or special offers they have available. This will usually shoot you right to the top of the list. Especially, if it’s an offer that is only for shoppers in the Sneak Peek Outlet.
      5) Provide your website and contact info.
      Offer your HELP… Encourage shoppers to go directly to your website OR contact you directly if they have questions or need help find a gift. Give them a reason to shop with you and a place to do it.
      6) This is a strictly Shopping ONLY Event. Retail sales only. If they have to Sign Up to SHOP, you will not Get in the Outlet. NO BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES please. Yes, you would love to grow your business and that’s good, but this EVENT is strictly for them to get to know you through your products and the services you offer. You can talk business/team building after the Holidays.

  1. My name is Donna Roucoulet, and I am an Independent Distributor for The Gourmet Cupboard. We offer hand-mixed, hand-packaged gourmet dry food mixes, including soups, meals, desserts, dips, breads, coffees, and more. We offer in home parties, as well as online parties, fundraisers, & catalog parties.

    My favorite 3 products would have to be: A) Cheesy Potato Casserole – One of the best tasting casseroles ever made! Your family will think you’ve been in the kitchen all day long! B) Spicy Saltine Crackers – These are NOT your ordinary crackers! This is an exciting, spicy, and hot blend of spices that create the perfect snack! C) Beer Braised Beef in the Crock Pot – A unique and easy meal, in no time, in your crock pot – no work, no mess!

    We offer monthly customer and hostess specials, now also including both a Mixes of the Month club & a Meals of the Month club! My website is , you can also reach me on Facebook at my page - or directly on my personal Facebook page

  2. My name is Donna Roucoulet, and I am an Independent Sales Rep for Bella Speranza. We offer beautiful jewelry – bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, that you personalize with your own choices of charms.

    My favorite 3 products would have to be: A) The Love Charm, B) Mom’s Taxi charm, and C) the Tropical Lagoon charm (such a bright blue color!) We have so many charms to pick from, including birthstones, holiday, animals, and so much more!

    The company website is (use my ID# 4413, to insure that you are shopping with me. You can also reach me on Facebook at my page - or directly on my personal Facebook page

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