Pampered Chef Still Making News

You’ve no doubt been invited to a lot of parties. One of the most popular in home party companies is Pampered Chef. Doris Christopher founded Pampered Chef from her suburban Chicago home in 1980. Since then, Pampered Chef has been popping up everywhere. In June, Better Homes & Gardens named Pampered Chef’s Quicksicle Maker as the must-have kitchen gadget of summer. POPSUGAR’s editor Tyler hosted a Pampered Chef party in her home! Tyler shared, “The most meaningful lesson didn’t concern the best way to infuse flavor into the chicken or the secret to acing my prep skills. Instead, it was all about making the cooking experience enjoyable and accessible to everyone.” And Family Circle explored  egg breakfast recipes in Pampered Chef’s Ceramic Egg Cooker. “These make-ahead, microwave-friendly breakfast “bowls” are a grab-and-go solution for you and your teens. Now get cracking!”.

At FindSalesRep, we love a good party! If you wanna Party or if you just need to grab a new item, meet one of our favorite P.C. reps. 

Meet Toni Sparrow ~ Pampered Chef Consultant in Grifton, North Carolina 

I am a mother of one daughter and grandmother to one granddaughter. I am a medical transcriptionist who loves PamperedChef and decided to become a consultant to get the products at lower prices and not to mention the extra money! Our company was found in 1980 to bring the family back to the table and back together again. I love the products and have completely redone my whole kitchen with these products. My favorite products are the stones. They make it so easy to have dinner in 30 minutes in one stone. To learn more visit my Pampered Chef website.



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