14 thoughts on “Find a Sales Rep

  1. Hello everyone! My name is Raynelle, and I am with Lemongrass Spa products!! I would love for you to check out our amazing line of 97-100% all natural products, that are handmade in Colorado!! We have so much to offer!! I am also located in the Pittsburgh area!!

  2. Looking for crafters and direct sales consultants to participate in events to benefit cancer patients. Events are held in Lower Bucks County and Northeast Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Please contact us at LIGHTHOUSE80@COMCAST.NET or (267) 210-2115 if interested. Thank you very much.

  3. http://www.joinRODANandFields.com #1 in North America. Reach $1 Billion is annual sales in just 9 years. Timing is everything. Avon took 86 yrs to get to $1 Billion, Mary Kay took 33 yrs, Amway 21 yrs, NuSkin 20 yrs , Herbal Life 24 yrs….. RISK FREE 60 day 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy…..but you will be. Do you have the Talent…some of our team are making $20-50K per month in less than 4-5 yrs…and driving a NEW LEXUS for their efforts… JOINRodanandFields.com today (soon we will be launching into Australia too)

  4. looking for a sales rep in 35810 zip code or in Huntsville/Madison AL area to purchase a product. I am not interested in being a rep myself, only want to purchase Renew Lotion. I called the company direct but they were not helpful in helping,

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