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Bragging Rights

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I am Laura Wells.

I achieved the car bonus in my company in my first 17 days, and I only use social media to grow my business.

I am a promoter with Le-Vel and¬†I’d be happy to share my story with you. ūüôā

Laura Wells  You were designed  for accomplishment, engineered for success,  and endowed with seeds of greatness! - Zig Ziglar
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I Can’t Find a Direct Sales Rep

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If you are in Direct Sales, Network Marketing or have a Home Party Business – You need to know that Basic Listings are FREE on and people are looking what you’ve got!

That’s why the following message is so sad. We don’t offen get emails like this, but this should NEVER happen!

This email is from Barbara in B.C.

‚ÄúHello, I think you should know that my experience with this service has been unsatisfactory. With all the information you required to find a sales rep for me, the closest one was in another province. I know sales reps much¬†closer¬†in proximity to me.‚ÄĚ

Makes us want to cry! How about you? Don’t you want to Get Found by Barbara and other people looking for the products and services you’ve got?

claim my free listing

Get Found! Get on

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11 Things You Can Do To Achieve More Today

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do something

It can be overwhelming. ¬†Being your own boss will offer you moments of self doubt, crushing stress and frustration. ¬†BUT… ¬†but there’s also excitement, adventures, new possibilities and a whole lot of clapping and smiling when you achieve success.

You may not be able to quit your job today or follow every direct sales lead that comes your way, but every day contains within it countless opportunities, all waiting to see what you will do.

Theses are the choices that will make all the difference in your business.  They are the things that will determine your current level of success and your likelihood of you achieving your goals in the future.

So, WHAT IF?  What if you make some changes today and stick to them?  WHAT IF?  

Sometimes even the smallest shift in thinking or doing can create the biggest opportunities.

To get started:

1. Stop thinking and stopping there.  Getting a good idea is NOT enough. Write down all of your ideas, right when you have them.  Then, put them on your calendar and make them happen.

2. Challenge your beliefs about what you can and can’t do. You are better than you think you are.  Yeah, you really are that good!

3. Challenge your ideas about how things work. Sometimes when you decide how things¬†should be you limit your ability to see how they CAN BE. ¬†Take a look at how others ‘do the business’ and see which things you think you could try to adopt in to your day to day business plans.

4. Have a vision, a dream, a goal.¬† Write down your goals. ¬†“I will… by this date…” ¬†Then create a vision board and put on it those things that will be visible you when you achieve your goals. ¬†(Directions for creating a vision board can be found in the search on this blog.)

5. Look for opportunities in every failure.  Avoid the victim mentality, everything that happens, whether to-you or by-you is an opportunity. Yes, EVERYTHING!  Change your attitude and start LOOKING for the opportunity in EVERYTHING.

6. Remove something from your life that doesn’t serve you.  Make room for something better and new.   These can be small things, like a cluttered work space or big things like a business partner that is holding you back.  Either way, take the time to evaluate those things that you let in to your business and make room for new things that will encourage growth.

7. Commit to something. ¬†You know those things that you always say you‚Äôll do but you never seem to start start‚ÄĒstart them. ¬†Go, right now, GO! ¬†Write it on your calendar and figure out how to make it happen. ¬†Take the first step right now.

8. DON’T¬†think about what you DON’t want. DO think about what you DO¬†want.¬†Shift your energy from complaining, worrying and waisting time to doing, taking action and achieving.

9. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Positive energy creates positive results.  Enough said.

10. Self Improvement is a sign of growth and intelligence.  Anytime you improve your habits, you pave the path for personal excellence.

11. Forgive your self and others.  Let go of grudges. Removing barrier opens doors.

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How to Advance Both Your Networking Skills and Your Determination

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TRENDING TOPICS: Direct selling is a classic sales method and there are a lot of people doing it… but are they successful as they could be? When entrepreneurs get serious about their business, they seek training. Most companies provide this kind of training. The information provided is company and product specific. It’s invaluable. Learning about what you’ve got and how to get paid for sharing it will definitely help you grow your business.

But… then what? What’s the next step?

topics trendingTOPIC: You started a business. From scratch, you got it off the ground, grew it and now you want to advance both your skills and your determination. It’s time to get some help!

Conferences are LIVE, in-person events that leave you with inspiration, new connections and innovative tools that will make a difference while your trying to turn your dreams in to reality.

Let’s face it… operating a small business can be isolating at times, getting out, connecting and collaborating with others can be a valuable resources. Professional networking events allow you to get out of the office and meet people you might not have otherwise ever encountered.

Have you attended a conference that helped you break through in your business? Share your Conference, Seminar and Event suggestions and your stories in the comments below.

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Targeting the Ideal Customer

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How do you target the ideal customer?

To successfully introduce new customers to you company and the products you offer, ¬†it’s essential to focus exclusively on the prospects you believe are most likely to purchase from you.

WHO are they?  We asked a few of our favorite independent direct sales reps:

-Your ideal customer may be prospects who are currently buying something similar and will appreciate the additional features your new product or service provides.

-Your best prospects have a perceived need for what you offer, can afford to buy it and have demonstrated a willingness to do so–probably by purchasing from your competition. Bear in mind, it’s always easier to fill a need than to create one.

Share the benefits and features that your prospective customers will value most.  The bottom line is that working with you and your company should be unique and meet the needs and desires of your best prospects.  Show then how you can make that happen.


Will you market online, via catalog or by archery target? Generally,  a multi-channel marketing tactic will help you achieve the greatest success.


Customers who can shop when and however they like tend to spend more and shop more often. Suppose your strategy is to market a weight loss product to people who can’t afford gym memberships or high-priced home equipment. You might choose traditional face to face/home party direct marketing plus a website as your primary channels, and then online ads and e-mail solicitations that link to your website. ¬†These are all great ideas, but no one action alone is going to give you the results that you are looking for. ¬†Aim to combined all of them.


For startup entrepreneurs, the need to constantly tinker with the business never ends. “You have always got to be thinking about how you can tweak whatever you have to make it even better.”

If you feel like you have too much going on, stop and just focus on just one at a time. Try spending time on one project per day and see how much you accomplish.

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Trending Topics in Direct Sales

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Direct selling is certainly a classic sales method and given the reach of the Internet in the business world, the approach to direct selling has a larger reach than ever before.

TOPIC: The debate is on!!! Coffee shop or online blog? Door to door or email contact list? Typical meeting or online chat? How’s a poor marketer to decide? It used to be that “Face Time” with prospects through all stages of a sales cycle was the only way. It was was tried and true, but with all the gadgets used today, “Shopper” no longer seem to value the antiquated ritual. ¬†It seems that “Face Time” may no longer be necessary at all.

More often than not, sales go through – online without any direct contact at all. Independent Sales reps can now use the Web to conduct product demonstrations, hold multi-person sales trending topics thurspresentations, all kinds of things that help them connect with their audience.

Here’s just an example:
For many top recruiters, email has replaced the phone as a primary method of reaching out to contact new prospective customers for the first time. The traditionalist would say this selling tactic is bad even though it brings down the cost of doing business and takes less time, but sales don’t lie. TODAY’S TOP SELLERS IN EVERY DIRECT SALES COMPANY are the ones with a strong online presence and a long email contact list.

PROBLEM: There is one pit fall that online marketers face -ISOLATION- working in isolation tends to make reps less productive than if they work in groups, even small ones, where they can feed off each others momentum.

SOLUTION: Form a team that can share sales strategies. The best ones are social clubs for entrepreneurs and sales professionals that to help them learn how to get good at sales and to have fun doing it. There should be no sales “gurus” or “experts” in these groups. Let every leader show off and share their smart. Ambitious people will have a lot to share and will help the whole group work hard to reach their goals. Having FUN is what will keep the motivation engine revving.


What do YOU spend more time doing?


Which gives you the most business growth?

Respond in the comments below.

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Gift Advisors that Will Help YOU Build It ¬†Make It ¬†Create It Organize It

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¬†¬†Jacob Barlow¬†¬†I’m Jacob Barlow and I work with and love SendOutCards! ¬†I’m in Utah, but wherever you are, if you want to send a valentines day card for cheaper than you could anywhere else visit¬†¬† ¬†We also have a catalog of valentines gifts and treats ¬†For a brief video explaining what we do, visit¬†¬†¬†If you’d like to send a card for free contact me and we can get you a gift account.

¬†Rainy Droke Benedict¬†¬†Hello, My name is Rainy Benedict ¬†I sell Trades of Hope and live in Beech Grove at¬†¬†¬†I love everything but a couple of my favorite items at this time of year would be our love bowl (you can add soaps, candle, candy) makes a beautiful gifl and it doesn’t die like flowers. Also our journals, buy one right a special note inside to your loved one. These journals have hand made paper with flower peddles in them. Scarves are a big selling items. We do have jewelry but not every women wants jewelry. So go into my website and check it out. Every item is hand made by a women trying to get out of poverty. So your gift will be giving to 2 women. The one you love and the one who loves you for helping her out of poverty and the sex trade.

¬†¬†Amy Copsetta Baskerville¬†¬†Hi, I am Amy Copsetta with Clever Container¬† I service the Fort Riley KS are but am building a nationwide team. My three favorite products are the ‘Stuff-it’, the ‘Phubby’ and the the ‘Suite Seat ‘. All three are available in black and pink pattern. Take a look and see. There is always a product offered at a discount with a $50 purchase. Let me know how I can help you bring order to the chaos of everyday life.

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Build It ¬†Make It ¬†Create It Organize It

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¬†¬†Jenny Wiest¬†¬†My name is Jenny, and I am an independent director with ThirtyOne. We have great products to keep the American woman organized! I actually put our products to use today. As we near the end of the year, my paper work is ridiculous! It is everywhere, and I spend more time looking for papers than working! ¬†So I took charge! I used a Fold ‘n File to get my papers going. ¬†I can put the Fold N File in my Organizing utility tote when I need to take it on the road. I felt so good when done! I know where all my labels and business expense receipts are now! Here is a pic of what I am talking about. If you would like to see more ideas, please visit my website:¬†¬†. ****Any referrals from the SNEAK PEEK OUTLET get 15% off their entire order.***

¬†¬†Jessica Martin¬†¬†Hi! I’m Jess and I am with clever container Americans spend more than $4 million dollars a year on organizing products! Clever container only has about 250 active consultants all over the country. These quality products help get and keep you organized in your house, car, office and more! I‚Äôm talking about REAL LIFE solutions that make your life easier! I am always looking for customers as well as team members! This is a great opportunity for anyone and I would love to tell you more about it! You can even host a party to help earn the kit! How cool is that?! And a new catalog coming in less than a month!¬†¬†724-553-0907 and on facebook at¬†¬† AND…¬†I just got word from home office and have some very exciting news for you ladies! You will also be able to order starting tomorrow from the new fall/winter catalog that launches on October first! How exciting is that?! You can order from both catalogs until September 30th! And then only the new fall/winter catalog. If you place an order, please add it to Jess’s party

¬†¬†Georgeanne Panos¬†Hello Everyone! Welcome..¬†My name is Georgeanne Panos.¬†I am ¬†an Independent Consultant of Thirty-One Gifts since earlier this year and wow, I cannot sing enough praise about this company. ¬†31 is all about exposing the world to our wonderful products. ¬†If I had to chose (3) of my favorite products I would have to say, in random order, the Every Wear Wallet (it’s a wallet, clutch, purse) that comes with a detachable strap! (3 uses for the price of one $35); the Suite Skirt Purse (you pick a ‘foundation color purse’, in either black or brown and then decide, which isn’t easy, on a skirt that changes the entire look. So, you’re getting two complete purse looks for one price $60 comes with a skirt too); Large Utility Tote (this tote has more uses than I could possibly list and you can have it personalized too. Toys, towels, bridal shower gifts, baby shower gifts, organize your trunk junk, etc etc etc. $35.¬†Every month there is a new Monthly Customer Special. Each month I’m like a kid, I get so excited. The September special is for every $35 spent, you can purchase a Organizing Utility Tote or Super Organizing Tote for HALF – OFF!! October special is, for every $35 spent you can purchase oen of (7) travel pieces for HALF – OFF!! ¬†If anyone has any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.¬†I thank you for taking the time and wish you Happy Shopping ¬†¬† ¬†(my contact information can be found on my website)

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Build It Make It Create It Direct Sales Products

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Who Really Wins In Direct Sales

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Who are the REAL Direct Sales Winners?  

Certainly the company owners are¬†successful¬† ¬†Or not… ¬†many Direct Sales companies fail in the first 2 years because of poor planning, ¬†but for those that do¬†survive¬†the ‘terrible’ two’s’, yes, their planning pays off and they reap the rewards of residual income. ¬†They also will have brought in a few key ‘master distributor’ or ‘founders’. ¬†These folk, if they stuck with it through the launch stage, will be starting to get pay back in full. ¬†So, yup, they are winners. ¬†

Who else wins it in Direct Sales? ¬†Is there any Real Money left to be made , if you weren’t there right in the¬†beginning? ¬†


It used to be that companies reserved about 50% of their total payout for the top 2% , but recently, companies have been taking a new approach to the age old problem of retention   Early payouts for top recruiters are now attracting big hitters to jump in and they are not just jumping from company to company.  Todays newbies are coming from other industries.  The economy may be partly to blame.  With fewer high-end sales positions available, many uniquely quailed sales reps have had to think less traditional and have turned to Direct Sales.  These rising stars are WINNING BIG, with companies offering new bonus as big as $3,000 to $300,000 in your first 3 months.

That kind of cash is¬†attractive¬†and¬†professional¬†sales reps are taking notice. ¬†Direct Sales¬†stereo¬†types are a thing of the past. ¬†Todays top¬†earners,¬†the REAL Winners are Reps with ‘play to win-win’ philosophy. ¬†¬†

These¬†are the ¬†new rain maker‘Rainmakers’! ¬†


They respect, and always try to satisfy, the best interests of their prospects. ¬†Knowing that a win for the client means a win for them too. They are also extremely dedicated to becoming top performers. ¬†They have often times been in the¬†position¬†before and they have a won’t settle attitude, exhibiting the hustle, passion, and intensity it takes to achieve what only the elite achieve.

Winner Do. ¬†They just do. ¬†They do the work. ¬†They look for opportunity and they make things happen. ¬†Anyone can be a Direct Sales Winner. ¬†Companies have heard the request and are now rewarding ‘The New Kid”. ¬†Getting some of the action has never been easier! ¬†It’s a great time for Direct Sales!

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