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Do Something You Love

We all have products or services that we LOVE. Maybe you love fashion, fitness, home decor or gourmet meals. Whatever it is, you love it so much that you share it with every one you meet and that passion has turned into a business.

Now you get to do what you love and make money at the same time. You are one of the luck few and you get to make your own rules!

But… we are living in crazy times. Everything has been upended because of Covid-19. Today, many of us are staying at home. Maybe that could be good for your home based business.

Question: How can you take a passion and build a business from home?

Answer: Tell the world about what you love.

Most companies provide their reps with a website. That’s the funnel where you want to ultimately send the people that are interested in what you’ve got, but you’ll need a bigger funnel to get them there. There are many ways to share your knowledge with the world and more is definitely better. Maybe you have a facebook page or a email list, but that is NOT enough. It’s time to start that youtube channel, a Pinterest post and maybe a blog that you’ve been thinking about, any place where you can share your unique story.

When you’re doing something you love, your story comes naturally.

Starting your business probably wasn’t your plan when you first joined the company you represent, but when you believe in something and you know it well, it’s easy to love doing it!  Look for new ways to stand out and share your story with the world. That’s exactly what everyone who has made it did, and they started just like you with something they felt passionate about and a story. You can too, if you don’t know where to start watch them, look at what they are doing and then build from their ideas and make something of your own.

One of favorite reps that ‘has made it’ is Diane Drayer ~ Scentsy Consultant in Branson, Missouri.

In 2010, Diane was honored to receive the Shining Star Award. This prestigious award is given to only one Scentsy Consultant a year and is based on the recommendations of their Scentsy peers.

Today, Diane is still loving and sharing Scentsy Wickless Candles. Check out Diane’s NationWide Listing at

Scentsy Consultant in Cincinnati Ohio

Please Welcome Angela Tippets ~ Scentsy Consultant in Cincinnati, Ohio

About Me

OMGosh! I love living life on my terms! I’ve been a Scentsy Rep for almost 10 years, and at the tippy top as a SuperStar Director since 2010 -it’s crazy where goals, hard work and an awesome team can take you! My husband (Scott) and I enjoy hanging out with our 3 almost grown children, we have a Harley Davidson motorcycle (we call it our “bonding” bike, our kids call it a mid-life crisis) and love to just go on rides together. My husband is super involved with the Boy Scouts of America and our son just finished his Eagle project. Our middle daughter, who had ovarian cancer at 15 is doing awesome and is now on a church mission for 18 months. Our oldest daughter just got married to an amazing young man and we couldn’t be more excited for them! We like to travel, try different restaurants -sometimes we’ll drive quite a distance for good food, hang out with friends, play cards, and a lot of times you’ll find me in our basement crafting away. I’m kind of an introvert, but as a business leader I’ve learned to be okay with getting out of my comfort zone. Our favorite thing is hanging out with our Scentsy friends while on earned, FREE incentive tripsI Most of our business is done online through social media and local events. Our team is called, “The Awesome Group” because they seriously are AWESOME! Even through our team is spread out globally, we mentor, teach, grow, learn, have fun, and enrich each other’s lives through live stream, team Facebook page, one-on-one conversations, and fun mail. Yep, you totally should join our team! ❤

My Favorite Products

Scentsy Warmers,
Scentsy Bars,
Cincinnati Reds Baseball Helmet Scentsy Warmer,
The Ohio State Football Helmet Scentsy Warmer,
Scentsy Essential Oils,
Scentsy Diffusers,
Scentsy Buddies,
Scentsy Laundry Products,
Scentsy Car Bars,
Scentsy Room Sprays,
Scentsy Start Up Kit

About My Company

Being a part of the Scentsy Family is so much more than warmers and wax! I joined as an Independent Scentsy Consultant in early 2007, then shortly after moved to Cincinnati Ohio area where we didn’t know a single person. It was hard because no one had heard of the Scentsy brand. Before I joined Scentsy, I started looking at other companies and what I wanted -or didn’t want. I knew I didn’t want to do facials or foot scrubs, clean or cook for anyone, or carry heavy products around. I definitely DID want to join a company that offered consumable products, who had great values and was forward thinking, who was also part of the DSA (there are strict rules and ethics for companies who belong to the DSA), and believed in giving back to the community. I wanted products that offered that “WOW” factor, products that were high-quality, and at least mostly manufactured/produced in the USA (our Scentsy Warmers are made in China and our Scentsy Bars and other additional products are manufactured in Meridian, Idaho), and that were family friendly so our kids could help out. I wanted the opportunity to grow with a great compensation plan, a company who values their employees AND their consultants. In the almost 10 years since my awesome Scentsy Start Up Kit showed up on my front porch, it has been the BEST journey. I won’t say it’s been easy, because it hasn’t always been easy. It’s been a lot of work, sacrifice, learning, growing, and becoming. Through my journey I’ve also learned a lot about myself, about friendships, team spirit, leadership, relationships, mentoring, teaching, goal-setting, supporting, encouraging, and business. We’ve met so many amazing people! When my daughter was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, our customers, our team, and our Scentsy family sustained our business while I focused on getting our daughter through those hard chemo treatments. To know that I’m a part of a tribe that cares, that values one another, that serves one another is a great feeling. The stability we have as a family, the opportunity I’ve been given to work from home on my terms, and flexibility of time has been a blessing. Scentsy is seriously THE BEST COMPANY to represent.

Featured Product Information

In December 2006 we had a close call when some tea lights caught our tabletop decoration on fire -about 6 inches from the wall in our house. Thank goodness we were home and our daughter saw that it was in flames. This was a decoration that was made for tea lights and that experience scared me to the point where I wouldn’t use candles any more. I was introduced to my first Scentsy warmer and the Scentsy system in early 2007 while working in a kindergarten classroom. The teacher had a Scentsy warmer in her class and I was a little concerned. She showed me how it worked, how it wouldn’t burn to the touch, and all the fun fragrances of the Scentsy bars. The concept was intriguing, and the business aspect excited me. I love that our Scentsy warmer and Scentsy bars are safe around children and pets, that our Scentsy essential oils are 100% natural, and that our Scentsy Diffusers are ultrasonic, nebulizing and use cool mist -all the best options.

Also, our Scentsy Laundry products are amazing! Seriously, I was a ___(insert brand)____ snob when it came to a certain brand of laundry products. The first time I tried our Scentsy laundry products though, there was no going back. While the process of doing laundry is still a mundane task, I do find myself actually enjoying it now.


Scentsy Consultant in Branson Missouri

Say Hello to Diane Drayer ~ Scentsy Consultant in Branson, Missouri, 65616

About Me

Maybe you are just like I used to be and searching for a way to live your dream.  Let me teach you to go from being a champion quitter to actually sticking it out and making a living for your family.

In 2010, I was honored to receive the Shining Star Award.  This prestigious award is given to only one Scentsy Consultant a year and is based on the recommendations of our Scentsy peers.

My husband and I have traveled to many wonderful places by earning Scentsy incentive trips. This is something you can do as well, with hard work and focus. If you would like to learn more about starting your own Scentsy business or about the products, please feel free to contact me.

About My Company

Scentsy Mission Statement: To bring value to the world by providing an industry leading, family-friendly business opportunity selling creative, artistic, high-quality products that warm the heart, enliven the senses, and inspire the soul.

Featured Product Information

Our new Scentsy Go product line is a portable battery powered fragrance system. Take it with you anywhere! Rechargeable with fragrance lasting up to 40 hours. Charges easily with the included USB cord. Use it in your car, hotel room, office space, massage room and so much more!

My Favorite Products

Scent Bar
Scentsy Go
Scentsy Body

Gift Advisors Decretive Valentine’s Day CANDLES

  Michelle Simmington  Hello all! I’m Michelle Simmington from Massachusetts and I am an Independent Scentsy Family Director.  You can view my webiste at ~ and my FB page is  Scentsy Wickless Candles are flame free ~ soot free ~ lead free ~wick free Description~ A SIMPLE SYSTEM ~ Distinctive Scentsy warmers melt specifically formulated wax with the heat of a low-watt light bulb, enhancing your home with more then 80 Scentsy fragrances safely, with no flame, smoke, or soot. ~ THE SCENTSY MISSION ~ To bring value to the world by providing an industry-leading, family-friendly business opportunity selling creative, artistic, high-quality products that WARM THE HEART, ENLIVEN THE SENSES AND INSPIRE THE SOUL. Scentsy warmers and wax are also child and pet friendly as the wax never gets hotter than your body temperature.  My favorite products are the warmers and wax as they are so safe and safety is most important.  Earn products for free and half price by hosting in home, on line, basket/tote parties.  Earn extra income by joining my team.  *** Join in January and get free shipping on your starter kit and earn Scentsy Fragrance products valued at $300 for free!

  Natalie Choate  Hi, my name is Natalie Choate, and I am a Pink Zebra Independent consultant. If you are looking for a unique Valentine’s gift this year, check out my website. We just released the Spring/Summer items! We have soft soy sprinkles that go in a warmer, are used to make a candle, and can be mixed together to create new scents. Women love the versatility of the simmering lights & shades. Reed diffusers or simmer pots are great gifts for your man’s office.  You can also check out my special on my Facebook page.

Michelle Kingsbury  Gold Canyon has the most fragrant candles and other scented products on the market. We are known for our double wicks, amazing fragrance and long burn times. Our Scent POD WARMERS have timers, no replacement bulbs and the scent pods are so easy to use, just place on your warmer and enjoy, no scraping or pouring of wax.  Gold Canyon has a large variety of products, a variety of scented candles and come in multiple different sizes. Products: Scented Candles Room Sprays  Wickless Candles Candle Holders Scented Oils Warmers Dippers, Trimmers Natural Cleaning Products And Much More  I am a local consultant looking for more customers and team members. If you are interested in looking at all the amazing things Gold Canyon has to offer, or if you’re interested in becoming a consultant yourself, please go to my Facebook page. You earn 25%+ commission on everything you sell. Do you want to place an order, or set up a time to see a catalogue, or smell the samples? Message me, or check out my Facebook page for more information.  Looking forward to hearing from you!  Also now through Friday, we have a 40% sales going on!!!!


100 Most Popular Direct Sales Companies On The Web

color works introduces the List of MOST POPULAR Home Party Companies and Direct Sales Companies.  Ranked monthly by popularity, our LIST is based on UNBIASED results.  Popularity is determined by # of  people searching for a specific company.

NOVEMBER 2013 Rankings

  1. Scentsy
  2. Origami owl
  3. Plexus Slim
  4. Amway
  5. Tupperware
  6. Pampered Chef
  7. Saba ACE
  8. AVON
  9. Thirty One
  10. Advocare
  11. Norwex
  12. Melaleuca
  13. Arbonne
  14. Nerium
  15. Miche Bag
  16. Mary Kay
  17. Herbalife
  18. Young Living Essential Oils
  19. Paparazzi Accessories
  20. Silpada
  21. Creative Memories
  22. Organo Gold
  23. ACN
  24. Isagenix
  25. Passion Parties
  26. Visalus
  27. Rodan and Fields
  28. Kangen Water
  29. Shaklee
  30. Vemma
  31. Juice Plus
  32. Pure Romance
  33. Vault Denim
  34. Jafra Cosmetics
  35. Wildtree
  36. Zija International
  37. Lia Sophia
  38. Ambit Energy
  39. BeautiControl
  40. MonaVie
  41. Nu Skin
  42. Stella and Dot
  43. Dove Chocolate Discoveries
  44. PartyLite
  45. Skinny Body Care
  46. Initial Outfitters
  47. Pink Zebra
  48. Amsoil
  49. Stampin Up
  50. Tastefully Simple
  51. Longaberger
  52. 5Links
  53. Jamberry Nails
  54. Uppercase Living
  55. Usborne Books
  56. Javita
  57. Clever Container
  58. Ardyss
  59. South Hill Designs
  60. Usana
  61. Damsel In Defense
  62. Legal Shield
  63. Seacret
  64. Slumber Parties
  65. Market America
  66. Consumer Choice Marketing
  67. Metagenics
  68. Signature Homestyles
  69. Zurvita
  70. Xango
  71. Lindt Chocolate RSVP
  72. 4Life Research
  73. Cookie Lee Jewelry
  74. ItWorks
  75. Princess House
  76. Wake up Now
  77. Willow House
  78. Primerica
  79. Initials Inc
  80. Younique
  81. Grace Adele
  82. Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
  83. J.R. Watkins Naturals
  84. Lifevantage
  85. Youngevity
  86. Gold Canyon
  87. Perfectly Posh
  88. Karatbars International
  89. Pink Papaya
  90. Send Out Cards
  91. Velata
  92. Discovery Toys
  93. Premier Designs
  94. Worldventures
  95. Ava Anderson Non Toxic
  96. Celebrating Home
  97. Boresha International
  98. Unicity Bios Life Slim
  99. Jeunesse Global
  100. Park Lane Jewelry

Home Party CANDLES 

  Nola Bradford My name is Nola Bradford and I am an Elite Independent Fragrance Consultant with Gold Canyon for nearly 5 years. We are known as “The World’s Finest Fragrance Company” as for good reason.  Our company is celebrating our 16th anniversary. We have over 102 fragrances to choose from and a large variety of products to choose from. Whether you prefer a candle or a flameless option, we have what you are seeking. Our candles are non-toxic, our wicks are lead free and cotton wrapped and they keep their fragrance from top to bottom and burn evenly. Our best option in our candles is the large sized Heritage with a burn time of 200 hours at a cost of .11 cents per hour. Our scent pod warmers have timers on them and there are no parts that you need to replace ever. This months fragrance of the month is Farmhouse Cider and you will receive 10% off all products in that fragrance. This month only, you will also receive absolutely FREE, one of our Scents of the Season Trick or Treat candle in the Pumpkin Patch FREE when you place an order directly with me in a party order setting. My website is Thank you.

 Tabitha Waters  My name is Tabitha Waters I am a consultant for Scentsy Fragrance. Scentsy Candles Products are a safe alternative to scented candles! Our Warmers melt and warm the wax releasing the fragrance into the air which means – NO BURNING. This makes your home safer for you, your family and pets. We also have scentsy buddies for kids, Layers bath and laundry products. My favorite products are Service and Sacrifice warmer, Welcome Home scent, and layers detergent. The holidays are just around the corner and and I would love to help you find something for everyone on your holiday list.

 Sarah Louise Birch HI everyone!!! My name is Sarah and I am an independent Scentsy Consultant… Being a safe, cost effective alternative to flamed candles, we have something for EVERYONE!!! Many warmers to match any decor and many scents that will surely bring you back to somewhere you miss or bring you somewhere you LOVE!!! Scent is tied to memory, and who doesn’t love memories!!!! Scentsy is much more than a wickless candle, we have bath and body products, scents that you can take on the go…Many many choices to trigger that memory, or just fulfill the love for smells!!! We have a BRAND new catalog this fall with SOOO many brand new warmers!!! I love the Gallery Collection, where you can switch out the frames to coincide with your mood or the different seasons! I love the fall so I recommend those fall scents, “Apple press” “caramel pear crisp” and Pumpkin Roll… DELISH!!!! Also for those that like more subtle scents, Honey moon hideway is nice clean choice! Check out my website and let me know if I can help you in ANY way. Visit me and Click on Online orders… Have a SCENTSATIONAL time shopping

  Andrea Dobrowolski Hi my name is Andrea Dobrowolski and I am a Mia Bella Distributor. Please check me out on Facebook: . My website is: . You may have your order delivered by me if you live in Northeast PA and take advantage of my specials or order on line with our great bulk shipping rates and then email me at and I can reimburse you the difference so u can take advantage of my specials that way. I take $5 off when you buy two of anything ! I also give away free stuff with every order! We have wonderful sculpture candles for fall, Halloween and Christmas. Hope to hear from you soon.

  Barbara Vandevender Zimmerman Hello, I am Barbara Zimmerman, an Independent Consultant with Pink Zebra Home Fragrance. Currently In Parma Heights Ohio.  I would love to help you create a warm inviting home simply by using Pink Zebra Home Flagrance Sprinkles to make your home smell good! We have a wide variety of scents you can use as a single scent or create your very own special recipe creation you can name after yourself! We also offer a variety styles of warmers and candle kits. To view or purchase Pink Zebra Products please My top three products recommendations are: 1) Pink Zebra Fragrance Sprinkles that are available in over 40 scents you can easily create your very own favorite recipe. 2) Simmering Lights warmers. Simmering Lights allow you to change the shade to match you decor or mood. 3)Pink Zebra also offers moisturizing hand lotions that are enriched with Aloe Vera, Vitamins a, e and B-5 to promote healing and moisturizing oils of olive, coconut, avocados, and shea butter to hydrate. They are free of paraben and sulfates. Each month Pink Zebra offer and Fragrance of the month. NEED HELP SHOPPING?  VISIT ME AT MY website

  Tedra L Wentzel  What can I do for you to make your Holiday Shopping easier?   My name is Tedra but everyone calls me “Teddy B” and I’m Teddy B Sprinkles _ Pink Zebra Independent Consultant specializing in making all your celebrations spectacular and unique; including Weddings, Birthdays, Baby Showers, and anything else celebration!  My favorites are, of course, our EcoSoy Sprinkles used to make candles or be placed in any household warmer; the Simmering Lights warmers with choice of color shade; and our many decorative shades to add accent to our warmer and your home.  As always if your buy 5 jars of Sprinkles you get 1 jar of Sprinkles FREE!  BUT!!! … I have some fabulous specials being help thru the end of the year… in September: Buy 3 Jars of Sprinkles, Get 1 jar of Sprinkles FREE in October: Buy 1 Simmering Lights Warmer & 3 Jars of Sprinkles, Get 2 jars of Sprinkles FREE in November: Spend $50 and receive $10 off your order in December: Buy 1 White, Sand, or Red Simmer Pot & 2 jars of Sprinkles for $38 In order to receive these discounts, you must contact me directly. I thank you for your time and attention and Happy Shopping!  FB:  Web:  Email:

 Jessica Louviere Clements Hello, my name is Jessica Clements. I would love to help you find the perfect gift for yourself and/or others. I am with a great company called Scentsy. We offer a variety of home fragrance warmers and scents, as well as bath and body products and so, so much MORE! You can check out these great items by visiting my online store:  Our new Fall/Winter catalog was just release this month, so if you haven’t taken a look at our products in a while, now is a good time! You can sign up for my newsletter to be kept up to date on what is happening and/or like my Facebook page:  The holidays are approaching, so be sure to take a look at our NEW Gift Bundles as well as our seasonal items! We have the very popular Chevron print as well!  Don’t forget to stop by the Clearance section! You will be sure to find a great deal there. Everything ordered from my online store is shipped directly to you.  I am here to assist you any way I can. So please don’t hesitate to message me. I check my “other” folder often, so I will be sure to see your message. You can also contact me through my Facebook page (link above).

Directs Sales CANDLE Companies

  Reannen Anderson  Hi, I am Reannen Anderson and I am a stay-at-home mom of three girls ages 5, 3 and 7 months. I started selling PartyLite as a way to earn money while being with my kids. PartyLite has many different items to choose from: candles, holders, warmers(OVER 17 different ones to choose from!), flameless, food and beverages. There is also an online outlet where most items are about 70% OFF!! ***I am offering a deal for this event only!! With every purchase, I will throw in a pack of melts or one dozen tealights for FREE!!!*** The top 3 items right now are the warmers ($25-$35), GloLite jars ($25) and the Garden Sanctuary Hurricane ($85). I have a facebook page where I update for flash sales throughout the summer (check it out on 5/24!!) for AMAZING sales and deals. . To view a catalog and order online, visit and be sure to check out the online outlet!! Contact me for a code for ALL orders over $30 to get $5 off!! just go to the website and click shop to order. If you want to earn 10% of your order to use later of future purchases, sign up for PartyLite Preferred! Happy shopping 🙂 Any questions, just email me at

  My name is Jessica Clements and I am a Scentsy Independent Consultant! We have fragranced products to fulfill ALL of your needs, from home fragrance to skin care, we have got your covered! You can purchased directly from my website @, please purchase from ANY open party on my site . You can also contact me on facebook at with any questions or to talk about any promotions or specials that I am be running at the time! You can also contact me by phone at 337-344-1819, or by email at

  Barbara Vandevender Zimmerman  Hello, I am Barbara Zimmerman, I am an independant consultant with Pink Zebra Candles.  Pink Zebra candles offers 48 scent sprinkles that are made of soft soy and parafin. Scent Sprinkles can be used in two ways, melted in a warmer or burned as a traditional flamed candle. With 48 scents available you can create your very own recipies! Pink Zebra also offers re-sealable reed diffusers, soaps, lotions and accessories.  Our top 3 sellers:  1) Scent Sprinkles  2) Simmering Light Sprinkle Warmers.  3)A variety of make your own candle glass jars.  Please visit my website to see full product line and connect with me if you have questions or need help.  www.PinkZebra

  Tammy Van Vorst  I love Pink Zebra Sprinkles because it’s so easy to make your own recipes. Plus you can make your own candles or just warm them with many beautiful warmers. The Sprinkles are 100% made in the US. They are a soy blend. I would love it if you’d check out my website and see what catches your eye. I will be able to answer questions you may have. or you can also follow my FB page. I can’t wait to meet you wonderful ladies and Gents if there is any on here.


 Kevin Saltzer I’m Kevin Saltzer and CandleGuysROK! I have been a Unit Leader with PartyLite for 3 years. BEST move I ever made is Leadership… Home Decor, Candles, Fragrance, Accessories & Two Sisters Gourmet foodline. Our top 3 sellers are those who are out to help ohters with both Home Beautification and Changing peoples lives…  or Book your HOME show or Catalog show with CandleGuysROK and receive your Host Exclusive Item. Weathered Zinc Lamp for only $25 Retail value will be $85 when it becomes available in the Catalog… You can place orders on my personal website by simply logging onto the page and click SHOP… Thank You Kevin Saltzer CandleGuysROK / PartyLite

 Kimberly Turner  Hello I’m Kimberly. I’m an independent scentsy family consultant. We offer wickless flameless candles to make your home smell wonderful. Our wax never gets hot enough to burn so its safe around kids and pets. We also carry personal care products.  You can shop at feb we have a 10% off sale going, and march starts our new catalog.   Some of our top products are our scent buddies, stuffed animals that you can place a scent pak of your choice in. Our warmer run on low watt bulbs so that are a hit and we carry over 80 scents in our bars so you Are sure to find a scent you like.

  Mary-Lu Lazzaro 1) Hello,My Name is Mary-Lu Lazzaro and i am a Lead Consultant with “SCENTSY”. I have been selling for over 2 years and LOVE to help people make their home, office and vehicles smell awesome! Scentsy wickless is just that- wickless flamless and sootless candles that are great for all ages- woman and men! Scentsy is a Simple System with distinctive warmers that melt a specially formulated wax with the heat of a low watt bulb, enhancing your home with more than 80 Scentsy fragrances, with no flame, smoke or soot!”No more worry about open flames!”  The top 3 sellers are: Scentsy Buddies- these are our take on stuffed animals that come with a scent pak which is placed in the zipper part of the animals back side to allow the scent to fill a room, 2nd top seller is our full size warmers- these allowthe whole house to be scented with one of our fabulous scents, 3rd top seller is: our plug ins- these are used for bathrooms or smaller areas.  Visit me online at  and my facebook personal page is Scentsy with Mary-Lu 6) Order through me -and take advantage of the Spring special. Spend $50.00 in (product total) and you will get 10% off Valid thru April 15th 7) To order – you can go to my website and order from an open online party You can also email me and leave your name number and order and i will call you to verify and get payemnt. Or you can call me @ 850-797-6577 and we can do it right over the phone— EASY as pie!
 Reannen Anderson  Hi, my name is Reannen Anderson and I sell PartyLite. I have been with the company for 2 years and LOVE it and I know that special someone in your life will love it to. Our products are #1 when it comes to quality AND price.  The top 3 sellers are warmers ($25-$35), hurricanes($75-85) and the NEW essential jar candles(($15). Visit me on fb at or on my website at  I can help you get $5 off any order of $30+  Just go to my website and click “shop”! It’s that easy!! If you have any questions feel free to contact me!
  Erica Chaves Sandwall  My name is Erica Sandwall. I am a consultant Scentsy . I can help you SAVE on any order. Scentsy offers fabulous smelling products that are wickless/flameless, as well as kid friendly products like Buddies.  My 3 Favorite products are: Scentsy: Bars (in over 80 different scents), the Silhouette warmer collection, and Washer Whiffs & Dryer Disks (that’s technically four items but the laundry care is amazing so you definitely need both!!) Visit me at   AND HURRY: The New Spring catalog for Scentsy launches March 1,2013. Just visit the links above and you can check out online. No need to attach to a party. Just add items to your shopping basket and check out. Items will ship once your order is placed and you receive an order #. Happy shopping! 🙂
  Barbara Vandevender Zimmerman  Hello, I’m Barb an idependent consultant for Pink Zebra Candles.  Pink Zebra offers a wide variety of Home Fragrance Scent Sprinkles, simmer pots, soaps and lotions,as well as candle accessiories.  Our top three items  1) The scent sprinkles. The sprinkles allow you mix your favorite scents and create your very own recipes and are made from soft soy and parafin.  2) Our Simmering Lights. Simmering Lights is a warmer that allows you to change the outter shade to create differnt looks to fit your mood or decor.  3) Glimmer Candles. The candle kits allows you to create a candle with a wick. Whick makes it very easy to layer your scents as a flamed candle.  my website and catalog link  Each month Pink Zebra offers a fragrance of the month. February fragrance is CINNAMON SPICE
  Marilyn Arriaga  Hello my name is Marilyn Arriaga. Spoil Yourself Boutique offers a wide variety of quality items at affordable prices, has a gift registry, offers gift certificates, even learn how to get products you love for free.  I offer many items, here are just a couple of categories I offer Skin Care, Purses, Totes and accessories, Natural and Organic, Romantic relationship consulting and enhancements, Weight Loss, Supplements and Greeting Cards too.   I want to tell you what my Scentsy lines top 3 sellers are   Scentsy Buddy – Wow an amazingly soft animal buddy of your choice along with a scent pak creates a very soft, familiar, relaxing friend. I use Mollie the Monkey as my mascot, she also helps one of my boys fall asleep. She is a great entertainer during events and parties too. She smells nicely too with her Scent Pak hidden inside her body in a zippered pocket.  Scentsy Warmers – What a better way to bring amazing scents to your home or office. Using a special low watt light bulb to warm our food based wax you have over 80 different scents to choose from to enhance your mood in any room, any size home, the office, daycares and more. We offer warmers to compliment any decor, season and holiday. We also have armed forces and collegiate warmers too. Even scents made for men smell amazing. Scentsy Warmers are the best friends of fire officials; I love when they visit me and thank me for offering a safer version of the candles.  Bath and Body – Scentsy also has a great bath and body line as well, offering bath fizzes, shower gel and body lotion too. This layers collection also offers solid perfumes, washer whiffs and dryer discs for your clothes too. Please visit to check it out and be sure to check out this post and request a Free Gift while you are there please connect with me on any of the social medias listed.  In case you got caught up reading my blog posts and forgot to check out my Facebook info here they are: and I offer monthly deals of my own personally and they are combined with the product lines specials that are company specific. Stay up to date on my website as I run random giveaways and flash sales. My hostesses always get spoiled so be sure to become one and also get in on my VIP list too. I look forward to your bookmarking my website and joining my mailing list, products and services. Thank you for your consideration, Marilyn call or text me anytime 321-261-6123 or email me
  Lisa Parker Fazio  Hi! I am Lisa Fazio an Independent Scentsy Family Consultant. We sell more than 40 different Warmers and over 80 different scents. We are a wickless, flameless, sootless SAFE candle company. Let me help you find just what you are looking for at a great price.  Visit my website at to view the catalog or to place an order. We offer a new warmer and scent of the month ever month that is 10% off.
  Amanda Snyder Herman  Hello. My name is Amanda Herman. I sell Scentsy and Velata. Scentsy offers flameless, smokeless, safe for everyone candle warmers and wax. We have a wonderful variety of warmers, perfect for everyone, even those hard to buy people on your gift list. We have over 80 different scents to chose from anything from newborn nursery (smells like baby powder, perfect for a nursery) to zeppelin (a great scent for men). Anything you can think of we have or will have soon. Check out my Facebook fan page for Scentsy to see what deals I have going on for the next couple of days. It’s the 10% off sale for Fall/Winter catalog ends tomorrow, so hurry and get your order in. Spring catalog starts Friday and there are TONS of new products that everyone will be excited about. Amanda Herman – Independent Scentsy Consultant  Velata is a chocolate fondue system. Warmer is the same basic warmer as Scentsy, only for food. Friday starts the 10% off sale for all Velata products in current catalog. Velata chocolate is gluten free and straight from Belgium. It’s wonderful and creamy. It’s great for parties of all kinds or even for movie night. Check out my fan page for upcoming deals. Amanda Herman – Independent Velata Consultant.   On my pages, in the about section, you will be able to find directions on how to get to the online catalog and how to place an order and what type of options you have for payment. Thanks! Have a wonderful day! 🙂
  Wendy Kirkham m Hi, my name is Wendy Kirkham and I sell the World’s Finest Gold Canyon Candles. Gold Canyon is hands down the strongest scents out there! Once you go Gold Canyon you will never go back. You will be 100% satisfied with you Gold Canyon products. My top selling product is our candles. The mission of Gold Canyon has continued to evolve while remaining focused on family, charity, community and friendship. This dedication has been the driving force behind the company’s commitment to research and has resulted in many of the company’s most ground-breaking innovations including its cool wax, self-extinguishing wicks and a double-wick design for an even burn with no tunneling. My second top selling product is our Pod Warmers. Our warmers are hand crafted with intricate details. Each piece is unique–no two are exactly the same. The warmers are super easy and use scent pods so there is no scraping or wiping wax. Enjoy new fragrances in the blink of an eye by simply swapping in a new scent pod. There is also a worry-free timer. Never worry about forgetting to turn it off! Scent Pod Warmers let you decide how many hours of fragrance you want. Choose 4, 8, and 12 hours or power on. They are also so adaptable. Prefer using Home Fragrance Oil to scent your space? Simply add an Oil Warmer Adapter to any Pod Warmer for an instant transformation. Every warmer is CSA Safety Certified. You will never see exposed components or a low quality base on Gold Canyon Warmers. There is also no light bulb to change so no need to hunt down a consultant to buy a special light bulb. My third top selling product is our Homeology products, a collection of all-natural, biodegradable home cleaning products. Each cleaner contains fragrant essential oils for a pure and natural scent that soothes while wiping away dirt and germs. These all-natural cleaning superstars are effective, biodegradable and safe to breathe–for your entire family. Our specials change on a monthly basis and can be viewed by clicking on my website You may also find an online catalog on my website. I also have a Gold Canyon Facebook page which is Please check out this page to see what monthly specials or drawings I’m offering of my own.
  Tara Robison Taylor  Hi everyone!! My name is Tara Taylor, and I am an Independent PartyLite Consultant.  PartyLite has been making the best smelling candles for 40 years. They are still the only candles that are burned in The White House, simply because they are the cleanest burning, longest lasting candles on the market. But PartyLite isn’t just candles anymore!! We offer home decor, warmers and melts, soy products, and fragrance sprays too. We currently have a March Sale going on, when you shop through a current party. You can save up to 73% on the products in this sale!! But, BEFORE you shop, be sure to go to I will help you find just what you are looking for a t a great price. Like my page on FaceBook, , and stay up to date on specials and sales each month. Place a $200 order, and get $30 FREE as a thank you gift from me!! Questions? email me at 
  Diane Leach  Hi, My name is Diane, I am a mom and 2 years representative of Scentsy. I love my company and what we offer. Why you might ask? I love how safe it is for my children and me! I have MS and tend to forget things and drop things A LOT! I have come to realize that with Scentsy if I forget a warmer on it is okay because it doesn’t overheat and I have dropped many of these and the only thing I did was chip a top. The wax spilled over but I wiped it up with a dish rag. My dog got a hold of some and after calling corporate, I found out it was all a-okay. It is a food grade wax in the warmer that is why it is safe. My children have Autism with Sensory disorder and even though they are 12 and 9, both boys, they love the buddies. The get to change out the scent paks and it helps soothe them during those rough times and during the night with any nightmares. You can check out my online website at and if you have any questions you can reach me on facebook at This month we are premiering a new line of Scentsy Buddies called the Safari Collection. Our Campus Warmers are 40 percent off during March. Every month we premiere a new warmer and scent for 10 percent off. For March it is Green Thumb that looks like a Watering Can and Scent is Hello Yellow which is a bright flowery scent.