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Congratulations and thanks for joining the FindSalesRep Team

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Becoming a FindSalesRep.com Independent Consultant is easy.

Step 1 Have an active listing on FindSalesRep.com

Step 2  Click to here to and SIGN UP

Step 3 Once you have become a FSR Independent Consultant, the only thing you’ll need to do to qualify for commissions, is fill in your name in the space below and send it to Support@FindSalesRep.com so that we will know you’ve agreed to the P&P’s

(Copy and Paste in an Email)  I _________________, agree to follow the FindSalesRep Policies and Procedures and to be an AWESOME FSR Independent Consultant!

Policies and Procedures can be found at

You will receive an email with your FindSalesRep Consultant Account Info. You’ll need this info to log in to your FSR Consultant account, and to refer prospects. This account is distinct from your “FindSalesRep Listing” account. It will include the following:

Unique #:

Your Websites: This is where you will send people that you want to introduce to FindSalesRep.com

Your Profile Page  It will look like this https://www.findsalesrep.com/consultant/1177/users/1177

Your Link to the FindSalesRep “Want to Grow Your Direct Sales Business?” Page: It will look like this https://www.findsalesrep.com/consultant/1177/learnmore

Your Link to FindSalesRep.com Sales  (Wholesale Pricing)   This link will always be changing. We’ll keep you in the loop. 🙂

Your Link to FindSalesRep.com:  (Retail Pricing)  – It will look like this  https://www.findsalesrep.com/consultant/1177

When people buy a listing after visiting one of these pages, you’ll earn a commission of 50% of the final sale price!

Your prospects will know that they are on your version of FindSalesRep.com because when they are on the site, they’ll see your name displayed near the upper left of the site, letting them know that you are their FindSalesRep Consultant. (Note that this is not currently displayed on blog.findsalesrep.com, but when they click through to purchase, or to visit the Treasure Chest, they’ll see your name near the top again).
Once you send a new prospect to FindSalesRep.com using one of the links in the list above, a “cookie” with a one year expiration date will be set in their web browser – you’ll receive credit for their sales even if they visit other pages on the site before purchasing.

During Pre Launch: If you send people to our site using the above links, you’ll receive a 50% commission on the listing they purchase after visiting your link. Think about these links this way: Your primary company gives you a website with a link. You share/send people to your link, right. Same thing with FSR.

Next Step: Decide how much you want to earn.

Selling retail (www.FindSalesrep.com), you will earn more.

Selling wholesale We are always having sales so watch for them and let your prospects know. You can offer better deals to your prospects when we are having sales.

As 1 of the 1st 100, you will be recognized as a Founding FSR Consultant.

Benefits will include:

No more than 100 Active Independent Consultants will be accepted and grated rights to Independent Consultant benefits during the Pre Launch phase. This is a big deal… it gives you a head start and a clear field to run in. We want you to succeed and it’s our hope that this opportunity will give you some space to show the world all that you have to offer!

You will be able to take advance of the generous Pre Launch Compensation Plan and it is simple.  Consultants will receive 50% of the total sale of an individual listings on www.FindSalesRep.com (consider these retail prices) or through and sales that we offer (consider these wholesale pricing). Note that to help you get credit for the sale you have been given your own unique FSR website to share with others. Only sales that go through your website/link will be credited to your account.

With your FSR website you will be able to sell FSR listings in both the US and in Canada.
You will have NO performance expectations to meet during the Pre Launch phase.
You will be offered Training and Support from FSR. Training starts now!

We know that you are RIGHT for FSR!

Your personality, experience, energy level, reputation and abilities are a perfect fit.

Here are some tips to get you started:

-Ask for referrals. Chances are your existing connections know the kind of people who would be happy working with you. They may be able to suggest some people for you to make a connection.
-Network with existing colleagues and social contacts. This can be cheaper, faster and more reliable than advertising to the general public.
-Check with professional associations – Event and expo organizers. They may have connections with Direct Sales Reps and may like to collaborate with you.
-Try online and off line advertising and directories. Sometimes you can find them for free, but not all of them work like that. However, the speed, freshness and search-ability make ads and directories an attractive option for both you and your prospects. Anywhere that they offer listings/advertising for DS companies works. Example: Manta, all the party directories, community pages, fb ad, google ads, and yes the list goes on and on.
-Check with your local schools, gyms, churches, farmers markets, festivals and coffee shops. You may be able to reach out to new reps who’s enthusiasms is ‘off the charts’.
-Contact your “Serious” connections. Real networkers specializing in personnel relationships. Now that you have something interesting to share, it may be worth taking their call or returning it.
-Demonstrate good leadership and communication skills. You have a proven record of growing sales. Use that experience to help you now. What worked in the past will work again now. If you have a specific problem you want FSR to help you figure out, just ask.
-Set up your own FindSalesRep Independent Consultant Facebook pg. Grab your state/location/claim to fame now, during Pre Launch (Review the P&P’s if you have questions or just ask.)
-Set up a google maps account for free! Google+ would be a good idea too. Example: FindSalesRep Independent Consultant Maryland

More ideas and training will be available soon, so keep a look out for it! This is going to be fun!

We Believe In You! Before you even get started, we know that you are one of the right people! The right people are ALWAYS those with right attitude. Attitude is EVERYTHING and we already know that you LOVE Direct Sales. We hope to help you capitalize on that passion by understand that great work comes out of doing what you adore.

Why 100? Well, you are special. We looked for the “Spirited’, the never give up uppers, the always spreading sunshiners. We looked and we found you! You are going to help to create the culture that FSR will pass on as the company grows. In the Pre Launch phase, you are going to be recognized and respected based on your contributions and your ideas as well as for sales of the product. We want to invent and attract new business together with you and we want to see what we can help you create in the future. We’re going to provide the building blocks and allow you to be the builder!

We picked you for attitude. Skills can be taught. Passion can’t.


Please check the email address on your new FSR Consultant account. You may need to use a different email, because the one you used on your FSR Listing account is “already in use”. We may have created your account with a temporary email address for now. Please check and change if necessary at your convenience – contact us if you need any help with this 🙂

Get Found and Prosper, 

FindSalesRep.com Support

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3 Tips for FindSalesRep Independent Consultants

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Hello FSR Consultant,

Thanks so much, we got a tremendous response from our offer to send out more TIPS to help YOU grow your business.  So big, that we’re determined to send some quality info that will actually help you TODAY!

First, Congratulations!  You have already demonstrated considerable initiative, starting your own direct sales business with your primary company and them by branching out to also become a FSR CONSULTANT.  Thank you for partnering with us.  We are fired up to inspire you to keep thriving in Direct Sales.  Get ready to stop worrying about being stopped and stuck and TRY these 3 Tips that will help you to become unstoppable today!

We challenge you try each one, both with your Primary Business and your FSR Business.  Then, write us back in the comments below and let us know how these tips worked for you.

NUMBER 1: Obviously a lot of people are looking for what you’ve got and most are looking online.   They search for key words that are specific to the company and the products you sell.  For example;  Let’s say you are with a health and wellness company.  You have a SPECIFIC product that people know by name and when they want it, they search for that name, right?  Absolutely!  So, how do you get found for that specific word, title, name or result?  There’s an easy answer, get found for those specialized words.  Where?  That’s easy too… EVERYWHERE!  If you can find a place online like a directory, blog or other public space, POST.

Here’s a simple one, that the search engines LOVE that you can post to often and in many different ways.  It’s the Network Marketing Blog at NetworkMarketingDistributor.com  We’re ALWAYS looking for new articles about Direct Sales for this Blog.  Just write about you or something new at your company and submit your article to us at Support@FindSalesRep.com  We’ll take your article, post it to the Blog and use your KEY WORDS to get you found.  Here’s an example:  https://networkmarketingdistributor.com/2015/02/06/origami-owl-lockets-and-charms-now-available-in-canada/

Articles about your FSR business will also work on this blog.  Just share your FSR story.  Yes, go now, what are you waiting for, start sharing!

Number 2:  Online, key words are the key. They are the words that you choose, in any post to highlight what you’ve got.  The more you post those words On Different Places (yes you’ve got to expand your world beyond fb) around the web, the more often You and Your Products Will Get Found.

DID YOU KNOW that as a Rep with a Featured Listing on Findsalesrep.com, you have perfect place to post this kind of information? It’s called your FSR WALL.  Have you started to add Pictures, Descriptions, and KEY WORDS to YOUR FSR WALL?  This is MUST DO!  Must meaning…  you must do this.  It’s free and will help you grow your business.

Yup, it’s all about you and it will help you Get Found.  Keep potential and current customers up to date and increase your chances of getting found in search engines just by posting status updates on Your FindSalesRep Wawall posts 4:30:2015ll!  

“What! A Wall?”  Yes, it’s a lot to take in…. but it’s true! You can get SOCIAL with customer that FIND YOU ON THE WEB on their first contact! Let them know what you have in stock, about new products or about sales or special offers. Tell them what they need to know about you, your company and your products by using key words that will lead them straight to you.  Then, show them before and after photos. Pictures say a thousand words. Share them! You can put it all in your own words. Use key words to tell them about new products, sales, whatever.

What do you want to share with the World?  Here are some ideas:

  • Post about your favorite products.
  • New product images with descriptions of the products benefits, or why you like the product.
  • Updates about your company’s business opportunity and compensation plan.
  • Inspirational quotes and images.
  • Product and Opportunity Videos (use the “Link” button to post YouTube video links).
  • Business Tips for Other Network Marketers
  • Links to any Articles you’ve written, or articles you like.
  • Pictures of you at home parties and events.
  • Pictures of you helping customers.

THEN… if you want to take it to the next level, here’s a great tip. Once you make a post, you can click on the “Permalink” to view just that post. Then, click the Pinterest share button – that way you get exposure on Pinterest and Pinterest also links back to your posting on your FindSalesRep Wall! So really, this is a Twofer Tip.

You can also share the same link on Facebook, twitter, etc. This is great because it gives you one place to link to from all of your social networks (so you can post once, and share everywhere).

Where’s Your WALL? 

YOUR FSR WALL is YOURS and you should Login to Your Listing at www.FindSalesRep.com and look for the “Post to Your Wall” link.

Post often using words and pictures that people will be looking for when they need what you’ve got and then… Get Found.

You can also post to your WALL about your FSR business.  Share your story on your WALL, Get found, Grow your business!

NUMBER 3:  Don’t wait for the phone to ring. You have to Make Calls.  Make many calls.  The more the better.  No calls = not a lot of new bushiness. Many calls = lots of new business.  🙂

Yes, cold calling does require some warm fuzzy thoughts.  You’ve got to be strong and ready for some possible rejection, but don’t let the fear of failure scare you away from this necessary business step.  Just do it.  The reality is, most calls will result in a new business connection for you.  You will be making friends in the industry.  Think of it as just an another way to network.  Start by searching the internet for people in Direct Sales that might be interested in what you’ve got.  Try staring with local people.

Once you’ve got a few contacts, try theses example scripts to get yoo started:

Script 1

Hey [first name],

I saw that you are advertising online and I wanted to reach out and learn more about your business.

Wow, that’s great, because [explain how FSR relates to them or how your current company complements what they are already doing.].

Let me show you what I mean.

–   Benefit/Feature 1

–   Benefit/Feature 2

–   Benefit/Feature 3

Do you thing something like this would interest you?

Script 2

  1. Introduce yourself

Hello, this is ____________ .

  1. Get the prospect’s attention

How are you today?


  1. State your reason for calling

Well, we have not spoken before, but I am a Direct Sales Rep, like you.  I am with ______ and I was hoping that we could network a little bit and share some business tip that seem to be working.

  1. Ask need probing questions

How are you currently growing your business?

Great! Well, let me share something that I found that’s helping me grow my business. Have you considered adding some online advertising to your marketing mix?

FindSalesRep offers one of the most effective marketing tools available for Direct sales Reps like us. It allows customers to access your business information online and on the go and allows you to connect with your customers with special deals and updates – bringing more customers in to your business. Does this sound like something you’d be interested in? Great!

  1. Get the appointment

How would you feel if I created something for you, to show you how FindSalesRep could work for you? Is that something you’d be interested in? Great! I will be sure to include examples that other businesses like ours have had great success with.

Expect an email in the next couple days and I will follow up with you over the phone after that.

Thank you for networking with me.  Let’s keep in touch.

Then, send them your link to the FSR blog and follow up with a phone call to see  if they have any questions.  The basic rule of thumb is to follow up with 3 emails and 3 calls in 3 days and then again wit 1 email and 1 call in 3 weeks and 3 months later.

How to handle any negative response:

People generally don’t say no outright. They will give a response to explain why they are saying no.  Here are a few example that can help you turn those negatives into positives with LOCAL contacts:

No thanks, I’m happy with what I have

It’s great that you have ____. I recently spoke with another ____ rep and your company has a lot to offer. You know something, we should get together. How about next Thursday at 1pm.

I’m not interested

Well Mr. ____, a lot of reps from from your company had the same reaction you did when I first called — before they had a chance to see how FindSalesRep will benefit there business. We should get together. How about next Thursday at 1pm.

I’m too busy

______, the only reason I was calling was to set an appointment. Would next Thursday at 1pm be okay?

Send me some more info

Okay, great and then we should just get together? How about next Thursday at 1pm?

Any other response

Well that’s okay; let’s get together anyway.

Leaving a message

Always leave a friendly message.  Let them know that you are interested in networking, collaborating and sharing ideas.

These scripts will also work for your primary business.  When calling about your primary business, your goal is referral exchange.  Let them right away that you are trying to take their focus away from what they are already working to build.  Then ask if they would be interested in collaborating and exchanging referrals.  Tell them that you will send people with an interest in what they are doing if they will consider doing the same for you.

*NOTE:  When I (Gabby) was with one of the most poplar Direct Sales companies and became one of the top recruiters in the world, this is how I made some of my closest friends in direct sales and how I attracted one of my biggest builders to join my team.

People are attracted to great leadership.  

So, be a great leader.  Be the kind of leader that you would like to work with.

REMEMBER, that we want to hear from you.  Write us back in the comments below and let us know how these tips worked for you.

Get Found and Prosper!

Gabby, Consultant Support@FindSalesRep.com

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FindSalesRep Independent Representatives the First to Receive Bitcoin Commissions

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Not long ago FindSalesRep.com announced that it would now be excepting payments in BITCOIN.  It was exciting NEWS in the Direct Selling world, but something was missing.

HERE IT IS…  FindSalesRep.com already has an easy commissions program for independent Consultants.  It is similar to many other home based businesses in that, Independent FindSalesRep Consultants are paid commission for referring other Direct Sales. Home Party, MLM, and Network Marketing Reps to FindSalesRep.com.  

Today FindSalesRep.com made another BIG Bitcoin announcement. findsalesrep.com logo 2015

To all FindSaleRep Independent Consultants:

Get Paid 50% Commissions in Bitcoin with the FindSalesRep Consultant Program

There are a couple of major benefits to getting paid commissions in Bitcoin, including

* No minimum payout threshold

* Miniscule fees (about two cents)

* Near-instant transactions (you can access your commission minutes once we pay it out)

You’ve probably heard about Bitcoin (it’s hard to ignore when Bill Gates is raving about it). It can be a complicated topic but three things are simple:

1) You can pay anyone in the world almost instantly and with almost no fees on either end.

2) You can spend Bitcoin at many online and offline merchants and you can even get digital Gyft cards to stores like Amazon and Target at Gyft.com/bitcoin and earn 3% rewards.  That’s like getting a 3% bonus. And if you buy a Gyft card right away you don’t have to worry about what the price of Bitcoin will be tomorrow.

3) It’s easier than you think to get started.  The quickest way is to download an app to your mobile device.  Try “BreadWallet” on your iPhone and “Bitcoin Wallet” or “Mycelium” on Android. Make sure to write down any passwords and back up your wallet to a safe place.

Normally, fees can really add up on payments – amounting to several dollars with a service like PayPal (which we also offer as an option, but without some of the benefits like no minimum payout).  This is why many companies (including ourselves) have a minimum payout threshold for commissions. Also, did you know that it can actually take days for credit card payments and PayPal transfers to “settle”? Bitcoin transactions are near-instant and even transferring thousands of dollars happens within an hour. Because of the extremely low fees of Bitcoin transactions (you can send thousands of dollars for only two cents for example), we can offer no-minimum-payout threshold payments if you choose Bitcoin as a payment option.

One problem is that Bitcoins can be difficult to buy. Fortunately as a FindSalesRep.com Consultant, you can get them the easy way, by earning 50% commissions 🙂

As far as we know no other Direct Sales Company is offering commissions paid in Bitcoin, so this is a BIG DEAL!

To get started, visit http://consultant.findsalesrep.com/ and choose Bitcoin as your payment method.

Your Friends at FindSalesRep.com

We also accept Bitcoin as a payment option if you ever want to pay for a listing with Bitcoin.  

Learn more at Bitcoin.org

Your Friends at FindSalesRep.com

Please see the sale page for full details.

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FindSalesRep.com Launches the Next Stage of it’s New Direct Sales Initiative

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Business UPDATE: FindSalesRep.com Gets 1 Step Closer to the Official Launch of it’s New Direct Sales Initiative


As FindSalesRep.com continues the pre-launch of their new direct sales initiative in the United States, an exclusive group of Consultants are being selected to participate. FindSalesRep.com Independent Consultants are rewarded for marketing featured listings to millions of local network marketing representatives.

Pre screened, select reps who have a Featured Listing on FindSalesRep.com are now being invited to join the FindSalesRep.com team

FindSalesRep.com: Get Listed, Get Leads, Grow Your Businessas Independent Consultants. This “1st 1000” FindSalesRep.com team of Consultants will be the first to take part in this new and exciting direct sales opportunity. They’ll benefit from the generous 50% commission on listing sales, as well as support and industry training from experts who know what it takes to succeed in direct sales.FindSalesRep.com began their Pre-Launch phase in January, 2013, allowing just 100 active Independent Consultants in to the Market Place at one time.  Since January, requests to join the FindSalesRep team have been collected and FindSalesRep.com is now, opening up the opportunity to a limited 1000 reps.  “The reason why we are limiting the pre Launch phase is to insure the success of the those that join early.  We are working closely with the first 1000 to provide helpful tools and information for these new Consultants.”  FindSalesRep.com Independent Consultants have access to a live list of open Nationwide and Statewide listings on FindSalesRep.com. The FindSalesRep.com sales board, called the Hot List on facebook at FSR-Independent-Consultant-Community provides fresh data to help consultants know what listings are currently available for sale as well as motivation and sales tips that they can then translate to their own business. The FSR Independent Consultant Community also recognizes top sellers and motivate the FindSalesRep.com team. Co-Founder Gabby Gmyrek said, “Our goal on the FSR Community page is to provide a real financial opportunity for FindSalesRep.com Consultants while at the same time educating and motivating the field and celebrating individual achievements. Whether you are new to network marketing or an experienced leader – our goal is to help all reps shorten the learning curve and accelerate their growth by teaming up with FindSalesRep.com”.

google plus photo of gabbyOur reps were already referring their teams and networks to FindSalesRep.com and we wanted to find a way to reward them financially for their referrals.

The new opportunity offers an additional income stream for Consultants and provides simple strategies to help reps learn to increase their sales, income, and attract solid business partners.  In addition, the FindSalesRep.com 1st 1000 team, during pre-launch has accesses to a an incredibly simple and lucrative compensation plan, earning 50% on all sales that go through their business centers.  In return, FSR 1st 1000 are required to provide feedback that will help guide the FindSalesRep.com team as they strive to prefect the direct sales program before it’s official launch later in 2013.

WHY?  FindSalesRep.com is bringing the direct selling opportunity to it’s reps because they firmly believe that the multi-billion dollar direct sales industry, in which many major corporations have engaged, is the best way to do business. In referral marketing or direct selling, a rep will grow their business by word of mouth referral. “Our reps are already referring their teams and networks to FindSalesRep.com and we wanted to find a way to reward them financially for their referrals.” states Gabby. The small group of 1000 Independent Consultants that FindSalesRep.com is partnering with is being hand picked and weeded.  Only those reps with a strong track record in their primary company are being selected and only those that help by supporting the community with feed back, camaraderie and creativity. These Consultants will help local direct sales reps get found online, and will receive a 50% commission for their efforts. They can be creative and use their skills  by having parties, demonstrations of the product one on one, or through the Internet or social media sites.   The possible ways to share FindSalesRep.com are limit less and FindSalesRep.com is encouraging reps to use their skills, talents and ingenuity to grow their FindSalesRep business.  “We are providing them with the building blocks,” Gmyrek emphasizes, “then we’re standing back to see what they create.”

Whether you are an established or emerging entrepreneur, you will immediately be able to use the tips and techniques FindSalesRep offers to it’s Independent Consultants. “This is an exciting development at FindSalesRep.com.  it’s another example of the innovation that we continue bringing to the changing world of online marketing,” Gmyrek concludes.

About FindSalesRep.com:  FindSalesRep.com, the original online resource for finding representatives from any Network Marketing company is connecting people looking for products and opportunities with the direct sales and Network Marketing consultants that want to get found. To learn more about FindSalesRep.com, visit http://blog.findsalesrep.com/or connect on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/findsalesrep, on Google Plus at Gabby Gmyrek, or email support@findsalesrep.com

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