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We Are Having a Party

Let’s Celebrate Together!

Invite US to Your next EVENT, Meeting, in-person PARTY or Party online. We’ll get the word out!

Want to try something New? – Ask to attend someone else’s Party.
Got something that really works?  Give a Party Tip or Share a Theme! Let’s Party!  
Did you know that, Party Sales account for $7.5 Billion in DS revenues! They are a great way to share your company and products in an informal, personal way. They are easy, fun and they can put immediate cash flow in to your business.

Wanna Party? Let’s hear about it in the COMMENTS:

Photo: Today is for PARTIES and this page is ALL about You,<br /><br />
So... Let's Celebrate Together! </p><br />
<p>It's FIESTA FRIDAY!!! Invite US to Your next in-person PARTY or Host a Party online. We'll get the word out! Want something New - Ask to attend someone else's Party. Give a Party Tip or Share a Theme! Let's Party!</p><br />
<p>Did you know that, Party Sales account for $7.5 Billion in DS revenues! They are a great way to share your company and products in an informal, personal way. They are easy, fun and they can put immediate cash flow in to your business.</p><br />
<p>Wanna Party? Let's hear about it in the COMMENTS:
  Shannon Petrucci 10% off the warmer of the month “Angler” and the scent of the month “Lotus Cove”
 Angie Rowan is our online store for fabulous womens, mens, maternity, and girls denim! If you host an online party you receive a 10% hostess credit towards the purchase of your denim! You can also just purchase from the store using code 151832 if you just want to purchase one pair and not have a party! (Go check it out). Message me through facebook to set up your online party!
  Mary Colburn follow the above link to shop for the OHIO State warmer brand new today. this is my RELAY for life link so you will be supporting a great cause also
Lori Nelson Gricius We have awesome deals at Thirty-One … spend $35 this month and get a tote topper for your Large Utility Tote for only $10! And, in June only you can get a Large Utility Tote in Pink Lotsa Dots!! Come check it out and shop on my webpage for the Fiesta Friday!
  Jeanine LaNeve Surprenant Check out our new patriotic purses/shells just in time for 4th of July and the summer Olympics! Host an online party and receive a $30 gift from me (with a qualified party of a minimum of 3 buying guests and $250 in sales) or place an order directly with me by emailing me at Check it out!
 Kim Newsom I have 2 parties open and availabe AND A 10% DISCOUNT FOR ANY ORDERS PLACED TODAY!! – 1. Jamberry Nails If you apply your order to any of the parties listed – someone will be very greatful. I am also offering 10% off today because its MY BIRTHDAY AND I have 2. SILPADA DESIGNS party – again – if you see an open party for Christina Gatsby and you apply the party I too will give 10% OFF YOUR TOTAL ORDER
 Jamberry Nail Shields, Nail Wraps – Buy Jamberry Nails  Jamberry Nail Shields offers the hottest trend in fashion. Wrap your nails in over 150 different designs.
  Kim Newsom Silpada Designs party is on my Please click on Christinas Gatsby’s party and you will receive 10% off your total order ! Thank you   MySilpada  As an independent Silpada Designs Representative, I offer fine Sterling Silver jewelry through Home Parties, Book Parties and individual orders.
  Carolyn McGee Carolyn’s Corner of Tupperware: Needing those Tupperware products to host your July 4th BBQ? We have EVERYTHING from your Season ‘n Serve to Wonderlier Bowls to store keep your left-overs fresh and tasty! Check it ALL out!! We are also looking for Customer Reps in each state! Awesome opportunties for YOU to “play while you get paid!” Mention this post and receive a free gift! Thanks bunches & God Bless!!
  Jodi Manguso Ocken I love to party! Come create a one of a kind keepsake locket that tells a story for yourself or as a gift for someone special in your life.  I just set up an online party for all of you and one of the lucky guests who order at this party will become the Mystery Hostess and earn shopping credit to use on a future order. Find out details at
  Jeanene Ketchum Great time for Dad’s and Grad’s stop by my open party at and get them something different. The angler warmer is great for the outdoorsy guy in your life and it’s 10% off this month.. Also just released today the new OHIO State warmer..
  Lisa Hart Pelton Anyone have any June birthdays,weddings, anniversaries, Father’s Day, or graduations? STOP buying greeting cards the inconvenient way!! to see how easy & meaningful using our online subscription to choose or create your own card & add a photo and click send. Your card will be printed, placed in an envelope and stamped with a first class stamp and mailed! Soo simple, so economical, sooooo Enjoy!
  Bridget Hughes Mystery Hostess Show! Terrific June specials, and earn 10% of the party as well as anyone who orders will be entered to win a FREE purse or FREE flip flops. Show Now! Buy 2 packs of flip flop straps @ 17.99 each get a third set FREE, that’s 6 pairs of interchangeable, fantastic won’t need any other shoes this season. Our flip flops are $29.99 and incredibly comfortable! or check out the website at Email me with any questions Jeans, capris, purses, sunglasses, consultant specials…amazing!
  Jamberry Nails Evan Milton Independent Consultant‎*BUY 3 GET 1 FREE* shop online at Book and hold an online party with sales totaling $300 and receive: 3 Free sheet + 2 half-price items + A PERSONAL HEATER!!   Jamberry Nail Shields, Nail Wraps – Buy Jamberry Nails  Jamberry Nail Shields offers the hottest trend in fashion. Wrap your nails in over 150 different designs.
  Paula Luca Help me spread the word about Do You Bake?! We are a brand new Direct Sales Company. All of the Do You Bake? mixes are 100% natural. Each and every one of our products are hand-packed. Our ingredients are locally sourced, fresh and never sit on a shelf! Everyone who has a catalog show of 400.00 or more will receive in addition to all the host free products, and addition gift from me. Two of our new summer products: Our Fruity Punch Bowl Slush mix, and our Delicious Perfect Lemon Aid Mix! Free-free-free…Plus all guest with sales of 60.00 or more will receive a free Beer Bread Mix! View our catalog on my website: or become a fan on facebook Do You Bake? Paula Luca. Contact me to schedule your party!
  Azuli Skye ~ Nicole Nobles Online party starting next week! PM me for the date and link! And please stop by my FB page and like it! Also having a home party next week…you will have your choice of which one to order online from. THANKS!!

Hosting in Person or Online Parties

Invite US to Your next PARTY! Host a Party online. Want something New – Ask to attend someone else’s Party. Give a Party Tip or Share a Theme!

This SITE  is ALL about You.  So… Let’s Celebrate You Together!
Did you know that, Party Sales account for $7.5 Billion in DS revenues! They are a great way to share your company and products in an informal, personal way. They are easy, fun and they can put immediate cash flow in to your business.

Wanna Party? Let’s hear about it in the COMMENTS:

  Melissa Wilder I am ready to party! Online, in state, out of state, where ever .. birthday parties, bridal parties, mother daughter parties… girls night out parties… i got just the fun, new fashion product for you!!! You will understand my excitement once you try it!..
  Megan Wheeler Swap I am ready to party too!! SimplyFun is all about helping children LEARN through PLAY and helping families and adults CONNECT through PLAY! We have award-winning games for ages 3 – 103. Our games for children help make learning their academic, social and emotions skills fun and easy. Our games for families and adults are all about connecting, getting to know each other and building stronger relationship with the people around us. Visit to party with me! 🙂
  Stephanie Rickert Mummert I’m ready to party! I have Sterling Silpada and Fibi & Clo Sandals. I will help you get it for FREE!! Email me for more information We can do an online party (in state, out of state or for extra party sales), a catalog party or Silpada and Sangria, WINOS Party (Women In Need of Silpada) I have ton’s of options. PM me to set up your online party now. Sandals can be see at Join my Silpada FB Group :  Lisa Lang I am ready to party! Perfectly Posh is Pampering products at their highest quality! Nothing in our catalog is over $22 (excusing sets). Come check it out!
  Jodi Manguso Ocken I want to party! Who wants to party with me? Home parties in the Phoenix area or online parties anywhere in the US. Find me on Facebook at Origami Owl – Jodi Ocken, Independent Designer or email me at to set up a party.
  Tracy Baltzell Summer is fast approaching and I’m ready to party! Perfectly Posh has just the right pampering items to get your skin primed for shorts & swimsuit season! Give us a visit at and be sure to click My Events, then select NMD FB Group for the Network Marketing Distributor party! ♥
Network Marketing Distributor Oh my goodness! A Party just for all of us on Tracy Baltzell Perfectly Posh page! So cool! Thanks for setting that up! 😉
  Jolene Morin Trauba I’m ready to party! Crazy Flip Flops, Margarita Madness, on your deck, or by the pool! Simply You has amazing specials and hostess rewards! see the online catalog at and like my page at
 Autumn Barnes Love the Scentsy? Order from the Network Marketing Party Day party and have a chance to be selected to recieve the host/hostess rewards in a drawing. 🙂
  Karen Wittig Haley I am ready to party as well! Check out all that The Pampered Chef has to offer ~ I can be the Consultant for anyone across the country when we do it online! Local to me? Let’s meet up and plan a cooking show! I can also be found at Karen A. Haley ~ Independent Team Leader with The Pampered Chef 🙂
Liz Fogg Have you had the chance to check out the Scentsy Family’s newest brand Velata??? Shop my May Grand Opening party today! This is NOT the fondue you’re used to!
Kristy Clark Doskocil wrote:  We have virtual parties to share the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge as well as I can send you a sample or we can meet face to face. I’m looking to help others get healthy or healthier and earn a residual income monthly and weekly. If you’re looking for a business that you can help others and help yourself then please contact me. I’ve tried other businesses some more than once and this is truly the only one I’ve succeeded because I love it and have a passion for it. Msg me or contact me @ I am ready to lock arms with you and help you meet whatever goal you desire! It can be done!
Shannon Petrucci Safer alternative to candles!!! Check it out!Scentsy – We Make Perfect Scents!
Jessica Pagan Always fun, never boring, best way to get your most romantic needs. Backed by TODAY, THE DRS, DR DREW and more! Why go to the store and get creeped out when you can have a FREE ladies night and get FREE products!!  Jessica Pagan – Your Independent Passion Parties Consultant

Adult toy parties for ladies, bachelorette party ideas, a night of fun; you can find all that and more at Passion Parties.
  Rachel Little Who wants to party while toning, tightening, and firming their bodies??? I wanna party with you!Spend the evening with friends and family at a WRAP PARTY!!! The best thing about my parties is all the hostess has to provide is water and a place to have it! You don’t have to spend all day preparing snacks and appetizers! I have great hostess incentives! Contact me to see how you can wrap FOR FREE!! You can contact me via Facebook message,phone (606) 253-0243, or my site at

Do YOU wanna PARTY?