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Words on a Page

Do you sometimes just sit down with a book and open to a random page to look for wisdom/inspiration? Some of my best ideas have come from this little action.

Have you ever tried it? What happened? Did you learn a business lesson at just the right moment? Where you motivated to take a risky step that made all the difference? What’s YOUR STORY?

Heres a few to get you started:
  • Mariah Colella-Slider I do it with my bible… and it always helps!
  • Giorgianna Michelle Goudas I have done this with my book of meditations.. and also with the bible. I have done this not for business reasons, but if I felt lost or confused in general… Actually, I can say that 90% of the time I come across something that helps me get through whatever it is that is keeping me down! 🙂:) In effect,though, this does help me professionally, because if we are not “okay” mentally/emotionally, we cannot work to the best of our abilities. 
    Great question!!

    This one happened this morning:

    I had to get up and take a walk.  I needed to THINK my way through a problem.  I was getting no where sitting in front of the computer.  As, I pushed away from my desk, I grabbed “How To Get Rich” by Felix Dennis.  As an author, he is not my usual cup of tea, but he is one of the worlds most successful entrepreneurs, so I have been reading his book ssssllllooooowwllyy over the last few months, for inspiration.  I am on the chapter called The Power of Focus – yeah ironic.

    Here’s what I read,

    “Only hire winners.  There may or may not be such a thing as bad luck.  But whether it exists or not, it is certainly contagious.  Hire Winners or people you believe will become winners.  Fire whiners and moaners swiftly.  That’s contagious, too.  You are trying to create an environment where making money is on everyone’s mind most of the time.  Losers and winers usually have other priorities.”  

    Those words hit me like a bolt from above today!  They stopped me in my tracks and lit a whole new idea in my head!  Here’s what came from that moment of INSPIRATION:  Problem – Trying to Save the World.  lol Yeah, I work on that sometimes.  

    I was thinking about how to help certain people with their business.  I was thinking about my own experiences in Direct Sales and then applied Felix’s advice.  In Direct Sales, reps typically think, “I’d be happy if anyone joined my business.  The more sign ups the better.”  BUT… Felix and I do NOT agree.

    “Only Hire Winners!”  No, you are not ‘hiring’ people when they join your organization, but you are letting them in to your  business and they WILL have an effect on your SUCCESS. “Bad luck” like a Bad attitude is CONTAGIOUS, and it can suck up a lot of your time and energy – just thinking about it.  Example:  Think about the people that already exists on your team.  Remember back to a moment when one them ‘whined or moaned’.  lol Just thinking about them, makes you start frowning right?!  It stops you in your path. Solving their problems kept you from your priorities – Right?

    Now, think about someone on your team, who has had some success, maybe more that you.  Do you start dreaming about the future when they pop in to your mind?  That’s what happens to me.  Their Winning Attitude is CONTAGIOUS, even when I just think about them and when I hang around them – WOW!  That’s POWERFUL STUFF!

    In your business, you are trying to earn money.  There may be a lot of other admirable things you are trying to accomplish too, but in order to succeed at any of these things You Must, “Create the environment”.  Weed out Losers and SEEK out Winners and you will find that you have a lot more time, a TON more fun and a huge amount of success!

    Thanks Felix!

No Business or Marketing Experience Necessary

The Majority of Network Marketers Do NOT have a business or marketing background. In other words, they have a business, but they don’t really know how to run one. So, HOW Did YOU Learn ‘the business’?Did you read a book, did you have a mentor, are still just trying to figure it out?

We want to help a whole lot of people, save some time and cut the learning curve in half! So we asked so savy Networkers to help out their fellow Networkers and share some tricks that they have learned along.

 How Did You Learn ‘the business’?

  Natalie Karen Boecker I have a fabulous support team that is committed to my success. They have trained me right from the start. How to approach, how to deal with objections, did my presentations for me until I “got it”, taught me about placement, shared compelling information with me regarding our business model………….they are there for me any time I need help or have questions.

  Amanda Moser Arkans I take advantage of any free training opportunity available, whether it is through my company or through an online source. Just by heading onto the internet search engines and doing a search for free direct sales training’s, there is a wealth of information available.

  Kim Sweetser Listening to weekly training calls and webinars put on by all of our great team leaders. Taking advantage of all the FREE conference calls and training series that are available online by some of the greatest speakers in the direct sales industry. There is such a wealth of info online that is all FREE for those who are serious about plugging in and learning to be successful!

These are all great tips and if you are just starting out try them.  FREE Training is ALL around you!  Take advantage and we like to add a supper HAVE IT ALL book.  on Amazon it’s just $10.00


Guerrilla Marketing, Jay Conrad Levinson

It’s last book you’ll need!