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BeautiControl Products YOU Can’t Live Without

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Recently, we interviewed BeautiControl Consultant Joann DelCorso.  Joann is a successful BeautiControl Executive VP, from Pennsylvania.  We asked her to share a little bit of her passion and lbeauticontrol goldet us know what BeautiControl products we shouldn’t live with out.

I love BeautiControl for so many reasons.  BeautiControl is a direct sales beauty company that specializes in innovative, high-quality skincare, anti-aging and color cosmetics products, featured through an in-home Spa experience.

Their mission, at BeautiControl is to create beautiful lives filled with passion and opportunity.  BeautiControl succeeds by empowering women to live beautiful lives, achieve gorgeous results and to share their success with those around them.

Women from all over the world have chosen to join BeautiControl.  You can too!  Learn more and start your beautiful life by visiting my website at

Products YOU Can’t Live Without:

1.  Skinlogics

Blemish Control Clear, all skin types, with Vitamin C. 

2.  Regeneration

Tight Firm N Fill, foundations, to skin products, face, neck and eyes.

3.  Instant manicure

Sea salt exfoliator and 1 step parrifin wax, repairs the skin.

You can Find Joann and other BeautiControl Reps on at

Do you have some INDUSTRY NEWS you would like to share about your company and your favorite products?  Post them in the comment suction below.

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Origami Owl Lockets and Charms NOW Available in Canada

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Origami Owl is one of the FASTEST growing Direct Sales companies in the world.  Until now, Origami Owl’s Lockets and Charms were only available in the USA.  

On February 3, 2015 they expanded in to CANADA!

canada oo

Reps are excited.  We sat down with Tina, an Origami Owl Rep and asked her to share all the details.

“Hello Canada!!!!! We have arrived and wow are we excited to share the O2 Love!

February 3rd marked the day that we went “live” welcoming our Canadian sisters to join Origami Owl! The passion for our beautifully designed lockets, plates, Swarovski crystal, dangles, chains, bracelets, and earrings was apparent as designers-in-waiting logged on to our website.

Our home office, “the NEST” is offering the first 1,500 Designers to register in Canada will receive a welcome gift valued at approximately $200 USD/$236 CAD Retail. Now that’s happy!


  • The Origami Owl opportunity to earn money, lead a team, and many other perks are “owlmazing!” Our home based party business takes earning income to a new level! We earn…tina owl
  • 50% on charms, plates, and dangles + 30% commission on all other jewelry products that we sell.

Guess what else is new and exciting? Let’s say you don’t like to do home parties…you don’t have to! Some designers prefer to work one-on-one with their clientele because they love spending time offering a boutique, personal shopping experience. Still, others enjoy attending events on a small, medium, or grand scale! Whatever you like to do, we will work with you.

As the Executive Team Leader of Team Locket’ears, #3178, I am so excited about this expansion. Our leaders are super charged and busily readying their training and onboarding sessions to welcome our new owls. To date, we have just shy 400 ladies and men. Our team is spread throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and now Canada!

Fun fact about Team Locket’ears: Because I am based on Orlando, Florida, I named the team after our Disney World neighbors. Throughout Central Florida, and the United States, our team is proudly wearing our Locket Ears to match our brand as being the #1 Listening Sales Leaders!

If you or someone you know hasn’t yet jumped on the Origami Owl Team Locket’ears bandwagon, its not too late! You can still do so by contacting me directly at: Or, you can just log in on:, enter #3178 as your selected mentor (that’s me) and I’ll get the ball rolling for you!

For more detailed information, please visit my team’s custom website by clicking on this link:

Make the winning move and call me today! 407-808-3047 or”


Find Origami Owl Lockets and Charms Reps at

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FindSalesRep Independent Representatives the First to Receive Bitcoin Commissions

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Not long ago announced that it would now be excepting payments in BITCOIN.  It was exciting NEWS in the Direct Selling world, but something was missing.

HERE IT IS… already has an easy commissions program for independent Consultants.  It is similar to many other home based businesses in that, Independent FindSalesRep Consultants are paid commission for referring other Direct Sales. Home Party, MLM, and Network Marketing Reps to  

Today made another BIG Bitcoin announcement. logo 2015

To all FindSaleRep Independent Consultants:

Get Paid 50% Commissions in Bitcoin with the FindSalesRep Consultant Program

There are a couple of major benefits to getting paid commissions in Bitcoin, including

* No minimum payout threshold

* Miniscule fees (about two cents)

* Near-instant transactions (you can access your commission minutes once we pay it out)

You’ve probably heard about Bitcoin (it’s hard to ignore when Bill Gates is raving about it). It can be a complicated topic but three things are simple:

1) You can pay anyone in the world almost instantly and with almost no fees on either end.

2) You can spend Bitcoin at many online and offline merchants and you can even get digital Gyft cards to stores like Amazon and Target at and earn 3% rewards.  That’s like getting a 3% bonus. And if you buy a Gyft card right away you don’t have to worry about what the price of Bitcoin will be tomorrow.

3) It’s easier than you think to get started.  The quickest way is to download an app to your mobile device.  Try “BreadWallet” on your iPhone and “Bitcoin Wallet” or “Mycelium” on Android. Make sure to write down any passwords and back up your wallet to a safe place.

Normally, fees can really add up on payments – amounting to several dollars with a service like PayPal (which we also offer as an option, but without some of the benefits like no minimum payout).  This is why many companies (including ourselves) have a minimum payout threshold for commissions. Also, did you know that it can actually take days for credit card payments and PayPal transfers to “settle”? Bitcoin transactions are near-instant and even transferring thousands of dollars happens within an hour. Because of the extremely low fees of Bitcoin transactions (you can send thousands of dollars for only two cents for example), we can offer no-minimum-payout threshold payments if you choose Bitcoin as a payment option.

One problem is that Bitcoins can be difficult to buy. Fortunately as a Consultant, you can get them the easy way, by earning 50% commissions 🙂

As far as we know no other Direct Sales Company is offering commissions paid in Bitcoin, so this is a BIG DEAL!

To get started, visit and choose Bitcoin as your payment method.

Your Friends at

We also accept Bitcoin as a payment option if you ever want to pay for a listing with Bitcoin.  

Learn more at

Your Friends at

Please see the sale page for full details.

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Fastest Growing Direct Sales Companies

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January 2014 provides the Top 100 LIST of  MOST POPULAR

Network Marketing, Home Party and Direct Sales Companies.

Ranked monthly by popularity, our LIST is based on UNBIASED results.

Popularity is determined by the number of  REAL people searching for a specific company.

  1. Origami Owl
  2. Scentsy
  3. Plexus Slim
  4. Amway
  5. Pampered Chef
  6. Tupperware
  7. Thirty One
  8. Avon
  9. Advocare
  10. Norwex
  11. Miche Bag
  12. Arbonne
  13. Saba ACE
  14. Melaleuca
  15. Nerium
  16. Mary Kay
  17. Young Living Essential Oils
  18. Herbalife
  19. Kagen Water
  20. Silpada
  21. Isagenix
  22. ACN
  23. Visalus
  24. Organo Gold
  25. BeautiControlfsr app photo
  26. Pure Romance
  27. Passion Parties
  28. Creative Memories
  29. Nu Skin
  30. Rodan and Fields
  31. MonaVie
  32. Pink  Zebra
  33. Jafra
  34. Zija
  35. Younique
  36. Ambit Energy
  37. Grace Adele
  38. Vemma
  39. Lia Sophia
  40. Ardyss
  41. Tastefully Simple
  42. doTerra
  43. Shaklee
  44. Wildtree
  45. Paparazzi Accessories
  46. Stella and Dot
  47. Dove Chocolate Discoveries
  48. Discovery Toys
  49. Stampin Up
  50. Partylite
  51. Princess House
  52. Youngevity
  53. 5Linx
  54. Amsoil
  55. It Works
  56. Skinny Body Care
  57. Longaberger
  58. Jamberry Nails
  59. Inicial Outfitters
  60. Send Out Cards
  61. Usana
  62. Damsel In Defense
  63. Javita
  64. Seacret Direct
  65. Beach Body
  66. Clever Container
  67. Zurvita
  68. Usborne Books
  69. Slumber Parties
  70. J.R.Watkins Naturals
  71. Karatbars International
  72. Legal Shield
  73. South Hill Designs
  74. Market America
  75. Wake Up Now
  76. Xango
  77. 4Life Research
  78. Unicity
  79. Life Vantage
  80. Initials Inc
  81. Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
  82. Uppercase Living
  83. Premier Designs
  84. Signature Home Styles
  85. Vault Denim
  86. Close to My Heart
  87. Steeped Tea
  88. Choffy
  89. Gold Canyon
  90. Primerica
  91. in a Pikle
  92. Metagenix
  93. Perfectly Posh
  94. evolv
  95. All Natural Assets
  96. Ava Anderson Non Toxic
  97. Beyond Organic
  98. Cookie Lee Jewelry
  100. Solavie
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Now You Can Share More with Your Prospects by Posting Status Updates on Your FindSalesRep Wall

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OK… so the coolest thing happened when YOU weren’t looking. Are you a Rep with a Featured Listing on Have you started to add Pictures, Descriptions, and soooooo much more to YOUR FSR WALL?

Yup, now you can keep potential and current customers up to date and increase your chances of getting found in search engines by posting status updates on your FindSalesRep Wall!

What! A Wall? It’s a lot to take in…. but it’s true! Now you can get SOCIAL with customer on their first contact! Show them what you have in stock. Show them before and after photos. Pictures say a thousand words. Now you can share them! You can put it all in your own words too. Tell them about new products, sales, whatever. What do you want to share with the World?

What should you post on your FSR WALL? post on your fsr wall
Here are some ideas:

  • Post about your favorite products.
  • New product images with descriptions of the products benefits, or why you like the product.
  • Updates about your company’s business opportunity and compensation plan.
  • Inspirational quotes and images.
  • Product and Opportunity Videos (use the “Link” button to post YouTube video links).
  • Business Tips for Other Network Marketers
  • Links to any Articles you’ve written, or articles you like.
  • Pictures of you at home parties and events.
  • Pictures of you helping customers.

THEN… if you want to take it to the next level, here’s a great tip. Once you make a post, you can click on the “Permalink” to view just that post. Then, click the Pinterest share button – that way you get exposure on Pinterest and Pinterest also links back to your posting on your FindSalesRep Wall! You can also share the same link on Facebook, etc. This is great because it gives you one place to link to from all of your social networks (so you can post once, and share everywhere  ). You can have fun with your postings, but please keep them family friendly and focused on your products and services.

YOUR FSR WALL is YOURS! Login to your listing at and check you out!!!!

Feedback and Questions Welcome in the comments below.

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100 MOST POPULAR Home Party Companies and Direct Sales Companies

Posted on December 6, 2013. Filed under: All Company Reviews: Breaking MLM, Network Marketing and Direct Sales News | Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , | introduces the List of MOST POPULAR

Home Party Companies and Direct Sales Companies.  

Ranked monthly by popularity, our LIST is based on UNBIASED results.  

Popularity is determined by # of  people searching for a specific company.

DECEMBER 2013 Rankings

color works1. Scentsy

2. Plexus Slim

3. Origami Owl

4. Amway

5. Pampered Chef

6. Tupperware

7. Thirty One Gifts

8. Norwex

9. Avon

10. Advocare

11. Saba ACE

12. Melaleuca

13. Arbonne


15. Nerium

16. Young Living Essential Oils

17. Mary Kay

18. Silpada

19. Herbalife

20. ACN

21. Kangen Water

22. Creative Memories

23. Isagenix

24. Organo Gold

25. Visalus

26. Paparazzi Accessories

27. Rodan and Fields

28. Passion Parties

29. BeautiControl

30. Pink Zibra

31. Zija International

32. Nu Skin

33. Wildtree

34. Shaklee

35. Partylite

36. Lia Sophia

37. Pure Romance

38. Vault Denim

39. Vemma

40. Ambit Energy

41. Dove Chocolate Discoveries

42. MonaVie

43. Jafra Cosmetics

44. Stella and Dot

45. Tastefully Simple

46. Stamping Up

47. Skinny Body Care

48. Ardyss

49. Ansoil

50. Usborne Books

52. Initial Outfitters

52. Younique

53. Jamberry Nails

54. Usana

55. Cleaver Container

56. 4Life Research

57. 5LINX

58. Longaberger

59. Upper case Living

61. Willow House

62. Seacret Direct

63. Premier Designs

64. Xango

65. Youngevity

66. Juice Plus

67. Perfectly Posh

68. Javita

69. South Hill Designs

70. Market America

71. Velata

72. Princess House

73. ItWorks

74. Send Out Crds

75. Slumper Parties

76. Grace Adele

77. Signature Home Styles

78. Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry

79. Zurvita

80. Wake Up Now

81. Initials Inc

82. Karatbars International

83. Consumer Choice Marketing

84. J.R. Watkins

85. Lindt Chocolate RSVP

86. Beach Body

87. Discovery Toys

88. Leagal Shield

89. Ava Anderson

90. Worldventures

91. Cookie Lee Jewelry

92. Gold Canyon

93. Limu

94. Choffy

95. Pink Papya

96. Life Vantage

97. Metagenics

98. Intimate Expressions

99. Color Me Beautiful

100. Radiantly You


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100 Most Popular Direct Sales Companies On The Web

Posted on November 11, 2013. Filed under: Candles, direct Sales Statistics, Jewelry, Kitchen Essentials, Nails and Make Up, Natural Products, Network Marketing and Direct Sales News, Opportunities, Popular Products, Pretty Purses, Sexy and Romantic, Skin Care and Nails, Success n Network Marketing, Supplements, Toys Game Books, Weight Loss | Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , |

color works introduces the List of MOST POPULAR Home Party Companies and Direct Sales Companies.  Ranked monthly by popularity, our LIST is based on UNBIASED results.  Popularity is determined by # of  people searching for a specific company.

NOVEMBER 2013 Rankings

  1. Scentsy
  2. Origami owl
  3. Plexus Slim
  4. Amway
  5. Tupperware
  6. Pampered Chef
  7. Saba ACE
  8. AVON
  9. Thirty One
  10. Advocare
  11. Norwex
  12. Melaleuca
  13. Arbonne
  14. Nerium
  15. Miche Bag
  16. Mary Kay
  17. Herbalife
  18. Young Living Essential Oils
  19. Paparazzi Accessories
  20. Silpada
  21. Creative Memories
  22. Organo Gold
  23. ACN
  24. Isagenix
  25. Passion Parties
  26. Visalus
  27. Rodan and Fields
  28. Kangen Water
  29. Shaklee
  30. Vemma
  31. Juice Plus
  32. Pure Romance
  33. Vault Denim
  34. Jafra Cosmetics
  35. Wildtree
  36. Zija International
  37. Lia Sophia
  38. Ambit Energy
  39. BeautiControl
  40. MonaVie
  41. Nu Skin
  42. Stella and Dot
  43. Dove Chocolate Discoveries
  44. PartyLite
  45. Skinny Body Care
  46. Initial Outfitters
  47. Pink Zebra
  48. Amsoil
  49. Stampin Up
  50. Tastefully Simple
  51. Longaberger
  52. 5Links
  53. Jamberry Nails
  54. Uppercase Living
  55. Usborne Books
  56. Javita
  57. Clever Container
  58. Ardyss
  59. South Hill Designs
  60. Usana
  61. Damsel In Defense
  62. Legal Shield
  63. Seacret
  64. Slumber Parties
  65. Market America
  66. Consumer Choice Marketing
  67. Metagenics
  68. Signature Homestyles
  69. Zurvita
  70. Xango
  71. Lindt Chocolate RSVP
  72. 4Life Research
  73. Cookie Lee Jewelry
  74. ItWorks
  75. Princess House
  76. Wake up Now
  77. Willow House
  78. Primerica
  79. Initials Inc
  80. Younique
  81. Grace Adele
  82. Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
  83. J.R. Watkins Naturals
  84. Lifevantage
  85. Youngevity
  86. Gold Canyon
  87. Perfectly Posh
  88. Karatbars International
  89. Pink Papaya
  90. Send Out Cards
  91. Velata
  92. Discovery Toys
  93. Premier Designs
  94. Worldventures
  95. Ava Anderson Non Toxic
  96. Celebrating Home
  97. Boresha International
  98. Unicity Bios Life Slim
  99. Jeunesse Global
  100. Park Lane Jewelry
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In 2013 Look For FindsalesRep to Continue It’s Rapid Growth As They Set Their Sights on Being a Big Player in the Multi-Billion Dollar Direct Sales Industry

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Gabby and Bryan Gmyrek, the founders of recently shared with over 3000 of their fans, that in early 2012 they believed in the dream many reps share of earning a residual income from home. They were already successful in direct sales and were top recruiters for the company they represented, but they could see many people from various companies struggling due to lack of new prospects and wanted to help more people grow their businesses online. “Direct sales is an attractive industry and the companies offer amazing products and lucrative opportunities that people are interested in. We created to help connect people looking for those things with some of the best reps in the world,” says Gabby.

“Cracking the code to lead generation can be difficult for Reps from any company” says Bryan. “Direct Sales, also known as Network Marketing, is a word of mouth business. It works like this: someone who loves the products and opportunities that a direct sales company such as Scentsy or  Thirty-One offers and decides to become an independent representative (rep). They are encouraged to share their experiences with as many people as possible, but many reps run out of contacts quickly and are unable to grow a serious business.” That’s when many reps who had dreams of growing a residual income stream are forced to give up, but solved this problem for thousands of reps in 2012, by helping thousands of direct sales reps get found online.

“It was fast year” Gabby said. “We never had time to look the rearview mirror. With the mantra, ‘Let’s Get You Found’, we were always thinking of and implimenting the next new way to get reps found.” In 2012, was the first site to focus solely on helping independent direct sales reps from any company get found locally in their own town, city, state or even across the nation. Bryan, who has been making websites since 1997, says “ is like a dating service for direct sales reps seeking prospects and prospects seeking reps. We help bring people together and everyone benefits.” He used his computer skills to make it easy for anyone to get found online. Reps fill out a one-page form and purchase a Listing. Once their listing is live, people can find them using the site’s search engine and through various search engines such as Google. This kind of exposure can turn a struggling representatives business into a thriving source of income and pride. Here’s what a few reps have to say about their experiences with

“THANK YOU for the lead! I was able to reach the person inquiring, supply her with the tools to order the products needed … and I now have a new monthly customer, YAY!Thanks again!” Chandra V., Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing

“Just wanted to let you know that I just talked to the lead you sent me, and have already submitted her order.” Lori H., Mary Kay is not another “lead generation” company that sell leads to direct sales reps. Having tried some of those companies, the founders found that the leads were generally not very good – they were either “stale” or not interested. Conversely, prospects that come in through are live and actively looking for what reps sell, and are eager to purchase products or sign up. Many reps on even get calls directly from prospects, and find that their new problem is not having enough time to help everyone who is interested in their products. “It’s the perfect situation for both the reps and the person who is looking for a specific direct sales company or product. It’s a win win.” Adds Kim Newsom, a Silpada Rep from Maryland.

2012 was year of big growth for both the direct sales innovators at FindSalesRep and the reps they associated with through their website, blog, facebook, linkedin and pinterest. FindSalesRep helped thousands of reps get found. In 2013, look for FindsalesRep to continue it’s rapid growth as they set their sights on being a big player in the multi-billion dollar direct sales industry.

To learn more Like us on facebook at or visit Logo

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Paul Ryan Responds To Reporters Team Beachbody Loved His Reply

Posted on August 31, 2012. Filed under: All Company Reviews: Breaking MLM, Network Marketing and Direct Sales News | Tags: , , , , , , |

Sherry Leitner shared this resent Team Beachbody BREAKING NEW:

Known as the company whose mission is to “End the Trend” of obesity, Beachbody was in the news again this past week, as Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan responded to a journalist’s question as to how he keeps in such great shape.

Ryan, a Republican from Wisconsin, replied, “P90X”. That set off a barrage of phone calls to Beachbody corporate, and a flurry of activity at the various Beachbody websites, asking for more information and placing orders for the hugely successful workout program P90X by noted fitness trainer Tony Horton.

Beachbody LLC, has been in business for over 10 years, but moved to include the network marketing business model as part of their distribution system in December of 2007. Since that date, Beachbody has grown their ranks of “Coaches” (distributors) to over 70,000 and counting. One thing that sets Beachbody apart from other network marketing companies is that once a customer has made a TV commercial (infomercial) purchase of one of their at-home workouts, the company then places that customer into the business center of one of their qualified Coaches. This is part of the accountability that makes the workout programs so effective, and also makes their distributors so successful. That customer is serviced by that distributor, and all future sale commissions are paid to that distributor by Beachbody.

For more information about Team Beachbody or the P90X program, contact me, Sherry Leitner, Diamond Coach at: 

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Thirty One Gifts to Add a Little COLOR to this Fall’s Lineup

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It’s about time!

You asked and Thirty One was listening

Thirty One recently added the TWO most requested colors to its Fall line – purple and red.

As of September 1st, there will be 31 NEW products and prints PLUS official collegiate logos in the SPIRIT COLLECTION.

September is an AWESOME month to book a party to receive lots of FREE products and NEW Hostess Exclusives.

If you have question or need help ordering please contact: Hope Wissel, Independent Senior Consultant –

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