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Featured Reps Who Are Ready to Rock Their Business in the New Year

We are interested in helping you. At FindSalesRep, our priority is helping you get found and grow your business. Often, we meet reps that are so into building their business that we can help but share them with you.

Today, we are happy to introduce you to Dan Truman and his wife Gina.

Here’s a thank you note we recently received from them

“Hello,  We have really enjoyed as we have been with them for over 2 years.

Here is some info about us… My wife Gina and I travel around the country educating people to the incredible, healing world of essential oils. We are wellness advocates for an amazing company called doTERRA Essential oils. We have team members in over 20 states as well as Brazil and Europe. Our business is exciting and fulfilling. Our goal is to partner with like minded people and help them build a business that will also transform their lives. We are unique in that we take a genuine interest in helping men and women build their business by personally supporting them with classes, marketing ideas and sponsorships which allows them to build quickly and strong… they can actually build a real business that not only transforms their lives, but so many others as they share these amazing oils.

Thanks much FindSalesRep,
Dan & Gina”
To learn more about their business, please visit
Maybe you are just like Dan and Gina and you rocking business. For most Direct Sales Reps, their business is important to their finial security. They use the income they earn to help support themselves and maybe a family. Sometimes the income they earn helps them get through tough times.
Maybe you already have a full time job – but as you have probably already heard, multiple streams of income are critical to your financial security.
A second source of income can be a life saver when you are laid off, or when your primary source of income is affected by things outside of your control, such as the government shutdown.
We want to help Direct Sales Reps that may be facing hardships due to the US Federal Government Shutdown.
If you are a Direct Sales Rep, with and active listing on, who is or has a family member who is financially affected by the shutdown,  let us help you grow your business.
Reply with the following info and we will work to get the word out about you,
your business and your favorite products.
1.  Introduce yourself:
What is your name?
Where are you from
What Company do you represent?
What is your business website address?
2.  Let us know how growing your business will help you, your family and those that you love.
3. Tell us about products that you recommend and/or and sales, coupons or special offers you offer.
We sincerely thank all of those that help the US Government each and everyday.

Meet Sharon Stephens RN Our Favorite Young Living Essential Oils Independent Distributor in Pullman Michigan

About Me

Young Living’s 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils change lives! As an RN, certified aromatherapist, and living testimony, I am passionate about helping others obtain better health and wellness using a plant-based chemical free approach. I would love to assist you with your specific health needs and get you off to a great start. Join now and get $25.00 cash back as well as an educational welcome package!

Visit my Young Living Essential Oils website

Sharon Stephens, RN

Sharon Stephens, RN ~ Young Living Essential Oils Independent Distributor in Pullman, Michigan, 49450

About My Company

Young Living is the world’s leading essential oils company. We have the Seed to Seal guarantee that our oils are 100% pure therapeutic grade. We also have many other chemical free products for home cleaning, children and babies, supplements and make up. You can trust this company. I sure do! This company does a lot of testing and grows most of the products that are used. Young Living also has great customer service and has just opened another shipping warehouse in Memphis, TN.

My Favorite Products

I love the diffuser with Thieves, Orange and Pine essential oils. I also really like the Peppermint and Lavender oils, and Deep Relief Roll on. Oh, and I must say I drink the Ningxia Red Wolfberry juice and Ningxia Zyng every morning.

Featured Product Information

Ningxia Red Wolfberry Juice and Ningxia Zyng are my go to every morning. You only need 1 ounce of Ningxia Red daily – very very high in antioxidants. I love mixing it with the Ningxia Zyng. Gives me so much energy throughout the day and tastes great.

Product List

Essential Oils, Supplements, Thieves Cleaning Products, Make-up, Baby products, Ningxia Red Antioxidant Drink, Pain Cream, Anti-aging Eye Cream

Keyword List

Essential oils, Thieves, diffusers, Supplements, Young Living, Ningxia Red, Shutran, Skin Care, Chemical Free, Plant Based, Animal Scents, Seedling Baby Line, Savvy Mineral Make-up, Personal care products, Antioxidant Drinks



Meet Stacie Wyatt Our Favorite doTERRA Consultant in Colorado Springs Colorado

About Me

With over twelve years experience, Stacie Wyatt is a Certified Brain Injury Specialist and Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance–RYT E-200, Life Wellness Coach, Senior YogaFit Instructor, Mind/Body Personal trainer, Stress Reduction and Meditation Instructor, Pilates Instructor, and Barre Instructor. Stacie is also certified in Integrative Movement Therapy™. She is trained in Touch Therapy and can offer hand and is also level 1 Healing Beyond Borders Energy work certified and is also a believer in the power and application of doTERRA essential oils for health and wellness.

About My Company

doTERRA pure essential oils are revolutionizing the way families manage their health. We harness nature’s most powerful elements and share these gifts through our global community of Wellness Advocates.The purity of an essential oil is its most important characteristic. An essential oil that isn’t pure means you run the risk of putting germs, heavy metals, or adulterants onto or into your body, which can provoke irritation, adverse effects, or even sickness. Without an accepted standard for essential oil quality, doTERRA created its own testing process, calling it CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®. The CPTG process certifies that there are no added fillers, synthetic ingredients, or harmful contaminants in their essential oils that would reduce their efficacy. doTERRA even goes a step further, putting all their products and the packaging through a battery of tests to ensure a long and effective shelf-life. This protocol ensures potency, purity, and consistency batch to batch.

Featured Product Information

As one of doTERRA’s most popular products, doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack is full of essential nutrients, metabolism benefits, and powerful antioxidants designed to help promote energy, health, and lifelong vitality. The doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Program makes taking the first step on the path toward a lifetime of vitality and wellness convenient and affordable. Our lifelong health and vitality depend on many factors including diet, physical activity, weight management, rest, stress management, exposure to toxins, and inherited genetic predisposition for disease or wellness. While some of these variables are beyond our complete control, breakthrough scientific research is revealing many ways we can influence—and even control—significant factors of aging and wellness.
(15 mL unless otherwise noted)
• Frankincense
• Lavender
• Lemon
• Melaleuca
• Oregano
• Peppermint
(15 mL unless otherwise noted)
• dōTERRA Breathe®
• Deep Blue® (5mL)
• DigestZen®
• dōTERRA OnGuard®

My Favorite Products

I incorporate doTERRA essential oils into my healthy lifestyle in many ways. I use them for the health of my body and my emotions for my entire family and my clients.
Wild Orange–mood
Lemon–detox and cleaning
Lavender–mood and skin support
Peppermint–stomach issues, tension and energy
Life Long Vitality Pack–natural daily supplements
Cedarwood–grounding and calming
Deep Blue–pain
Lemongrass–pain and cleansing

For more info and to order doTERRA Oils please go to

Learn More About The Isagenix Weight Loss Value Pak

The  Isagenix Weight Loss Value Pak is for everyone and it now more valuable than ever! 

This popularly recommended pak contains a wide assortment of products designed to work together for optimal results, offered at the best possible value. Work toward your weight wellness goals, using daily nutritional support along with the convenient AM and PM Complete Essentials™ vitamin packets. Receive additional support from over 60 meals, including four nutritionally supported Cleanse Days.

Get the added benefits of a $25 product coupon, a $75 event coupon, and two free enrollment codes for friends and family when you sign up as an Isagenix Customer and purchase this pak as a Member.※※※

Available for as low as US$589** when purchased through an

Isagenix Independent Associate.

To order now and save click here.

Weight Loss Value Pak Cost
Pay Retail: US$ 834.81
Or Buy Now And Pay US$ 589.00

Pricing may vary based on your selections


  • • FREE IsaBlender® (US$40 value)
    • FREE one-year Isagenix membership for you (US$29 value)※※※
    • FREE one-year Isagenix membership coupons for two of your friends or family members (US$58 value)※※※
    • US$25 product coupon to use on your next order※※※
    • US$75 event coupon to be used on a future event※※※

    Snacking Options

    • Meal replacement IsaLean™ Bars can be enjoyed as a full meal replacement or cut in half for a snack
    • Available with e+™ or 5-Piece Sample Pak – your choice
    • Additional cleanse support products like IsaDelight® and Whey Thins™

    Dairy-Free Option

    This pak now comes in a dairy-free option for those with dairy sensitivities or allergies or those who are looking for more plant-based protein in their diets.

※※※ These items are available on Customer or Associate orders only. Not available on retail orders.

** Pricing incorporates discounts for Autoship Rewards and Isagenix membership. Pricing may vary based on product selections. Shipping and tax not included.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

††† Transparency and accuracy are a top priority at Isagenix. We constantly strive to ensure that product information is complete, accurate, and current. However, at times, products may be unavailable or have different labels or attributes than those listed here.

Stay Connected with the IsaLife App

Staying on track of your weight wellness program is easy with our IsaLife App which helps coach you through each step of your journey.

Find out more about the IsaLife App

Ready To Promote Your Sales

Your Independence Day is likely to include backyard barbecues and time with loved ones. But between the burgers and the fireworks, you can be building your business.


Help your Customers Stock Up On Summer Specials.

Summer is a great time to renew your listing and promote your SALES!

Here are a few examples:

Pampered Chef is Offering a FREE scraper when you spend $75 or more when you shop online or at a party in July. Check this offer out at
Origami Owl is Offering Up to 80% Off of Selected Items. Check these out

Ready to promote your sales?  

Is it time to renew your listing on

Want to grow your Direct Sales business and save 35%? Get Featured on this 4th of July!

Thousands of people looking for products and opportunities like the ones you offer come to every day. Featured listings get the most views and being featured greatly increases the chances that someone will find you and your SALES.

We’ve brought more than two million people looking for the kinds of products and services you offer to from search engines like Google, and we’ve helped thousands of reps grow their businesses.

Let’s Get You Found,

Your Friends at

* The 35% Off 4th of July offer is valid for new and renewed listings only and is valid through Wednesday July 5th 2017. Some restrictions may apply, see order page for more details.

P.S. You can also POST about your self, your company and your SALES in the Comments below


Does Plexus have any Special Deals going on right Now

Recently, we asked our friends from all the most popular companies about their BREAKING NEWS.

Karen Smith, from Plexus shared this SPECIAL OFFER:

Does Plexus have any Special Deals going on right now?

Yes, we certainly do!!! Use this coupon code “boost5” at checkout to get boost sale karen$5 off Boost, a companion product for Plexus Slim that thermogenically revs your metabolism to speed up weight loss, suppress hunger, and give you more energy.  Learn more at

Does Your Company Have SPECIAL OFFER That You Want To SHARE? Obviously a lot of people are looking for rep have and most are looking online. They search for key words that are specific to the company and the products you sell. For example; Let’s say you are with a health and wellness company. You have a SPECIFIC product that people know by name and when they want it, they search for that name, right? Absolutely! So, how do you get found for that specific word, title, name or result? There’s an easy answer, get found for those specialized words. Where? That’s easy too… EVERYWHERE! If you can find a place online like a directory, blog or other public space, POST.
Here’s a simple one, that the search engines LOVE that you can post to often and in many different ways. It’s the Network Marketing Blog at

We’re ALWAYS looking for new articles about Direct Sales for this Blog. Just write about you or something NEW at your company and email your article to us at We’ll take your article, review it and if it’s informative, we’ll post it to the Blog and use your KEY WORDS to get you found.

Here’s an example:…/origami-owl-locke…/
Articles about anything to do with your DIRECT SALES business will work on this blog. Just share your Network Marketing story.  
Yes, go now, what are you waiting for, start sharing!

I Can’t Find a Direct Sales Rep


If you are in Direct Sales, Network Marketing or have a Home Party Business – You need to know that Basic Listings are FREE on and people are looking what you’ve got!

That’s why the following message is so sad. We don’t offen get emails like this, but this should NEVER happen!

This email is from Barbara in B.C.

“Hello, I think you should know that my experience with this service has been unsatisfactory. With all the information you required to find a sales rep for me, the closest one was in another province. I know sales reps much closer in proximity to me.”

Makes us want to cry! How about you? Don’t you want to Get Found by Barbara and other people looking for the products and services you’ve got?

claim my free listing

Get Found! Get on

Why Should We Buy From You

Having a WHY will get you everywhere in Direct Sales! Having a Goal that kicks you out of bed in the the morning and keeps you up at night with anticipation, desire and excitement is what separates Those That Want from Those That Will! Fo

r that reason, Direct Sales is like no other business! It’s the only JOB where if you want it Bad Enough, YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL and WE LOVE THAT! We love the FREEDOM that D.S. offers those with a vision and we would like to help get YOU get a little closer to that kind of FREEDOM – TODAY!

So, GIVE US A WHY! Tell us WHY we should buy from you and/or WHY we should join your team. Tell us WHY you are soooo AWESOME or just POST your Best One Day or Limited time offers and we’ll try to Get You Found!

WHY? Because that’s what makes US so Awesome! 🙂

Photo: Having a WHY will get you everywhere in Direct Sales!  Having a Goal that kicks you out of bed in the the morning and keeps you up at night with anticipation, desire and excitement is what separates Those That Want from Those That Will!  For that reason, Direct Sales is like no other business!  It's the only JOB where if you want it Bad Enough, YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL and WE LOVE THAT!  We love the FREEDOM that D.S. offers those with a vision and we would like to help get YOU get a little closer to that kind of FREEDOM - TODAY! 

So, GIVE US A WHY!  Tell us WHY we should buy from you and/or WHY we should join your team.  Tell us WHY you are soooo AWESOME or just POST your Best One Day or Limited time offers and we'll try to Get You Found!  

WHY?  Because that's what makes US so Awesome!  :)
  Tyler Lefebvre WHY should you buy from me? Because it is soooooooo awesome that the company has a 30-day money back guarantee. In the anti-aging market, that’s near unheard of. Results in thirty days, guaranteed. Also I provide fantastic customer service. Message me for a link to my website!
  Lori Nelson Gricius WHY should you buy from me? I sell Thirty-One and we have fantastic new products in our new catalog coming out September 1st… spend $31 in August and you can get any of our SPIRIT COLLECTION ITEMS AT 1/2 OFF!
 Shelby Bowman WHY become a part of It Works? It Works is all about becoming debt free! We have a G.O.O.D. (Get Out of Debt) $10,000 bonus that anyone who signs up by the end of August is eligible to earn! We offer a site specific product that tightens, tones, and firms in just 45 minutes, where the results allow the product to sell itself! Who wouldn’t want to see instant results like that along with our other many health products to get you looking great and feeling great too? I am glad to help anyone achieve their own financial freedom!
 Ian Thomas Amway is the strongest direct sales company on the planet. 11 billion in sales last year. 6 month money back guarantee on all products. Free shipping on orders of 120 or more. We have been number online in health and wellness for the last 8 years running. Spokesman like Kurt Warner and partnerships with best buy and sears. It’s a system that works. I love the products and so will you. 10% discount to all new customers. Me and my wife would love to help you fill your needs.
 Stephanie Martin Why should you buy from me? We have a 45 money back guarantee with 450 product from anti-aging to baby lines. THERE IS NO RISK! An I can show you how to get the best deal and free products. Save up to 50% Why become part of Arbonne? Because we have a proven, duplicated system. We even made it into an easy manual. WHY not work 10-20 hours and replace a professional 6 figure income. PM me for more information or my website. The products will change your skin, the business will change your life!
 Deanna Reese WHY use Advocare’s amazing products?! Because this isn’t just a quick fix to lose weight and gain it right back! These products are HEALTHY and are full of VITAMINS! Unlike most wellness and nutrition products, your intestinal tract actually absorbs the ingredients. Our 24 day challenge not only helps you lose weight with the products, but you honestly learn how to eat the correct way and have the esentials that your body needs on a regular basis whether you’re on a diet or not! What sets us apart is not only are you getting awesome, good tasting, and healthy products but you get a distributor that CARES! We follow up with you because you’re not just buying a product, you’re buying a plan that is to help you acheive your health goals and that is what Advocare is about! Most of our distributors started as customers, they gained a purpose and decided they wanted to help make a difference! We build champions!  Deanna Reese
 Laura Ciucci Preston My why is simple. Simple food to make our crazy lives a little more simple. Join my team today and receive $25 in credits to make purchases at 30% off. And when you join my team you will be able to earn 100% of your investment back!! Join today!!
 Annie Chevalier My why is this: Tired of working for strangers and put money in their pocket!! The reason why you should join my? I’m putting together a Facebook group for my Organo Gold donwline where, everyone will promote the group and only the admins will do the sales and redistribute the recruits to our downline in order of arriva. What it does is no sales, no bugging friends and familly, no sales meeting to attend, we will build a strong community to help evryone grow and most of all is that no one will be left behind. For those who need numbers here it is: you need 82$ CAD/month to stay qualify for commission (either you personal consumption or coffee sales) and it takes 82 people in your donwline to make 10000$/month. This calculation is based on only 1 out of the 7 Organo Gold compensation plan so think about it… I’m still looking for 1 extra admin person to launch this baby! Interrested? Follow this link:
 Keri Racicot Bresaw My WHY? A better life for my children- we can’t make ends meet- we don’t qualify for state aid because we “make too much”- we chose education over credit card debt and it prevents us from buying our own home- we pay rent- rent we can’t afford- I work a full-time job during the day…and moonlight with my Rodan and Fields business…my husband is working 2 jobs too. My “WHY” will motivate me forever- giving a life of stability to my boys- a place to call home- and hoping for a day that will come where I will be financially free!
 Julie Bruce Smith you should buy from me because i sell the “sweetest” items that come straight from the factory and havent sat in the stores for weeks/ months before being out out for sale. ALSO Lindt chocolate is giving an extra $70 in free chocolate/supplies for those who join in august and you can earn a free trip to Jamaica!!..THATS WHY!!! want to learn more?? contact me for the curiosity call information that is tonight at 8pm EST
 Jennifer Saunders WHY?? Our company gives you 3 ways to team build even if you decide to only do 1 brand. Scentsy Velata or a Ground floor opportunity Grace adele. Its such a great company we are considered Family. Join today and get supersized kit for scentsy fragrance ONLY while supplies last in August. Message me would love for you to join our team.
 Network Marketing Distributor Amy Hackney wrote: Tastefully Simple answers the question “What is for dinner?” with easy meal planning. All the products are 2 ingredients or less to make and there are 1000’s of recipes beyond that. Make your meals ahead and freeze, then toss in the slow cooker for an easy dinner. Want to know more? go to my website Do you want to sell? Now is the time to join. You can join for FREE, contact me for more details.
 Minadora (Beth) Moore, Stella & Dot Independent Stylistwhy not become a Stella & Dot Stylist and join my team? Because a stylist like me make my own business schedule and brings extra income additional to my regular paying job, its a “FUN” job and you get to wear irresistible jewelry that are coveted by most of our celebrities in Hollywood right now.No one calls it a “social selling business” for no reason. you get to have fun while you make other women happy. EARN WHAT YOU’RE WORTH..let’s talk if you love style, fashion and flexibility in your life.
 Denise Bockenfeld Why join my team with Rocky and Bella? We have only 50 reps in the US, a very small investment to become a rep, plus our company as over 14,000 people that requested a sample of our product and corporate is giving us those names to follow up with! Who wouldn’t want to join and really get in at the beginning? Just think if you got in when Google was just starting? Or McDonald’s? Where would you be now? Thanks!
 Julie Eden Hisle Why Jerky Direct? People like jerky and where else can you have a business just for buying 2 bags each month for $12? Since June 23, that simple concept has grown my team to 27! What makes this company different? Jerky Direct provides FREE websites, no parties, no quotas, and with a few customers, you jerky becomes FREE too! Why not give it a look? Check out the videos and commission levels on the opportunity link and then contact me to get started. – Your Online Wholesale Portal for Wholesale Jerky
 Nicole R Royal Nicole R Royal Why Organo Gold and why with me? There are 255 million coffee drinkers in North America alone and I can assure you many of those millions would love to continue their habit and add some health to it at the same time! Whether as a customer or fellow business partner, I invest my time in helping you succeed and reach your goals. What you want becomes what I want and we will work together to ensure it happens. Change Your Coffee. Change Your Life. Start now at
 Terri Kivett Walker I could state How Wonderful Our Products are, The Company ANd The comp plan is…AND It would be True. BUT MY WHY Is I Want MY boys to be Proud of ME…..I Want to Do for them and Help them Without the Help from my ex….I WANT to Provide for MY Family, take care of them Myself w/out struggling as a single mom. Terri Kivett Walker And Help Other single moms Or couples achieve financial freedom and success. THEN be able to help other people who are struggling in life to better themselves.
 Erin Maulucci Why me for Origami Owl? Because my team is fantastic- I was # 5 Top Producer for the company last month and hope to be even higher with the upcoming holiday season. Our lockets are beautiful and we are so new. This product is perfect for so many different occasions or just because! Our company was founded by a 14 year old girl who wanted to earn money to buy a car when she turned 16- with that in mind ladies as young as 14 can join with a parent and be a team Designer! I love helping others make their dreams come true!! Contact me today for more information-
 Carolyn Perez My Why… is to obtain a FREEDOM! Financial..Time….Time! Financial to give back to those in need! Time to enjoy my grandchildren and take trips that can teach them to give back!! and mostly important….HEALTH! OUR PATENTED PRODUCT – TRANSFER FACTOR IS REVOLUTIONIZING THE WORLD! WE ARE IN OVER 60 COUNTRIES AND GROWING! I can do my business in Europe, while I’m here in USA. Network Marketing is the Business to be in this Century!! visit me at my website. learn more about the TRANSFER FACTOR… WE ARE ALSO IN THE PHYSICIANS DESK REFERENCE!
 Jessica Louviere Clements Why me for Plexus Slim? Because I am very quick and reliable and have all of the tools to get your your supply as quickly as possible! I also accept paypal, which makes me stand out to out of town customers! I provide the best customer service possible, and on top of that, I work with a fantastic team who is just as helpful. Pick me for you Plexus Slim needs! Plexus Slim – Youngsville
 Andy Lockhart Our why is simple, we have 2 adopted teenage boys we adopted 4 years ago and we want to be able to give them the opportunities that they would not have had. We also want to be able to pay forward and help others through the process and give them a way to get out from under the financial burden adoption can put on you. That is why we are involved with Nerium, Real Results, Real Science and Real People.
 Molly Gavin Matchak Being in Direct Sales had allowed me to give back. I am currently (through the end of tonight 8/15) donating 20% of my product sales from both DS companies to a 5 year old girl in our community who has been diagnosed with leukemia. If you’d like to help, too, please visit one of my websites to place an order. Thank you! Thirty One – or Origami Owl –

Special Offers From Direct Sales Reps From Every Company

Have any SPECIAL OFFERS or COUPONS ? Let’s post some here in the comments and if you see one you like, take advantage and get in touch with the Network Marketing Distributor who offered it!!!
Think you Don’t want to BUY anything, so it’s not worth looking? WRONG! There are some amazing products out there that REALLY work AND… there are some very creative REPS posting here.
So, take a look. If you like what they are offering maybe it will inspire you to make a similar offer and grow your own business.
Business tips are everywhere! Watch people who are are successful. Do what they do and become Successful!
Thanks for sharing!
Photo: Today is a good day for SPECIAL OFFERS and COUPONS at 
Let's post some here in the comments and if you see one you like, take advantage and go and LIKE the Network Marketing Distributor who offered it!!!
Think you Don't want to BUY anything, so it's not worth looking? WRONG! There are some amazing products out there that REALLY work AND... there are some very creative REPS posting here. 
So, take a look. If you like what they are offering maybe it will inspire you to make a similar offer and grow your own business. 
Business tips are everywhere! Watch people who are are successful. Do what they do and become Successful!
Thanks for sharing!  Pink Zebra Home ~ Sue Ritter Hall, Independent Consultant SAVE 15% on all Silver Driftwood fragrance items and as a bonus save 15% off on our new NAPA LEATHER SPRINKLES!!! Offer ends June 30th at midnight!!!
   Bridget Hughes Diva Girl Party…Bridget Hughes, Founding Director…100% off of any kit, flip flops on sale for $21.00, and buy 2 packs of straps, get the third FREE (that’s 6 sets of straps!) our flip flops are ultra comfortable, and no need to have more flips with our interchangeable straps! Order the straps online and then contact me to get the 21.00 price for the flip flops!
Join as an ESS Distributor get a $100 rebate.  Join as a Basic Distributor or Challenger on a Shape Kit or Higher and get a FREE personal blender!!  Check it out
   Cindy Sadlowski Azuli Skye- Summer Sale going on now. Not only do we have fabulous jewelry sales going on but Surprise! June 29 to July 9 is DOUBLE SPECIALS. This can make a HUGE difference to your business! • Customers who spend $50 (of Regular & Half-Price items) get TWO (instead of one) items at the special price, spend $95 get up to EIGHT (instead of four) items at the special price. •Orders must be submitted by end of July 9 to qualify for the DOUBLE Customer Specials.  Go to to see the specials and sales this month.
  Sarah Whitson Carlisle ‎$5 Tealight Sale Starts tomorrow but I’m taking pre-orders now! Info in on my page Lights in Action with Sarah Carlisle, Leader and Independent Consultant 🙂
  Bcharmed Independent stylist – Wanda or go ahead and place an order sorry I cant seem to add the photo of the 50% off sale Becharmed jewellery- and flirty aprons sale order or to see this and other specials for the month of July for NEW stylists( kits start at $99) , hostess’ and customers become a fan on this page THANKS!
  Melinda Obrien ‎25%off total order with me at check out for Passion Parties. Huge Shades of Summer sale going on right now. Use code party at check out.

We are hoping for a big list here!  The idea is to get Special Offers From Direct Sales Reps From Every Company.  So, add your SPECIAL DEAL in the Comments.

Give Us a Reason to Buy From You

Let’s SELL IT!
Are you SELLING SOMETHING? Do you have an interesting way of selling it? How about a Testimonial or FREE Trial?
Give US ALL a reason to Buy From YOU!
Photo: It's SELL IT Saturday at ! 

Are you SELLING SOMETHING? Do you have an interesting way of selling it? How about a High Light? 

Give US ALL a reason to Buy From YOU!
  Michelle Fritz ‎Every Girl Deserves To Love Her Purse is offering a special incentive if you place an order today!!! Check out my page!
Deanna Sweidel Easy and fun! has the HOTTEST nail shields! Order today and be entered to win an extra set!
Natasha Avant Perfectly Posh skin care. No toxins, no parabens, no gluten, no soy, no sodium lauryl sulfate, no paraffins. Just healthy skin care at affordable price and spa grade ingredients.
Kimberley Ann Bordenkircher- Kohman I have started a secondary business with Eclipse Candle Company! You can join for just $10! If you love candles as much as I do then you need to check this out. This would be a geat thing to do just to get the disocunt on your own candles! I have a goal this month to sell at least $125 and I am over half way there and I just signed up a couple of days ago. I have not even recieved my kit yet! I would appreciae any orders large or small to help me reach my goal. Thanks so much!
Kimberley Ann Bordenkircher- Kohman Kimberley Ann Bordenkircher- Kohman I have 3000BC Skincare! We are changing the way the world buys skincare with our patent pending selling process and our revolutionary diagnostic tool, the Skin Scope. This is a ground floor opportunity that is with a company that has been in business for 20 years! No risk involved with the product or the opportunity because they both have a 365 day money back guarantee!!! go to to find out more or you can join right from there! I would love to have you on my team! 🙂  Michelle Castillo Do you love to give personalized gifts? Then Thirty-One is for you! Check out my
 Elizabeth Oswald Let me help you lose weight and get in shape! Anyone who orders one of our Team Beachbody Challenge packs through me today I am giving a box of P90x bars! Message me for details or head to my site and sign up for a free account and I can message you with the details. I love my job!
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 Azuli Skye ~ Nicole Nobles Beautiful sterling silver jewelry that is made in the USA!! Charms and Mimzi’s along with items that can be personalized with names and words! Visit to see and book your online party(which can be done from anywhere in the US) or learn more about becoming a consultant. Thank you!!
Nicole Nobles  Azuli Skye Home Jewelry Parties
  Jeanne Zangler Pairman Over 7,000 people have accepted the 30 DAY GRATITUDE CHALLENGE in three weeks. Sending out a gratitude card every day has made a huge difference in my outlook on life! Is it worth a dollar a day to you to get your gratitude on? Would you give me 15 minutes so I can show you how the Challenge works? Then you decide if it works for you.

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