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Let’s talk about YOUR SMALL BUSINESS! Please share a little blurb in comments below about you, your business and how your small business helps support you, your family and or your local community.
DID YOU KNOW THAT… When people purchase from a Direct Sales Business, they can do so much more than just get a great products. They can significantly impact the bottom line of REAL families. The profits from their purchase doesn’t go back to fat cat CEO’s, stock holders, corporate jets or expensive 2nd 3rd or 4th homes. The profits help a single Mom pay the water bill; a stay at home Mom pay for swim lessons; hard working parents pay mortgages and hold on to their homes. The profits help people like you.

FACT: Direct Sales Employs more than 15.6 Million AMERICANS. When you shop with these micro-entrepreneurs, YOU positively effect the lives of your neighbors; you improve YOUR community and help to stimulate your LOCAL economy.
Thank YOU! We want to help SMALL BUSINESSES -like YOURS Get Found today

  •   Melanie Teague I’ve been in direct sales for over 16 yrs and try hard to purchase from other direct sellers and/or other small business owners…and now farmers as well. I’m a team leader and independent designer with Origami Owl www.melaniet.origamiowl.com
  •   Cheree Hill I’m with Total Life Changes. A health, wellness, and beauty company. All products are natural and organic. The compensation plan is awesome and the products will definitely make you feel and look healthier. Products for both men and women
  •   Smart ōils I couldn’t agree more! One of my passions as a doTERRA Wellness Advocate is sharing our opportunity with other Moms so that they can be empowered to earn money and/or free oils to help their family while having the flexibility to work from home. Here’s a short call that talks about our opportunity and why the right time to get started is NOW! Message me today if you would like to get started! I will tell you how my part time is helping to support our family! www.mydoterra.com/meridithlongscherer Click here to watch & listen: https://www.anymeeting.com/WebCo…/RecordingDefault.aspx…
    •   Jennifer Perdigon I am a team leader with Jewelry In Candles. My anniversary of one year is approaching. I started doing this because I was bored lol now I can help supplement money in the family where it is needed. I love this company smile emoticon. www.baublescents.com.
    •   Karen Magierski Perry I am an Executive Consultant with Rodan + Fields. I am a stay at home Mom who was ready to go back to work without it interfering with my family’s needs. I love the products – my skin has been transformed, the company is amazing and growing and my team is supportive in every manner. Great decision. www.perryk.myrandf.com
    •   Heidi Renee I am new to direct sales and learning alot and have not been successful until Monat. I love the product and the opportunity! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Navigating-Healthy-Hair/363183720529271?ref=hl
  •   Gabby Gmyrek I LOVE LOVE LOVE Direct Sales!
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Direct Sales and Home Party Coupons and Special Offers

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Below you will find special offers and deals from:

In A Pickle
Jewelry In Candles
Thirty One Gifts
Mary Kay 
You may also find free samples and/or coupons!

These reps are giving you some great REASONS TO SHOP WITH THEM

  •   Angie Grass Rubash I offer a free gift with a purchase from my website, https://parties.inapikle.com/angiesbags
    If you haven’t heard of In A Pikle, you need to check out these fashionable & functional organizers. If you’re always trying to find something small at the bottom of your purse or bag, this organizer is for you.
    Message me with any questions or customer specials. You will LOVE them!!!

  •   Julie St Thomas Right now I’m offering a free wax tart to anyone that hosts a #JewelryInCandles party in June with $250 or more in sales. smile emoticon Message me to find out more!
  •   Christine Whiting In love offering wonderful sales to my 31 Gifts customers.
  •  Regan Clements For anyone who doesn’t already have a Beauty Consultant, I offer Free Shipping on all orders anywhere in the U.S. and a Free Gift with purchases of $40 or more! Samples are always available by request to those who are registered customers on my website! www.marykay.com/rnclements
  •   Caroline Ashby ChristnerHi my name is Caroline and I joined JewelScent in August 2013. I joined I offer free samples when you sign up as a member at JewelScent… also you can share and earn free JewelScent as a member! www.jewelscent.com/carolinec 35% off site wide all weekend too!
    LOOKING for something else?  
    Need a REP from another company?  
    Go to FindSalesRep.com and find reps from all the popular Direct Sales and Home Party Companies, like AMWAY, AVON, PLEXUS SLIM, YOUNIQUE and more.  


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Contest Announcement Win a Free StateWide Listing and Grow Your Business with FindSalesRep.com

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CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT – Testimonials Wanted!

We’re overwhelmed at the outpouring of support from you

Thanks for all of your amazing testimonials. To see some for yourself, follow this link http://sendy.findsalesrep.com/w/aBanCUPPQNxP763K8ZSo8RTw testimonial ContestYou’ll see what all the Buzzz is about and you’ll get a sneak peek of the new design – that we’ll be releasing SOON!

How’d you like to win a Featured Statewide Listing (a $299 value) for you or a friend?*

Contest Dates: Tuesday September 30th through Tuesday October 7th (Lucky Number Seven)

Entering is easy, here’s what you need to do

1) Post your honest testimonial (with a picture of you) on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and/or other major social media sites and include the hashtag #findsalesrepcontest

2) Post links to or share your testimonial on our Facebook Page by Tuesday October 7th

Each social media site you post to will count as a separate entry, so the more places you post to, the better!

Remember, you have to include the #findsalesrepcontest hashtag on all of your postings or the entry won’t count.

We’ll choose the winner randomly from all of the qualified entries and all testimonials will be reviewed for possible inclusion on the new FindSalesRep Testimonials page and/or Home Page (these aren’t live yet – but when they are, they will be one more way to Get You Found!).

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Do you offer FREE SAMPLES?

Do you have coupons that can help people save $ on your most popular products?

Post all your latest free samples and coupons below in the comments!

AND… If you see something you like? Contact the Rep who posted and enjoy getting

Free Stuff!

“My samples aren’t “free” — I ask you to send me a selfie of your face, first.”

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Be Awesome

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Stop worrying, complaining, doubting and just BE



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FindSalesRep.com FREE Listing

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claim my free listing


Go to http://www.findsalesrep.com/freelisting

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Find Vendors for Your Next Event Expo or Fundraiser

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Are YOU hosting an event, expo or fundraiser?

Would YOU like to find several direct sales or home party reps for YOUR event?

Let FindSalesRep.com help you FIND them:


get found photo

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Sneak Peek Outlet Autumn 2013 Edition

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Pick a Category:



Natural and Organic Products

Weight Loss

Health and Fitness

Fashion and COOL Clothes


Personalize It 


Sexy and Romantic



KITCHEN Essentials 

Beautiful Living Home Decor

Wholesome FOODS for YOUR Home

HANDBAGS and Pretty Purses

Nails & Make Up

Bath SPA and Beauty

Coffee & Wine

Build It  Make It  Create It

Direct Sales Services and Opportunities

Or you can Click here to Ask Questions and get help from SNEAK PEEK Advisor on Facebook 

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Looking for Reps for Your Next Event Expo Fair or Fundraiser

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At FindSalesRep.com, we work hard to get ALL the home party, direct sales or network marketing reps on our site FOUND!  

So, if you are hosting an event, expo, fair or fundraiser and would like to find several home party, direct sales or network marketing Reps for Your Event, please submit your information in comment section below and we will work to have LOCAL Reps contact YOU asap!

Here’s what we’ll need to help you Find Reps:

Name of the EVENT:




Your Contact Info:can't find a rep


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You Can’t Change Them But You Can Make Them Find You

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As you work your Direct Sales Business, you’re looking for the people who are looking for you.

You’re looking for the ones who are looking to make the changes themselves, their lives, their worlds – the ones who are willing to do what it takes, the ones who are willing to grow personally in order to grow financially, and the folks who are not willing to give up on their dreams.

You are not going to be successful at Network Marketing if you have to “convince” people.  They are NOT the ones you are looking for.

The “Right Ones” are the ones who ‘GET IT”.  They have to know the value of the business themselves. Period!  You can not tell the, show them or teach them that.

It’s not your job to overcome people’s fears; it’s not your job to overcome their apathy; it’s not your job to overcome their poor work ethics.  That’s not your job.

Your job is to get as many people as you can to take a look at what you do, and as you do that, the wheat will sort itself from the chaff.

The people who are looking for you, the people who are looking for the products you love, the opportunity that you’re offering, the people who are looking to make the changes that you represent – they will be drawn to you like iron to a magnet.

Just look for the people that are looking for you!

looking for you

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