What Kind of Network Marketer are You?

Who Really Wins In Direct Sales

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Who are the REAL Direct Sales Winners?  

Certainly the company owners are successful   Or not…  many Direct Sales companies fail in the first 2 years because of poor planning,  but for those that do survive the ‘terrible’ two’s’, yes, their planning pays off and they reap the rewards of residual income.  They also will have brought in a few key ‘master distributor’ or ‘founders’.  These folk, if they stuck with it through the launch stage, will be starting to get pay back in full.  So, yup, they are winners.  

Who else wins it in Direct Sales?  Is there any Real Money left to be made , if you weren’t there right in the beginning?  


It used to be that companies reserved about 50% of their total payout for the top 2% , but recently, companies have been taking a new approach to the age old problem of retention   Early payouts for top recruiters are now attracting big hitters to jump in and they are not just jumping from company to company.  Todays newbies are coming from other industries.  The economy may be partly to blame.  With fewer high-end sales positions available, many uniquely quailed sales reps have had to think less traditional and have turned to Direct Sales.  These rising stars are WINNING BIG, with companies offering new bonus as big as $3,000 to $300,000 in your first 3 months.

That kind of cash is attractive and professional sales reps are taking notice.  Direct Sales stereo types are a thing of the past.  Todays top earners, the REAL Winners are Reps with ‘play to win-win’ philosophy.   

These are the  new rain maker‘Rainmakers’!  


They respect, and always try to satisfy, the best interests of their prospects.  Knowing that a win for the client means a win for them too. They are also extremely dedicated to becoming top performers.  They have often times been in the position before and they have a won’t settle attitude, exhibiting the hustle, passion, and intensity it takes to achieve what only the elite achieve.

Winner Do.  They just do.  They do the work.  They look for opportunity and they make things happen.  Anyone can be a Direct Sales Winner.  Companies have heard the request and are now rewarding ‘The New Kid”.  Getting some of the action has never been easier!  It’s a great time for Direct Sales!

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Are You a Big Thinking Entrepreneur

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Thinking BIG is a really big deal, because Entrepreneurs who are capable bigger thinking are the ones who earn the big  leadership positions in their companies.  They are ALWAYS the ones rising to the top.  You’ll notice them because they always have followers…  ‘duplicators’.

If you considered yourself a “bigger thinker,” then you are now ready for the unthinkable in business.  It’s time to prove yourself and turn those big ideas into really big action steps and take them.

Think you can’t do it???  Good, because often that is when BIG thinkers do their best thinking – when it’s do or die!  Being up against a hurtle can actually be a good thing for Big Thinker, because it allows you the opportunity to demonstrate the kind of entrepreneur you really are in your business.

So, put a smile on your face when when you come across a stumbling blocks, difficulties, or obstacles.  Your big thoughts turned in to actions in the face of tough times will reveal just how big your thinking really is!

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What Kind of Network Marketer Are You

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Network Marketers come in come many different flavors.  They do the business a million different ways.  

Some are gooey sweet and seem to attract new customers with just a smile and a compliment.  Others are more complex.  They have an air of expertise and prospects seem mesmerized by their facts.

But who REALLY makes it and who Doesn’t?

Rep #1 The Old School Rep:  This Rep believes solely in ‘belly to belly’ Networking.  They want to meet up with you in person, look you in the eye and shake your hand. They subscribe to idea that and if you do the business any other way, you’ll fail and they will let you know you’ve ‘got it all wrong’.

Rep #2  The New School Rep:  This Rep believes that if you are not dominating online, you are NOT in business.  They talk SEO language, they live on coffee, google and youtube, they write articles, apps and blog posts and they get social all over twitter, fb and linkedin.

Rep #3  The Ignorance on Fire Rep:  This rep is just getting started.  They just had amazing results quickly with the business or the products and they are ‘taring it up’.  They can’t NOT tell you about their journey and they honestly want you to reach your dreams.  They’ve got the key and they are going to give it to you.  Even if you don’t want it.

Rep #4  The Know It ALL Product Rep:  This Rep is a professional or they were at one time.  They have an expertise that complements the products offered by the company.  They know it all and they will give you all the facts.  They will let clients know the whys and the hows of anything product related.  They are confident and give credibility.

Rep #5  The Know It ALL Business Rep:  This Rep is a salesman and they are not afraid of the title.  They are competitive and they have had some success before.  They have been in DS for a while or they have marketing something else. They are good on the phone, they know what Closing means and how to do it.  They are like tigers, good at attracting, waiting for and catching prey. I mean prospects.  😉

Rep #6  The ALL Talk Rep:  This Rep gets in touch with their upline right away.  They look for places and events to show off what they are capable of.  They talk a lot with the team.  The ‘plug in’ regularly and never miss a call, party or training.

Rep #7  The Part TIme Rep:  This Rep has a real JOB.  They LOVE the products and or opportunity and fit as much as they can in to what little time they’ve got.

Rep #8  The Never Give Up Rep: This Rep may be knew or they may have been on your team for years.  They are always willing to try something you suggest.  They follow directions and do it with a smile.

Rep #9  The A Team Rep:  This Rep does NOT need you!  Watch what they do, learn and try to follow.  They know how to get things done!

Rep #10  The B Team Rep: This Rep is taking their time to learn what success really takes.  They will make very few mistakes, but getting them to take action will be a full time job for you.

Rep #11  The C Team Rep:  This Rep is on again off again.  When they are on run with them.  They may out pace you for a while, but the more support they get the longer they will run.

Rep #12  The I Think I’ll Try This Rep:  This Rep is NEW.  So new, that they may not have even joined your team yet.  They have questions and want to learn.  Their attitude is great and they are like sponge that just needs to be pointed in the right direction to ‘clean up’.

Step 1:  Identify yourself.  What kind of Rep are you?  You will need to know if you want to be successful.

Step 2:  Identify your business partners.  What kind of reps do you have to work with?  You’ll need to know if you want to help them grow.

Step 3:  Decide what kind of reps you want to work with.  You will need to know what they are like if you want to attract them.

Step 4:  Believe!  ALL of these Reps have what it takes to become successful.  There are stories from every company that glorify each one of these reps.  So, NEVER Give Up on any of them or think that they can’t make it.  Reps just like them HAVE and WILL.

Step 5: Know how to help!  

Help for Reps:

#1 Let them mingle.  Find Places for them to ‘meet up’.  Host events for them.  Give them every opportunity to Network.  They should have a goal of 20+ contacts a week. 10 new from canvasing, 5 from cold calls, 5 from warm market.

#2 They are gang buster recruiters.  Support them or train them how to work with and mange their team.  They will need all the help they can get.

#3 Get them in front of a crowd.  Set them up at tables, fairs, host parties for them and find any speaking engagement where they can give their testimonial and then, when they slow down, train them.  They will become your A and B Team Reps.

#4 Have them on speed dial for others like them and try to ignite a fire and get them interested in the business. They need instant gratification.  Ask them to speak at big events and feed their ego.

#5 Have them on speed dial for others like them and try to get them hooked on the products. They need instant gratification too.  So, get them paid asap.  Ask them to speak at big events and feed their ego.

#6  Give them a team cheer leader -ship position and they will never leave your side.  Have them host a call or weekly meeting.  They need to be in a support the team role. OR they WILL waste all of your time.  You decide.

#7 Inspire them to be more. Always look for ways to get them involved. Celebrate their accomplishments. Gifts and prizes are good! Feed them success stories and show them people that have gone risked it, gone full time and made it.

#8  Introduce them to an A Team Rep.  Get them Mentored.  They might as well know now who they CAN become.

#9 Give the A Team Rep anything and everything they ask you for.  PERIOD!

#10 Give the B Team Rep your support.  You will work closer with them then anyone else on your team.  Mentor them for 3 months and then see if the can fly.  If they are ready, partner them with an A Team Rep. They will continue to learn while ridding on the A Team’s coat tails.

#11 Give the C Team Rep time, space and a smile.  Give them what they ask for and hook then up with a B Team Rep that has been around for a while and can help to educate, motivate and encourage them.

#12 Work with this Rep Closely.  Be in contact with them daily and help them figure our what Rep Role they want to step in to.

Get to work!  


It’s got the word WORK right in the name.  

If you are not ready to work – you are NOT on the list!





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