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Some People LOVE What They Do

Do You Love What You Do?

Meet Steve Huang and Sherry Lung Nu Skin Distributors in Walnut, California

Hi! We are are Platinum Team Elite, Million Dollar Circle Members, Chief Ambassadors and most importantly just LOVE to help!! Our FAVORITE PRODUCTS INCLUDE: Anti Aging cream, weight loss supplements and our Natural Health supplements. Come learn more about us at our website

Meet Leona VanGee a Norwex Consultant in Fredericksburg, Virginia


  1. NATURALLY ANTI-BACTERIAL: Most of their products (the “anti-bac” ones) are anti-bacterial from the tiny silver particles that are threaded into the fibers. Silver is a naturally antibacterial agent.The basic premise is that the incredible quality of the microfiber picks up even the tiniest particles and organisms when it’s wet,  ncluding germs, which are then rinsed down the drain when you rinse the cloth out. The cloth then disinfects itself naturally while it dries and awaits your next use. love not having to throw my kitchen cloth in the wash every time I use it.

2. MORE EFFECTIVE: Once I started using a norwex window cloth, I refused to use anything else on all of my stainless steel and glass. It’s absolutely incredible. I clean my stainless steel faucet with a regular ol’ cloth + homemade cleaning spray… and it’s clean (with more scrubbing), but full of streaks and smudgy spots. The Norwex window cloth makes it as shiny as when it was brand new. No kidding. And since shiny things are my favorite, the window cloth is my BFF. It does the same for mirrors and other glass. It impresses the heck right outta me.

3. SIMPLICITY AT ITS FINEST: Norwex products are completely free of harmful chemicals, yet you can use them with only water for maximum efficacy! In fact, soap can clog the fibers, so it’s recommended to stick with water. For More info Visit my Norwex website

Meet Scott McDermott a Nerium International Brand Partner in Ridge, New York

I joined Nerium after seeing the results of friends and family that had been using the product. After a few short weeks, I noticed dramatic changes in the lines, texture and overall appearance of my face. The fact that the products are ALL NATURAL, and it is a relatively new Company helped me realize that I could also have success in sharing these amazing products with others, while making extra money. More recently, I began using the EHT mind enhancement formula and realized better cognitive function within weeks. This has become my favorite product, and has changed my life.That’s why I am an Independent Brand Partner for Nerium International. Please visit my website:

Meet Monat Global Market Partner Andrea Korniak from DeMotte, Indiana

Hi my name is Andrea, I have been with Monat since their pre launch in September 2014. Since then Monat Global has quickly became a leader in North America’s hair care industry with Monat predicted to be the #1 leader in the entire industry! Not just in direct sales but the ENTIRE hair care industry and a billion dollar company in 2018. I’m a Licensed Cosmetologist and until January of 2017 I was a salon owner and spent MANY hours behind the chair, I am now 45 and completely retired from working behind the chair and salon business. I’ve seen what this AMAZING hair care line can do to restore health, vitality , and promote hair growth. Best part is, I get to work my Monat business full-time from home for a company with integrity and a generous compensation plan. You can order today on my Monat website

Meet Jennifer Marshall a Magnolia and Vine Style Consultant in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania

I joined Magnolia & Vine in March of 2015 as a Junior Style Consultant! I fell in love with the product and knew in my heart that I had found my passion as well! This company has given me the chance to turn my initial “jewelry habit” into a blooming career, and I have enjoyed every single moment so far! Visit my Magnolia and Vine website

Do you LOVE your direct sales company? Do you have products that have changed your life? 

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Everyday at Reps from all your favorite companies are getting found.

Some of our favorite reps are from Plexus WorldwideTM(Plexus), a global leading direct-selling health and wellness company focused on health and happiness.

on Friday, June 7, 2018 Plexus launched its revolutionary new Joyōme™ skincare line  at the Plexus Legacy Convention 2018 in Orlando, Florida.

The new Joyōme™ features a patent-pending Microbiome Balancing Complex with a unique prebiotic blend that works to rebalance skin’s natural microbes and fight visible signs of aging.

“Plexus has earned a reputation as a leader in developing products that nourish the microbiome inside our bodies to benefit one’s health and happiness.  With the addition of our new skincare line, Joyōme™, we’re now nourishing the facial microbiome to restore a youthful-looking glow and protect the skin barrier,” said Janice Jackson, President of Sales and Marketing for Plexus.

Joyōme became available to the public starting June 7, 2018 on the Plexus website (

Plexus independent business owners (Ambassadors) can help you learn more about Joyōm.

Let us introduce you to FIVE FEATURED REPS

#1 Meet Chris O’Gwynn ~ Plexus Slim Ambassador in Mobile, Alabama, 36693

About Me

Please read my blog: https:
Dedicated to changing lives by representing Plexus Slim and all of its products. My wife and I are both Ambassadors and we have a great team here in Mobile, AL. We are always looking to add team members and to work with you one on one to make you successful. We enjoy working with our customers to obtain that relationship to make each and everyone’s health better with the use of these awesome products. Subscribe to our you-tube channel, new video posted weekly, additional information. To research or purchase products

Chris O'Gwynn

About My Company

Doing your Plexus research? check out my you-tube, I have a Tri-Plex review for you. Tri-Plex includes Plexus Slim, Pro-bio5, and Bio-Cleanse. These 3 products are amazing and work well together!!:
I am an experienced Ambassador, and will welcome your calls or text’s if you want answers to the questions you may have. Whether about the company, the products, or perhaps about how Plexus may be right for you. I am local in Mobile and Baldwin, however I sponsor team members all across the US. No matter where you are, I have a plan to help you get started and excel in your new adventure with Plexus!! Call or text today…Never a better time than now.

My Favorite Products

If you or a loved one are affected by High/Low Blood Sugar, Lack of Energy, Struggle to lose weight, sugar cravings, fatigue, sluggish metabolism, muscle tension, inflammation or headaches, or discomfort, we have products that come with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. They are all favorites because they work so uniquely.

Click here to CONTACT Chris

#2 Meet Sue Goin ~ Plexus Slim Ambassador in Franklin, Indiana, 46131

Hello, I am an Independent Silver Ambassador #1302051 
Plexus Empowerment Rep and Sponsor of Health and Happiness through the delivery of proven health supplement products that change lives. Learn more or shop at
I am also the President/Owner of Sapphire Communications a strategic communications, strategic planning, public and media relations, international patient advocacy relations, med device marketing-communications, US, UK and EU product launches, meeting and event planning/execution, campaign development and execution, collateral design and advertising, digital communications, grant writing, executive communications, social media marketing.
Sue Goin

About My Company

Plexus Worldwide® is committed to providing life-changing products and a unique and rewarding business opportunity for those wishing to be entrepreneurs, start an at-home business or make extra income for their family. The combination of Plexus products and opportunity help open the door to personal success and financial freedom. As a Plexus Ambassador, my core beliefs are simple: Be Trustworthy, Be Honest, Be Reliable, and Be Responsible. These beliefs encompass all that I do. You can have confidence in the quality of Plexus products and the support I will provide to help you succeed with Plexus products or as your own business owner!

My Favorite Products

Plexus Slim, BioCleanse, VitalBiome, Nerve, BioCleanse, Block, Accelerator

Visit Sue’s  Plexus Slim website

Click Here View Sue’s Listing 

#3 Meet Sarah Andrews ~ Plexus Slim Ambassador in Forest Grove, Oregon, 97116

Sarah Andrews

About Me

I’m a busy mom with a passion for health and wellness. Plexus Slim gives me the best of both worlds, I get to help other people lose weight and get healthy, and spend time working at home with my children

About My Company

Plexus Slim is the weight loss drink everyone is talking about the moment. I joined this company because I love their integrity, and mission, but most of all because I love their products and how effective they are.

Featured Product Information

Plexus Slim: This is the flagship product and the one everyone loves! Try it and you’ll see why. It’s a natural, effective and easy way to lose and maintain weight – even if you’ve tried other diets in the past and failed, take a closer look at Plexus Slim and you won’t be disappointed!

My Favorite Products

Plexus Slim
Plexus Accelerator
Plexus Boost

Click Here to Visit Sarah’s Plexus Slim website

Click here to view Sarah’s FindSalesRep Listing 


#4 Meet Stacey Lynn ~ Plexus Slim Ambassador in Magnolia, Texas, 77355

Stacey Lynn

About Me

Hi! I started the Plexus products in March of 2012 and by October of 2012 I was sold that this was EXACTLY what I was looking for. No it wasn’t some magic pill, but it WAS doable and fit perfectly in my busy schedule. I dropped unwanted weight, I found much needed energy and best of all felt like taking the world on again! I decided to become an ambassador because 1 – I love a discount 🙂 2 – I love to see others feeling better and 3 – Plexus offers our customers a 60 day money back guarantee. I knew I couldn’t lose with those three things. Since becoming an ambassador, I have realized even more the extent of life changing products we have to offer. Plexus offers more than weight loss, it offers gut health, chronic pain relief and so much more. Our products are gluten free, diabetic friendly and safe and makes a world of difference for my family and so many more.

I have enjoyed meeting the customers that have come through FindSalesRep! Great customers – new friends and new business partners all getting healthier! Can’t wait to meet the next one and see where the health journey will them!

About My Company

Plexus Worldwide is committed to providing our Customers with life-changing products. The combination of our products and opportunity help open the door to personal success and financial freedom.

In early 2011 Plexus Worldwide launched the synergistic product combination of Plexus Slim and Accelerator. The initial results were extremely impressive and sales have grown dramatically month over month.

Our core beliefs are simple: Be Trustworthy, Be Honest, Be Reliable, and Be Responsible.

These beliefs encompass all that we do. You can have confidence in the quality of our products, the commitment to our Ambassadors, and the support we will provide to help you succeed.

My Favorite Products

Tri-plex Combo (Slim, Bio-Cleanse and ProBio 5)

Total health system that targets digestive health while leveling lipids, blood sugar and cholesterol.

#5 Meet Jamie Retherford ~ Plexus Slim Ambassador in Omaha, Nebraska, 68137

Jamie Retherford

About Me

I am a certified natural nutritionist, studies of holistic health and healing. I believe in natural medicine. Help others to heal themselves from the inside out starting with gut health. I personally coach others personal basis. My passion is to help others get healthy and reach their personal goals. I love seeing others succeed. Single mama of 5. I work from home and love having play dates to meet new people

I am super excited to get started with FINDAREP. If you are looking for Plexus then I am your person. I also offer one on one health coaching.

More About Plexus Worldwide:

Plexus Worldwide LLC offers health and wellness products that enable people to improve their lives and well-being. With more than 700,000 independent business owners (“Ambassadors”) worldwide, Plexus is among the world’s 40 largest direct sales companies and has often been featured on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies. The combination of Plexus products and opportunities help individuals to meet their health-wellness and financial goals.

For more information visit

Meet Sharon Stephens RN Our Favorite Young Living Essential Oils Independent Distributor in Pullman Michigan

About Me

Young Living’s 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils change lives! As an RN, certified aromatherapist, and living testimony, I am passionate about helping others obtain better health and wellness using a plant-based chemical free approach. I would love to assist you with your specific health needs and get you off to a great start. Join now and get $25.00 cash back as well as an educational welcome package!

Visit my Young Living Essential Oils website

Sharon Stephens, RN

Sharon Stephens, RN ~ Young Living Essential Oils Independent Distributor in Pullman, Michigan, 49450

About My Company

Young Living is the world’s leading essential oils company. We have the Seed to Seal guarantee that our oils are 100% pure therapeutic grade. We also have many other chemical free products for home cleaning, children and babies, supplements and make up. You can trust this company. I sure do! This company does a lot of testing and grows most of the products that are used. Young Living also has great customer service and has just opened another shipping warehouse in Memphis, TN.

My Favorite Products

I love the diffuser with Thieves, Orange and Pine essential oils. I also really like the Peppermint and Lavender oils, and Deep Relief Roll on. Oh, and I must say I drink the Ningxia Red Wolfberry juice and Ningxia Zyng every morning.

Featured Product Information

Ningxia Red Wolfberry Juice and Ningxia Zyng are my go to every morning. You only need 1 ounce of Ningxia Red daily – very very high in antioxidants. I love mixing it with the Ningxia Zyng. Gives me so much energy throughout the day and tastes great.

Product List

Essential Oils, Supplements, Thieves Cleaning Products, Make-up, Baby products, Ningxia Red Antioxidant Drink, Pain Cream, Anti-aging Eye Cream

Keyword List

Essential oils, Thieves, diffusers, Supplements, Young Living, Ningxia Red, Shutran, Skin Care, Chemical Free, Plant Based, Animal Scents, Seedling Baby Line, Savvy Mineral Make-up, Personal care products, Antioxidant Drinks



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Popular Direct Sales Weight Loss Products

  Robin Schmitt Horan  Hi, my names Robin. So nice to meet you. I see you are interested in losing some weight and feeling great. I’m from It Works and truthfully it works. I have used many of our products. We have a great package available which offers a huge savings and can help you attain your goal. Its called the skinny pack. The Skinny Pack, which has 4 wraps, defining gel and fat fighters, retails for over $200 but our loyal customers get it for only $109, which means you only pay $5 for those awesome fat fighters!!! Also, you can get free shipping every month when you order $125 or more in product, so you throw in the greens for daily healthy or another supplement and get it too, instead of paying shipping, you are paying for an actual product!! If you want to know more about these or other products please contact me or check out my website: or on facebook at  My favorite products are the greens, which I use every day and have not been sick since I started taking them, New You because it healed my very broken foot almost over night, and the facial cleanser because I do not feel dried out after I use it. If you are not interested in hosting a party or becoming a loyal customer and receiving the huge discount, you can purchase retail by calling me 845 418 3263 or by ordering off my website

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Photo: Today we are making a List of FREE SAMPLES!<br />
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  Kristy Clark Doskocil I mail out Free Samples of the ViSalus shake mix to those that I have not already mailed samples too. I also make free shakes to try if you live near.
 Virginia Davis I.send out scent samples 🙂
 Crystal Adams- Goldstein If you’ve never met MARK. I would love to send you some samples!!
 Courtney Lynn Hoffman I have tart samples 4 wax,warmers and soao samples all sents go to 4 list of sents
 Janette Dominguez I send out free samples of our scents. or
 Denise Altieri I am an Independent Consultant with Arbonne International, Pure, Safe and Beneficial Products. Arbonne has the No. 1 Anti-aging skincare on the market and I have samples to send out.
  Josh Farris Zeal Wellness – All Natural Vitamin Supplement that’s helping to lower blood sugar levels, blood pressure, increase energy, and so much more. Message me with an address for a free sample and some literature! or .
 Karen Simon Poshed Divas, {Perfectly Posh} Independent Consultants is always looking for {SAMPLE TESTERS}! Just click the link below to receive samples of our pampering spa-grade product!
 Tracy Hayes Message me for your Mary Kay samples or visit my site @
 Lauren Danielle Garcia Come visit me &hearts; it pays to be a social beauty &hearts; on how to get free samples, discounts, & more! I have a fabulous $5 grab bag w/ samples going on now, hurry before they run out!
 Elizabeth Oswald I have a limited number of samples available of Shakeology from Beachbody. It is a whole nutrition shake that is so much more than just weight loss. I love the way it has made me feel. The energy, the um regularity hah, oh and it tastes so yummy you wouldn’t know you are getting so much health in one glass! come on over and visit!
 Jenifer Bartoszek I send out FREE Samples 🙂
 Amy Kypers I offer a free 5 day experience of NeriumAD… click here to send me your info
  John Getson Samples available – Isagenix, Watkins, Organogold, Amsoil, etc…
For home-business owners: 1 yr free hosting account + 30 day trial marketing tools…  Message w/mailing address, phone, email and product line requesting.
 Tanya Goossen L’BRI PURE n’ NATURAL is a natural, anti-aging Aloe Vera based skin care. Meaning, we use Aloe as our first and main ingredient as opposed to water! Check your current products to see what’s listed first! We use no mineral oils, waxes, harsh chemicals, artificial dyes or scents.

Do you offer FREE SAMPLES? Can we help you find some people to share your FREE SAMPLES with? Post your FREE Samples in the Comments below and if You see something You have been wanting to try, get in touch with the REP with the FANTASTIC offer!

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    Just about any product or service can be purchased through direct selling. Many people think of cosmetics, wellness products and home décor as products that are often sold through direct sales, but add to that countless other product categories including kitchen products, jewelry, clothing, organic gardening supplies, spa products, scrapbooking supplies, rubber stamps and much, much more.

    So, Whatcha YOU Got? Give US ALL a reason to Buy From YOU in the comment section below!  Thanks and we hope you find what you are looking for!

    Ro Romain is Loving the new Grace Adele line!!
  •   Krystal Stucker The new shields for fall are available on my website–AND introducing the Jamberry Juniors for kids! 😀 There are more shields on a sheet for the Juniors, and obviously they’re littler. So much fun! Go to to check out all the shields and order yours today BUY 3 Get 1 FREE!!
  •   Julie Bruce Smith I am selling chocolate… not ordinary chocolate…Lindt chocolate!!! delivered straight to the customer from the warehouse…FRESH… plus our starter kits are on sale for $49!!! order yours today at ANY order created from this post receives 10% off!!!
  •   Kim Jupin Day It’s best to burn natural waxes (less soot, no toxins!). Check out our selection today at 🙂
  •  Cara Crosby Carroll I sell the full line of products from It Works! Of course, our best selling product is the Ultimate Applicator. But, following a very close second are our Greens. We aim to get you healthy from the inside out! You can check out all of our products at! And, best of all, our sign-up fee is still half price through September!!
  •   Trish Hazzard Do luv the skin U R N? You will! Discover how to correct a complexion without a procedure or trip to the dermatologist.
  •   Tracy Fiebranz Hoffman New to the Thirty-One line of fabulous products is our Collegiate Spirit line! Show your College Spirit for your favorite college team on any one of our wonderful Spirit Bag line! Send me an email to order or with questions
  •  Susan Urbanek We have BRAND NEW candles that just became available today (just hours ago)! Organic Soy & Beeswax – available in 12 scents that match our Relax & Groom line of products and a few extras! Check them out now:
  •   Xft Kauai Get 80 to 100 miles extra on a full tank of gas! Saves you $20.00 every fill up. How many people do you know that drives a car and needs to save money on fuel? Check it out now:
  •  Brandy Deibert-Palulis Check out my ONLINE outlet sale going on now through Monday night!!!! Take an extra 20% off with code LABOR20 at checkout….I just ordered $80+ worth of decor for $50!!!! That’s 6 gifts to give away this holiday season…stock up now. Hurry, things are selling out FAST!!!
  •   Jody Weber New Preimere Designs Jeweler here from Long Island NY looking to grow my new business. Let me accessorize you get ready for Back to School inbox me today.
  •  Nicole Nobles I have a Mystery Hostess party going on at  Each sheet purchased will be entered into the drawing! Buy three and get 1 free! Winning hostess will receive the benefits and be entered into the drawing for a year’s worth of shields free!
  •  Lexi Stepps Independent Scentsy Family Director here – I offer Scentsy Fragrance products, Velata Chocolate Fondue AND Grace Adele products! I provide excellent customer service, prompt and convenient delivery to my customers and still believe in the good old fashioned hand written thank you note 🙂
  •   Keri Racicot Bresaw You’ve heard of Proactiv, right? Did you know that Rodan and Fields- the Doctors who created proactiv- have another bunch of products that come with their same 60 day money back guarantee- INCLUDING the opportunity to be an independent consultant selling their clinically-proven products to folks with aging skin, sun damaged skin, sensitive skin and blemished skin? If you have just 10 hrs a week, a passion for helping people get the best skin of their lives, and love the idea of being able to incorporate a whole new career ALONG-SIDE the one you already have- hit me up and learn more about what I’m doing. Any one who decides to join my team, I’ll give $50 to to help them buy the RFx Express Business Kit!
  •  Lynette Wray Jackson Got Wrinkles? – give it a try 30 day money back guarantee !
  •  Donna Graham Crow Young Living Essential Oils. Essential oils are concentrated liquids

    extracted from aromatic plants. These natural oils protect plants from insects, environmental conditions, and disease. If you’ve ever squeezed a lemon or orange peel and seen the liquid that comes out—that’s the essential oil.Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ (YLTG) essential oils are pure, natural, and unadulterated. YLTG means that every essential oil that Young Living distills or sources has the optimal naturally occurring blend of constituents to maximize the desired effect. Everyday Living Oils are oils you would use in everyday all day life. Lavender (used to cleanse and soothe
    minor burns, cuts, and other skin irritations). Peppermint (Soothes a tummy ache,can help aid normal digestion, and has traditionally been used to promote healthy respiratory function and ease tension
    headaches.Thieves Oil (contains clove for its antimicrobial properties and cinnamon for its purifying properties.Frankincense, Lemon, Purification, Panaway, Peace and Calming, and Valor. All these oils ensure you will have can improve the lifestyle of those who use it. our official website is if you wish to sign up you can go to my website
    Tupperware in North Adams Halloween Exclusive Tupperware on Sale at
  • LaShanda Glover Do you Bake? is offering open FREE enrollment for a limited time! New consultants will receive:
    *No PRV requirement through 2013!
    *Free website through 2013.
    *Special Start-up packages available for new consultants. ($29.95 or $59.95) which includes samples of products and catalogs. Nothing to lose! Ground Floor opportunity!
    Do You Bake? … All Natural and Oh So Yummy!. FREE REGISTRATION
  •  Sandra Walden Evans   Luvin’ ACE
  •  Niki Hamby or

    At Initials, Inc. we specialize in personalized gifts for yourself or someone else! Our personalization is ALWAYS FREE!!!
  •  Heather Rhoads I’m a Scentsy consultant located in Maryland. I’m willing to help you experience the scentsy fragrances and earn free products b sharing them with friends!