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Why Do People LOVE AVON Products

AVON has been in business for a long time.  You would think that the novelty would have worn off by now or that the fact that AVON is a Direct Sales company would have scared most customers off long ago, but NO.  AVON remains on top.  Avon is one of the most popular Direct Sales Companies in the world.

  Patty Zasloff  writes; I LOVE, EAT, BREATHE, and LIVE for Avon products!
I have been using their products since I was 18! I am a Unit Leader, President’s Club Member,
and Spirit of AVON Award Winner!!

I love the fact that Avon supports women wholeheartedly in everything they do!
They are avid supporters of the Breast Cancer cause as well as the Speak Out Against Domestic Violence cause! Avon has been empowering women since 1886!

I love to wear and sell Avon’s beautiful jewelry which is guaranteed to never
turn as well as sterling silver and gold, and their sturdy and beautiful handbags, etc.
I get compliments each and every time I wear these items!
And, my hubby loves smelling great and uses all the different colognes, body washes, and deodorants
for men such as Mesmerize, Derek Jeter Driven, and Unplugged by Bon Jovi!

Did you know Avon offers special promotions and products only available online?

Register online to receive promotional emails letting you know about new products,
FREE shipping codes, discount codes, and more – sign up for special offers and coupons TODAY! http://www.youravon.com/pattyz

To learn more about AVON and to find an ANON Rep please visit http://www.findsalesrep.com/lc/avon

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100 MOST POPULAR Home Party Companies and Direct Sales Companies

FindSalesRep.com introduces the List of MOST POPULAR

Home Party Companies and Direct Sales Companies.  

Ranked monthly by popularity, our LIST is based on UNBIASED results.  

Popularity is determined by # of  people searching for a specific company.

DECEMBER 2013 Rankings

color works1. Scentsy

2. Plexus Slim

3. Origami Owl

4. Amway

5. Pampered Chef

6. Tupperware

7. Thirty One Gifts

8. Norwex

9. Avon

10. Advocare

11. Saba ACE

12. Melaleuca

13. Arbonne


15. Nerium

16. Young Living Essential Oils

17. Mary Kay

18. Silpada

19. Herbalife

20. ACN

21. Kangen Water

22. Creative Memories

23. Isagenix

24. Organo Gold

25. Visalus

26. Paparazzi Accessories

27. Rodan and Fields

28. Passion Parties

29. BeautiControl

30. Pink Zibra

31. Zija International

32. Nu Skin

33. Wildtree

34. Shaklee

35. Partylite

36. Lia Sophia

37. Pure Romance

38. Vault Denim

39. Vemma

40. Ambit Energy

41. Dove Chocolate Discoveries

42. MonaVie

43. Jafra Cosmetics

44. Stella and Dot

45. Tastefully Simple

46. Stamping Up

47. Skinny Body Care

48. Ardyss

49. Ansoil

50. Usborne Books

52. Initial Outfitters

52. Younique

53. Jamberry Nails

54. Usana

55. Cleaver Container

56. 4Life Research

57. 5LINX

58. Longaberger

59. Upper case Living

61. Willow House

62. Seacret Direct

63. Premier Designs

64. Xango

65. Youngevity

66. Juice Plus

67. Perfectly Posh

68. Javita

69. South Hill Designs

70. Market America

71. Velata

72. Princess House

73. ItWorks

74. Send Out Crds

75. Slumper Parties

76. Grace Adele

77. Signature Home Styles

78. Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry

79. Zurvita

80. Wake Up Now

81. Initials Inc

82. Karatbars International

83. Consumer Choice Marketing

84. J.R. Watkins

85. Lindt Chocolate RSVP

86. Beach Body

87. Discovery Toys

88. Leagal Shield

89. Ava Anderson

90. Worldventures

91. Cookie Lee Jewelry

92. Gold Canyon

93. Limu

94. Choffy

95. Pink Papya

96. Life Vantage

97. Metagenics

98. Intimate Expressions

99. Color Me Beautiful

100. Radiantly You


100 Most Popular Direct Sales Companies On The Web

color works

FindSalesRep.com introduces the List of MOST POPULAR Home Party Companies and Direct Sales Companies.  Ranked monthly by popularity, our LIST is based on UNBIASED results.  Popularity is determined by # of  people searching for a specific company.

NOVEMBER 2013 Rankings

  1. Scentsy
  2. Origami owl
  3. Plexus Slim
  4. Amway
  5. Tupperware
  6. Pampered Chef
  7. Saba ACE
  8. AVON
  9. Thirty One
  10. Advocare
  11. Norwex
  12. Melaleuca
  13. Arbonne
  14. Nerium
  15. Miche Bag
  16. Mary Kay
  17. Herbalife
  18. Young Living Essential Oils
  19. Paparazzi Accessories
  20. Silpada
  21. Creative Memories
  22. Organo Gold
  23. ACN
  24. Isagenix
  25. Passion Parties
  26. Visalus
  27. Rodan and Fields
  28. Kangen Water
  29. Shaklee
  30. Vemma
  31. Juice Plus
  32. Pure Romance
  33. Vault Denim
  34. Jafra Cosmetics
  35. Wildtree
  36. Zija International
  37. Lia Sophia
  38. Ambit Energy
  39. BeautiControl
  40. MonaVie
  41. Nu Skin
  42. Stella and Dot
  43. Dove Chocolate Discoveries
  44. PartyLite
  45. Skinny Body Care
  46. Initial Outfitters
  47. Pink Zebra
  48. Amsoil
  49. Stampin Up
  50. Tastefully Simple
  51. Longaberger
  52. 5Links
  53. Jamberry Nails
  54. Uppercase Living
  55. Usborne Books
  56. Javita
  57. Clever Container
  58. Ardyss
  59. South Hill Designs
  60. Usana
  61. Damsel In Defense
  62. Legal Shield
  63. Seacret
  64. Slumber Parties
  65. Market America
  66. Consumer Choice Marketing
  67. Metagenics
  68. Signature Homestyles
  69. Zurvita
  70. Xango
  71. Lindt Chocolate RSVP
  72. 4Life Research
  73. Cookie Lee Jewelry
  74. ItWorks
  75. Princess House
  76. Wake up Now
  77. Willow House
  78. Primerica
  79. Initials Inc
  80. Younique
  81. Grace Adele
  82. Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
  83. J.R. Watkins Naturals
  84. Lifevantage
  85. Youngevity
  86. Gold Canyon
  87. Perfectly Posh
  88. Karatbars International
  89. Pink Papaya
  90. Send Out Cards
  91. Velata
  92. Discovery Toys
  93. Premier Designs
  94. Worldventures
  95. Ava Anderson Non Toxic
  96. Celebrating Home
  97. Boresha International
  98. Unicity Bios Life Slim
  99. Jeunesse Global
  100. Park Lane Jewelry

Nails and Make Up

 Kristy Fortney Hello, My name is Kristy and I am an Independent Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay Cosmetics and a Representative of Miche. If you are looking for beauty products such as bath/body, GREAT quality of cosmetics and skin care, I can offer plenty of great deals to help your shopping experience go smooth and be fun. Mary Kay is in the TOP 10 Cosmetic Companies in the World and offers supreme service and quality products to help women look and feel their best because let’s face it, women always run better when she feels great on the outside as well as the inside =)   “Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.” ― Gwyneth Paltrow Mary Kay Orders over $30 gets FREE SHIPPING Most of my items are 25% OFF if you shop from this event using CODE: FINDSALESREPS….Entered during checkout I am also having great sales involving FREEbies for your purchases.  USE CODE: FSRBUND…entered during checkout * Botanical Effects Skin Care Set = FREE Quilted Cosmetic Bag Trio * Satin Lips Purchase = 50% OFF on the Nourishine Lip Gloss choice of color * Purchase Dance for Life Fragrance = 50% OFF Matching Lotion * Purch. TimeWise Firming Eye Cream = Grab any color Eyeliner for only $6 * Purchase Lash & Brow Building Serum = Get Lash Lengthening Mascara $5 * Purchase Color Bundle (eyes) = Get Smudge Brush FREE Believe it or not =) 3 of our TOP SELLERS are all under $30!!! * No Girl wants droopy eyes!! TimeWise Firming Eye Cream is only $30!  * Every Girl needs her Oil FREE Makeup Remover only $15 * A Girl’s purse is not complete without her Eyeliner only $12  You can access all of our wonderful products very easily, Don’t even have to get up =)  My retail website is www.marykay.com/iamhere4u  Find me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/gopinkwithriss  Follow me on Pinterest at http://pinterest.com/rissesretail/kristy-s-beauty-corner/  Spring time is a special time so SALES are always a must.   I am also a rep for Miche. Over here we offer HANDBAGS. Every girl needs a great handbag that is easy to use, easy to change and affordable to boot. If you venture to my website at www.bagsofrisses.miche.com you’ll find SUPER SPRING SALES. NEW releases have come out and they are beautiful. ONE BAG-ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES   Shopping is super EASY!! Simply Visit any of the links provided. My Facebook link goes directly to my business page where you will see pictures, updates and even games and coupons. Both my Mary Kay and Miche can be direct shipped for even easier shopping.   Thank you for shopping with me and I am happy to help anytime. If you have any other questions and want to contact me email me at iamhere4u@marykay.com.

  Nivia Sonon Hi! My name is Nivia and I am an Independent Consultant for Jamberry Nails. Jamberry Nails are heat & pressure activated nail wraps that are applied at home with either a hair dryer or other form of heat such as a mini heater. We offer over 300 different nail wrap designs…our motto says it all….”signature style at your fingertips”…and all for a fraction of the price of going to a salon.   Top 3 Sellers – They change from month to month…currently they are Raspberry Sparkle, Blooming Hearts, & Scribble Hearts & Zebra (we actually have a Top 20 monthly list)  Visit me on fb at https://www.facebook.com/livinlavidajamberry or on my website at www.livinlavidajamberry.jamberrynails.com  Buy 3 Nail Wraps, Get 1 Free!  Order online on my website … simply click on the SHOP tab…You can either choose to look through all the wraps at once, or they are organized my categories that you can click and look through as well.

 Cammie Heffern  HELLO!!! My Name is Cammie!  I am a Younique Presenter!  Chances are you have NEVER heard of us, we have under 330 Presenters nationwide, we launched on November 1st and have already sold $225,000 worth of products!!  TOP 3 Products That I carry Rock the HizHouse!! LOVE THEM  3D Fiberlashes…. A MUST for EVERY woman!! Check them out here, your lashes will thank you.. THIS IS THE BEST $29 product on the Market and it lasts for about 2 months with daily use!! 100% natural makes this a win-win for EVERYONE!  See them at www.naturalfiberlashes.com  Mineral Pigments=LOVE for your eyes!! 100% natural and Super Duper AMAZING!! Beautiful colors that go on like butter, so smooth and gorgeous!   Check them out here: www.youniqueproducts.com/cammieheffern/products/view/US-1011-00  Makeup Brushes=THE BEST I have EVER USED, AMAZING!!!   Visit me at www.youniqueproducts.com/cammieheffern/products/view/US-1013-00  This Company and Their Products BLOW me Away!! I LOVE, LOVE, Love what I do!!!  Check out my website:  www.youniqueproducts.com/cammieheffern  Follow me on FB to keep up to date on the NEW PRODUCTS that are Launching in MARCH, they are SUPER AWESOME!!  http://www.facebook.com/YouareYounique  We have a GREAT Sign On incentive, message me to see what the current deal is, as it will be changing for the month of March!

  Jan B. Waller  Avon covers it all but food at prices some of the best buying clubs can’t beat with personal attention to you and what you need. Our top three sellers at this time is a affordable and versabile make up caddy that hold all your makeup needs with plenty of space and pockets reg 15.00 now on sale for 9.99, Our Anew clinical absolute even multi-tone skin corrector 9/10 women saw a dramatic improvement in skin tone reg.39.99 intro $34.99 and Talking friends Tom cat and Ben the dog from the phone apps. reg 29.99 special price 26.99. You can find me on pinterest, facebook page Jan Waller Independent Avon Rep. Friend me to get the specials that come out each campaign. Too many extras to list.  Visit me at  www.youravon.com/janwaller

 Morgan Lady  Hi, my name is Morgan Lady & I am a consultant for Jamberry Nails! The only nail design company that let’s you design your own nails!! Starting March 1st, you can go to my website & make your own custom nail shields with any picture of your choosing. You can upload your favorite picture of your dog, cat, kids, sports team or whatever you want & have them sent right to your door!! How AWESOME is that!! Our TOP SELLERS are the Jamberry Juniors which are nail shields made special for kids with smaller nails, our Holiday designs for whatever Holiday is current, & our French tips that aren’t your ordinary French Tips!! Go check them out to see what I’m talking about! There is no other company or product on the market that let’s you do that!! Also don’t forget that when you buy 3 sheets of nails, you get one for FREE!! That’s an AMAZING deal!!!! Visit my website at www.letsgetnailednow.jamberrynails.net  & browse our over 20 nail designs!! There are NEW ones coming March 1 so you don’t want to miss getting your hands on those!!!! Also visit my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/letsgetnailednow to catch my deals & specials!! It’s very simple to browse & place an order, Just got o my website & click on Shop & all the catagories will come up & then just pick what you love & add them to your cart!!! Don’t forget if you Buy 3 you get 1 FREE!!!!!

 Michelle Neckonoff Jenner  Www.youravon.com/MichelleJenner  Greetings, my name is Michelle and I am an independent representative with AVON. I have been with the company for 5 years.  Everyone knows AVON but we sell more than fabulous skin care and makeup. We also sell fragrance, jewelry, clothing, intimates, foot care , nail care, children’s clothing and accessories, shoes, clothing for women, kitchen gadgets and accessories.  Many of our fragrances are endorsed by celebrities such as Jon Bon Jovi, Derek Jeter, Fergie and basketball star Chris Paul. We also have a line if jewelry and shoes from Paula Abdul.  Our top sellers are, our glaze wear lip color and glosses, glimmer sticks, lip and eye liners and our fragrance Imari.  We introduce a new catalog every 2 weeks and our specials and sales change every 2 weeks.   We have a no questions asked return policy. If you are not satisfied with anything you buy, return it for a refund or exchange.  We also always offer free shipping on a $30 order. First time customers also get free shipping on any size order by using code FIRSTREP10 at checkout. There are free shipping codes available at all times as well. Feel free to contact me for a current one.  Feel free to co tact me with any questions about our products. Thank you. AVON Representative MICHELLE JENNER serving the Toms River, NJ area 

http://www.MichelleJenner.avonrepresentative.com  AVON Representative MICHELLE JENNER serving the Toms River, NJ area – I can also mail you a current brochure.