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FindSalesRep.com Annouces Pre Launch of New Direct Sales Initiative

Today FindSalesRep.com initiated a pre-launch of their direct sales initiative in the United States.  FindSalesRep.com Consultants will be rewarded for marketing featured listings to millions of local network marketing representatives.  An exclusive group of Consultants are being selected to  participate in this direct sales opportunity that FindSalesRep.com will begin to offer in January, 2013.

Select reps who have a Featured Nationwide Listing on http://www.findsalesrep.com/ are now being invited to  join the FindSalesRep.com team as Consultants.  The FindSalesRep.com team of Consultants will be the first to take part in this new and exciting direct sales opportunity.  They’ll benefit from the generous 50% commission on listing sales, as well as support and industry training from experts who know what it takes to succeed in direct sales.

FindSalesRep.com will provde helpful tools and information for these new Consultants.  They will have access to a live list of open Nationwide and Statewide listings on FindSalesRep.com.  The FindSalesRep.com sales board will provide fresh data to help consultants know what listings are currently available for sale as well as motivation and sales tips that they can then translate to their own business.  The board will recognize top sellers and motivate the FindSalesRep.com team. Co-Founder Gabby Gmyrek said, “Our goal on the board is to provide a real financial opportunity for FindSalesRep.com consultants while at the same time educating and motivating the team and celebrating individual achievements.  Whether you are new to network marketing or an experienced leader – our goal is to help all reps shorten the learning curve and accelerate their growth by teaming up with FindSalesRep.com”  The new opportunity will offer a new income stream for Consultants and will provide simple strategies to help reps learn to increase their sales and income, and attract solid business partners. In return, the Consultants joining the FindSalesRep.com team during pre-launch will provide feedback that will help guide the FindSalesRep.com team as they strive to prefect the direct sales program before it’s official launch later in 2013.

FindSalesRep.com is bringing the direct selling opportunity to it’s reps because they firmly believe that the multi-billion dollar direct sales industry, in which many major corporations have engaged, is the best way to do business.  In referral marketing or direct selling, a rep will grow their business by word of mouth referral.  “Our reps are already referring their teams and networks to FindSalesRep.com and we want to reward them financially for their referrals.” adds Gabby.  The small group of Consultants that FindSalesRep.com is partnering with at the official January, 2013 pre-launch are being hand picked.  These Consultants will help local direct sales reps get found online, and will receive a 50% commision for their efforts.  They can be creative and use their skills to by having parties, demonstrations of the product one on one, or through the Internet or social media sites.  “FindSalesRep.com Consultants,” Gmyrek emphasizes, “will assist independent business owners as they take advantage of the resources available through FindSalesRep.com to grow their business.”  Whether you are an established or emerging entrepreneur, you will immediately be able to use the tips and techniques.  “This exciting development at FindSalesRep.com is yet another example of the innovation that we continue bringing to the changing world of online marketing,” Gmyrek concludes.

fsr photo white and greenAbout FindSalesRep.com

FindSalesRep.com, the original online resource for finding representatives from any Network Marketing company is connecting people looking for products and opportunities with the direct sales and Network Marketing consultants that want to get found.  To learn more about FindSalesRep.com,  go to http://blog.findsalesrep.com/ , visit us at Google Plus at https://plus.google.com/100261680336589659541?rel=author, or email support@findsalesrep.com.