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Don’t Waste Your Time

Time Management can be a huge struggle for any entrepreneur.

The key- Don’t Waste Your Time:                  

Define your purpose!

Your priorities, energy, mental clarity and focus will then fall naturally in to place.

When you become really clear about who you are and what you want, your purpose will become clear too. That’s when you can more effectively lay out your priorities. You will know just what to do. Getting your priorities (goals) straight will help you to naturally begin to make better choices and you will know where to put your time and energy.

Stay away from negative energy, drama, bad habits, and empty foods. They all drain your focus, energy and mental clarity.

The healthier and more passionate someone is about who they are and what they are doing, typically the more effective they are in every hour of every day. Having a passion for living your purpose is the ultimate fuel for success. Living in the drama-free zone is a great place to start.

Direct Sales Warm Market Making Your List

Who’s on your warm market list? When you first started your Direct Sales Business, your upline may have asked you to make this list. It’s an easy way to give NEW marketers some confidence and a fast payday.

So, who”s on YOUR WARM MARKET List?

#1 People who Love you.

 #2 People that you work with.

#3 People that you Learn with.

#4 People that you Play with.

#5 People that you hang with. (Church, school, sports, hobbies, clubs…)

#6 People that you do business with. (Dentist, Dr., car salesman, vendor, Hair stylist…)

 #7 People who run/own local small businesses in your area.

#8 People you talk with. (If they can hear you, they can hear about you. 🙂

 #9 People who share your interests. (Organizations, Passions, Causes…)

 #10 People who you love, respect and or admire.

 😉 You’re on my list!

Jump In to Your Direct Sales Business

Instead of complaining about ALL the Reasons WHY You can NOT JUMP-IN to your Business, LET’S Make a List of ALL the REASONS WHY YOU Should Jump-In to Your Business!

#1 You can Stop making someone else rich and make your own dreams come true.
#2 No one else can hold you back!
#3 You can follow your passion instead of a pay check.
  Eric Gamble #4  Give it an honest 30 day, 90 day, or whatever you set time in your mind honest 100% effort. What do you have to lose? the worst thing that could possibly happen is that, 30 days from now, you are exactly at the same spot you are now!
  Findsalesrep Get Found ‎#5 You CAN pay the mortgage, car payment, and bills with your Direct Sales job. You will have to work hard, but your company has a way, a plan, a path to help you get there. Figure out exactly what it is and follow it with out exception or excuses.
  Eric Gamble #6  someone just won the big power ball, but they had to buy a ticket to even have a chance to win. your new direct sales opportunity = your ticket. someone have to win, at your direct sales position…why not let it be you give it a chance.
 Diane Leach #7 Even if you are sick you can still feel like you are accomplishing something!
 Eric Gamble  #8 My last one, I swear…. opportunities that we are all working at are real. we all have a great product an opportunities to share can help others with…therefore if someone is going to tell everyone you know about these types of great products. Why not let it be you?
#9  ???  What’s your reason?  Why should you go for it?

10 Business Tips to Keep You On Your Path When Things Go Horribly Wrong

Nobody gets through life without some disappointment, struggles, or just plain bad luck. These losses and or conflicts can be devastating. They can give you good reason to GIVE UP on Your Dreams. These experiences, as we are going throug

h them can be brutal. Each of them, naturally, can knock you off course or even completely out for awhile, but NOT everyone gives up. Some people focus that desperation and actually become stronger and GROW and find success and happiness – EVENTUALLY!

Here are 10 Tips to Keep You On Your Path When Things Get Tough:

Let the past be the past. – No matter how much you screwed up in the past, no matter how chaotic, traumatic or discouraging the past has been, the future is a clean, fresh, wide open slate.
Focus on what you’ve got. – Gratitude is powerful. Count your BLESSINGS everyday and they will lift you up. POSITIVE thoughts can inspire HUGE changes and put the focus on what’s important. Spend time and energy on things that move you in the direction you want to go.
Accept the Growth Cycle. – Things Change! Part of living and grow is facing change and experiencing failure. Think of those instances as NEW and sometimes difficult tasks, but not final steps. Try to gain something, to grow as person, figure out a lesson that you can take with you. This simple step will help you OVERCOME the tough stuff FASTER and help you move on in healthy way. You, in all your unique ways are greater than any problem and Everything that happens CAN be a life lesson if you are willing to LEARN!
Be in control. – Your emotions are your choice. Feelings change, people change, and time keeps rolling. A smile is a choice, not an accident. Don’t wait for someone or something to make you happy. Life Lotteries DO NOT EXSIST! True happiness has to come from within.
Surround yourself with LOVE. – Who you let in to your life MATTERS. Life is too short to waste a minute of it with ‘haters’. Consciously seek out people who bring out the best in you.
You’re not alone. – You are HUMAN and so is everyone else. Everyone Has Problems! No matter how embarrassed or pathetic you feel about your own situation, someone else HAS been there and gotten out. Find out there story. How did they survive and concur! There’s your road map! FOLLOW IT!
It’s hard to say exactly when you will succeed until you get there. – The only way to get there is to never give up and keep moving forward. Success is often closer than it seems, and arrives suddenly, when you least expect it.
Life is NOT easy. – If you expect it to be, you will perpetually be disappointed. Achieving anything worthwhile in life takes effort. Expect to work hard.
You always have a choice. – No matter what, there are always at least two options. If you can’t physically change something, you can change the way you think about it.
Take responsibility. – Your Life Is Yours! No one can make it happen to you. If you fail or if you succeed is all up to you. If you mess up, admit it, say sorry, even if it’s just to you and figure out how to fix it. If you ‘Make It’, CELEBRATE! Don’t be afraid to enjoy success. You Deserve to be Happy!

List of Pick Up Lines for YOUR Direct Sales Business

What’s Your Favorite Pick Up Line?

For your business… SILLY! How do start conversations with strangers, get the ball rolling, break the ice???

  Valene Lynn Lawrence wrote:  Have you heard of It Works? I’d love to show you how It Works! (Then start talking about our products)
  Virginia Davis wrote:  I hand them a card with sample asking would you like a Scentsy sample?
  Andrina Estick-Rose wrote: ‎’what do you do for a living?’  You can also ask ‘what do you do for fun?’…;)
  Sherri L Freedom wrote: Can I give you a Avon brochure? It’s free.
  Coretta Campbell wrote: Your jewelry is fabulous, I also have fabulous jewelry mind if I offer you my card?
  Ann Fox Sharp wrote: Hi ! Do you every have trouble choosing the right gift?
 Danielle Lovett- Shrader wrote:  I get compliments on my jewelry, so I ask them if they want it for free. I give a piece to each hostess as a thank u before the party even starts!!!

What’s Your best LINE?

Biggest Mistake For New Marketers

If you are new to Network Marketing, you are wondering HOW do I tell people about this stuff?  What can I say to start the conversation?  And then the inevitable happens and you start to Over-Think things!

Over-thinking can ruin a GOOD THING.  It can make ALL things harder than they really are and can make New Newt Work Marketers Get Stuck and Give Up!

Don’t let Over-Thinking Stop You!

You are representing a company with amazing products that really change lives and or are exactly what people are looking for – even if they don’t know it yet.  😉

Don’t worry about what to say, who to say it to, and how to say it. Say something to everybody.  Let everybody you communicate wit know that you are the go to person for that company.  If you talk to someone – they need need to know what you do or why you do it.  If you weren’t planning on talking to them, but you would like to because you think it would be good for your business.  Start with “Hi”.  The move on to, I m not sure if this would interest you, but I just feel like I really should share this with you and then tell them your story.

Network Marketing is easy!  Really, just don’t Over-Think It!

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Is Your Business Listed on These 20 Sites

Great Places to Get YOUR Business Listed on the Web:

#1 www.FindSalesRep.com

#2  googleplaces

#3  Yahoo

#4  Mapquest

#5 CitySearch

#6 Superpages

#7 White Pages

#8 YellowBook

#9  Local

#10  ShowMeLocal

#11 Navmii

#12 topix

#13 Fave

#14  Best&Web

#15  ZipLocal

#16 FourSquare

#17  YellowBot

#18  HopStop

#19 CoPilot

#20 Live

Getting Started Will Be The Hardest Part Of Your Business

It is often said that, “Getting Started IS The Hardest Part!” So, how did you get started in your business?

Knowing the answer to this question can help you understand better how to help others to join you.

We ask a few Happy Direct Sales Reps to tell us How They Got Started.  We are hoping that their  stories could help another networker grow and inspire them to grow their business too.  Maybe yours and if you have an inspiring story about Starting Out please share it in the comment section.

   Michele Doan Braley Just ask!!! EVERYONE!! And be excited about your business!!! I LOVE mine!!! Tastefully Simple rocks!!! Perfect fit for me!!!

  Sherri L Freedom I sold Avon in the 90’s I was very familiar with the product. I relocated to a different state, and at the time, it wasn’t going well. Now in 2011 I became a customer again, realized how much I missed it, signed in August of 2011 and became a Unit Leader in Sept 2011! Still going strong and loving it!

  FindSalesRep.com I started out in Network Marketing completely by accident. I told the gal that signed me up “I am never going to do the business so please don’t talk to me about it.” But the products really made an obvious difference in my life and everyone I knew wanted what I had. My first goal was just to get my product paid for my second goal was to help the people that I signed up to get their product paid for. Helping them was fun and it was strong motivation to be supportive and successful. I had to get over self doubt  and learn the basics, but once I decided to make it work I was willing to do what ever it took and I put in the time and got over my fears.