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Gift Advisors for Sexy and Romantic Gifts

  Amber Taylor  Passion Parties is a great place to shop for something fun on Valentines Day… It’s about enhancing relationships and bringing back that intimacy.  visit my website for a detailed list of products www.sizzlingparties.com   My three favorite couples items would have to be the We-Vibe 4, Pure Satisfaction, Essence of Love collection. use discount code WOW10 for 10% off your order…

 Toni Hurst  Hey Everyone!! I’m Toni with Pure Romance. We offer a variety of Sexy and Romantic products! Our Top 3 gift Ideas would have to be:  1. Heart Throb-Heated massagers soothe and relax your partner, even comes with vibrating bullets, for the ultimate massage!  2. Coochy Shave cream-formulated to absorb into the skin and soften hair follicles, moisturizing them and enabling you to experience a sexier, closer shave.  3. Truly Sexy- designed by Pure Romance’s founder Patty Brisben herself, Truly Sexy combines floral aromas with fresh fruit and sparkling champagne   Free Samples given away weekly! Also, enter my drawing for a FREE Heart Massager!!  Visit my Fan Page Pure Romance By Toni, tonisum@aol.com, (803)972-1588, check out my website http://www.tonihurst.pureromance.com/   Happy Holidays!!!

  Ronald Blackwell  Hello, my name is Ronald Blackwell, Independent Consultant with Passion Parties. Bringing couples together one party at a time.  Our top selling product are:  1. Pure Satisfaction (Discover for yourself why this is our #1 Selling product. Activates sexual sensitivity. Designed for men and women.  2. Clean & Simple Adult Toy Cleaner (Keep it clean. Simple and safe to use.  3. Pure Instinct Roll-On (Inspire desire. Unisex fragrance and powerful attractant. Liquid or roll-on.) ***SPECIAL OFFER  When placing your order online or contacting me be sure to use “THANKFUL” (coupon code) to receive 30% OFF your retail order over $50.  Be sure to check out our  It’s About…Her brochure at http://www.passionparties.com/its-about-her-brochure-us/  It’s About…Winter brochure at http://www.passionparties.com/2013-holiday-brochure-us/  Online Catalog at http://www.passionparties.com/passion-parties-catalog  Visit my website www.YenPassion.com or contact me directly to place your order TODAY.  If you are interested in hosting your own party to receive FREE and/or discounted items, whether it be an in-home (can be co-ed), catalog or online party. I can set you up with a local consultant for your in-home party.  Like my Fan Page at www.facebook.com/PassionRonald  www.YenPassion.com   info@yenpassion.com  314-438-5761

Home Party Best Selling Sexy and Romantic Products

  Estelle ‘PartyGals’ Ashley  Hi! I am Estelle and I am a Team Leader with Taboo Essentials by Party Gals. In my 4 years, I’ve been #13 in sales and #2 in recruiting! We offer a Wide range of Lotions, Bath/Body, Massage, Furniture, Wedges, Romantic Accessories and so much more!  ***For SNEAK PEEK customers, contact me directly and Receive 20% off your order! Just mention Sneak Peek outlet.***  My Top 3 Sellers are: Entice Pheromone Oil, Slick & Silly Aqua Lube and the Club Vibe 2.OH ~ remote controlled and syncs to music!  Have questions?  Visit me at my website: http://www.NewYorkPartyGals.com/ or on  Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/NewYorkPartyGals  $10 OFF Special ~ Online Only ~ Purchase $35 in retail product and take $10 off using coupon code TEBC   If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me directly!

  Jessica Smith  Do you want romantic and sexy? Then Shop right here at Pure Romance by Jessie Smith.  My name is Jessie Smith, I am a mother of four and a part-time college student. Pure Romance by Jessie smith specializes in education, empowerment and entertainment all in the comfort of your own home!! I offer a large variety of items including but not limited to bath, beauty, massage, lotions, lubricants, lingerie and bedroom accessories. ***We will help you determine what is right for you and if you mention FindSalesRep I will give you 20% off one item.***  My top 3 items are our No-rash shave cream, my enhancement products and the new bullet, The Jaguar!!! I am offering package deals of our 5 new matching scent products this summer.  You can order through my website,www.jessicasmith91934.pureromance.com or directly through me (which will you get you the extra discounts) at pureromancebyjessiesmith@gmail.com. If you like my fanpage at https://www.facebook.com/PureRomancebyJessieSmith  you will have the opportunity to win free prizes and samples from me. Go ahead, check out my website, e-mail or call me at 443-306-6085 and place your order and Everything will arrive to you within 14 business days in a discreet brown bubble mailer from me! Happy shopping!

 Stefani Rhoads  Hi my name is Stefani I am an Executive Director with Passion Parties, we offer a wide range of sensual products. We have a full spa line with everything from toning butter to shave creme as well as massage lotions, lubricants and bed room toys!! We provide a fun, educational, empowering night out!! We do everything from birthday parties, co’ed, couples, stagettes and of course theme parties!!!   ***Just for sneak peek outlet customers I am offering 15% off your whole order with the code SNEAK place this in the check out section!!*** Also anyone who books a party for the months June-September will receive 2 items at 40% off on top of the amazing hostess rewards we have!!!   My top products would be our silky shave creme duo, Lelo Ina 2, and for those summer days our liquid body silk!!!   Please check out my website at www.rhoadstoheaven.com or contact me either via email stefani_r@hotmail.com or by text/call 250-301-9987 (you can order directly from me as well with out having to go thro the website!!)

  Mashika LeGrand Asare My name is Mashika and I am an Executive Director and Certified National Training with Passion Parties Inc. We are the premier in-home shopping party experience for sensual products. We feature a line of paraben-free bath and body products as well as the first completely latex-free and phthalate-free line of adult novelties. We pride ourselves on educating our clients in a fun, discreet and classy environment. Our parties and product allow you to connect with the inner DIVA within, we Liberate Women form the Bedroom to the Bank. ***For participating in this outlet, I would like to offer shoppers an opportunity to shop with a 15% discount on my website, WWW.PASSIONCANBEFUN.COM  you must be over 18, please use discount code SAVE15. To host a show, please click the link on my website and complete the form, enter OUTLET in the comments section and receive a free gift at your party.*** If you would just like a catalog or free sample, please message me from my website with your name, mailing address and date of birth (must be over age 18). My top selling products are:  1 – Pure Satisfaction Sexual Enhancement Gel, increases stimulation and blood flow in for ladies to improve orgasms  2 – G-Spot Creme – self explanatory  3 – Lelo Soraya – perfectly contoured vibrator for pinpoint stimulation to the G-spot and clitoris.  You can find me on Facebook sharing product info, tips, and other info at www.facebook.com/passionfun or my personal page at www.facebook.com/mlegrandasare if you would like to message me.

If YOU Are In Direct Sales YOU Are Selling Something

Most of us don’t like to consider ourselves SALES People, but that’s what we are.  Independent Sales Associates for Direct Sales Companies with Unique Products that sell best by ‘Word – Of – Mouth’.
So, are you in Direct Sales?
SELLING SOMETHING that you are passionate about?
Do you have an interesting way of selling it?
How about a Special Offer? Gotta DEAL or Coupon or something that No One Else Has?
Let’s hear about it!

Just about any product or service can be purchased through direct selling. Many people think of cosmetics, wellness products and home décor as products that are often sold through direct sales, but add to that countless other product categories including kitchen products, jewelry, clothing, organic gardening supplies, spa products, scrapbooking supplies, rubber stamps and much, much more.

So, Whatcha YOU Got? Give US ALL a reason to Buy From YOU!

Photo: It's SELL IT Saturday at https://www.facebook.com/NetworkMarketingDistributor ! 
Are you in Direct Sales? SELLING SOMETHING that you are passionate about? Do you have an interesting way of selling it? How about a Special Offer? Gotta DEAL or Coupon or something that No One Else Has? Let's hear about it!

Just about any product or service can be purchased through direct selling. Many people think of cosmetics, wellness products and home décor as products that are often sold through direct sales, but add to that countless other product categories including kitchen products, jewelry, clothing, organic gardening supplies, spa products, scrapbooking supplies, rubber stamps and much, much more.

So, Whatcha YOU Got? Give US ALL a reason to Buy From YOU!

    •   Dionne Hulsey Your purse / handbag is an extension of your personality & its a fun way to dress up an outfit, add color to your outfit (event a boring work uniform). BEIJO purses offers an array of fun, colorful, stunning purses that won’t break your wallet. This line is NOT available retail & is NOT a knock-off collection. Please feel free to visit my website: http://dhulsey.beijobags.com/ … would love to have you as a customer or better yet, would love to welcome you to the team. Please feel free to contact me directly for details about purchasing or joining our team (we have a great sign-up bonus if you join in August. 🙂
    •   Lori Ann Santiago-Whitehurst Who needs some jewelry for their fall/winter wardrobe? I have a buy one get one at 25% off offer with Cookie Lee jewelry! Go to main site www.cookielee.com and pm me your order to get my special I’m needing to promote to Sr consultant by the end of the month, thanks!
    •   Julie Bruce Smith who DOESNT love chocolate? Wether you are just waiting for the kids to go back to school or need a stress reliever.. a nice cup of coffee/ tea and a piece of chocolate IS the answer to the end of the chaos !! visit my website and see what you would like to indulge in.. remember, even if you are dieting or have a lactose intollerance the darker chocolate is good for you!! www.mylindtchocolatersvp.com/675 or visit my fanpage Chocolate home shows
    •  Christina Cobb It Works wraps, supplements and skin care. These all natural products are amazing. Tighten, tone and firm in as little as 45 min with the ultimate body applicator! These products are changing lives! Try them and see what they can do for YOU! http://peaceloveandwrappiness.myitworks.com/
    •  Julia Lengyell Have you always been one of those women that just loves to match her purse to her outfit but hated having to move everything from one purse to the other in order to do it? Welcome to the Miche Bag, you never have to change the inside of your purse again! You change the outer shell! Now you can match your outfit in just a few seconds! Message me for details or check out my website at www.homepartyrep.com/julia_lengyell
    •  Christine Whiting I am loving the new Fall Thirty-One kit! It is awesome!! Can’t wait to share the joy of Fall with everyone!!!
    •  Amanda Milliron Scentsy fragrance is your one stop for anything that smells good. From Wickless candles, scent on the go products, scented buddies, to layers body care, and coming Sept. 1st Sincerely Scent scented greeting cards you can schedule up to 364 days in advance. Customize with a photo of all the guests at a party to send to your hostess as a thank you. Downline birthday, company anniversary, welcome to the team, and of course use for personal use. I am running a special on top of most the catalog being 10% off. I also have a special for anyone that preorders a sincerely Scent credit package. Although I can’t post it so if you’d like more information please pm, or even like this post.
    •   Debbie Baxter-Penley SendOu Cards is an inexpensive online greeting card and gift system that allows you to stay top of mind with clients and prospects. Send Out Cards helps you save time and money, build relationships, increase referrals, and most importantly, be remembered. Create your greeting cards online, and Send Out cards prints it, stuffs it in an envelope, stamps it, and mails it, all with your own personal handwriting, for about $1.00 per card, and you can even have it done in your own handwriting font too!
      Try it for free at www.debsgreetingcards.com – make your holiday card sending sooo easy!!
    •  Joanne Leavitt Get your cell service FREE! Unlimited text, minutes AND data, 4G nationwide. You can even bring your own phone! Contact me today to reserve you spot! Gengreen20@gmail.com
    •  Tiffany Hathorn I don’t really have a sales technique. The results that clients have had are what keeps them coming back and are what gets their friends to come to me as well. With my Pure Romance business I have had clients knock on my door pretty late just to say thank you for giving them a product that has turned their marriage around. You’d be surprised just how much of a difference true intimacy can make in a relationship. And, personally, I swear by Beachody’s workouts and Shakeology ever since they helped me (a person who HATES exercise) to lose 32 lbs, gain a love of fitness AND helped to improve a medical condition I have lived with for YEARS. So, if any of that caught your interest, feel free to visit my fan pages: Pure Romance by Tiffany Hathorn and Tiffany Hathorn- Fitness Coach. You can also private message me for more info and to gain access to my websites. 😀
    •  Dana Diez Talbot It’s not just about being skinny anymore. It’s about being healthy. Are you ready to re-gain your health and add years to your life? Plexus Slim is an all natural weight loss product that also helps many health issues. It balances blood sugar, help with arthritis and fybromialgia pain, digestive issues, high blood pressure, cholesterol and many other illnesses. The 87 lbs. that I lost is just an added bonus. We are also looking for ambassadors to share these great products with others. My website is www.43477.myplexusproducts.com and I can be reached at 985-438-1649 with any questions that you may have.
    •   Rebekah Johnston And I sell something everyone can use at home or in their business. TUPPERWARE! Everyone recognizes the name and knows the quality, all I have to is display the new seasonal colours and host specials and the product does the rest.

      I love what I do (as I’m sure everyone here does) and just watch, because next year I will be director.
      Want to check all the new seasonal colours and host specials? Log on to www.my.tupperware.ca/rjgam81
    •   Rita Baker I am a new independent distributor in jewelry and the It Works products. I love both companies. After trying a wrap and seeing the results myself I knew that it was for me. I do not have a technique. So far I am just trying to make people happy 🙂  Rita Baker https://www.facebook.com/pages/It-Works/409101562485655?refid=7
    •  Jennifer Lussier How does earning an iPad in 13 weeks sound for joining Tupperware? What an amazing opportunity to earn $$$! BUT, not only can you earn money; the friendships, the recognition, the parties, the free trainings, and the laughter is limitless!!! Want more information, please message me.  ‎Tupperware in North Adams
    •   Kelly Stewart Heslip Thirty-One is celebrating the end of the Summer Catalog with one final week! I am personally offering 10% off and FREE SHIPPING through Wednesday, August 29th at Noon (CST). Please contact me for ordering and if you’d like to get a new Fall catalog! kasaggie@wans.net www.mythirtyone.com/kheslip
    •  Kristen Cronin Tuttle I’m offering 5 charms for $22.50 and $3 shipping! Origami Owl is the one stop shop for any woman in your life! Unique, affordable, and very personal, you are the designer of your own locket! The charms are easy to change out. Message/tag me if you are interested! www.kristen.origamiowl.com
    •   Eric Gamble CALLING ALL PARENTS!! We are having $1 enrollments (Normally $30/year) til the end of August!! Melaleuca’s Mission is “To Enhance the Lives of Those We Touch by Helping People Reach Their Goals”. Recently my team & I found a way to take that mission and help many new families & businesses throughout the United States through 4 Major areas of Wellness. If you are looking for healthier or safer alternatives to products you & your family are already using, I can help you acheive this. Do you want to learn more for free? Contact me at: www.findsalesrep.com/users/872 or message me ASAP!
    •   Nicole Nobles I am an Independent Consultant for Jamberry Nails…we currently have a buy three, get 1 FREE offer. Over 200 different shield designs. Check them out at www.flashynailz.jamberrynails.com or my fb page Nicole Nobles-Jamberry Nail Independent Consultant.
    •   Merri Millard I know we all need great bags. Come and check out my Thirty-One Gifts site www.mythirtyone.com/favfabbags. Thirty-One has bags and blankets and thermal totes for all your storage needs. This is the last days of the summer catalog.
    •   Stephanie Hartman Don’t want you all to miss the opportunity to experience the beauty of Touchstone crystal by Swarovski .. Get some friends together and lets have a blast … You deserve to shine… Follow me on face book to hear about all our offers.  https://www.facebook.com/YouDeserveToShineTouchstoneCrystalsBySwarovski