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Oh, I LOVE contests!!!! They make me smile just thinking about them!


Call it what you like! We are just going to call it FUN!

    • March is a great time for Madness so for the rest of March we are going to cause a little Ruckus! We are going to give away FREE Basic Listings on our sites! Check out ALL the Benefits associated with our Basic Listings at www.FindSalesRep.com or in CANADA atwww.FindSalesRep.ca
    • Included with your New Basic Listing will be a link to YOUR site and if you know what SEO stands for you know that you NEED those!
    • In exchange, all you have to do is Give Us a Link on your website. You can post a link on your .com or .net
    • You can post a link on your Blog or Tumblr. Tip: You can get a FREE Blog like ourswww.NetworkMarketingDistributor.com atwww.Wordpress.com and tumbler accounts are FREE too!
    • If you have something else you would really like to link from, just let us know by email at Support@FindSalesRep.com and we will try to work with you. 🙂
    • Yes, you can have multiple Basic Listings in multiple towns in your area in exchange for links form multiple unique websites. 🙂
    • Yes, your Basic Listing will be good for 1 year, as long as you keep your Link from your website LIVE!
    • No, you can not link to us from a MORALLY Questionable Site! If you have questions, Just email us and we will try to work with you! 🙂
    • HOW TO GET AND GIVE A LINK: Email us at Support@FindSalesRep.com and Request “LINK EXCHANGE INFORMATION”
    • This is going to be a crazy two weeks! 🙂