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How to Advance Both Your Networking Skills and Your Determination

TRENDING TOPICS: Direct selling is a classic sales method and there are a lot of people doing it… but are they successful as they could be? When entrepreneurs get serious about their business, they seek training. Most companies provide this kind of training. The information provided is company and product specific. It’s invaluable. Learning about what you’ve got and how to get paid for sharing it will definitely help you grow your business.

But… then what? What’s the next step?

topics trendingTOPIC: You started a business. From scratch, you got it off the ground, grew it and now you want to advance both your skills and your determination. It’s time to get some help!

Conferences are LIVE, in-person events that leave you with inspiration, new connections and innovative tools that will make a difference while your trying to turn your dreams in to reality.

Let’s face it… operating a small business can be isolating at times, getting out, connecting and collaborating with others can be a valuable resources. Professional networking events allow you to get out of the office and meet people you might not have otherwise ever encountered.

Have you attended a conference that helped you break through in your business? Share your Conference, Seminar and Event suggestions and your stories in the comments below.

Reasons to Attend Conventions

Call it a convention, seminar, boot camp, training session, summit, panel… What ever you call those things that you travel to for MOTIVATION. The places where to you go to PLUG IN, NETWORK and SOCIALIZE all whiling learning the latest~greatest info about this and that.
Where ever that place is… GO! Do Not Skip the Opportunity to Improve Yourself! As the Owner of your own personal business you’re personal growth is pretty important.
So Let’s Make A List of Reasons to Attend Conventions.
Ready Go!
   Findsalesrep Get Found Positive Energy is every where at a seminar and it’s very addictive. You’ll find that right away you’ll be having a very good time. Training is about re-inventing yourself and making your life better. It feels good and sharing that experience hundreds or thousands of like minded friends will bring a smile to face that will last for months!
  Amy Rodriguez Tupperware has jubilee every year and its motivating, encouraging, and empowering. Its a great reminder of why i joined one of Americas #1 direct selling companies! =)
  Amy Kypers I cannot wait for our first conference for Nerium International in July! I am so excited for the personal development Success Symposium, as well as all the exciting news to be released and to meet all of my friends that I have made!
  Stacey Thomas The heart strings you build while you are there, someone else’s growth who you feel connected with will help propel you.
How about you?  Do you go for the friendship connections and networking or for the New insights, Inspiring Stories or just to solidify your dedication to the company, products and your business?No matter what your why, GO!  Boost your motivation momentum and build your business BIG! GO!