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How to Advance Both Your Networking Skills and Your Determination

TRENDING TOPICS: Direct selling is a classic sales method and there are a lot of people doing it… but are they successful as they could be? When entrepreneurs get serious about their business, they seek training. Most companies provide this kind of training. The information provided is company and product specific. It’s invaluable. Learning about what you’ve got and how to get paid for sharing it will definitely help you grow your business.

But… then what? What’s the next step?

topics trendingTOPIC: You started a business. From scratch, you got it off the ground, grew it and now you want to advance both your skills and your determination. It’s time to get some help!

Conferences are LIVE, in-person events that leave you with inspiration, new connections and innovative tools that will make a difference while your trying to turn your dreams in to reality.

Let’s face it… operating a small business can be isolating at times, getting out, connecting and collaborating with others can be a valuable resources. Professional networking events allow you to get out of the office and meet people you might not have otherwise ever encountered.

Have you attended a conference that helped you break through in your business? Share your Conference, Seminar and Event suggestions and your stories in the comments below.

NO is a fact of life in the Direct Sales Industry

“NO!” is a fact of life in the Direct Sales Industry. How do you get over the disappointment and keep a smile on your business face?
  Kim Mckay By remembering that most no’s really mean no not right now:)
 Katie Fillingame Timby For every 10 “no’s” you get you will get 1 yes and it is usually a great yes.
 Amanda Blizzard I remember that i need to hear about 10 no’s for every yes i get, so every no brings me that much closer to a yes!
  Julia Martin Gives me more drive to keep moving on to greater things!
 Pontus Lindmark Biz A no is only a no at this particular moment. I use to think that my job is to promote my business and not necessarily get a yes straight away !
 Monique Wilson Every No. Make me stronger and more determine to reach my goals.

Success in Network Marketing

Success in Network Marketing Depends on-

 FindSalesRep.com You have to love the company you are with and believe in the products.

 FindSalesRep.com You have to love the company you are with and believe in the products.

 Mandi Heinsch Determination and persistence

 FindSalesRep.com You have to believe in Network Marketing as a viable way to make huge amounts of money.

 FindSalesRep.com You have to have a good attitude and be willing to ‘put yourself out their’, a lot.

 FindSalesRep.com You have to be willing to seek advise and be open to learning.

  Tammy Auman Passion!!!!! “In whatever you do, show passion. If you have no passion to give to it…remove yourself from it.” (courtesy of the TJ Bell Fan Page)

 FindSalesRep.com You have to have the thought that, this is going to work – “Do it or die trying!”

 Nan Kietzke Treat it like a business.

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