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How to Make a Million Dollars in Direct Sales

Maybe you don’t like to talk politics in public.  Truth be told, maybe you don’t even like to discuss politics at home but Unemployment is worth talking about. It is a heart breaker. “According to Bloomberg, Wall Street is expecting the jobs report to show the economy added 230,000 jobs in April 2015 while the unemployment rate is expected to fall to 5.4% from 5.5%.”( http://www.businessinsider.com/unemployment-rate-forecast-may-6-2015-5#ixzz3ZTCZuBku )

That is good news but still, that means that the number of people considered unemployed in the US in March 2015 was a whopping 8,575,000!  

That’s a lot of people with no income, no freedom and – NO HOPE!


 that doesn’t include more than 3 million people who receive extended benefits.

That’s a lot of people!  Too many people!

Yes, all those people are getting benefits, but is that really enough to make your dreams come true?  Chances are, none of these millions of people make their mortgage with ease, travel where their desire takes them or sits back and thinks, “Wow!  I’ve finally made it.” NONE!

Here’s the math…



What does it all add up to?

My name is Gabby Gmyrek.  I own FindSalesRep.com.  I have been with in Direct Sales for more than 10 years and I truly love this industry.   I Love the atmosphere, the personal relationships and the excellent products.  When I got started, I admit, I was scared. After all, I was now in “business” for myself, right? Well, after many trials and errors I want to share with you some of the best parts of being self employed.  I told myself…

“I’m not selling anything.”

It was a lie! Don’t be fooled… In the end you are selling. If you don’t sell, you don’t make money. However, selling is a good skill that maybe you’ve already got and you can feel really good about what I sell, because you are ‘a product of the product’ and you know it works.  You know what you’ve got can make people HAPPY.  You also know that SELLING is not a four letter word and that those that “Sell” things are the ones that get the biggest pay checks.  No shame in that!

I also told myself…

“I’m not Recruiting.”

Yes, you are!  I was one of the TOP RECRUITERS IN THE WORLD for one of the most successful Network Marketing companies in the world!  Now I help others do the same. Don’t go it alone.  You won’t make it.  Tap into everything your company offers and seek outside resources to make yourself a marketing maniac.  Try anything and everything to help your business GROW.  Start at www.FindSalesRep.com – Get Listed!

FACT: You NEED to get Your Business Found by people that want what you’ve got!  

YOU have the blessing, an incredible gift to offer your friends, acquaintances and anyone else who wants to get out the unemployment line and listen.  SHARE IT anywhere any everywhere.

The gift is income without limit, financial reward for effort without discrimination and the freedom to run a business anyway they want, when ever they want, where ever they want.  

Don’t get me wrong.  Direct Sales is NOT easy.  As anyone who is successful in this industry knows, you do have to hustle if you want to build a large organization, and that part is up to you and not someone else.  Just like with a regular 9 to 5, it’s your job to make connections, to follow-up with people and it takes effort.  It’s the hardest part… taking your business seriously and doing what ever it takes to grow that business.

Here is the biggest HINT anyone in Direct Sales is ever going to give you:

Real people, really are lining up to get “SALES” jobs.

Why not put them to work in your organization?

How?  Act like you are hiring and treat your business, like a REAL Business –  help others build their own franchise.  Let them know that they are a part of something bigger  – and that they don’t have to go it alone either.

FACT:  most MLM’s say you’re running your own business, you’re really in a partnership with a lager company that belongs to someone else.  They provide the products, resources, marketing tools, customer support and you provide the marketing strategy and the drive it takes to pound the pavement. You’re helping to build their brand and in return they are giving you a cut of the profits.  It’s sweet deal… if you take advantage of all to tools that they are offering.

“So…Who’s making money?”

Can you REALLY get rich in this industry? Short answer: YES! People have become millionaires in network marketing, however, it is not easy and most people never make it.  Direct Sales has made literally thousands, even 10’s of thousands of Independent Distributors – Millionaires! REALLY!  There are real people that make that that kind of money.  This is a real opportunity,

BUT.. it is not a matter of luck it’s a matter of commitment and you will have to advertise.  Customers are NOT going to fall in to your organiZation by accident.  Figure out how to help them find you.  POST EVERYWHERE!

ADVICE… If you work your business like a job – 9 to 5, 40+ hours per week,

and you take real action – you can make a MILLION dollars.  You can Do it!

The problem with just doing it is that most people are afraid or don’t know how.  Even worse, many  think that  “SELF EMPLOYED” means “Hobby” and hobbies cost $ they don’t make Money.   It does not.  So, go figure out if you want to spend money or make it.  If you want to make money, make a business plan, advertise, talk to as many people as you can, in as many ways as you cane, work 40+ hours a week and surround yourself with people that also want to make a million dollars.

More Advice…  If you are unemployed anyway, without HOPE – Why not take action and become a self employed Network Marketer or Direct Seller and  get back to making your DREAMS come true.  Go make a MILION DOLLARS!

If you are unemployed and you need to learn more please visit www.FindSalesRep.com  Find a company that is right for you and join one the serious reps on our site.  They will help you.  They want you to succeed!

Go Get Your MILLION!

make a million

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At FindSalesRep.com we are always looking for new and better ways to help you GET FOUND AND PROSPER!  It’s our goal, to Help You Get Found, Get Leads and Grow Your Business.  

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Let’s say you are growing your business.  You are going through all the traditional routes, but you know that most business are online and that some of the most successful Reps in the Direct Sales Industry take advantage of the advertising opportunities found on the internet.

There are many things you can do immediately to start promoting your business online.  Facebook, twitter, google ads and directories are all proven avenues and there are many more.  The most successful tools are those that put you and your business right where people are looking.

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