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Car Advertising for YOUR Direct Sales Business

Do you use your CAR for advertising?

Photo: Do you use your CAR for advertising?
  Heather Nickless Oh definitely!
 Liz Loberg Carroll Love it!! 🙂
 Sue Ritter Hall OMG I WANT ONE!
 Deb Rose Yes! My profile picture (on fb) is the back of my car.
 Kathy Chandler-Troutman Yes, I have a window decal on my back window with my company name and contact info.
 Mick Mckeever I’ll pass on the colour scheme, but I like the idea!
  Shayla ClayMouzon I DESIGN car advertisements! PM me for ideas & quotes! 🙂 Great post!
 Karen Wittig Haley I have my DS logo, my name, email and personal website on the rear side windows of my car…
 Susan Urbanek Absolutely! I have my logo, email, phone & website on my car… And a QR code that directs to my website!
    •   Findsalesrep Get Found 
    • Advertising on your CAR can be a Huge Business booster.
    • If you have tried it before with little success, don’t worry.
      IT CAN WORK!
      Having the ‘Right Ad’ will make ALL the difference! 
      Here are few Tips:
      Keep it short. (Give them only what they need to know.)
      Make it interesting. (Give them a good reason to call.)
      Have a call to action. (Give them some specific to do.)

Benefits of Listing Yourself on FindSalesRep.com

Did you know that Featured State and Company Listings are shown on dozens, hundreds and even thousands more pages?  Prominent placement of your listing  and extra exposure mean even more leads for your business.  Also, we will  link to your website directly from your Featured Listing, which can help  increase traffic to your site and even boost your rankings in search engines  such as Google.

Benefits Associted with each Type of  Listing on FSR:

The Basics:

Our GOAL at FindSalesRep.com is to help YOU Get Found, make more money and grow YOUR business!  So, what really matters when you are thinking about a FSR Listing is where you want to get found and how big and fast you want to grow your business.  In your Local Area, City, State or Nationwide!

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Let’s review the benefits of having a listing on FindSalesRep.com:

With the Basic Listing you’ll receive:

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– Your own Profile Page

– Link to your website

– Rep Listing in your City on our Search Engine Optimized Page

– Your Own Instant Email Contact Form

– Tweet Announcing your new listing


With the Featured Listings You WILL receive a lot more:


Feature City Listing: $59.88

– ALL of the above and…

– Enlarged, Attention- Getting Listing

– Your Listing shown ABOVE Non-Feature Rep Listings

– BONUS “Extra” National Leads sent to your email, when available.

– Your Listing WILL be featured on our page for your CITY – You will get found in your CITY.

A Featured City Listing helps you get noticed and get ahead of all of the free listings for your company in your city.



Featured State Listing: $299.88

– ALL of the above and…

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This listing is the most bank for your buck!  Many people don’t realize the value of this type of listing, but the VALUE is HUGE.  With the Featured State Listing YOU will get found in every city in your State for the cost of less than three Featured City Listings!  You do the math.  How many Cities are in your State?  Also, as one of our Featured Reps, you will be more likely to receive any leads that come to us who are unable to find a rep near them. 🙂

A Featured State Listing allows you to be shown prominently on ALL pages for  your company in your state, including all city pages.



Featured National Listing: $599.88

– ALL of the above and…

– Your Listing WILL be featured on Every City Page in EVERY STATE in the USA on FindSalesRep.com!

– You will get found in every City, and Every STATE in the NATION!

– Maximum Exposer! What else can we say, but WOW!

A Featured Company Listing features your listing on ALL pages for ALL states  for your company.  This is great if you want more targeted leads for your  company and will work with people from around the country.



We also offer a SITE WIDE LISTING:

A Featured Sitewide Listing features your listing on ALL pages of FindSalesRep.com!  This is ideal for business builders looking to recruit more sales reps (because, as you know, some of our visitors are sales reps 🙂  ).



You can check out ALL the benefits associated with each type of listing we offer at www.FindSalesRep.com.

Our goal is help Reps from any Direct Sales Company Get Found!  It’s up to you if you want to found get locally in your town, city, state or even Nationally!  Let us know if you have any questions.

Get Found and Prosper! 

Your Friends @ FindSalesRep.com