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Get Found Get Leads Grow Your Business Testimonial Contest

At FindSalesRep.com, we help Reps from hundreds of MLM, Direct Sales and Network Marketing Companies Get Found, Get Leads and Grow Their Businesses.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve helped tens of thousands of reps get found on our site. Some reps say we are the foundation of their business!! Alice M recently shared this testimonial with us.

Hi there!  Just wanted to let you know that I received three leads from your website this month which totaled $750.94 for May. Thank you so much! This site works for leads!

Sincerely, Alice M. – https://www.findsalesrep.com/lc/jafra-cosmetics 5/28/2020

AWE! We love hearing Success stories Like YOURS ALICE M!!! We also LOVE rewarding POSITIVE Networking!

SO… Yup! That’s right! We are going to host a Testimonial TELL ALL CONTEST and we are going to Give-Away some HUGE PRIZES!

Here are the rules: Just tell about your SUCCESS on facebook at http://www.Facebook.com/FindSalesRep

Here’s what we are looking for: Have you gotten a lead from FindSalesRep? Did someone join your team? Did you make a surprising sale, friend or connection? Want to share your testimonial with the world? TELL US ALL ABOUT IT on fb!

You can share as many testimonials as you like. Each will count as an entry.

3 ‘Super- Duper, Greatest Ever’ Reps will be picked randomly from ALL the entries and will WIN an Annual STATEWIDE Listing on http://www.FindSalesRep.com worth $299.

Don’t worry if you already have one! You can pick up a nearby New State, Gift it to a Teammate or double up on your own exposure!!!

Contest will end Saturday June 20, 2020 at Midnight.

The Winner will be announced Monday JUNE 22, 2020.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to share your success! We are really happy for you!!!

Also, these stories will be motivational to the community. You are awesome and you are showing us all that “IT CAN BE DONE!” : )

Thank You For This Lead

Everyday, we hear from the direct sales community. They let us know about their companies, new products, upcoming events and how we’re helping them Get Found and Grow Their Business.
Here are a few emails we received this week:
‘Thank you for this lead. John has ordered.’ – Arbonne Rep, from Lakewood California

‘You as always have gotten me lifetime customers. Satisfaction! I say it over and over again, join FindSalesRep.com. Do Nationwide. I promise, You Will Succeed’ –Youngevity Rep, from Muse Pennsylvania 

Note: As BeautyControl recently decided to close, Youngevity  welcome the exceptional former consultants from BeautiControl into the Youngevity family. Youngevity plans to continue to offer BeautiControl products through these consultants.

“Hello, I just discovered your website http://www.findsalesrep.com and Facebook page.  This is a useful resource.  I would like to invite your Metro Detroit clients to be an exhibitor at the upcoming event, Love & Life Expo presented by Detroit Wedding Day.  Many of your clients might find this to be a perfect opportunity to market their products.  I’d like to share this information with your Metro Detroit representatives.  Here is the event information below along with an attached flyer. Thanks for your time and assistance. – Choya Jordan, Detroit Wedding Day Phone:  248-800-6DWD (248-800-6393) 

Metro Detroit representatives are invited to participate in the Love & Life Expo at the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center located at 15801 Michigan Avenue in Dearborn, Michigan on Sunday, October 28, 2018 from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.  It is a wedding show and lifestyle expo in one. To register visit the registration processing site Eventbrite at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/love-life-expo-wedding-show-lifestyle-expo-registration-42947848170  or visit the event’s website at http://loveandllifeexpo.com

Do you have something we should know about? Email Support@FindSalesRep.com

Advice How to Pick the Right MLM Network Marketing or Direct Sales Company

Do You Agree?


What MLM company (network marketing) comes highly recommended in your opinion for someone seeking a stable organization to begin a venture with?

FindSalesRep Answer:

I love that question. There are a bunch. For new reps, usually, I would go with the most popular. It’s easier to get people to go with things that they already know, trust and are looking for. The oldies are ALWAYS GOODIES. Amway, Avon, Mary Kay Tupperware. 

But there are also a few younger companies that EVERYONE seems to love Scentsy, Pampered Chef, Isagenix, Silpada, Visalus.

Really New or reinvented companies are a little harder and usually I would stay away unless you personally know the owner but Jamberry nails and It Works seem to be on fire. They may be the break through companies that stay around for a while. 

All that being said, go with what you love or at least with what interests you. If you are successful, you could be with that company for a very long time so you better like talking about it. 🙂

Reps Responses:

 Jessica Louviere Clements I think that Plexus is a good one to get involved in. It is a pretty young company, but it is growing like wild fire and now is a really great time to get involved! Message me if your interested! Plexus Slim – Youngsville

 Deborah Blackman ACN is an amazing company. It’s going on it 20th year. The company provides residual and bonus to its business owners. It’s was featured twice on the celebrity apprentice and donald trump endorsed the company. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed  http://mblackman.acnibo.com

 Christine Slaughter I love my Tastefully Simple business — it has been around for such a long time and has a proven track record! Everybody eats!

 Nancy Kumpulainen Arbonne is a great choice for those passionate about health and wellness. The only company right now over 30 yrs old about to globalize! = global opportunity!

 Tiffany Hathorn yay for the ItWorks shoutout! Love it! 😀

 Coretta Campbell Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry has been around for about seven years Our CEO is on the Board of the DSA (Direct Selling Association). We currently have about 11,500 consultants across the U.S. and are growing I love my business http://www.tracilynnjewelry.net/3421

 Laura R Miller I do not agree! I think it’s better to go with a company/product that you can stand behind yourself. I choose Dove chocolate discoveries because I & everyone I know loves chocolate. Yes, it has a huge parent company (MARS) and lots of other great things but I could never promote or sell a product I don’t use on a daily bases myself.

 Kim Newsom I do not agree…just because a company is on fire does not mean it will stand the test of time (no offense to those listed). I think the companies who have been around a few years (and I’m not just talking about Tupperware but rather over the 5 year mark companies) are more reliable then the new companies….just my opinion.

 Renee Thompson I agree with Nancy Kumpulainen and Tiffany Hathron … I am presently doing both Arbonne and It Works and Love them both …

  Teri Kincaid I agree with Laura. Also you need to look at some of those companies that have been around for awhile 80% of their commission is paid to reps who started with them in the first 5 years. Why not join a younger company who has growth like Dove Chocolate Discoveries or Miche that have a great product and proven growth. Three things to look for according to Corbin Church Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the year, Markets to women between the ages of 18-65 has continuity (can be repurchased, over and over. No one time sales) and is unique. With Miche you get them all just like with some of the other company’s. Jamberry Nails and ViSalus as mentioned. For me it’s Miche all the way! You have have have to love the product.

 LaKesha Gaines I love Princess House It’s been around going in 50 years and have wonderful products. I started out just buying now I’m a consultant who loves what she does and enhancing people’s homes and lives.

 Faythe Rippeon Loven’ my solavei…yes. its New…but the cell phone industry is not…

 Laura R Miller HAHA! I knew Teri Kincaid we were friends for a reason! Great minds do think alike!

 Joann Riddle Wagoner Any company can fail at any time. Don’t discount startup companies with great leadership and a product in the best selling market. …. www.joannwagoner.arealbreakthrough.com

  Nicole R Royal I have been in the networking marketing/direct sales industry for 22 years. I belong to a couple, ok 3, companies and I love each of them. I think starting with a company has to begin with what are your goals and reasons for doing so. My biggest advice depends on what you are looking to do. If you are looking for your way out of a traditional job and financial freedom then you have to look into the comp plan and what is expected of you in getting the best out of that comp plan. Then are YOU willing to do it! Rising stars sometimes fall and others remain shining bright for years to come. Look at what you, your friends, and others around you do and buy on a regular basis. Are these things you continue to buy no matter what and can’t live without.  My 3 companies 1. Scentsy – I have one in each and every room, including the garage, so why not get paid on what I use anyway. 2. Organo Gold – I personally am not a coffee drinker, but when I count 78 people in one hour drinking some coffee product out of 100 passing me and the culture that Starbuck’s has created, then I see nothing but awesome residual income!! Thanks to OG I left my job almost 1 year ago to the day!!! 3. Solavei – I really only got into this for the reduced savings on my mobile service as it cut my current service bill in half. I want to make and save money and not spend more than I have to and these days, you HAVE to have a mobile device.

 Rachel Travis Lia Sophia Jewelry has been in business for over 40 years, previously called Lady Remington. With our 100% Lifetime Replacement Guarantee on ALL jewelry, Amazing Hostess Program, MOST EXPENSIVE PIECES 50% OFF SALES, 30-40% personal commission, 10% commission on your team, and #1 Home Jewelry Company in the country….we will be around for years to come! http://liasophia.com/racheltravis

 Tiffany Black Celadon road. It’s a new Eco friendly company that uses no chemicals in any of their products and uses fair trade companies. They also give back by donating to soles4souls and trees for the future inc. www.myceladonroad.com/tiffanyblack they are also a debt free company.

 Shannun Terry   Solavei is growing so fast, and who doesn’t want to cut their cell phone bill in half? Unlimited 4g voice text and data, I’m in! Shannun Terry  www.solavei.com/faytherip

 Faythe Rippeon My thought is, if its a good product and the leadership at the top are strong and supportive, then the company is going to do well, regardless of how old it is.

 Joy Lewis While I could take this opportunity to plug my direct sales company…I will say this instead…no matter the product as a person trying to decide on what company to work worth, if toy have a passion for the product and the desire to succeed…then you will. If you that the product will carry itself…then you are doomed to fail. You have to believe in your product and be willing to work for success. I love my product…and I’m VERY successful!

Joyce Hartley Valley I have been affiliated with 4 direct sales companies (1 of them on 2 different occasions) during the past 15 years and by far, the one in which I have earned the most money, the earliest is Votre Vu, offering skin/beauty products (including Snapdragon as featured on Dr. Oz last year). It’s my first time working under a binary comp plan and it works…plus, the products are French made, natural, affordable, botanical and really work. I signed with Votre Vu on May 25th and became a Director the 3rd week of June. The company came to the US as a soft launch in 2008; just introduced a color line, French Accents in June, 2012 and growing by leaps and bounds. Would love to have you join my growing team, no matter where you live in the US:) All of our products offer a full 45 day refund!

 Sandi Perkins Maylett I have to disagree. Why would you want to get into a company that has a consultant on every corner (Scentsy, Mary Kay, etc)? Other than for personal use. I think it would be so hard to build a team when everyone know someone who sells it…  I wanted a company that was new yet backed by founders with many years in DS. Which is why I joined Perfectly Posh  www.perfectlyposh.us/101

 Faythe Rippeon Lots of great reading here! Great post ms Kim!

 Danielle Webb I say do what feels right to you. Get as much info on the company before you join. I chose It Works because i like what they have to offer and they have made it bigger in the months that i have been with them. I don’t see them failing with the high demand they have for our products. Plus i like the extra income i get begin a stay at home mom 🙂 also i don’t “have” to leave the house to make the business work for me, with young ones i don’t have to worry about getting them ready to go out.

 Monica Weeks Jewel Kade has been a party plan company for 3 years and has had continued growth. The jewelry is gorgeous vintage style, made in America, inspirational and personal. It has instant wow factor and it only takes a connection to one special piece to completely charm you! The hostess rewards are very good as well as the stylist compensation. The company is extremely supportive of its Stylists with regular training that is easily accessible. https://mlweeks.jewelkade.com

 Michele Freeman I love Discovery Toys!! I was first introduced to Discovery Toys at my sons speech therapy appointment. When I told my Mom, she pulled out games that she had bought when we were younger. Almost 20 years later still in perfect condition.The toys come with a lifetime guarantee and replacement parts are available for lost pieces. Toys meet or exceed safety guidlines, I just had to join!! Of course, Oct-Dec are the busiest time for us, but every month children have birthdays, and Daycares love the guarantee. I am looking for people to join my team! www.discoverytoyslink.com/michelefreeman

 Wanda Thomas Titus This has been great reading looking for a company that has plans to start up in Canada especially after the company has proved itself in the US . I am involved with Miche Canada for 5 plus years but we do not build teams at this point- we have no up or down line- may change in the future- also I have used and b ought into a card company mainly for marketing my business but looking at selling and getting the benefits to others- Send out Cards- and one company that I was very excited about recently has changed its business model from DS so unsure as to how I will continue or not.

  Susan Scantlen Shoup You are right – It Works! is on fire however they are 11 years old AND Debt free! I love and use their products daily. There is still room at the top for You! http://WrapItMichiana.myitworks.com

 Debbie Ward I am with Mia Bella they are totally debt free!!! I am also with Wildtree and Watkins… Wildtree is a newer company than the other 2 but offer great products! and Watkins well now they’ve been around since 1868 and still going strong!

 Joann Riddle Wagoner Free inventory to drive your business, lucrative compensation plan, free iPad with fast start, lexus bonus at director level, product that cannot be replicated, “sticky” product, product that is in the largest market space (dermal) and so much more… www.joannwagoner.arealbreakthrough.com

 Organic Vitamins and Supplements – Skin Care – Makeup – Sharp Enterprises Amway is the leader, they have been in Canada 50 years now. They have a site ibofacts.com that answers questions with facts not ideas. For more info on being a part of this great team contact me.

 Rachel Lewis I’m with Origami Owl! LOVE this company!! 14 year old Bella was encouraged by her parents to start a business to make earn money for a car on her 16th birthday so she came up with the idea of Living Lockets – magnetic lockets that hold charms that describe the person wearing it – jewelry that tells your unique story and are treasured!! I love this company and the fact that they allow 14 year olds to join with parental consent! We have several mother/daughter teams!! What a wonderful way to help your daughter learn what it’s like to own their own business years before they start college – by that time, they could be paying for their own college! It’s a wonderful ground floor company!! www.rachellewis.origamiowl.com

  Janie McCown Mertz OH wow you can’t leave our our Awesome MONAVIE. We are making a millionnaire every week. 170 already. I am hiring if anyone is looking for the best company in the world and for the world. Our antioxidant juices are awesome and energy drinks that are good for you.

 Cavell McInnes 27 yrs for the company Im with and over a billion in sales. Message me to find out more.

 Nichole Antomattei I’ve been on both sides… I was with a company that has been around for over 30 years and was successful, the only problem there was that because it’s well known, a lot of people had a direct contact already. Now I”m with the very new  Origami Owl ~ Nichole Antomattei ~ Independent Designer because I fell in love with the product and concept and I have a blank canvas to paint with my business, I feel in complete control of where I will take this. But most importantly for me, no matter if it’s an old or new company, if you’re passionate about your business/product, you can be as successful as you want to be!

 Cindy Schulman Entin Can’t say enough good things about Stella & Dot! Been around long enough that all the new biz kinks are worked out and the brand is very established in the fashion industry, but still small enough that there’s huge growth potential and not everyone and their sister is a Stylist! : ) Just expanded to Canada, UK and Germany, too! Fabulous jewelry, but truely my favorite part about the company is that they sincerely have their Stylists needs and best interests at heart! They ask for our feedback and actually listen to it, too! Feel free to PM me, if any one has any questions or check out my site to see all of the fabulous sign-up specials and Breast Cancer Awareness Collection that launched today: www.stelladot.com/CindyE

 Avery L Guenther I hear a few say that scentsy has so many consultants. Not true. Still a very fresh company with a lot of room to grow!! Especially with velata launching and grace Adele!! I think grace Adele is going to go crazy as soon as it catches on. Imagine being on the ground floor ! With the backing of an already great company. I have sold with Tupperware, home interiors, longaberger (my best before Scentsy), Amway, Avon & tried henn. Yah I know. Crazy. But Scentsy is what I will pass on to my kids!! They are amazing in every way!

 Natalie Karen Boecker Check the company track record of growth, their awards, understand the comp. plan, ask for a list of success factors, go for one that provides reliable residual income, and manufactures consumable products that people use every day.

 Mark Ritter I agree with Natalie. Most importantly go with a company that doesn’t make it’s money off of recruiting new people. That has real products that real people buy. And one that doesn’t require a big investment up front or requires you to buy inventory and sell it. Most people lose money in those situations.

10 Business Tips to Keep You On Your Path When Things Go Horribly Wrong

Nobody gets through life without some disappointment, struggles, or just plain bad luck. These losses and or conflicts can be devastating. They can give you good reason to GIVE UP on Your Dreams. These experiences, as we are going throug

h them can be brutal. Each of them, naturally, can knock you off course or even completely out for awhile, but NOT everyone gives up. Some people focus that desperation and actually become stronger and GROW and find success and happiness – EVENTUALLY!

Here are 10 Tips to Keep You On Your Path When Things Get Tough:

Let the past be the past. – No matter how much you screwed up in the past, no matter how chaotic, traumatic or discouraging the past has been, the future is a clean, fresh, wide open slate.
Focus on what you’ve got. – Gratitude is powerful. Count your BLESSINGS everyday and they will lift you up. POSITIVE thoughts can inspire HUGE changes and put the focus on what’s important. Spend time and energy on things that move you in the direction you want to go.
Accept the Growth Cycle. – Things Change! Part of living and grow is facing change and experiencing failure. Think of those instances as NEW and sometimes difficult tasks, but not final steps. Try to gain something, to grow as person, figure out a lesson that you can take with you. This simple step will help you OVERCOME the tough stuff FASTER and help you move on in healthy way. You, in all your unique ways are greater than any problem and Everything that happens CAN be a life lesson if you are willing to LEARN!
Be in control. – Your emotions are your choice. Feelings change, people change, and time keeps rolling. A smile is a choice, not an accident. Don’t wait for someone or something to make you happy. Life Lotteries DO NOT EXSIST! True happiness has to come from within.
Surround yourself with LOVE. – Who you let in to your life MATTERS. Life is too short to waste a minute of it with ‘haters’. Consciously seek out people who bring out the best in you.
You’re not alone. – You are HUMAN and so is everyone else. Everyone Has Problems! No matter how embarrassed or pathetic you feel about your own situation, someone else HAS been there and gotten out. Find out there story. How did they survive and concur! There’s your road map! FOLLOW IT!
It’s hard to say exactly when you will succeed until you get there. – The only way to get there is to never give up and keep moving forward. Success is often closer than it seems, and arrives suddenly, when you least expect it.
Life is NOT easy. – If you expect it to be, you will perpetually be disappointed. Achieving anything worthwhile in life takes effort. Expect to work hard.
You always have a choice. – No matter what, there are always at least two options. If you can’t physically change something, you can change the way you think about it.
Take responsibility. – Your Life Is Yours! No one can make it happen to you. If you fail or if you succeed is all up to you. If you mess up, admit it, say sorry, even if it’s just to you and figure out how to fix it. If you ‘Make It’, CELEBRATE! Don’t be afraid to enjoy success. You Deserve to be Happy!

Share the Basics of Your Comp Plan High Light Comp Plan Strategies that Get Reps Paid Fast

  • Is Your Company Paying Big Bonuses on The Front End?

    We want to here a little about Your Comp Plan. Not ALL the details, but we want to help ALL Business Minded Reps that ARE READY TO REALLY GO FOR IT have an idea of what’s out there.

    A little back ground first:

    Fact 1- New Companies that pay out TOO much for TOO little work on the front end DON’T Make it.

    Fact 2- Most Reps have only one goal- To make enough money to pay for the products they use.

    Fact 3-This is a competitive point in todays MLM, Network Marketing, and Party Plan arena. If we can get a new MLM distributor to $250 a month they will not leave a company easily.

    Fact 4- Distributors who get to $500 a month with a strong mix of customers will stay working for your company part time for years.

    Fact 5- Distributors that earn more than $1000 per month will consider going full time.

    Fact 6- Most Full Time Distributors earn $1000 per week or more.

    Here’s what a few seasoned MLM’ers had to share:
      Kim Newsom I sell Silpada sterling silver and Scentsy. Silpada’s comp plan is 30% commission on all sales from day 1. Once you start building your team you receive commission from your downline which can double your income easily.
     Michelle Madison ~ Nerium Brand Partner Our compensation plan is based upon an easily duplicated business model leveraging relationship marketing.
    1. Join Nerium International as a Brand Partner
    2. Enroll in the Auto-Delivery Order (ADO) Program
    3. Sponsor and maintain 3 Preferred Customers and your next month’s product is FREE
    4. Fast Start Qualify in your first 30 days
    5. Sponsor other Brand Partners and coach them to complete steps 2-5
     Kim Newsom Scentsy’s commission plan is 20% until you have sold $1000 in product and then you are at 25% forever. Again, once you build your downline you can receive much more income. I typically average about $300 at a Silpada party and about $150 at a Scentsy party
      Keshia Laird I sell Avon. Avon you 40% off Avon core products and 20% off everything that isn’t Avon. Then after selling for 4 campaigns it goes by how much you sell the more you the more you make. But the best way to make is by building a downline which that can increase your easnings big time and you earn in 2 different way 1. of your own sales and you off your downline once you have 5 people in your downline and you can make a commision then . But there are many ways to earn from selling Avon.
      Doris Ann Livanos As a Touchstone Crystal Jewelry consultant, we partner with Swarovski as their home party plan and consultants start at 25% and every month could jump to 30% with 1800 in sales. Start earning additional bonuses from your first personal recruit as well as central group bonuses, sales incentives, etc. I’d be happy to chat with any interested individuals.– Thanks FSR!
      Nigel Burn I sell Visalus. this is the best comp plan I have seen ,that is why we joined,and the product does work.there is enrollers pool, personal commissions, and then group volume., and the cost to join is low.
      Mandi Heinsch Paparazzi Accessories, you make 50% profit from what you sell. You make 5% on the ladies you have enrolled under you, until you have 3 active consultants, then you rank up to Director and make 10% off of your front line and 5% off your 2nd line! The next advancements are all based on your team’s group volume, and everytime you rank up you go another level down on earning commission!! 🙂 AMAZING!!
      Alicia Petersma Mathney I am a Professional Mary Kay Consultant. We receive 50% commission from day 1 on everything we sale! Then as you build your team, you receive commission checks from the company depending on how many consultants you have. The great thing about Mary Kay is that we have been around for almost 49 years!!! And our business plan is taught in universities like Harvard, etc.
     Nan Kietzke My Amway business. Can’t show the reason and the why and wherefore of the comp plan without a bit of explanation. – – This would include tbe receiving of many dollars worth of back up along with actual earnings. Wide range of products and services.  Immediate earnings between wholesale and retail. Business volume bonuses based on combined owner’s and partner’s volume from 3 -25% Products that everyone uses and needs.  Excellent training available with first class materials
      Tracy Koss Let’s keep this simple. Tastefully Simple = 30% instant commission from Day 1 on all orders (party, website, etc…) fundraising is available for you immediately
     Tracy Ford Stire I educate people on how they can remove harmful chemicals from their world and improve their quality of life with Norwex personal care and cleaning products. Norwex pays a 35% commission on every sale…even your own!! You can receive that commission immediately when customers pay you with cash or cheque. When they pay by credit card – twice a month a commission cheque is deposited into your bank account. Working together with the person that brought you into Norwex and the group that they belong to, Norwex has an excellent New Consultant incentive called “Fresh Start” that maximizes your earning and contact potential with a mapped out plan of attack. Norwex is highly motivated to show consumers a different concept over traditional methods and they reward YOU handsomely for doing so! A New Consultant can easily earn 6 or 7 different incentives in her (or his!) first 3 months. Ongoing one on one, group and online training keeps a consultant motivated and focused on building their business. Also included in the incentives are yearly trips and admission to the Norwex Canadian or USA Conference.  As you recruit others to join you in sharing the Norwex global mission and committment to our environment, you also are rewarded with other levels of commission. This is a company with strong ethical values and these are products that you can feel good about promoting and BELIEVE in!! Norwex is a upward trending, niche product line that is just starting to go BOOM!!!
      Alicia Pouliot-Cote I am with Visalus! I have done a few other businesses and this is the BEST comp plan I have seen!!! I get FREE products, a car bonus on my 2nd promotion and I am eligible for a bonus pool made up of 2% of the companies volume for the previous 4 weeks just for hitting Rising Star! This can equal out to some SERIOUS $$$ but more importantly I get all of this for helping people take control of their health!!!!!
      Cheryl-Louie Kotori It Works Compensation Plan – SIMPLIFIED!  Bonuses EVERYONE gets (no matter what your level):  1. Fast start bonus: Every time you sign up a new distributor and help them get 2 loyal customers within their first 30 days, you get $100 cash! This is paid out on a weekly basis on Fridays (you don’t have to wait until your monthly check to get it).  2. “Car” Bonus: No, you don’t get a “car” but you sure could finance one with $600 a month once you get 60 loyal customers. The company will allow you as long as it takes to make this happen! To maintain this each month, you must also have $3,000 in BV each month.  3. Wrap Rewards: Every time you get 2 loyal customers, you can get a box of wraps (4 in a box) for just $25. Your wraps then just cost you about $6.25 each and make about $100 when you sell them for $25 a piece. To buy them at our regular distributor cost they are $14.75 each and you make only $41 when you sell them for $25 a piece. This is a great way to earn more quickly. Compensation Plan (The complex version): Our compensation plan is unilateral and has 6+ levels of pay you can make depending on your status in the company. You make 10%, 10%, 5%, 5%, 5%, and 2% to infinity on loyal customers and distributors. Different levels get paid as follows:Distributor= 10% (on first level), 10% (on second level) Executive= Same as above plus 5% (on third level)Ruby= Same as above plus 5% (on fourth level)Emerald= Same as above plus 5% (on fifth level)Diamond & Above= Same as above plus 2% (on sixth level and beyond) Plus $10,000 GOOD Bonus to whoever gets to Diamond by August! 🙂
      Natalie Karen Boecker My company pays me residually, and our reorder rate is 95%! There are many others perks and bonuses along the way, but my favorite part of our comp plan is the residual income – knowing the check is coming each & every month, even if I do no work that month!
      Dawn Loth I am with JuJuBelle – a new(er) jewelry company that is starting to explode! Our commission is 45% from day one, with a low yearly purchase requirement to stay active. Consultants only need to purchase a minimum of $250/month to receive downline commission – with downline % starting at 3% and increasing up to 8% for first level downline as downline grows.
      Kina Oneal Most unique and lucrative comp plan I’ve every heard of! As a Plexus Ambassador, we get paid 10 different ways! Couples can also join individually for 2 incomes and in some cases more (I also have my 9 year old enrolled, so we actuallly get 3 monthly checks and up to 12+ weekly checks. 1.*Retail Sales (Only $100 Personal volume per mo. Customer sales goes toward that $100! 2.*Retail Commissions:** *$100 – $499 = 15% **$500 & Up = 25% 3. *Retail Over-ride Commissions: First Level = 5% 4. *Business Builder*s Bonus:*50% – first up-line position, *25% – second up-line position, *15% – third up-line position, *10% – fourth up-line position, 5. *Profit Sharing (7 Levels) (Have trippled since I started 2/15/11; 5 Points for Levels 1-3, 4 Points for Level 4, 3 Points for Level 5, 2 Points for Level 6, 1 Point for Level 7 Bonuses: *1.*Preferred Customer * Earn extra $$$ (i.e. $18 per combo), 2.*Achievement, Silver – $100, *Gold – $250 …… *Sr. Gold – $350, *Ruby – $500……. *Sr. Ruby- $750  *3.*Fast Start (*=x2 within 1st 30 days) , *4.*Emerald Pool (3%) We have a few thus far Not Many Yet  *5.*Diamond Pool (Emerald Pool + 2%) NONE YET  Re-Entry Position (You get to re-enroll yourself under yourself and rebuild all over again.
      MarilynInfo StopShop For Sisel we get 60%-67% and only $19.95 to get started! For Pure Romance we get I think 40%-45%! For 31 Gifts and Scentsy I just started those 2 so not sure. We also get many other incentives as well. I am so excited to be apart of these companies, especially Sisel.
      Amy Kypers Nerium International pays 10 levels deep and has a 3UR Free program to restock your inventory. Ground Floor Opportunity. iPad Bonus, Lexus Bonus and so much more…
    So, what are the Basics of Your Comp Plan?  Does Your Company offer great ways to get new reps paid and keep them IN?  Let us know in the comments.  Keep in mind that your next business builder may be reading your tip NOW!  Make it GOOD!

Where are You right this Second on the Energy Scale

Carmine Gallo, who writes “leaders who are exceptionally persuasive communicators” for Forbes.com resently shared a few tips that ‘Get Leaders Going’
Gallo wrote:

Where are you on the energy scale? Here’s a technique that I’ve used with executive speakers over the years and it works wonders. Right before the presentation I ask the speaker, “On a scale of one to ten—one being asleep and ten being Tony Robbins who is yelling, fist-pumping and smacking his hands against his chest—where are you right this second on the energy scale?” The typical response is somewhere between four and six. I then suggest that the speaker clap his or her hands together three or four times, shake out their arms, and put a big smile on their face. “Now where you are?” I ask. “About seven or eight,” the speaker normally responds. “Now rock it!” I exclaim.

Great tip and we know that there are more than a few exceptional leaders right here on FSR too! So, we asked a few to step up and share a few tips of there own!

 MarilynInfo StopShop wrote:  I focus on the help I will be offering, how much it has imporved myself, family and others too. So I get motivated and pumped on helping others excitement.
 Kim Newsom wrote:  I talk to my team members often and every time we get a contact or book a party or have a great lead we call one another and those calls inspire each of us to do better so the next time we can be the one calling with great news!!
Now what about you!  
Leave your Tips in comments.
Remember, your tips could inspire your next business builder! 😉

Some Basic Info that WILL Help YOU Get More Leads From FSR

Here is what you need to know:

We don’t take any exclusive listings.  We do have a limit to the number of National, State and city listings available.

Reps with city, state or national listings are all considered Featured Listings.  Reps with Featured Listings get the majority of our “Bonus” lead, but that is not really what we do!

We are good at getting YOU Found!  It is our hope that most of the people looking for the products and company you represent will see your listing on FSR and go directly to your website, call you and or email you and will never turn in to a lead at all. 🙂

If they do/when available:  About 50% of our leads go to reps with National Listings.  About 50% of what is left goes to reps with state listings and about 50% of what’s left goes to reps with city listings.  The rest end up on fb and twitter and go first come first serve.

I hope that helps.  Please let us know in the comments if you have any questions.

Gabby, Support@FindSalesrep.com




Most Network Marketers Are Part Time

Very few Direct Sales Reps are Full Time.  Most love it but work another Job with the majority of their time.

There are an estimated 15.8 million people are involved in direct selling in the United States and more than 74 million worldwide. Most are women, though nearly a third are men or two-person teams such as couples. The vast majority are independent business people – they are micro-entrepreneurs whose purpose is to sell the product and/or services of the company they voluntarily choose to represent because they love the products. Approximately 90 percent of all direct sellers operate their businesses part-time.

So, what attracts them to direct sales and network marketing?

We asked one of that we think is Top Notch!

Here is what  Giorgianna Michelle Goudas  Giorgianna Michelle Goudas shared with us:

I want to be my own boss. I do not want to have to answer to anyone…create my own hours… work from home if I want… There are so many benefits to doing direct sales!!

Not only do you get to sell and represent what you enjoy, i.e. the products.. But, you can do so while making a great income, create your own schedule, and basically work whenever YOU want. YOU decide how many hours you want to put into your job. YOU decide how much money you want to make. YOU decide most everything!!”

Thanks for the inspiration Giorgianna!  We total agree!  It’s ALL about what works for you.  There is no one right way to do this business!  It’ all about how you can fit it in to your life and make it work!


Biggest Mistake For New Marketers

If you are new to Network Marketing, you are wondering HOW do I tell people about this stuff?  What can I say to start the conversation?  And then the inevitable happens and you start to Over-Think things!

Over-thinking can ruin a GOOD THING.  It can make ALL things harder than they really are and can make New Newt Work Marketers Get Stuck and Give Up!

Don’t let Over-Thinking Stop You!

You are representing a company with amazing products that really change lives and or are exactly what people are looking for – even if they don’t know it yet.  😉

Don’t worry about what to say, who to say it to, and how to say it. Say something to everybody.  Let everybody you communicate wit know that you are the go to person for that company.  If you talk to someone – they need need to know what you do or why you do it.  If you weren’t planning on talking to them, but you would like to because you think it would be good for your business.  Start with “Hi”.  The move on to, I m not sure if this would interest you, but I just feel like I really should share this with you and then tell them your story.

Network Marketing is easy!  Really, just don’t Over-Think It!

Ready to Grow Your Business?  Get a Featured Listing on FindSalesRep.com.  Click here to get 10% off any Featured Listing.

Pinterest Pins Pinerly and Pictures all Pretty Popular

There are so many ways to ‘Work Your Business’ online! All are good, but it’s hard to keep up with the latest trends. Have you been on Pinterest for a while? Do you know your way around? Think you could help others? Share your tips and insights in the comments below.
Here are a few we would like to share:
If you have a really visual company Pinterest is for you! Check this out: Pinterest is a community where you can share collections of things you love.
-Definitely install the bookmarklet. It lets you add a pin from any website with just one click.
– Follow other people’s pinboards. After all, Pinterest is as much about discovering new things as it is about sharing.
– Pinterest is newish, your pins will help set the tone for the whole community. You can use big images, write thoughtful descriptions, and pin things you really love.
Come find us on Pinterest athttp://pinterest.com/findsalesrep/ and if you need an invite just let us know. 🙂
  FindSalesRep.com These links are great!
Book on pinterest in warrior forum –http://budurl.com/kingpinterest
Tool to manage your pinterest is free right now as its just being released  http://www.pinerly.com/i/N39O2
 I haven’t been on too long and still have a lot to learn, but I know Pinterest is big among my potential customers and I want to be where they are. I think it’s another way for me to interact with me and get to know me without being bombarded with constant sales pitches. Because my business is so visual, it’s a great place to showcase my products.
We’re also checking this out, and you can check it out too using this link 🙂 http://www.pinerly.com/i/yOPKW
Tools to help manage your social media – Pinerly – your Pinterest friendly marketing dashboard.
It’s the easiest way to follow/unfollow pinners, view popular pins, schedule pins, and get statistics to know how to reach a larger audience.
They help optimize your marketing strategies so that you can focus on your content.
Here’s what other people think:
 Christi Johnson Thanks for sharing this, Findsalesrep Get Found! ♥
 Dawn Bitsky Thank you!