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Direct Sales Services and Opportunities

 Jan B. Waller  Hi IamJan Waller,Independent Avon rep My 3 favorite Gifts this year are 1-Our Princess Sofia the First Cuddle Pillow at 24.99 2- Avon Passion Eau de Parfum spray $36.00 w/Free Body Lotion $12.00 value 3-Deter Jeter Driven Rush $28.00 w/free Body wash $9.00 value  ***SAVINGS:  Get Free shipping w/$10 order using FIRSTREP10 code If you have questions or need help finding a gift please contact me. email- sweetwaterjan51@yahoo.com. FB-Jan Waller-Independent Avon Representative Website- www.youravon.com/janwaller

 Kristina Bruewer  Hi everyone! My name is Krissy Bruewer and my business is Amway. Amway focuses on products for three rooms of the home, which are the kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom. My top three products are below and fall under the categories of skincare and cosmetics $25 and under and gift albums $30 and under. GIFT IDEAS: 1. Artistry Light Up Lip Gloss: Apply your lip gloss in the dark with a lip gloss that comes in five shades with a built in mirror and LED light. It is also flavored with a hint of refreshing peppermint.  2. Artistry Polishing Scrub: Gently slough off dead skin cells and polish your complexion with this light foaming scrub featuring jojoba beads. 3. Ribbon Variety Gift Card With Brochure: Take the guesswork out of giving with a gift collection that offers a great selection of gifts with a broad range of products, including electronics, tools, personal care, fashion accessories, and more. ***SPECIAL OFFERS: 1. 15% discount when you notify me of your registration 2. 180 day satisfaction guarantee 3. Free shipping on gift albums MY WEBSITE AND CONTACT INFORMATION: Www.bruewermarketing.com 513-307-3275  Krissy.bruewer@gmail.com

  Michelle Ratterree Tinch  Hi! My name is Michelle and I am an Independent Consultant with Tastefully Simple (Direct Sales Services and Opportunities). We offer quick, easy-to-prepare gourmet food mixes that only require one or two ingredients as well as seasonings and sauces. We have 17 gift sets to choose from or you can order products to create your own! My top three favorite gifts are the My Mug Cake set, Triple the Fun and Warm Gatherings!! You can contact me directly for more information or gift ideas at mmtinch@gmail.com or visit my website at www.tastefullysimple.com/web/mtinch

  Deanna Brown  Hello I am Deanna Brown with Damsel In Defense. We offer non-lethal personal protection products for women. We have an array of products such as Stun Guns, Pepper Sprays and even our security on the go. This year try something different and give your loved ones and personal friends the gift of safety this holiday season.  Visit my site at www.StunningDamsels.com or contact me at deannapothier4@gmail.com

Direct Sales and Families

Direct Sales Success Tip:

There does not have to be separation between family and work life when you are in Direct Sales. What you do IS who you are! Appreciate and incorporate ebb and flow times so that LIFE does not pull too much in either direction. Sometimes work demands more and other times it will be the family.

BUT… Incorporate your family as much as possible into your work so that you will get more understanding and enthusiasm for what you are trying to accomplish.

THEN… Let go of society’s “normal” and create your own ‘Perfect World’. What’s normal and works for each family is going to be different. Be Creative and Create Your Own Balance.

Direct Sales Party Ideas

Parties are an easy way to grow your team and raise revenue, but HOW?

Every Rep has their own unique way to HOST a Party.  What’s Yours?

Photo: Parties are an easy way to grow your team and raise revenue, but HOW?  Every Rep has their own unique way to HOST a Party.  What's Yours?
  Wendy Leal Online parties!
  Lori Nelson Gricius In person, with a game & a presentation.
  Rhonda Sievers In person with testimonials – my company has a DVD to watch
  Findsalesrep Get Found Anybody have step by step instructions for Newbies?
  Lexi Stepps In person, and I don’t act like “The Consultant”. I’m professional, of course, but I also sit with my customers and smell our testers, and get involved in the “this scent is way better” talk, and laugh and joke with everyone. I think my hostesses appreciate that I’m fun and not stuffy or overly formal 🙂
  Marcia Hopkins Put a wrap on them and talk about our other amazing products for about 45 minutes. Next I remove the wrap, and…voila…check out the amazing results!
  Beth-Minadora Demillones Moore I let them play with my jewelry and have a casual good time…no pressure, no presentation…
  Lynette Wray Jackson Wine & winkles parties. :). Love getting together with friends over a glass of wine, watching a short video then take orders. Leaves plenty times for catching up! Http://hellonerium.com
  Pamela Jefferson CJM This is a coffee and jazz mixer, have soft jazz playing while they sample the different flavors of my coffee. Mingle among each other, watch different videos, Then I present my presentation, then take orders.

How do you HOST  Your  Direct Sales Party?

There Be Treasure to be found for Your Direct Sales Business

Ahoy, Matey, Avast ye! – That’s Pirate Talk for “Hi, Stop and check this out!” September 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate Day and to get you in the merry mood we thought we would review a few Piratey Terms that WILL Really come in

handy soon.
Blimey! This is going to be Exciting! Can’t wait to Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen! -Translation: “Pull up the anchor and the sail and let’s get going!

We’ve sailed the seven seas and found ye the sleekest schooner you’ve ever sighted. Batten down the hatches CREW and prepare. We are bout to shock ye to the very boney! Arrrrgh! THERE BE TREASURE Matey! It’s a thing of beauty or a some like to call it, A Thing of Booty!

A Treasure Chest is where any self-respecting pirate places his BOOTY. Without a Treasure Chest, a Pirate is just another poor sailor tossed about by the SEA. For now, the FindsalesRep Treasure Chest is in the captain’s quarter, under lock and key. BUT… soon, we’ll be burring it and leaving it for all our FRIENDS to find! We”ll Give You The MAP!



What to Put on YOUR Direct Sales Business Cards

What’s on Your Business Card? 
Having a business card is a BIG ‘must do’. Exchanging cards is a common way to get to know new people in almost any situation. 
What’s on the back of your card? 
BIG ‘no no’ leaving it blank and if you get someone else’s that is blank, use it for notes about the person that you can use when you follow up with them later.

Photo: What's on Your Business Card?  
Having a business card is a BIG 'must do'.  Exchanging cards is a common way to get to know new people in almost any situation.  
What's on the back of your card?  
BIG 'no no' leaving it blank and if you get someone else's that is blank, use it for notes about the person that you can use when you follow up with them later.  Marilyn Arriaga Appointment space .  Make X amount if purchase get a free gift.  10% off your next order.  These are things I have.  One item per card, not all those offers it’s one or the other.
  Tiffany Hathorn Mine says “I Love Referrals” and briefly outlines my referral policy (someone you refer buys or books, you get 15% off your next order if they mention your name. That way even if they don’t want to order now or book a party, there is a possible reward for sharing my business card with others. I also have a loyal customer card. They get a stamp in a box for every $50 they spend and get a particular reward for filling it up halfway or all the way. Halfway is 15% off an order. All the way is the hostess discount for a full year as long as they can present the card.
  Annette Brownworth When someone, anyone, even if it is not a potential client, asks for my number or email, I hand them a card, it’s so much more convenient and you never know you might spark there interest or they might share your info with someone they know who might need your services! 🙂 I write their appointment on the back or a special just for them or I use it incase they refer me, I put their name, and what they will get if someone returns the car to me, it shows me that they have shared my biz with others 🙂
  PartyGal Anne Rehrig All of mine include a $10 gift certificate on the back. I’m not handing out cards, I’m handing out the equivalent of a $10 bill! 🙂

Having a testimonial is HUGE in Direct Sales, but typically you don’t have more than a few seconds to make an impression. We asked a few seasoned reps to give us their best “Pick Up Line” or their 10 Second Story.  And we asked them to make sure it would fit on the back of a business card.  Here are just a few examples:

  Ryan Sather Do you like free meat and free beer?
 Dianne Chandler ‎1. Would you like to prepare meals in 30 min or less? Ask me how! 2. Molten Lava Chocolate Cake – You Book it, I’ll Cook it! 3. Take the 30-Day Challenge, What do you have to lose? I have all three of these on the back my cards so people are getting different quotes. That way if you are at an event and two friends each get a card, they say something different – when they look they will talk about what their card says.
  Organic Vitamins and Supplements – Skin Care – Makeup – Sharp Enterprises Do you want to take chemicals or natural organic supplements?
  Natalie Karen Boecker Sick & tired of feeling sick & tired. Let me help! I don’t sell soap. I sell hope!

What’s On Your Card?


Direct Sales Business Rules

Rule of 1’s: One person can make a huge difference in your business. You never know who will be ‘YOUR ONE’. So, ask every 1!

Rule of 2’s: Ask two people to be your business partners and then help them develop their two. Duplication, duplication. Did I just say that twice?

Rule of 3’s: 3 calls, 3 emails in 3 days! 

Rule of 4’s: The 4 foot rule. If they are within 4 feet of you, they need to hear about your business.

Rule of 5’s: Work with 5 people closely for 5 months. Develop them as a team. Teach them the power of 5 and then start with 5 more.

Rule of 10’s: Invite 10 people to a Party/Meeting 1 will come. So, if you want to 10, invite 100!

Rule of 100’s: Bring 100 new people in to your business, 1 will be serious enough to work the business. So, bring in 1000 and get ten solid business builders – then you can go on a short vacation. lol

Best Ways to Grow Your Direct Sales Business Fast

PARTIES are one of the Best Ways to Grow Your Direct Sales Buisiness and this BLOG  is ALL about You,
So… Let’s Celebrate Together! Let’s Party!!!!
Invite US to Your next in-person PARTY or Host a Party online. We’ll get the word out! Want something New – Ask to attend someone else’s Party. Give a Party Tip or Share a Theme! Let’s Party!Did you know that, Party Sales account for $7.5 Billion in Direct Sales revenues! They are a great way to share your company and products in an informal, personal way. They are easy, fun and they can put immediate cash flow in to your business.

Wanna Party? Let’s hear about it in the COMMENTS:

Photo: Today is for PARTIES and this page is ALL about You,<br />
So... Let's Celebrate Together!  It's FIESTA FRIDAY!!! Invite US to Your next in-person PARTY or Host a Party online. We'll get the word out! Want something New - Ask to attend someone else's Party. Give a Party Tip or Share a Theme! Let's Party!</p>
<p>Did you know that, Party Sales account for $7.5 Billion in Direct Sales revenues! They are a great way to share your company and products in an informal, personal way. They are easy, fun and they can put immediate cash flow in to your business.</p>
<p>Wanna Party? Let's hear about it in the COMMENTS:
   Colleen Barron-Nelson I have a party going right now! Could use some help as the hostess had a very low turnout! Bummer, hasn’t qualified! The link to the show ishttp://bit.ly/Lkrubu If you are looking for some beautiful, celebrity inspired jewlery…this is the place to go! Check out my facebook page as well! http://on.fb.me/IjfkO7 We have two themes going on right now…BBQ and Baubles and Splash into Style. Thanks! -Colleen
  Lori Radcliff I’m a Stylist for Stella & Dot in Colorado, and have an online party open NOW thru Saturday, June 30, from which 50% of my commission will go to Red Cross relief efforts for victims of the High Park Fire (nearly 90,000 acres burned so far) in Larimer County. Please pass the word that people can pick up some GORGEOUS jewelry while shopping for a cause at this direct link to my “Larimer Relief” trunk show: http://www.stelladot.com/style/trunkshow/4124e7ce-b716-11e1-ad30-005056b55330. And right now all of our SALE items have been marked down an ADDITIONAL 20% OFF! A great time to shop…and every little bit helps the victims of these devastating fires! Thanks SO much! 🙂
  Uppercaseliving Alberta IndependentDemonstrator I sell uppercaseliving vinyl lettering and home decor! I have been given a challenge to host a party and donate all the Free product, half price items, hostess exclusive gifts to a charity of my choice for the month of July and August I have chosen to donate inspirational words and graphics to Ronald McDonald House!! So any order placed on my website will help all those families in their time of need. Visit my website http://tracynelson.uppercaseliving.net/ to support this cause and decorate your home or business too!
  Home  tracynelson.uppercaseliving.net  Tracy Nelson Nelson (403) 575-2279 loveurwalls@hotmail.ca Contact Tracy Nelson Nelson
  Jolene Mira http://jmira.avonrepresentative.com/eparty/view.php    AVON Representative JOLENE MIRA serving the Boiling Sprin, PA area  jmira.avonrepresentative.com  Jolene Mira wrote:  my party is online and runs from june 30th till july 15th
  Nadine Privratsky http://befitandquit.isagenix.com/us/en/landing_toxic.html FEELING GREAT AND LOSING WEIGHT and it’s Fiesta Friday! Sleeping and eating and wowsa ENERGY AGAIN! Online preview for all you Mom’s who want to feel great and/or lose weight!
Are You Toxic?  befitandquit.isagenix.com  Learn how environmental impurities can be harmful to your health.
   Kim Newsom I am having an ONLINE Jamberry party – perfect time to have awesome fingernails and toenails at the pool or beach in those bright beachy colors. They are non-toxic and last up to 2-3 weeks on your fingers and up to 6 weeks on your toes….and shipping is only $2.99 and we are having a Buy 3 Get 1 Free special right now… To order go to www.kimpossible.jamberrynails.com   Jamberry Nail Shields, Nail Wraps – Buy Jamberry Nails www.kimpossible.jamberrynails.net  Jamberry Nail Shields offers the hottest trend in fashion. Wrap your nails in over 150 different designs.
  Colleen’s Stella & Dot Boutique, Independent Stylist Hi everyone! I just recently changed my facebook fanpage, so the previous link does not work. Here is the new one.www.facebook.com/colleensstelladotboutique Thanks! I have an online trunk how right now that needs some love. Msg me for details! -Colleen Colleen’s Stella & Dot Boutique, Independent Stylist
  Laura-Grayce Beck Hi everyone!! This is a fundraiser for a 3.5 year old that was severely burned – every little bit helps, shopping open until tomorrow, 10 P.M. est!! thanks!!https://www.arbonne.com/cm/a/external/invitation/showInvitation?presentationId=538508&attend=Y&language=en&country=US  Invitation to Stephen N. www.arbonne.com
   Pam Betro Wildtree two-day Customer Appreciation Sale going on right now. Stock up on your favorite items for summer bbq’s, picnics and items that make your busy, summer life a little easier and healthier! Please be sure to click on MY EVENTS, Customer Appreciation Sale and then read the info on the listing at http://www.mywildtree.com/shop/catalog.aspx?eventId=E53746&from=DIRECTLINK … Enjoy your shopping experience and thank you! ~Pam