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Featured Reps Who Are Ready to Rock Their Business in the New Year

We are interested in helping you. At FindSalesRep, our priority is helping you get found and grow your business. Often, we meet reps that are so into building their business that we can help but share them with you.

Today, we are happy to introduce you to Dan Truman and his wife Gina.

Here’s a thank you note we recently received from them

“Hello,  We have really enjoyed FindSalesRep.com as we have been with them for over 2 years.

Here is some info about us… My wife Gina and I travel around the country educating people to the incredible, healing world of essential oils. We are wellness advocates for an amazing company called doTERRA Essential oils. We have team members in over 20 states as well as Brazil and Europe. Our business is exciting and fulfilling. Our goal is to partner with like minded people and help them build a business that will also transform their lives. We are unique in that we take a genuine interest in helping men and women build their business by personally supporting them with classes, marketing ideas and sponsorships which allows them to build quickly and strong… they can actually build a real business that not only transforms their lives, but so many others as they share these amazing oils.

Thanks much FindSalesRep,
Dan & Gina”
To learn more about their business, please visit https://www.findsalesrep.com/users/5249
Maybe you are just like Dan and Gina and you rocking business. For most Direct Sales Reps, their business is important to their finial security. They use the income they earn to help support themselves and maybe a family. Sometimes the income they earn helps them get through tough times.
Maybe you already have a full time job – but as you have probably already heard, multiple streams of income are critical to your financial security.
A second source of income can be a life saver when you are laid off, or when your primary source of income is affected by things outside of your control, such as the government shutdown.
We want to help Direct Sales Reps that may be facing hardships due to the US Federal Government Shutdown.
If you are a Direct Sales Rep, with and active listing on FindSalesRep.com, who is or has a family member who is financially affected by the shutdown,  let us help you grow your business.
Reply with the following info and we will work to get the word out about you,
your business and your favorite products.
1.  Introduce yourself:
What is your name?
Where are you from
What Company do you represent?
What is your business website address?
2.  Let us know how growing your business will help you, your family and those that you love.
3. Tell us about products that you recommend and/or and sales, coupons or special offers you offer.
We sincerely thank all of those that help the US Government each and everyday.

Words on a Page

Do you sometimes just sit down with a book and open to a random page to look for wisdom/inspiration? Some of my best ideas have come from this little action.

Have you ever tried it? What happened? Did you learn a business lesson at just the right moment? Where you motivated to take a risky step that made all the difference? What’s YOUR STORY?

Heres a few to get you started:
  • Mariah Colella-Slider I do it with my bible… and it always helps!
  • Giorgianna Michelle Goudas I have done this with my book of meditations.. and also with the bible. I have done this not for business reasons, but if I felt lost or confused in general… Actually, I can say that 90% of the time I come across something that helps me get through whatever it is that is keeping me down! 🙂:) In effect,though, this does help me professionally, because if we are not “okay” mentally/emotionally, we cannot work to the best of our abilities. 
    Great question!!

    This one happened this morning:

    I had to get up and take a walk.  I needed to THINK my way through a problem.  I was getting no where sitting in front of the computer.  As, I pushed away from my desk, I grabbed “How To Get Rich” by Felix Dennis.  As an author, he is not my usual cup of tea, but he is one of the worlds most successful entrepreneurs, so I have been reading his book ssssllllooooowwllyy over the last few months, for inspiration.  I am on the chapter called The Power of Focus – yeah ironic.

    Here’s what I read,

    “Only hire winners.  There may or may not be such a thing as bad luck.  But whether it exists or not, it is certainly contagious.  Hire Winners or people you believe will become winners.  Fire whiners and moaners swiftly.  That’s contagious, too.  You are trying to create an environment where making money is on everyone’s mind most of the time.  Losers and winers usually have other priorities.”  

    Those words hit me like a bolt from above today!  They stopped me in my tracks and lit a whole new idea in my head!  Here’s what came from that moment of INSPIRATION:  Problem – Trying to Save the World.  lol Yeah, I work on that sometimes.  

    I was thinking about how to help certain people with their business.  I was thinking about my own experiences in Direct Sales and then applied Felix’s advice.  In Direct Sales, reps typically think, “I’d be happy if anyone joined my business.  The more sign ups the better.”  BUT… Felix and I do NOT agree.

    “Only Hire Winners!”  No, you are not ‘hiring’ people when they join your organization, but you are letting them in to your  business and they WILL have an effect on your SUCCESS. “Bad luck” like a Bad attitude is CONTAGIOUS, and it can suck up a lot of your time and energy – just thinking about it.  Example:  Think about the people that already exists on your team.  Remember back to a moment when one them ‘whined or moaned’.  lol Just thinking about them, makes you start frowning right?!  It stops you in your path. Solving their problems kept you from your priorities – Right?

    Now, think about someone on your team, who has had some success, maybe more that you.  Do you start dreaming about the future when they pop in to your mind?  That’s what happens to me.  Their Winning Attitude is CONTAGIOUS, even when I just think about them and when I hang around them – WOW!  That’s POWERFUL STUFF!

    In your business, you are trying to earn money.  There may be a lot of other admirable things you are trying to accomplish too, but in order to succeed at any of these things You Must, “Create the environment”.  Weed out Losers and SEEK out Winners and you will find that you have a lot more time, a TON more fun and a huge amount of success!

    Thanks Felix!

3 Things You should TRY to do Everyday to build YOUR Direct Sales Business

  • Jennifer Butterfield Post positive statuses about my company! Contact people that I think would be interested/have shown interest. And, organize my stuff!!!
  • Polly Workinger Help others build theirs!!! Share positivity, and advertise–I make sure to post one ad a day, regardless, somewhere.
  • Morgan Lady Advertise, training & try to have a deal. I sell for 5 companies so its constant for me but I wouldn’t know what to do without all of them!
  • Dionne Myers Tuplin I don’t try – that’s a reason to give me an out and NOT do it. This is a part of my everyday life – like breathing. Add at least one name to my contact list. Make at least one approach to introduce someone new to our company and participate in trainings to perfect my skills and craft.
  • Cheryl Lamb What I do! Call 10 people every morning. Review client orders and always make a post on Facebook to advertise or a quote!

  • Check in on team, help and encourage them, and go out and talk to people!! Everyone is a potential customer or distributor! smile
  • Francisca Kear 1: Have a positive attitude; 2: Say my Affirmation; 3: Connect with my team and up-line for brain storm and ideas.
  • Polly Workinger The one thing I don’t do is actively prospect, because people are not “prospects” in my opinion. They are people with which to share a great opportunity, but it’s more for them, not me. I’m just here to help them reach that goal smile Have a great day!
  • Dionne Myers Tuplin I agree, Polly. You have a great day as well smile
  • Tiffany Hathorn Networking online. Getting my business out there to potential clients. Following up with people.

    Have 3 Tips that help you build your business everyday?  Share them in the comments below:

Where Can YOU Share YOUR Direct Sales Products

Are you in Direct Sales? SELLING SOMETHING that you are passionate about? Do you have an interesting way of selling it? How about a Special Offer? Gotta DEAL or Coupon or something that No One Else Has? Let’s hear about it!

Just about any product or service can be purchased through direct selling. Many people think of cosmetics, wellness products and home décor as products that are often sold through direct sales, but add to that countless other product categories including kitchen products, jewelry, clothing, organic gardening supplies, spa products, scrapbooking supplies, rubber stamps and much, much more.  And… usually these products are far superior to the ‘regularly retailed’ counter parts sold in stores.
So, Whatcha Got? Give US ALL a reason to Buy From YOU!
Photo: It's SELL IT Saturday at https://www.facebook.com/NetworkMarketingDistributor ! 
Are you in Direct Sales?  SELLING SOMETHING that you are passionate about? Do you have an interesting way of selling it? How about a Special Offer? Gotta DEAL or Coupon or something that No One Else Has?  Let's hear about it!

Just about any product or service can be purchased through direct selling. Many people think of cosmetics, wellness products and home décor as products that are often sold through direct sales, but add to that countless other product categories including kitchen products, jewelry, clothing, organic gardening supplies, spa products, scrapbooking supplies, rubber stamps and much, much more.

So, Whatcha Got? Give US ALL a reason to Buy From YOU!
  Elizabeth Oswald http://myultimatereset.com/healthyinout  If you’ve been feeling tired, run down, or just plain lousy lately . . . if you’re having trouble with your digestion or difficulty losing weight . . . if your body just isn’t working the way you want it to . . . the solution may be simpler than you think. The solution may be an Ultimate Reset™ .  And you’ll do it all without drugs . . . without fasting . . . naturally and painlessly. You’ll do it with Ultimate Reset. Visit my website to get started or LIKE this post for more info. I will coach you and help you make this AWESOME change! http://myultimatereset.com/healthyinout
  Jacki Pitkow Tastefully Simple – simple, easy to use products! We have got a special where you can start for FREE as a consultant! Ask me how! http://www.tastefullysimple.com/web/jpitkow
  Pauland Lisa Coulombe I offer complete emotional and physical support when it comes to starting up your own business. Not only do I give out amazing resources that enable you to be the best you can be, I sell products that help you feel superb! Anyone who starts on my team gets the best in business building support, duplicatible training package and all the resources to get you up and running. I”m VERY passionate about my business and I know it’s super contagious to anyone who wants to join me on the path to super healthy well being in all areas of your life! ♥ Love and light to all.  www.sereniGy.com/superhealth
  Tammy Auman I am doing a special for Mary Kay, when you buy from my site, you get 40% off your order, and then you get locked in for 30% off for the rest of the year on any orders!!! Who doesn’t like to save?? www.marykay.com/tammyauman
  Missy Sheedy Moss Tone, tighten and firm with my amazing Ultimate Applicators! You will be amazed! Get yours today at http://www.wrapsbymissy.myitworks.com
 Christine Whiting Offer something very special for all orders placed during my Summer Shopping Event at http://www.mythirtyone.com/shop/catalog.aspx?eventId=E2030843&from=DIRECTLINK $10 in Fall bucks for every $40 spent, woohoo!!
  Lynette Wray Jackson How does free product sound? You heard correctly – FREE! Nerium International Replenishes your inventory so you can continue to share the product with anyone & everyone. What company do you know of that does that? Check out this Loving, Caring & Sharing Company that has the best, leadership, support system and anti-aging product available. http://neriumskin.nerium.com Real Science,  Real Results – See for yourself! http://www.facebook.com/skinsoradiant
  Bonnie Jacobs Hessler I have a special on back to school personalized childrens books. http://www.mykoolkidzbooks.com/back-to-school
  Ra Ra Sievers with the body by vi refer 3 get yours freehttp://www.rhondalyn218.bodybyvi.com/
  Sunshine Heldstab With Omnitrition I lost 17lb in 21 days, my fibromyalgia aches and pains are better, allergies are gone, my daughters ADHD is better and her eczema is gone and my whole family has never been healthier..plus I finally have the energy I have been missing to keep up with my children., and the edge off the daily stress 😉  These products are truly life changing and I would love to share more about then with you!  www.omnitrition.com/Sunshine
  Rheanna Carter With Pampered Chef you have the ability to come out with over $1,200 in commission & products in your first 30 days! I was able to do it easily & I’m watching ladies make even more! Let me help you book those cooking shows, make that $$$, all while having fun!!  www.pamperedchef.biz/rheannacooks
  Stephanie Martin Sign up as a preferred client and get Arbonne special delivery and get a FREE GIFT after your third order. Don’t forget as a preferred client you will get 20%-50% OFF all products. And a free gift with a $200 order! And that’s any single item of your choice. Join now at www.stephmartin.myarbonne.ca or for USA www.stephmartin.myarbonne.com
  Leana Edmonson Palmer Love Scentsy? Check out the August savings at www.leanapalmer.scentsy.us. Love chocolate?! Velata by Scentsy offers fun fondue warmers with premium Belgian chocolates…yum!! Visit www.leanapalmer.velata.us to see what you’re missing! Interested in hosting a Scentsy and/or Velata event, send me a PM. =)
  Linda Beny August Special with Uppercase Living purchase A frame works frame and get a FREE magnetic insert!  http://lindabeny.uppercaseliving.net  Make your space a reflection of the unique individual you are.
  Starr Marie Confer Hi Gals , My name is Starla and I sell Thirty-one the special for august is buy $31 and get 50% of our spirit collection and any embroidery personalization is only $5 this month on our products. You can check it out at www.mythirtyone.com/starlac
  Kimberly Huskey http://www.facebook.com/kimberlypaparazzijewelry i sell jewelry though this company and its all $5plus tax and less take a look at my page and leave me a message also looking for home parties to book and new team members thanks so much
 Johnna Loth Ladies, we are having an AWESOME sale until tomorrow night.. with Christmas coming, this is incredible. You can pretty much get 3 handmade bracelets for a little over the price of 1. Here’s how: Use “super50” to save 50% on all orders of $50 or more at: www.libertyladydesigns.com/jlloth

Our Favorite Direct Sales Products

Looking for a place to Share Your Favorite Products? 
We want to help! We want to talk about YOUR Favorite Things too- YOUR Products! What’s your favorite? Can you share a LINK? Got a description that will tell us just how great this product REALLY is?

Think talking about your products on the internet won’t help build your business? WRONG!!! Especially in a community where everyone is already in DS. They ALREADY ‘Get It’! If you have a compelling “THING” you might just attract your next Best Business Builder!!!! So, What’s YOUR “Thing”?

Photo: Looking for a place to Share Your Favorite Products? 
We want to help! We want to talk about YOUR Favorite Things too- YOUR Products! What's your favorite? Can you share a picture? Got a link? 

Think talking about your products on fb won't help build your business? WRONG!!! Especially in a community where everyone is already in DS. They ALREADY 'Get It'! If you have a compelling "THING" you might just attract your next Best Business Builder!!!!  So, What's YOUR "Thing"?
  Jodi Manguso Ocken I ♥ Origami Owl Living Lockets – I can almost hear the ocean with this creation! Find out more at Origami Owl – Jodi Ocken, Independent Designer
  Lexi Stepps There’s so much! My favorite things – Scentsy, Grace Adele and Velata! I love them, what I do, what I sell, the company, everything! www.lexistepps.scentsy.us to check it out. 🙂
  Kristy Clark Doskocil Helping others feel better by getting healthier. You learn how to change your lifestyle 90 Days at a time. I suffer from severe migraines and have DJD in my knees. The shakes have been helping reduce the pain in my knees and migraines. As well as having more energy. http://www.kcdoskocil.myvi.net
  Karen Simon Pampering with POSH! Our Perfectly Posh products are naturally based and gentle. We are paraben, paraffin and sulfate-free. WE USE NO SOY OR GLUTEN INGREDIENTS. We are cruelty-free. And we use only nourishing beeswax, milk and honey animal by products. Most of our line is Vegan friendly, we fragrance with high-quality perfumes and essential oils. Best of all…everything is MADE IN THE USA!  Poshed Divas, {Perfectly Posh} Independent Consultants and{Pretty POSHed Divas}, Pretty Please Independent Consultants
  Rachel Kelders We are the world’s first social mobile networking company. Our products are clinically proven. Our healthy energy drink is the official energy drink of a pro basketball team and is going viral with young people(and young at heart) Our newest line is endorsed by a tv celebrity trainer. Connect with me and watch the video on my page to learn more or visit www.vemmabc.com
  Vickie Harding Dawson BCharmed Jewelry/Flirty Aprons- Love the company AND the products! (Launched in June, 2011) Visit my website at www.bcharmedstylist.com/Vickieto learn more. Thanks!
  Christina Cobb I love my It Works supplements, especially the Greens, New You 3.0, Thermo fit and Fat Fighters. It amazes me how much better I feel and how much more energy I have since I found these products! They are all natural too! http://peaceloveandwrappiness.myitworks.com/
  Home peaceloveandwrappiness.myitworks.com
  Julia Lengyell I love my Miche Bag, I don’t go anywhere without it! I can match my outfit or my mood just by changing the outside of my purse! http://www.homepartyrep.com/julia_lengyell
  Elizabeth Oswald I LOVE my Shakeology. It helps me so much with energy and feeling better on the digestive side. Oh and helps with weight loss too. But it is just so much more than that. www.gethealthyinandout.com or visit my fb page www.fb.com/busimomlosingit
 Cheryl Lalonde-Cote I love Arbonne health and beauty products! Safe, pure and beneficial. Vegan certified!! I haven’t been a consultant for very long but the people I know that have been doing this for a little over a year are already making over 20 000$ MONTHLY!! There are only 4 promotion levels (3rd leven you get a 980$ cash bonus to purchase a white Mercedes!). The products sell themselves and the business opportunity is amazing!! contact me I would love to help someone get started in this field! http://thefountainofyouth.myarbonne.ca/
  Debbie Baxter-Penley Help others feel better by telling them how much you appreciate them! I use my SendOutCards every day, and as a result my business and my relationships have grown – www.debsgreetingcards.com
 Lisa Stardig Eriksson Jamberry Nails..For me its simple..When you do a HOME show for any products, Candles, Spices, ANYTHINg,,you have to have your nails looming AWESOME..so put on yours Jams..when your holding up your candles etc Girls will ask about your Nails…www.nomorenailpolish.com
  Maria George IT WORKS GLOBAL Body Applicators and Supplements is what I sell and I LOVE IT!!!! https://mariageorge12.myitworks.com/shop Message me for details!!!
  Joan Schmertz Flores Pink Zebra Sprinkles!!!! LOVE THEM. Create your own scents! The new fall catalog just came out yesterday. MADE IN THE USA!!! www.pinkzebrahome.com/lovemysprinkles and my fan page is www.facebook.com/lovemysprinkles
  Eric Gamble Not gonna lie….I love working with my friends and my girlfriend with our Melaleuca Business. We have nearly 400 health & wellness products that can provide everyone with a safer and better environment for them and their families. What I really like right now is that if you have been considering joining Melaleuca as a Customer or even Starting a business from home, we can help you get started for only $1!! That’s right, from 8/16-8/31 enrollement for anyone who wants to join Melaleuca as a Customer or even a business builder is only $1!! Let me know if I or my team can help you get started today. Check out or Team Page atwww.TakingYourFreedomBack.com
 April Miller The Scentsy Family has so many products for everyone! Baby buddies and regular sized buddies for children, SAFE wickless candles for all home decor, men, women, even children with warmers and scents to suit everyone. (you can even mix and match scents). Scentsy has even expanded to fragrances (think shower gels, lotions, etc.), purses and accessories (Grace Adele), and chocolate fondue! (Velata) Please like my page and/or visit my website to find out more. Tricityscents-April Miller Independent Scentsy Consultant https://tricityscents.scentsy.us/
  Shasha Lynn The fact that any diabetic symptoms I had have been reversed. LOVE http://www.tnthealth.jeunesseglobal.com/
  Kelly Stewart Heslip Thirty-One has been a tremendous blessing to my family and others! I love having fundraiser parties to help out those in need. I also love to bless my customers with tons of giveaways…just gave away a Market Thermal Tote! I have a special group for my customers. Feel like getting in on the benefits of Celebrate | Encourage | Reward? Join my group!  https://www.facebook.com/groups/241342769210761/
  Nicole R Royal With Organo Gold, I love being able to help people become the person they were meant to be. The personal development, leadership, along with the phenomenal products is a total win. After 22 years in the industry, I have found home. My favorite products are the King of Coffee & the Red Tea! www.royaljava.organogold.com
  Kathy Chandler-Troutman I love how the products of Initials, Inc help make life easier sometimes!August is National Picnic Month! (Who knew??) Initials, Inc. has you covered with the new Triple Play. Create the bag you need for the way you live! Order now for fall tailgating. www.myinitials-inc.com/UniquelyYou
  The Man With The Dinner Plan What’s For Dinner? Now you can avoid the stress and struggle with simple, healthy cooking solutoins with Wildtree (www.mywildtree.com/Fit4Life). With approx. 200 all-natural items, you will find everything from appetizers to desserts….and it taste great! I will even supply you with 10-day Meal Plans.

What’s YOUR Thing?

It’s Time to Take Yourself Seriously

There are very few SUCCESSFUL entrepreneurs in the business world that would say that they ‘started their business totally by accent’.  In direct sales though, it’s a common statement.  Think back to the beginning, maybe you were invited to a home party.  You where a little bit interested in the products or maybe you were just supporting a friend or family member and so you showed up.  You were excited and things just spread like wildfire!  Before you even had time to think about it…  you were in business.  Just like 91 million people worldwide who also started their own Direct Sales businesses.

Business Owner, Entrepreneur, On the Road to Millionaire  ALL these titles become yours when you enter the Direct Sales Industry— it is a vibrant and thriving group of motivated go-getters from every back ground.  The thing that they all have in common:  They have dreams!  They see the future as full of infinite possibilities, a pathway to economic and personal freedom, and ‘way out’ of what ever your in now and yet they don’t really take themselves seriously.  They don’t see Direct Sales as a real opportunity or legitimate job and or stable way to support themselves and their family.  They are unsure about what they can do with what they’ve got.

Unfortunately, most Direct Sales Reps are insecure, uncertain and even shy sometimes about their business.  As a result, we’ve created a perception problem and perception IS EVERYTHING!  Too often our own lack of confidence in ourselves and our lack of belief in the industry causes Direct Sales Reps, like us to be ignored and or ridiculed by big business, big investors and big chunks of the general public.  What we offer is typically overlooked by almost everyone including the unemployed looking work —even though as an industry, in 2011 DIRECT SALES contributed more than $132 billion to the global economy!

The fact is: Direct selling is leading leading thousands of AMERICAN families out of the economic colaps when traditions buisness and employment have been unattainable or limiting.

The fact is: American companies Like Amway, Herbalife and Visalus are ALL expecting INCREASES in Sales Growth greater than 40% for 2012.  Even Avon, which had its share of problems this year, reported a 9.7 increase in 2011!

The fact is:  Direct selling is one of the most generous industries by nature, contributing over $400 million annually to feed malnourished children, provide disaster relief, and support local, national and international organizations and associations.

The fact is:  Almost ALL Direct Sales Companies have an altruistic nature that supports both person health and personal growth.  The company wants to help you succeed, get rich and rise to the top in your field.  There are often no barriers or limits in Direct Sales!

The Fact is:  The industry allows entrepreneurs to successfully duplicate results and easily share their knowledge and wisdom with others who want to share in the opportunities presented.

The Fact is:  In 2011, 11.2% of all Direct Sellers were Full-Time.  They made a Full Time Income and supported there family with their Direct Sales business.

The Fact is:  In 2011, the World Foundation of Direct Selling Associates reported that there were 91,533,825 Active Direct Selling Reps world wide. Wow!

The Fact is:  Just about any product or service can be purchased through direct selling somewhere in the world.  You don’t have to get everything at Walmart.

The Fact is:  It’s Time To Take Yourself and your Direct sales Business Seriously.  You Can be a participant in creating your own reality as an independent business owner. You really do have a REAL opportunity.  So, take advantage of your Direct Selling opportunity…

  1. Do something, call prospects, bang on doors, advertise, promote, talk, talk, talk.  Don’t expect money to flow in on “auto pilot”, don’t expect your upline to build your business, don’t wait for someone else to make your business grow.
  2. Do not have a big EGO.
  3. Do  team up with your upline or downline, even the sidelines.
  4. Do organize or attend meetings, events, calls and/or webinars.
  5. If you attend a meeting, show up dressed up and ready for business.
  6. Do read personal development books.
  7. Do return calls promptly.
  8. Do take time to understand the compensation plan and the products/services you repesent.
  9. Do not jump from opportunity to opportunity.
  10. Do take yourself and your business seriously.

Jump In to Your Direct Sales Business

Instead of complaining about ALL the Reasons WHY You can NOT JUMP-IN to your Business, LET’S Make a List of ALL the REASONS WHY YOU Should Jump-In to Your Business!

#1 You can Stop making someone else rich and make your own dreams come true.
#2 No one else can hold you back!
#3 You can follow your passion instead of a pay check.
  Eric Gamble #4  Give it an honest 30 day, 90 day, or whatever you set time in your mind honest 100% effort. What do you have to lose? the worst thing that could possibly happen is that, 30 days from now, you are exactly at the same spot you are now!
  Findsalesrep Get Found ‎#5 You CAN pay the mortgage, car payment, and bills with your Direct Sales job. You will have to work hard, but your company has a way, a plan, a path to help you get there. Figure out exactly what it is and follow it with out exception or excuses.
  Eric Gamble #6  someone just won the big power ball, but they had to buy a ticket to even have a chance to win. your new direct sales opportunity = your ticket. someone have to win, at your direct sales position…why not let it be you give it a chance.
 Diane Leach #7 Even if you are sick you can still feel like you are accomplishing something!
 Eric Gamble  #8 My last one, I swear…. opportunities that we are all working at are real. we all have a great product an opportunities to share can help others with…therefore if someone is going to tell everyone you know about these types of great products. Why not let it be you?
#9  ???  What’s your reason?  Why should you go for it?

Use Your Passion for Products to Support Your Cause

Are you using Your Passion for Your Products to help You Raise $ for a Cause that is Close to Your Heart?We want to help! Let’s support each other! Post your events in the comments. Let us know how we can help you Support a Cause !

Photo: It's SUPPORT a CAUSE Sunday at https://www.Facebook.com/NetworkMarketingDistributor </p>
<p>Are you using Your Passion for Your Products to help You Raise $ for a Cause that is Close to Your Heart?</p>
<p>We want to help! Let's support each other! Post your events in the comments. Let us know how we can help you Support a Cause!
  Li-Anne Thatsme Will you join the crusade of Jerky Direct’s Super6Power team in offering our high protein jerky to keep the firefighters going as they battle the Colorado Springs wildfire? One of our own members lives just a few miles from these fires and has coordinated with the fire department to help. She has also reached out to local shelters to offer our pet treats for the animals who have suddenly found themselves lost and alone in shelters. Over 32,000 families have been evacuated and displaced. As of yesterday, only 45% of the fire had been contained so there’s still a long way to go. You can make your contribution by placing an order for jerky or pet treats today at http://www.eatmorejerky.info/ and having it shipped to Edy Delarosa, 4735 Pipestem Ave., Colorado Springs, CO 80928. These people NEED us! Thanks for your help!
  ItWorks.net/lifestylesolutions Raising funds for our local fire and police officers. $5 from every purchase goes directly to their volunteer and community funds. Book a party (online, skype, in person) with me and you are helping our bravest have the funding they need to do their jobs and protect your lives. lifestylesolutions1@hotmail.com http://lifestylesolutions.myitworks.com/
  Lisa Ouellette Imagine for a moment, that you had the opportunity to get involved in a company/business opportunity from the beginning. Imagine being a part of a Profit Sharing Pool that will pay you up to $500 a month for simply being on autoship and having 1 direct referral. Stop Imagining. It’s REAL and It’s Called DAY1. National Pre-Launch Begins August 1st 2012. Secure Your Position in the Linear Compensation Plan TODAY!   DAY1 is going to change the world! Finally, everyone across the nation has the chance to earn enough income to donate to a charity of their choice! And the company is going to match your donation from 1% – 10%. Message me for details!
  Ana Mariel Taveras Please visit our website at http://vousestbellefoundation.webs.com/ and also our fb pg at Vous Est Belle Foundation and LIKE and SHARE and help support our mission so we can reach as many young girls/women who are less fortunate. Thank you!

Special Offers From Direct Sales Reps From Every Company

Have any SPECIAL OFFERS or COUPONS ? Let’s post some here in the comments and if you see one you like, take advantage and get in touch with the Network Marketing Distributor who offered it!!!
Think you Don’t want to BUY anything, so it’s not worth looking? WRONG! There are some amazing products out there that REALLY work AND… there are some very creative REPS posting here.
So, take a look. If you like what they are offering maybe it will inspire you to make a similar offer and grow your own business.
Business tips are everywhere! Watch people who are are successful. Do what they do and become Successful!
Thanks for sharing!
Photo: Today is a good day for SPECIAL OFFERS and COUPONS at https://www.facebook.com/NetworkMarketingDistributor 
Let's post some here in the comments and if you see one you like, take advantage and go and LIKE the Network Marketing Distributor who offered it!!!
Think you Don't want to BUY anything, so it's not worth looking? WRONG! There are some amazing products out there that REALLY work AND... there are some very creative REPS posting here. 
So, take a look. If you like what they are offering maybe it will inspire you to make a similar offer and grow your own business. 
Business tips are everywhere! Watch people who are are successful. Do what they do and become Successful!
Thanks for sharing!  Pink Zebra Home ~ Sue Ritter Hall, Independent Consultant SAVE 15% on all Silver Driftwood fragrance items and as a bonus save 15% off on our new NAPA LEATHER SPRINKLES!!! Offer ends June 30th at midnight!!!
   Bridget Hughes Diva Girl Party…Bridget Hughes, Founding Director…100% off of any kit, flip flops on sale for $21.00, and buy 2 packs of straps, get the third FREE (that’s 6 sets of straps!) our flip flops are ultra comfortable, and no need to have more flips with our interchangeable straps! Order the straps online and then contact me to get the 21.00 price for the flip flops! www.divagirlparty.com/bhughes
Join as an ESS Distributor get a $100 rebate.  Join as a Basic Distributor or Challenger on a Shape Kit or Higher and get a FREE personal blender!!  Check it out http://proudmommaof5.bodybyvi.com/
   Cindy Sadlowski Azuli Skye- Summer Sale going on now. Not only do we have fabulous jewelry sales going on but Surprise! June 29 to July 9 is DOUBLE SPECIALS. This can make a HUGE difference to your business! • Customers who spend $50 (of Regular & Half-Price items) get TWO (instead of one) items at the special price, spend $95 get up to EIGHT (instead of four) items at the special price. •Orders must be submitted by end of July 9 to qualify for the DOUBLE Customer Specials.  Go to www.azuliskye.com/cindys to see the specials and sales this month.
  Sarah Whitson Carlisle ‎$5 Tealight Sale Starts tomorrow but I’m taking pre-orders now! Info in on my page Lights in Action with Sarah Carlisle, Leader and Independent Consultant 🙂
  Bcharmed Independent stylist – Wanda Tituswandacharms@gmail.com or go ahead and place an order sorry I cant seem to add the photo of the 50% off sale Becharmed jewellery- and flirty aprons sale order www.bcharmedstylist.com/wanda/ or to see this and other specials for the month of July for NEW stylists( kits start at $99) , hostess’ and customers become a fan on this page THANKS!
  Melinda Obrien ‎25%off total order with me at check out for Passion Parties. Huge Shades of Summer sale going on right now. Use code party at check out. www.mindyobrien.yourpassionconsultant.com

We are hoping for a big list here!  The idea is to get Special Offers From Direct Sales Reps From Every Company.  So, add your SPECIAL DEAL in the Comments.

NO is a fact of life in the Direct Sales Industry

“NO!” is a fact of life in the Direct Sales Industry. How do you get over the disappointment and keep a smile on your business face?
  Kim Mckay By remembering that most no’s really mean no not right now:)
 Katie Fillingame Timby For every 10 “no’s” you get you will get 1 yes and it is usually a great yes.
 Amanda Blizzard I remember that i need to hear about 10 no’s for every yes i get, so every no brings me that much closer to a yes!
  Julia Martin Gives me more drive to keep moving on to greater things!
 Pontus Lindmark Biz A no is only a no at this particular moment. I use to think that my job is to promote my business and not necessarily get a yes straight away !
 Monique Wilson Every No. Make me stronger and more determine to reach my goals.