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Serious Direct Sales Business Schedule For Success

This is VERY EXCITING! You have your own business. You love the products and believe in the company you represent, but is that enough? Sometimes, having all the right tools is not enough. Sometimes, it’s YOU that needs to get onboard with your goals. It can help to write about your journey in a daily journal. Write down your dreams, hopes, challenges and record your successes. This will both encourage you and keep you honest! Start writing Now! write it down

It can also help to write down your schedule: If, right now you know your are struggling in your business and that you are not reaching your goals, make today the day to begin to take positive action. Start this process by making a schedule for all the action steps you SHOULD be taking.
Here are a few ideas of things to include in schedule:
– Plug In: Get on company calls and webinars at least once a week.
– Make calls: Serious networkers can make 100+ calls a week.
– Knock on some doors: Canvassing is a must if you want to grow your business. 10 doors per week minimum.
– Plan a Party: Host at least one event per month.
– Get to events: Tables are important. Have a table at an expo or other event at least once a moth.
– Advertising: It takes time and or Money, but you have to do it. Get it done!
– Be Creative: Give yourself 10 minutes a day to brainstorm new ideas. Then schedule 1 hour per week to implement your new plans.

Writing everything down can help you get focus in a million different ways, but the most import may be be to show you what action steps you are ‘really’ taking. If you have nothing in your journal and nothing on your schedule, don’t expect to have any business. If, on the other hand you can see in writing, that each day you have a few small steps to take and you record the results from each step taken- you will have a lot to celebrate. 🙂
So, start writing! Make today a day that you are proud of.

What to Put on YOUR Direct Sales Business Cards

What’s on Your Business Card? 
Having a business card is a BIG ‘must do’. Exchanging cards is a common way to get to know new people in almost any situation. 
What’s on the back of your card? 
BIG ‘no no’ leaving it blank and if you get someone else’s that is blank, use it for notes about the person that you can use when you follow up with them later.

Photo: What's on Your Business Card?  
Having a business card is a BIG 'must do'.  Exchanging cards is a common way to get to know new people in almost any situation.  
What's on the back of your card?  
BIG 'no no' leaving it blank and if you get someone else's that is blank, use it for notes about the person that you can use when you follow up with them later.  Marilyn Arriaga Appointment space .  Make X amount if purchase get a free gift.  10% off your next order.  These are things I have.  One item per card, not all those offers it’s one or the other.
  Tiffany Hathorn Mine says “I Love Referrals” and briefly outlines my referral policy (someone you refer buys or books, you get 15% off your next order if they mention your name. That way even if they don’t want to order now or book a party, there is a possible reward for sharing my business card with others. I also have a loyal customer card. They get a stamp in a box for every $50 they spend and get a particular reward for filling it up halfway or all the way. Halfway is 15% off an order. All the way is the hostess discount for a full year as long as they can present the card.
  Annette Brownworth When someone, anyone, even if it is not a potential client, asks for my number or email, I hand them a card, it’s so much more convenient and you never know you might spark there interest or they might share your info with someone they know who might need your services! 🙂 I write their appointment on the back or a special just for them or I use it incase they refer me, I put their name, and what they will get if someone returns the car to me, it shows me that they have shared my biz with others 🙂
  PartyGal Anne Rehrig All of mine include a $10 gift certificate on the back. I’m not handing out cards, I’m handing out the equivalent of a $10 bill! 🙂

Having a testimonial is HUGE in Direct Sales, but typically you don’t have more than a few seconds to make an impression. We asked a few seasoned reps to give us their best “Pick Up Line” or their 10 Second Story.  And we asked them to make sure it would fit on the back of a business card.  Here are just a few examples:

  Ryan Sather Do you like free meat and free beer?
 Dianne Chandler ‎1. Would you like to prepare meals in 30 min or less? Ask me how! 2. Molten Lava Chocolate Cake – You Book it, I’ll Cook it! 3. Take the 30-Day Challenge, What do you have to lose? I have all three of these on the back my cards so people are getting different quotes. That way if you are at an event and two friends each get a card, they say something different – when they look they will talk about what their card says.
  Organic Vitamins and Supplements – Skin Care – Makeup – Sharp Enterprises Do you want to take chemicals or natural organic supplements?
  Natalie Karen Boecker Sick & tired of feeling sick & tired. Let me help! I don’t sell soap. I sell hope!

What’s On Your Card?


Direct Sales Business Rules

Rule of 1’s: One person can make a huge difference in your business. You never know who will be ‘YOUR ONE’. So, ask every 1!

Rule of 2’s: Ask two people to be your business partners and then help them develop their two. Duplication, duplication. Did I just say that twice?

Rule of 3’s: 3 calls, 3 emails in 3 days! 

Rule of 4’s: The 4 foot rule. If they are within 4 feet of you, they need to hear about your business.

Rule of 5’s: Work with 5 people closely for 5 months. Develop them as a team. Teach them the power of 5 and then start with 5 more.

Rule of 10’s: Invite 10 people to a Party/Meeting 1 will come. So, if you want to 10, invite 100!

Rule of 100’s: Bring 100 new people in to your business, 1 will be serious enough to work the business. So, bring in 1000 and get ten solid business builders – then you can go on a short vacation. lol