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Five Featured Canadian Direct Sales Reps

Many Direct Sales Companies encourage reps like you to grow their teams. Has your team expanded in to Canada yet? Let us know and we’ll share your success on our blog.

In the past three years, Direct Selling Companies in Canada have experienced incredible growth due to a positive economic climate. With more and more people going into business for themselves, the direct selling industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in Canada. More than one-million Canadians are independent business owners, partnering with direct sales companies. Meet a few of these increadble Canadan Reps!

Lisanne CoteMeet Lisanne Cote ~ Monat Market Partner in Sherbrooke, Quebec

Bonjour, je suis une entrepreneur et j’adore pouvoir travailler de la maison, j’ai un mari que j’adore ainsi de 2 beaux grands garçons. Je suis heureuse d’avoir découvert Monat car mes cheveux sont magnifiques mais aussi car ils sont sans produits nocifs pour nous ou l’environnement. Depuis que mon mari utilise aussi les produits, ses cheveux ont recommencé à pousser là où il n’y en avait presque plus!! Visit Lisanne’s Monat Website

Meet Lindsay Larocque ~ doTERRA Consultant in Timmins, Ontario

I am a mom of a beautiful 6 years old little girl and unlike any mom I only do what I think is best for my child. My daughter struggled with what seemed to be an never ending cough that only occurred at night since she was three. I did everything I could possibly do brought her to the doctors constantly they eventually put her on puffers no change, she had an allergy test done, put on antibiotics, got everything checked nothing could explain it. In the end all the doctorsI brought her to said pretty much the same thing she just keeps getting colds one after the other it was never ending, that is until I seen an advertisement about essential oils and after doing days of research I made my decision to purchase some and I am so glad I did. ❤

Lindsay Larocque

After about 5 days of using the oils she almost completely stopped coughing and by day 10 ish she completely stopped coughing and was able to sleep through the whole night without waking up due to a coughing fit and what a difference that made.

Ever since I seen the effects the oils have had on my daughter I decided to try them myself and that’s when I completely fell in love with them. They worked for anything I used them for wether I felt nauseous, had a headache or and sort of pain I rubbed the necessary oils on and they worked like a charm.

Since essential oils have done so much to help me and my family I decided to educate myself the best I can so I could help others learn how to do the same. Visit Lindsay’s doTERRA Website

Sharon Evans

 Sharon Evans ~ Nu Skin Distributor in Winnipeg, Manitoba

My name is Sharon and my background is in business coaching and consulting. I found NuSkin when searching for a problem with my skin. I researched the company and was impressed with it’s track record and status on the NY stock exchange and became a distributor to get my products wholesale. Visit Sharon’s Nu Skin Website

Karen Larochelle ~ Arbonne Consultant in Grafton, Ontario

My name is Karen Larochelle. I am a Stay-At-Home Mom, Wife, Daugther, Sister, Friend, Volunteer, and…an Arbonne Independent Consultant! My life has changed drastically over the past couple years. For the past 10 years, I had been enjoying a fantastic and successful career in the sales & service industry. I had two sons (now I’ve got THREE!), a fabulous Husband and the life I had always dreamed of. Well…sort of. When I was young and pictured my future I realized it was always in two separate “silos”. I pictured an exciting career learning about science & medicines, travelling and succeeding; while I was also dreaming of a life with my family, sitting down to home-cooked meals, playing outside, rolling on the carpet with tickle fights and volunteering in their school classrooms. The more closely we looked at our lives, the more we realized that one dream (career) was becoming increasingly demanding of my time and energy, and the other dream (family) was diminishing due to rushed lives, quick meals, daycare drop-offs and getting back onto the laptop after dinner. My husband and I took a good look at our lives, what we wanted to prioritize, and decided that I would leave my career and stay at home with the kids. We realized how blessed we were to even be able to make that decision. If that wasn’t a big enough change for our family, we, at the same time, also moved away from my home town and started a new life out in the countryside.

I must admit, this was a wonderful change in all of our lives! Now we have the time to play together, talk about our day over a home-cooked meal and actually eat breakfast together without dealing with “the morning rush”. However, what about my other dream? What about the exciting world of business? Is there a way to still be the #1 diaper changer, meal-maker, coach, lego-builder AND get the feeling of accomplishment by also being important to a corporation?

Karen LarochelleWhile I was at an Arbonne “Swiss Beauty Workshop” that a friend of mine was hosting, I was really listening about the important (and surprising!) information being shared about skin care, and Arbonne’s philosophy of Pure, Safe & Beneficial products. I was even skeptical at first. The products couldn’t be as amazing as they said they were…however, after purchasing a few products, then hosting my own workshop in order to get the whole RE9 anti-aging line from my host rewards…I was hooked. The products ARE unbelievable! Arbonne was quickly becoming a passion of mine, and so why not share this with others? Even now, after being an Independent Consultant for almost two years, I am only just beginning to visualize what this company has to offer, for my future, and my family’s future. Expanding my business into the Health & Wellness side of Arbonne has been very exciting!

Arbonne has helped me be able to fulfill both of my dreams of family and a career and not only be important to a corporation…but actually OWN my OWN business! Arbonne has allowed me to be present in all aspects of my family’s life. I work when I want, and as much as I want. Also, very importantly for me, Arbonne allows me to get out of my “mom jeans” and put on my pantyhose! To share my passion for learning about skin care, about what we are putting on our skin…on our childrens’ skin, into our mouths and even ultimately, how we are earning the dollars that we put into our bank account. Sound good to you? Come join me! This is the most fun you’ll ever have earning a living. Visit Karen’s Arbonne Website

Phil Small

Meet Phil Small ~ Amway Distributor in Maple Ridge, British Columbia

My wife and I have been IBOs (Independent Business Owners) with Amway since 1979. It’s always been an exciting business and today it’s better than ever with more opportunity to a little or a lot. Visit Phil’s Amway Website

A message to FindSalesRep: “Hi Friends, Thanks for the great service. I contacted the referral. Great News! The person is now a customer and purchased products from me. Regards, Phil Small”

THANKS PHIL! ❤ FindSalesRep.com




Direct Sales Reps Offer Special Savings

Most of Direct Sales Reps don’t like to consider themselves SALES People, but that’s what they are. Independent Sales Associates for Direct Sales Companies with Unique Products that sell best by ‘Word – Of – Mouth’.
Are you in Direct Sales? SELLING SOMETHING that you are passionate about? Do you have an interesting way of selling it? How about a Special Offer? Gotta DEAL or Coupon or something that No One Else Has?
Let’s hear about it!
Just about any product or service can be purchased through direct selling. Many people think of cosmetics, wellness products and home décor as products that are often sold through direct sales, but add to that countless other product categories including kitchen products, jewelry, clothing, organic all natural home supplies, spa products, supplements, scrapbooking supplies and much, much more.
  Deanna Sweidel Jamberry nail wraps are NEW AND IMPROVED! Visit www.ditabelle.jamberrynails.com to check out what they are! Contact me via Deanna Sweidel Independent Jamberry Nails Consultant for a sample.
  Tracy Hayes Hello all. I am Tracy Hayes with Mary Kay. I often have promotions for sales and for new team members. Take your pick! www.marykay.com/thayes35 to check our products and get 25% off. Free gift with purchase, shipping, and no hassle shopping. Hello ladies! I received a January Challenge from my new Sales Director from my Believers Unit! The 1st person to have 10 ladies listen to our Believe Marketing hotline gets BEAUTIFUL necklace and 4 CD series of either training or godly inspiration! You can help me by calling 559-546-1099, code is 339442# and reference number is #. Then text/call me at 770-842-1460 with 1 thing that stood out most. You’ll get a free lipstick from me for helping. We can make January rock!  Please share the number with anyone you think needs a lil pink in their life. And, pick out the color lipstick you want so I can pop it in the mail for you. New members get $25 gift card and raffle/drawing for a Coach purse.
  Renee Eichler Barragan ItWorks offers a body wrap that tightens, tones, and firms your skin anywhere you want on your body. we also have other amazing products to help with your health and wellness! Https://reneeb.myitworks.com. if you join me team, they also have 5k, 10k, 25k, and even a 50k bonus going on write now!!
  Li-Anne Thatsme I’m passionate about giving back! I offer organic gluten-free & all natural beef, buffalo, turkey & chicken jerky, fruit snacks and all natural gluten-free turkey pet treats in support of Hearts of the Sacred Spirit, helping Native Americans living on Pine Ridge Reservation. Just visit http://operationjerky.com/sacredspirit, make a purchase and they will receive 20%!
  Tammy Neveau-Bonnell I love our sale… 50% off of our tealights.. what a great way to stock up… visit my site and sign up free for Partylite Preferred. You will receive an additional coupon of 25% off in your email. As a preferred member you will receive 20% back on all your orders the following month. Great program … great way to give back…www.partylite.biz/tammysparty
  Heather Crabtree Mullins Paparazzi Accessories has given women of all ages a chance to accessorize on a budget without having to feel guilty! A $5 piece of jewelry might not change the world, but the woman wearing it might! New consultants that join in January receive 15% more free jewelry in their starter kits–it’s like free money! I love the way this company is changing lives, including mine! Check outwww.paparazziaccessories.com/3007 to see my story or to join my team. On Facebook, check us out at Paparazzi by Heather.
  Lexi Stepps I’m a Scentsy Family Director – I offer all 3 brands offered by Scentsy Family. I like to think that I am a fun, pressure-free salesgirl! I look for the best options for my customers, the products that suit them and think of how they can benefit from what I’m offering them. I try to listen and provide great customer service! My fan page iswww.facebook.com/lexiscents and I’d love to have you become a fan of mine

  Gil Harbin Want to learn how to look better feel better, live better? Try LIMU! I think it may be the best thing going today! Got my free BMW in less than 5 months!

  Junetta Suzi Roberson Sparks I am an associate with SABA our main product is ACE (Appetite control energy) but we have so much more! Message my page atwww.facebook.com/AceIsHealthyWeightloss and I will email you a free catalog- also I have opprotunities for EVERYONE TO EARN FREE ACE! Message the page.
  Gil Harbin Www.mylimuexperience.com has some awesome videos that explain LIMU. My website is gilharbin.ianlimu.com to order product. If you want to get off the meds your on here is your chance. Check out limunation.com for some product testimonies.
 Jody Weber www.youravon.com/jlloydweber  Just started with Avon looking for new customers to serve refer a friend who makes a $10 purchase Free gift for you.
  Greg Wells Project 10  Every week in 2013, we’re giving away $10,000 to 10 people who lose 10 lbs.! PLUS Free “i LOST it” T-shirt for everyone who loses 10 lbs. Plus you have a 90 Day Money Back Results Guarantee!!.. To Learn More visit www.gwnetwork.myvi.net
  Tracy Ford Stire Norwex Antibac microfiber changes the way you clean FOREVER!! Did you know that there is up to 70 Xs higher levels of toxins in your home environment than in our outside atmosphere?? Replace the chemical products that you are currently using with natural options and improve your quality of life!! Come visit my website or Facebook page and if you have any questions please feel free to ask!! I get a huge sense of satisfaction when I am able to help a person in need!!  Facebook: www.facebook.com/greencleanqueen  Website: www.tracystire.norwex.biz
  Christina Fifer Hedke Get organized in 2013! Thirty-One is offering their new organizing your way items at 50% off this month with any $31 purchase!! Bright new prints and colors too

  Misty Ahlborn WilsonWww.tastefullysimple.com/web/mwilson16  I am a Tastefully Simple Senior Consultant. Tastefully simple sells gouremet products that you can make using under 3 ingrediates. Check out my site!

  Michelle Simmington Follow five simple steps to create YOUR perfect look… Pick your bag color, choose your bag, add your clutch, style your bag, style YOU. Check out my site….10% off until January 31st https://michellesimmington.graceadele.us/GraceAdele/Home

  Wendy Pulham Vinyl lettering and graphics for your home and business needs. Become inspired with @UppercaseLivingWendyPulham  Wendy Pulham Www.facebook.com/UppercaseLivingWendyPulham  

Make your space a reflection of the unique individual you are. 

  Barbra Dijak EVERYTHING on my Grace Adele web site is 10% OFF this month only! Purses, bags, jewelry and accessories. Shop through the Open Party linkhttps://purseandblinglady.graceadele.us/GraceAdele/Buy?partyId=128903993

  Kathy Okoney-Narciso It sucks when all the bills fall on the same week we are broke……….does this sound like you or someone you know. Well pick up that telephone right now and call me. I want to help. YES we are now hiring part time new consultants. A big Thanks to Connie C. and her $1100 party this week! and even more I love the THIRTY PERCENT I earned that night… yup… $330 for a couple hours of work. Want to know more? Join my team and next time it could be YOU earning that kind of cash. www.tastefullysimple.com/web/knarciso or www.facebook.com/garlicdiva
  Bobi Robbins Grace Adele, the HOTEST new thing in fashion! You build your own bag, you create your own style! Easy, and on the go! Follow five simple steps to create YOUR perfect look… Pick your bag color, choose your bag, add your clutch, style your bag, style YOU. Check out my site www.BobiRobbins.Graceadele.us

Direct Sale Gifts and Shopping Ideas

Shopping for the right gift can be overwhelming.  Fortunately, Direct Sales Reps are here and ready to aide you.  They will help you find the right Direct Sales Gift for all the GIRLS on your list!

The problem:

For way too many men, shopping by them self, for the women in their life is like doing their own brain surgery – they’re in no condition to know where to start or what is really required to get the job done. Sure, they know where the mall is, but it will be Dec. 24th before they head there and they still won’t have the right gift by morning!

The Answer… Let our Direct Sales Reps Aid You!

We have asked them to reach out and help all those poor, unsuspecting women, who have no clue what fashion nightmares await them. We have  partner them to offer MEN a one stop shopping experience this December that will SIMPLIFY to whole process! Together, we  are GIVING MEN the PERFECT shopping experiences, so they can forget wasted hours looking for ‘the wrong’ clothes and avoid forced smiles at jewelry that will NEVER be worn.

So, are you ready to Find The Right Direct Sales Gift?  Meet the Gift Advisors – just follow the GIFT ADVISOR Link to the right –> OR  Click Here!  These Girls will come to your aide and make you a hero this holiday!
Gift Box

We Asked a Few Direct Sales Reps

What are YOU Thankful for?

We asked that they Share 4 Things about their Company, their Products, their Team or the DS Industry that they are truly grateful for. The REP with the BIGGEST Heart – FULL of Gratitude was given a FREE StateWide Listing

on www.FindSalesRep.com or in Canada at www.FindSalesRep.ca

Here’s the List of Grateful Reps.  It’s worth a read if you are need of a little inspiration!

April Rottmann

I am sooo thankful for Norwex! Taking the harsh chemicals out of my home and still being able to clean quickly and easily is just awesome!! I am also thankful for my 35% discount. This gives me the ability to not charge shipping to my customers who purchase my cash & carry!! And, I usually give another 6.25% discount, along with the free shipping & handling. I know this cuts into my commision, but I’d rather spread the Norwex mission of radically reducing the use of chemicals in personal care and cleaning! I am thankful for being able to set my own hours, and very thankful for the wonderful people I meet while sharing the love of Norwex!! My heart jumps for joy when people run up to my table (at events) and say “I LOVE NORWEX!!” 🙂 www.aprilrottmann.norwex.biz


Nicole R Royal Hmmm, where do I begin!!? First, I am most thankful for those who have partnered with and trust in me to help usher their families to financial freedom through Organon Gold. Second, I am thankful to the leadership of Organo Gold and their genius of creating a system that no matter where in the 30+ countries I send a potential business partner and new partners, they see the system as it would be any where in the world. It gives me the ability to “clone” myself to help my business partners succeed. Third, after 22 years in the industry, I am thankful for finally finding a company who invests more in growing me as a person and as a leader so I may be the very best at helping others achieve their full potential. Lastly, & certainly not least, I am thankful to the world of direct sales/network marketing for giving people the option and ability to outlive their dreams by taking their lives into their own hands and creating the stories that inspire others to reach for the stars.

Natural Health Solutions I am so thankful to have such a wonderful team by my side! @ It Works the focus in on Friendship, Fun & Freedom and that is just the beginning. I am surrounded by men & women with one goal- to help others live healthier, happier lives* Everyday we each…See More

Natural Health Solutions I would love to see more activity for It Works! rep’s 🙂

Kim Newsom You http://www.FindSalesRep.com !!!!

Tiffany Hathorn I am thankful that I am with a company now that I can include my family in. I used to be a consultant in the romance industry and, though I did not feel that there was anything inherently wrong with what I did, I still did not feel completely comfortable with involving my family — especially not my 2 year old son. But now that is not an issue since I am with ItWorks. My mom is actually on my team, my family helps me to get parties, and when my son is older, I will recruit him to help me with paperwork and passing out fliers.

Yvette Huard Barber I am so grateful to represent a company that truly supports their Consultants, be on a Team that is supportive and helpful, that I am able to offer a product that not only sells itself, but that people actually want and to be able to feel that with every sale I am helping my Hosts and Customers!

Megan Brown My name is Megan Brown and I am a Pink Zebra Consultant. Pink Zebra is a wonderful Home Fragrance Company. We offer soy based “Sprinkles” in several different fragrances as well as candles and oil diffusers. We also offer lotions and hand soaps in a few of our fragrances. We have wonderful charity called HEROES. We donate day care to single mothers. I love this company. The members of my upline are always there for me and I wouldn’t want to be with any other company. I am still very new with this business and they are always right next to the phone when I need anything. They are more than happy to share their ideas with you.

Davina Calloway Denny WOW!! SO MUCH SO MUCH!!!!!   1 – Our products are improving peoples health – weight loss, energy, diabetes, blood pressure, scars, stretch marks! 2 – Our leaders pray for all of us! They care about us as individuals as well as our role in building the person! 3 – Financial Freedom – this company has the absolute best compensation plan EVER!! You can make money right off the bat!!! And the potential, as with all Network Marketing Organizations, is UNLIMITED!! That is for ANYONE!!! 4 – This business has helped to restore my self worth – as a stay at home mom, it is so hard to feel like I contribute to our family!! Crazy but true!! I am forever changed by It Works Global and I love how it is changing so many others lives!! What a blessing!!! SO VERY THANKFUL!!!

Joann Riddle Wagoner I am 4-ever grateful for Miche! 1. Miche has allowed me to have greater financial freedom by providing me with the tools and training to become a Managing Director in less than a year. (It has also provided the financial freedom to the working representatives on my team.) 2. Miche designed a special Shell for cancer survivors and has donated over $1,000,000.00 to cancer research over the past four years. 3. Miche encourages representatives to “give back” by participating in corporate mission trips across the globe. 4. Miche incentives are incredible…this year’s incentive trip is an all expenses paid trip for two to the Dominican Republic.

Alysha Kruse I am thankful for my scentsy upline…she is an awesome person and very nice without her i wouldnt be with the amazing company today!

Kim Ellis Spano I am thankful to work for a DEBT FREE company! I am thankful for “the crazy wrap thing” and the opportunity to change lives by sharing it with others. I am thankful for financial freedom and being able to help others achieve it, too. I am thankful and SO blessed for the many friendships that are family-like. I love the It Works! way!!!!

Steven Murch I am thankful for being a LifeShotz Representative and changing lives…and my family and friends…and GOD…

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Are You A Great Leader… Prove It

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Start right here, right now! LOOK Like a LEADER in front of a community of other other Network Marketing Distributors. NOW is your Chance! Anything We Post in comments Must Include a Tip that ALL of us Need to Know! Make it GOOD!

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Totally unique Tips THRILL Us!

Photo: Be the Leader you would like to follow! Start right here, right now! LOOK Like a LEADER in front of 774 other Network Marketing Distributors. NOW is your Chance! Anything We Post Today Must Include a Tip that ALL of us Need to Know! Make it GOOD!</p><br />
<p>BONUS: We are having a CONTEST and you can't WIN if you don't Post a Wildly Useful Tip! When we get to 800, 900, 1,000, 1,100 and all the way to 2,000 LIKES we will pick the best tip and give that Network Marketing Distributor a FREE City Wide Feature Listing on www.FindSalesRep.com or in Canada at www.FindSalesRep.ca Good Luck! </p><br />
<p>Let's hear some tips that we may not have thought of, seen or implemented! Totally unique Tips THRILL Us!
  Pontus Lindmark Biz My best tip on getting people interested in your business: What makes you most curious?

“I’ve got this business going on that can make you rich in no-time, you will get a brand new car and be able to travel anywhere!! You wanna hear about it??” or  “I’ve got this business going that I’ve decided soon will pay my life. It might not be your cup of tea but I would really want to tell you about it! I think it’s genious. What do you say?”
Sell yourself. Sell your vision. Sell your enthusiasm. If people don’t like YOU, you can offer diamonds and they will still say no.
  Cecilia Collins When I have shopping or eating out to do I always offer my information, a brochure, business card or sample. If they refuse my information they won’t get my business again.
  Ruth Solberg Follow the company’s model. Don’t reinvent the wheel.
  Network Marketing Distributor Ian Thomas wrote: Try and filter people out of your business then in. I would much rather work with someone who is interested then convince someone who is not. It will save you time, money, and you be much less frustrated. AMWAY WORKS! (shameless plug) Ltd 100k strong

Ready to PROVE IT?  Let’s Hear Your TIP!