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Summer Time Slump In Sales for Direct Sales Reps

Uh-oh, it’s “Summer Slump” time.

Sometimes, in the summer, sales for Direct Sales Reps start to slump.  So, today, your FindSalesRep Support Team was racking their brains, trying to figure out what people are spending their money on during the summer besides travel and outdoor stuff.

post on your soap boxBrowsing pinterest told us that people are spending a lot of time and money on wedding related items  https://www.pinterest.com/categories/popular/  

Does your company have products that can help people prepare for weddings?  If so, it’s time to POST to Your FindSalesRep WALL!  Note that you’ll need a Featured Listing to post to your wall – if you need to add a listing or if you need to upgrade you can save up to 85% by checking out the FindSalesRep Treasure Chest.

Where’s Your WALL? YOUR FSR WALL is YOURS and you should Login to Your Listing at www.FindSalesRep.com and look for the “Post to Your Wall” link.

Post often using words and pictures that people will be looking for when they need what you’ve got and then… Get Found.

DID YOU KNOW that Reps with a Featured Listing on Findsalesrep.com, have the perfect place to post this kind of information?  Have you started to add Pictures, Descriptions, and KEY WORDS to YOUR FSR WALL?  This is MUST DO!  Must meaning…  you must do this.  It’s free and will help you grow your business.  Yup, it’s all about you and it will help You Get Found.

Keep potential and current customers up to date and increase your chances of getting found in search engines just by posting status updates on Your FindSalesRep Wall!

wall posts 4:30:2015                                    “Wait. What?  A Wall?”  

Yes, it’s a lot to take in…. but it’s true! You can get “social” with your potential customers on FindSalesRep.com. Let them know what you have in stock, about new products or about sales or special offers. Tell them what they need to know about you, your company and your products by using key words that will lead them straight to you.  Then, show them before and after photos or pictures from a new catalogue. Pictures say a thousand words. Share them! You can put it all in your own words. Use key words to tell them about new products, sales, whatever.

What do you want to share with the World?  Here are some ideas:

  • Post about your favorite products.
  • New product images with descriptions of the products benefits, or why you like the product.
  • Updates about your company’s business opportunity and compensation plan.
  • Inspirational quotes and images.
  • Product and Opportunity Videos (use the “Link” button to post YouTube video links).
  • Business Tips for Other Network Marketers
  • Links to any Articles you’ve written, or articles you like.
  • Pictures of you at home parties and events.
  • Pictures of you helping customers.

THEN… if you want to take it to the next level, here’s a great tip. Once you make a post, you can click on the “Permalink” to view just that post. Then, click the Pinterest share button – that way you get exposure on Pinterest and Pinterest also links back to your posting on your FindSalesRep Wall! So really, this is a Twofer Tip. Some pins from FindSalesRep Walls have been re-pinned thousands of times. That’s great exposure for your business.

You can also share the same link on Facebook, Twitter, etc. This is great because it gives you one place to link to from all of your social networks (so you can post once, and share everywhere).

Let’s Get You Found,


Start Talking to Your Direct Sales Associates

 To reach your direct sales goals it will take desire!

You will have to take a look at the effort you are making in our business and you will have to decide to step up and make some changes!

No one can do that for you!  Success is possible but your success is up to you.

Look to the leaders in your company, they made change!  It is never too late to make change!  Take a look at the Tips below if you need some ideas for where to start.

Reminder:  “Start Talking”  – Really talk to new your new associates:start talking

#1 Tell Them to pretend your conversation is an interview.  Ask them “Interview” questions and have them ask you questions that they would ask on an interview.

#2 Tell New associates to perform a ‘Memory Jogger’.  Have then list 100 people that they think they could talk to about your opportunity.  

#3 Create Urgency!  Tell Them to Get to the first rank in your company in 48 Hours. Next rank  in 3 Months.

#4 Get People to Events- Where they can resinate and build belief by listening to other leaders.

#5  Plant Seeds.  Talk to people about what they are ready to hear.

Here is something else amazing to talk about!  Have you taken the time to watch the videos and webinars your company makes?  Watch everything!  Get on every call.  Get really educated about your company and all that it has to offer.  Great leaders NEVER stop learning.  You can’t teach or talk about what you don’t know.  So, you better know it!

Really!  It can be done if you know how!


Direct Sales and Families

Direct Sales Success Tip:

There does not have to be separation between family and work life when you are in Direct Sales. What you do IS who you are! Appreciate and incorporate ebb and flow times so that LIFE does not pull too much in either direction. Sometimes work demands more and other times it will be the family.

BUT… Incorporate your family as much as possible into your work so that you will get more understanding and enthusiasm for what you are trying to accomplish.

THEN… Let go of society’s “normal” and create your own ‘Perfect World’. What’s normal and works for each family is going to be different. Be Creative and Create Your Own Balance.

3 Things You should TRY to do Everyday to build YOUR Direct Sales Business

  • Jennifer Butterfield Post positive statuses about my company! Contact people that I think would be interested/have shown interest. And, organize my stuff!!!
  • Polly Workinger Help others build theirs!!! Share positivity, and advertise–I make sure to post one ad a day, regardless, somewhere.
  • Morgan Lady Advertise, training & try to have a deal. I sell for 5 companies so its constant for me but I wouldn’t know what to do without all of them!
  • Dionne Myers Tuplin I don’t try – that’s a reason to give me an out and NOT do it. This is a part of my everyday life – like breathing. Add at least one name to my contact list. Make at least one approach to introduce someone new to our company and participate in trainings to perfect my skills and craft.
  • Cheryl Lamb What I do! Call 10 people every morning. Review client orders and always make a post on Facebook to advertise or a quote!

  • Check in on team, help and encourage them, and go out and talk to people!! Everyone is a potential customer or distributor! smile
  • Francisca Kear 1: Have a positive attitude; 2: Say my Affirmation; 3: Connect with my team and up-line for brain storm and ideas.
  • Polly Workinger The one thing I don’t do is actively prospect, because people are not “prospects” in my opinion. They are people with which to share a great opportunity, but it’s more for them, not me. I’m just here to help them reach that goal smile Have a great day!
  • Dionne Myers Tuplin I agree, Polly. You have a great day as well smile
  • Tiffany Hathorn Networking online. Getting my business out there to potential clients. Following up with people.

    Have 3 Tips that help you build your business everyday?  Share them in the comments below:

How To Make It in Direct Sales

Have you had success in your direct sales business?  Did you have a great idea, try it out and found out that, “WOW!!! It Worked!”

These Reps Did:

Nicole R Royal Make your business a family affair. Many of us do our businesses so we can spend more time with our families, but alienate them from the business. Find safe, age appropriate tasks for your kids to help with. Sometimes our kids are our best cheerleaders and helpers. Plus they are cute marketing reps. 🙂 Spouses can be a real asset, too especially if it was not originally a mutual venture. Just remember to not let reasons you started the business to be the reasons you don’t work the business. Find a way to combine them.

Julie Clukey I send out thank you cards to everyone! Those who have held a party for me, placed an order, or even asked about joining my team! It shows a personal touch and people seem to enjoy it cause they keep coming back!!

Molly Betts When at a party, I try to engage all of the people there – I don’t make a sales pitch for a good 20 minutes or so. It helps relax the atmosphere and a lot of times, it pays off. When you take the time to get to know people, they feel that you are genuine and care and most often will return that feeling by purchasing or exploring the business opportunity. Take the time to listen – I mean really listen – and it will pay back 10 fold. 🙂

Molly Betts Another thing I’m recently doing since it is now in launch is sending out Sincerely Scent thank you cards to everyone that has ordered, hosted, etc. – it’s a great way to say thanks! Kind of like Julie above said. 🙂

Liza M. Meier Hunt When do a wrapping session I make sure that any and all products that can be sampled are available. I also keep a scrapbook of prior parties and results from clients I personally have wrapped for new clients to see and ask questions. I feel the personal touch of knowing each person makes it show that I pay attention to whom I market to and make sure I follow up at least once a month to ensure they are on the right track.

Jenifer Myers Epstein If you are not making the money or have the lifestyle that you WANT – check your ego immediately, get the chip off your shoulder – and get yourself a mentor. If you’re not succeeding, it’s a lack of skills, and it is up to YOU to get them. Find someone who has what you want – and do what they do.

Now let’s hear from you!  Share your best DIRECT SALES BUSINESS SUCCESS TIP in the Comments:

Direct Sales Business Rules

Rule of 1’s: One person can make a huge difference in your business. You never know who will be ‘YOUR ONE’. So, ask every 1!

Rule of 2’s: Ask two people to be your business partners and then help them develop their two. Duplication, duplication. Did I just say that twice?

Rule of 3’s: 3 calls, 3 emails in 3 days! 

Rule of 4’s: The 4 foot rule. If they are within 4 feet of you, they need to hear about your business.

Rule of 5’s: Work with 5 people closely for 5 months. Develop them as a team. Teach them the power of 5 and then start with 5 more.

Rule of 10’s: Invite 10 people to a Party/Meeting 1 will come. So, if you want to 10, invite 100!

Rule of 100’s: Bring 100 new people in to your business, 1 will be serious enough to work the business. So, bring in 1000 and get ten solid business builders – then you can go on a short vacation. lol

Car Advertising for YOUR Direct Sales Business

Do you use your CAR for advertising?

Photo: Do you use your CAR for advertising?
  Heather Nickless Oh definitely!
 Liz Loberg Carroll Love it!! 🙂
 Sue Ritter Hall OMG I WANT ONE!
 Deb Rose Yes! My profile picture (on fb) is the back of my car.
 Kathy Chandler-Troutman Yes, I have a window decal on my back window with my company name and contact info.
 Mick Mckeever I’ll pass on the colour scheme, but I like the idea!
  Shayla ClayMouzon I DESIGN car advertisements! PM me for ideas & quotes! 🙂 Great post!
 Karen Wittig Haley I have my DS logo, my name, email and personal website on the rear side windows of my car…
 Susan Urbanek Absolutely! I have my logo, email, phone & website on my car… And a QR code that directs to my website!
    •   Findsalesrep Get Found 
    • Advertising on your CAR can be a Huge Business booster.
    • If you have tried it before with little success, don’t worry.
      IT CAN WORK!
      Having the ‘Right Ad’ will make ALL the difference! 
      Here are few Tips:
      Keep it short. (Give them only what they need to know.)
      Make it interesting. (Give them a good reason to call.)
      Have a call to action. (Give them some specific to do.)

It’s Time to Take Yourself Seriously

There are very few SUCCESSFUL entrepreneurs in the business world that would say that they ‘started their business totally by accent’.  In direct sales though, it’s a common statement.  Think back to the beginning, maybe you were invited to a home party.  You where a little bit interested in the products or maybe you were just supporting a friend or family member and so you showed up.  You were excited and things just spread like wildfire!  Before you even had time to think about it…  you were in business.  Just like 91 million people worldwide who also started their own Direct Sales businesses.

Business Owner, Entrepreneur, On the Road to Millionaire  ALL these titles become yours when you enter the Direct Sales Industry— it is a vibrant and thriving group of motivated go-getters from every back ground.  The thing that they all have in common:  They have dreams!  They see the future as full of infinite possibilities, a pathway to economic and personal freedom, and ‘way out’ of what ever your in now and yet they don’t really take themselves seriously.  They don’t see Direct Sales as a real opportunity or legitimate job and or stable way to support themselves and their family.  They are unsure about what they can do with what they’ve got.

Unfortunately, most Direct Sales Reps are insecure, uncertain and even shy sometimes about their business.  As a result, we’ve created a perception problem and perception IS EVERYTHING!  Too often our own lack of confidence in ourselves and our lack of belief in the industry causes Direct Sales Reps, like us to be ignored and or ridiculed by big business, big investors and big chunks of the general public.  What we offer is typically overlooked by almost everyone including the unemployed looking work —even though as an industry, in 2011 DIRECT SALES contributed more than $132 billion to the global economy!

The fact is: Direct selling is leading leading thousands of AMERICAN families out of the economic colaps when traditions buisness and employment have been unattainable or limiting.

The fact is: American companies Like Amway, Herbalife and Visalus are ALL expecting INCREASES in Sales Growth greater than 40% for 2012.  Even Avon, which had its share of problems this year, reported a 9.7 increase in 2011!

The fact is:  Direct selling is one of the most generous industries by nature, contributing over $400 million annually to feed malnourished children, provide disaster relief, and support local, national and international organizations and associations.

The fact is:  Almost ALL Direct Sales Companies have an altruistic nature that supports both person health and personal growth.  The company wants to help you succeed, get rich and rise to the top in your field.  There are often no barriers or limits in Direct Sales!

The Fact is:  The industry allows entrepreneurs to successfully duplicate results and easily share their knowledge and wisdom with others who want to share in the opportunities presented.

The Fact is:  In 2011, 11.2% of all Direct Sellers were Full-Time.  They made a Full Time Income and supported there family with their Direct Sales business.

The Fact is:  In 2011, the World Foundation of Direct Selling Associates reported that there were 91,533,825 Active Direct Selling Reps world wide. Wow!

The Fact is:  Just about any product or service can be purchased through direct selling somewhere in the world.  You don’t have to get everything at Walmart.

The Fact is:  It’s Time To Take Yourself and your Direct sales Business Seriously.  You Can be a participant in creating your own reality as an independent business owner. You really do have a REAL opportunity.  So, take advantage of your Direct Selling opportunity…

  1. Do something, call prospects, bang on doors, advertise, promote, talk, talk, talk.  Don’t expect money to flow in on “auto pilot”, don’t expect your upline to build your business, don’t wait for someone else to make your business grow.
  2. Do not have a big EGO.
  3. Do  team up with your upline or downline, even the sidelines.
  4. Do organize or attend meetings, events, calls and/or webinars.
  5. If you attend a meeting, show up dressed up and ready for business.
  6. Do read personal development books.
  7. Do return calls promptly.
  8. Do take time to understand the compensation plan and the products/services you repesent.
  9. Do not jump from opportunity to opportunity.
  10. Do take yourself and your business seriously.

NO is a fact of life in the Direct Sales Industry

“NO!” is a fact of life in the Direct Sales Industry. How do you get over the disappointment and keep a smile on your business face?
  Kim Mckay By remembering that most no’s really mean no not right now:)
 Katie Fillingame Timby For every 10 “no’s” you get you will get 1 yes and it is usually a great yes.
 Amanda Blizzard I remember that i need to hear about 10 no’s for every yes i get, so every no brings me that much closer to a yes!
  Julia Martin Gives me more drive to keep moving on to greater things!
 Pontus Lindmark Biz A no is only a no at this particular moment. I use to think that my job is to promote my business and not necessarily get a yes straight away !
 Monique Wilson Every No. Make me stronger and more determine to reach my goals.

If You’re In Business FOR REAL

If you were starting a Hardware Business would you think you were successful if You sold your MOM a few nails, your siblings a hammer each and your BFF a screw driver?

No Way! You’d advertise, Promote and Give new customers a few good reasons to come through your door. Maybe coupons, maybe you’d be the expert at something, maybe you would have something that no other hardware store had or maybe you would just do it all for less.

BUT… You Would NOT Rely on your family and friend to build your business! So, IF you’re in business – For Real, HOW DO YOU DO IT? How do you reach out to NEW Customers, attract NEW Business Builders? How Do You Treat Your Business Like a Business?

  Coretta Campbell wrote:  I find it important to first let people know how your product/service would be a benefit to them, how can you help them it is not all about the sale it is about building a solid customer relationship that will keep them coming back to you and service with a smile 🙂
  Jessica Gustafson wrote:  Since I sell Pink Tools, and have spread my products to my family and friends… I can concur that does not create a business.

Are you in BUSINESS – For Real?