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How to Advance Both Your Networking Skills and Your Determination

TRENDING TOPICS: Direct selling is a classic sales method and there are a lot of people doing it… but are they successful as they could be? When entrepreneurs get serious about their business, they seek training. Most companies provide this kind of training. The information provided is company and product specific. It’s invaluable. Learning about what you’ve got and how to get paid for sharing it will definitely help you grow your business.

But… then what? What’s the next step?

topics trendingTOPIC: You started a business. From scratch, you got it off the ground, grew it and now you want to advance both your skills and your determination. It’s time to get some help!

Conferences are LIVE, in-person events that leave you with inspiration, new connections and innovative tools that will make a difference while your trying to turn your dreams in to reality.

Let’s face it… operating a small business can be isolating at times, getting out, connecting and collaborating with others can be a valuable resources. Professional networking events allow you to get out of the office and meet people you might not have otherwise ever encountered.

Have you attended a conference that helped you break through in your business? Share your Conference, Seminar and Event suggestions and your stories in the comments below.

Direct Selling Tip to Help You Grow Any Business

Selling Tip:

Selling in general has been given a bad rap. So has network marketing.

The true essence of direct selling is to ‘be of service to others’.

Selling with this in mind insures integrity and success. It’s hard though and in network marketing we tend to get our message all mixed up with our excitement, our passion, our belief and we forget that Salespeople should really be listening more to what people want and talking a lot less about what we want for these people.

The tragedy of this approach is that the distributor focuses on their results, their story and their ideas about why the person will love the products instead of finding out what the client really wants. Try asking people why they came to you primary company or what interests them about a homebased business. Actually say to them, “What are your goals? Once we know that, we can see if we can help you.” They will then tell you what they want to hear about. So, shut your mouth and listen! 🙂

And… when you are providing such great service combined with super products, expect that you will get paid for it!

good job

How to Make a Direct Sales Vision Board

Have you dreamed about becoming a top income earner or recruiter for your company? Do you have BIG DREAMS? Plans to really grow your business? What will you do with the NEW YOU in 2013?

It is often said that having a plan is the Key To Success and it is ALWAYS the case, that without a plan nothing can be accomplished. If you’re up for the challenge, today we’d like to help you get started on your plan for 2013. DREAM BIG!

A vision board is a collage of images, pictures and affirmations of your dreams and desires. It can also be called a dream board, treasure map or vision map. Making a vision Board is an important first step, that will help, guide and support your transformation in 2013. It will make you feel more positive and will help you really focus on your goals and make them come true! So, let’s get started!

How to Make a Vision Board:

Decide the main theme of your board. It may be based on something specific you wish to accomplish or obtain, or it may be a general idea of everything that makes you happy.
Find pictures that correspond with your theme, either from old magazines, photographs, or from the Internet.
Print (if necessary) and cut out your pictures.
Type or write some affirmations that correspond with your theme.
Glue your pictures and affirmations to your poster board and pin them to your cork board.
Hang your vision board in a place you will see every day.
View your board at least once a day, and focus on the objects, sayings and theme of your board.
If you take this challenge, we promise that you won’t be disappointed! AND… when you are finished, we want to see your board. Post it here in the comments and share your dreams with the world!


Direct Sales and Families

Direct Sales Success Tip:

There does not have to be separation between family and work life when you are in Direct Sales. What you do IS who you are! Appreciate and incorporate ebb and flow times so that LIFE does not pull too much in either direction. Sometimes work demands more and other times it will be the family.

BUT… Incorporate your family as much as possible into your work so that you will get more understanding and enthusiasm for what you are trying to accomplish.

THEN… Let go of society’s “normal” and create your own ‘Perfect World’. What’s normal and works for each family is going to be different. Be Creative and Create Your Own Balance.

How To Make It in Direct Sales

Have you had success in your direct sales business?  Did you have a great idea, try it out and found out that, “WOW!!! It Worked!”

These Reps Did:

Nicole R Royal Make your business a family affair. Many of us do our businesses so we can spend more time with our families, but alienate them from the business. Find safe, age appropriate tasks for your kids to help with. Sometimes our kids are our best cheerleaders and helpers. Plus they are cute marketing reps. 🙂 Spouses can be a real asset, too especially if it was not originally a mutual venture. Just remember to not let reasons you started the business to be the reasons you don’t work the business. Find a way to combine them.

Julie Clukey I send out thank you cards to everyone! Those who have held a party for me, placed an order, or even asked about joining my team! It shows a personal touch and people seem to enjoy it cause they keep coming back!!

Molly Betts When at a party, I try to engage all of the people there – I don’t make a sales pitch for a good 20 minutes or so. It helps relax the atmosphere and a lot of times, it pays off. When you take the time to get to know people, they feel that you are genuine and care and most often will return that feeling by purchasing or exploring the business opportunity. Take the time to listen – I mean really listen – and it will pay back 10 fold. 🙂

Molly Betts Another thing I’m recently doing since it is now in launch is sending out Sincerely Scent thank you cards to everyone that has ordered, hosted, etc. – it’s a great way to say thanks! Kind of like Julie above said. 🙂

Liza M. Meier Hunt When do a wrapping session I make sure that any and all products that can be sampled are available. I also keep a scrapbook of prior parties and results from clients I personally have wrapped for new clients to see and ask questions. I feel the personal touch of knowing each person makes it show that I pay attention to whom I market to and make sure I follow up at least once a month to ensure they are on the right track.

Jenifer Myers Epstein If you are not making the money or have the lifestyle that you WANT – check your ego immediately, get the chip off your shoulder – and get yourself a mentor. If you’re not succeeding, it’s a lack of skills, and it is up to YOU to get them. Find someone who has what you want – and do what they do.

Now let’s hear from you!  Share your best DIRECT SALES BUSINESS SUCCESS TIP in the Comments:

Direct Sales Warm Market Making Your List

Who’s on your warm market list? When you first started your Direct Sales Business, your upline may have asked you to make this list. It’s an easy way to give NEW marketers some confidence and a fast payday.

So, who”s on YOUR WARM MARKET List?

#1 People who Love you.

 #2 People that you work with.

#3 People that you Learn with.

#4 People that you Play with.

#5 People that you hang with. (Church, school, sports, hobbies, clubs…)

#6 People that you do business with. (Dentist, Dr., car salesman, vendor, Hair stylist…)

 #7 People who run/own local small businesses in your area.

#8 People you talk with. (If they can hear you, they can hear about you. 🙂

 #9 People who share your interests. (Organizations, Passions, Causes…)

 #10 People who you love, respect and or admire.

 😉 You’re on my list!

Direct Sales Party Ideas

Parties are an easy way to grow your team and raise revenue, but HOW?

Every Rep has their own unique way to HOST a Party.  What’s Yours?

Photo: Parties are an easy way to grow your team and raise revenue, but HOW?  Every Rep has their own unique way to HOST a Party.  What's Yours?
  Wendy Leal Online parties!
  Lori Nelson Gricius In person, with a game & a presentation.
  Rhonda Sievers In person with testimonials – my company has a DVD to watch
  Findsalesrep Get Found Anybody have step by step instructions for Newbies?
  Lexi Stepps In person, and I don’t act like “The Consultant”. I’m professional, of course, but I also sit with my customers and smell our testers, and get involved in the “this scent is way better” talk, and laugh and joke with everyone. I think my hostesses appreciate that I’m fun and not stuffy or overly formal 🙂
  Marcia Hopkins Put a wrap on them and talk about our other amazing products for about 45 minutes. Next I remove the wrap, and…voila…check out the amazing results!
  Beth-Minadora Demillones Moore I let them play with my jewelry and have a casual good time…no pressure, no presentation…
  Lynette Wray Jackson Wine & winkles parties. :). Love getting together with friends over a glass of wine, watching a short video then take orders. Leaves plenty times for catching up! Http://hellonerium.com
  Pamela Jefferson CJM This is a coffee and jazz mixer, have soft jazz playing while they sample the different flavors of my coffee. Mingle among each other, watch different videos, Then I present my presentation, then take orders.

How do you HOST  Your  Direct Sales Party?

List of Pick Up Lines for YOUR Direct Sales Business

What’s Your Favorite Pick Up Line?

For your business… SILLY! How do start conversations with strangers, get the ball rolling, break the ice???

  Valene Lynn Lawrence wrote:  Have you heard of It Works? I’d love to show you how It Works! (Then start talking about our products)
  Virginia Davis wrote:  I hand them a card with sample asking would you like a Scentsy sample?
  Andrina Estick-Rose wrote: ‎’what do you do for a living?’  You can also ask ‘what do you do for fun?’…;)
  Sherri L Freedom wrote: Can I give you a Avon brochure? It’s free.
  Coretta Campbell wrote: Your jewelry is fabulous, I also have fabulous jewelry mind if I offer you my card?
  Ann Fox Sharp wrote: Hi ! Do you every have trouble choosing the right gift?
 Danielle Lovett- Shrader wrote:  I get compliments on my jewelry, so I ask them if they want it for free. I give a piece to each hostess as a thank u before the party even starts!!!

What’s Your best LINE?

Top Direct Sales Products On The Market

Looking for a place to Share Your Favorite Products? OR are you Looking for a place to Find One?
You’ve come to the right place!  Below you will find a list of our “Favorite Things”!

And if you would LIKE to Share:  We want to talk about YOUR Favorite Things –
YOUR Products! What’s your favorite? Can you talk about what makes you love it? Got a link?

Think talking about your products on fb won’t help build your business? WRONG!!! Especially in a community where everyone is already in DS. They ALREADY Get It! If you have a compelling “THING” you might just attract your next Best Business Builder!!!!

So, What’s your “Thing”?

Liz Fogg One of my favorite things is our brand new Velata warmers and chocolate!!!! http://lizfogg.velata.us/
  Joanne Leavitt My favorite thing right now is my ViShake! I’ve lost 14lbs and 7 1/2 inches in just three weeks and feel AWESOME!! Send me a PM and I’ll share it! I have so much energy it’s insane!! Let me help you!!
  Megan Maibaum Right now it’s the newly released SUMMER catalog for thirty-one … You can view it at mythirtyone.com/MeganMaibaum or message me and I’ll mail you a hard copy one. 🙂
  Melissa Owens Gauldin My favorite thing is the new Thirty One catalog for summer,Shop my website at www.mythirtyone.com/90054
  Melissa Owens Gauldin Another favorite thing of mine is Mary Kay,shop my website at www.marykay.com/missygauldim
  Debby Gray My favorite thing is my Norwex antibacterial cleaning cloth. I clean my whole house with just water, no harsh chemical cleaners. Saves me time and money. Learn more at www.debbygray.norwex.biz
  Debby Gray Another favorite is the new Leaf Pod Warmer from Gold Canyon and Mango Breeze pod. It’s in the new catalog, check it out at www.mygc.com/debbygray
  Melissa Wilder I used to love tupperware.. But i have all i need now!…. Now my facorite thing is Jamberry Nails! Why? Cause they are made in the USA they are non toxic and last longer then polish help my nails grow and i love all the choices! www.wildaboutnails.net
  Jeremy N Amber Burnette Being a part of an awesome company where you can help people create meaningful gifts/home decor that bless others. I Love RENDI!www.AmberBurnette.RendiStyle.com
  Brandie Mayden My favorie product is our RASH FREE SHAVING CREAM (Couchy). No more red bumps after shaving. Can pair with the Couchy Mist and use it for laser treatments, waxing, and get no more ingrown hairs. Great for the Summertime – Contact about the special I am running for the summer on these products.
  Leanne Lefebvre We only have ONE product, which I love. Talk about an easy business. www.leanne.nerium.com. Also, I just picked up my earned Lexus that Nerium pays for AND found out they just added 25K – 1Mill. bonuses to our plan!!!  Summer Bailey I have a few! Daily usage on my end! Fragrance Foam, Layers Hand Cream and Body Lotion, of course the warmers and scents! http://WarmWithScents.Scentsy.us/   I also love the new Velata warmers and chocolates (and I’m not a fan of chocolate till now!) http://TastyTreats.Velata.us/
  Jean Ferraro- Young Ready for some springtime weather!!! Taking orders for the #1 Deet-Free Repellent Bug Guard Plus. Protects against mosquitoes, deer ticks, gnats, sand flies and biting midges. SPF formulas available. Choose from aerosol, pump, or lotion. Take the Bite Out of Summer. Campaign 11 is on with this great product on sale — half-price. Also the #1 Bath Oil Skin So Soft Original Bath Oil is on sale –24 oz. $9.99. Check out my website:http://www.youravon.com/jyoung6218 — I have a stock of the aerosol on hand, if you need it for your outdoor plans this weekend. Message me if you have any questions: on FB or teddies24@verizon.net.
  AVON Representative JEAN YOUNG serving the Sewell, NJ area  jyoung6218.avonrepresentative.com  Jacinta Carson I love Nerium the compensation plan, Lexus car allowance , not to mention the new Announced bonus of 25,000- One Million -, and all the very fun and exciting people I been meeting !! Nerium International is a solid company backed with real science – real opportunity – and a amazing product that nothing can ever duplicate or even compare to Nerium http://jacintacarson.neriumproducts.com/
  Debbie Courts-Greig Avon’s Anew skincare, my biggest seller, Anew Reversalist is the one I use, love this product line, use it myself and LOVE it!!  http://wildfire.gigya.com/facebook/preview.aspx?fb_sig_api_key=f7667e9ebccf2157d6f15f991a5e3ce9&wid=623220201&p=bHQ9MTMzMDExNjA%2AMDIxNCZwdD%2AxMzMwMTE2MDQwMjE%2AJmc9MiZwPTE2MDI1ODImZD1lQnJvY2h1cmVfeG1hcyZtPTE%3D&s=1  AND my newest business fav item, the BodyByVi shakes, been on them for 2 months now, lost 15 lbs and feel better than EVER!! I never ate properly being a busy working mom of 2, so these shakes are a GodSend full of healthy nutrition and give me that extra energy I need to be the best mom and business woman I can be! 🙂  http://debbiegreig.bodybyvi.com/
  Tammy Auman My favorite thing that I would love for Mother’s day is On Sale today the Thinking of You Mother’s Day Gift Set! Don’t forget the special ladies in your life, like your mom, girlfriend, wife or mother-in-law! Let them know that you were Thinking of them!! On Sale for $20!!! http://www.marykay.com/spabody/bodycare/10051462/10051462/default.aspx  Rachel Little My favorivte thing is of course, our Ultimate Body Applicator! Tighten, tone, and firm your body in as little as 45 minutes!! https://rachelslittle.myitworks.com/Check out my site and see how to get YOUR sexy back!!!!
  Ann Fox Sharp My Favouite thing is letting them choose their own gift, without knowing the price. Mother’s Day is fast approaching, but you don’t need to stress about finding the perfect gift for those special women in your life. From your own mother to the mother of your children, great gifts are just a click away at http://goo.gl/orHtC So what kind of gifts can you find? How about:  The Gift of Choice: With 15 different collections to choose from, giving the gift of choice never goes out of style. And while collections like Pamper and Personal Accents™ are perfect for Mother’s Day, you’ll have no problem finding the ideal specialty collection for any celebration;  The Gift of Glitter and Style: Peruse our exclusive PERSONAL ACCENTS jewellery collection for a selection of earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and rings. From casual everyday wear to all-eyes-on-you soirée accessories, give a gift that lets her shine.
  Dawn Stroud Nabours I love that The Pampered Chef raises money for breast cancer awareness this month, and we also have great grilling sets on sale for Father’s Day:http://tinyurl.com/82lft3kwww.facebook.com/cookingwithdawn
Liz Fogg My newest favorite thing is my Silver Care toothbrush from Norwex so that I am preventing the spread of germs through our toothbrushes (and everything else Norwex LOL) and no longer have to throw them if one of us gets sick! The silver and microfiber bristles self sanitizes within hours! http://elizabethfogg.norwex.biz/
  Shannon Petrucci I love my Scentsy products. I use my Fragrance foam, lotions, and my wax warmers everyday! Especially at work, my office smells great! Check it out: www.shannonpetrucci.scentsy.us
  Vicky Welle I LOVE my Jamberry Nails. No more messy nail polish or having to wait for nails to dry. Great ground floor company!! Please come check it out. www.berryeasy.jamberrynails.net
  Vicky Welle Oh yeah and please like my fanpage if you would. www.facebook.com/berryeasy Thanks!!!
  Erin Maulucci My FAVORITE thing is my living locket from Origami Owl!! Who wouldn’t want a locket that tells your story?? We have charms for everyone and they go in a beautiful locket so you can wear your story for the whole world to see. My locket has a plate that says Blessed, a birthstone for each of my boys, a camera and a mom heart. What is YOUR story? http://www.erin.origamiowl.com/ or Facebook www.facebook.com/locketsbyerin. Check out my facebook page to see what charms are coming out in about a week 🙂
  AnMarie Morrison My favorite thing right now is plexus slim www.plexusslim.com/anmariem
  Christina Fifer Hedke My favorite things is out Large Utility Tote – perfect for any business to carry your party supplies/products! Any mom who wants a one trip to the ball field, pool, grocery store!!  Christina Fifer Hedke www.mythirtyone.com/hedke
  Marbella Walberg Spata Oh wow this is hard…..My favorite thing would be our new Ava Sugar Body scrub. For $16.95 you can have a body scrub done in your own shower and feel like you just stepped of the SPA.www.avaandersonnontoxic.com/marbella
  Cheryl Lamb My favorite thing is Fake ID which is a glycolic rejuvenating serum……You will never have to reveal your age! This product is our most popular resurfacer is a powerful blend of glycolic and lactic acids shown to reveal results in as little as three days! This marvelous 10% glycolic, time released serum will set your skin on a reconstruction mission to reverse the signs of sun-damage, fine lines, enlarged pores, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. It has some of the finest ingredients which are Sea whip, white tea and kola extract which will prevent any type of irritation, inflammation or peeling that is usually accompanied with strong AHAs products. So go ahead and say goodbye to dull, damaged skin and hello to fresh & fabulous! It worked for me within day my pores were significantly smaller….LOVE IT! https://www.facebook.com/cheryl.Beautysociety?sk=app.2373072738
  Network Marketing Distributor My Favorite Thing??? Today, it’s got to be our latest TESTIMONY contest! It’s easy to win, good for Your Business and we get to hear ALL your success stories. It’s FUN and we LOVE giving stuff away! You should Enter! Contest ends Sunday Night!
  Tonya Williams My favorite thing is the It Works ultimate Body applicator 🙂 Expect “ultimate” results with this amazing 45-minute body Applicator! The Ultimate Body Applicator is a non-woven cloth wrap that has been infused with a powerful, botanically-based formula to deliver maximum tightening, toning, and firming results where applied to the skin. Tightens, tones, & firms Minimizes cellulite appearance Improves skin texture & tightness Mess-free and simple to use Results in as little as 45 minutes Progressive results over 72 hours Made with natural ingredients Tonya Williams www.getskinnywithtonyaitworks.net
Did you find what you are looking for?  Have something else to share?  Tell us all about it in the comments section!

Direct Sales Special Offers Deals and Coupons

Do you have SPECIAL OFFERS and COUPONS?  Let’s post some here in the comments and if you see one you like, go and LIKE the Network Marketing Distributor who offered it!!!
Think you Don’t want to BUY anything, so it’s not worth looking? WRONG! There are some amazing products out there that REALLY work AND… there are some very creative REPS posting here.
So, take a look. If you like what they are offering maybe it will inspire you to make a similar offer and grow your own business.
Business tips are everywhere! Watch people who are are successful. Do what they do and become Successful!
Thanks for sharing!
Jessica Brown Olsen wrote: Buy two get one half price of equal or less value from Just Jewelry, www.justjewelry.com/jessicaolsen, but you have to order directly through me to get this offer, and it is only valid for today! Text or call 907-539-2127 or message me your number and I will call you. You can view the catalog online and then let me know what you want to order. You will need to pay through paypal since JJ doesn’t offer credit card processing for it’s consultants. When I have your order I will create a paypal invoice for you to pay.
 Melissa Wilder wrote: I am so excited about Jamberry Nails.. they are Made in the USA they are unlike anything on the market for nails! Nail wraps.. not polish, non toxic, last a long time and multiple applications to keep you in any style you want.. www.wildaboutnails.net check it out and contact me for any questions!
 Network Marketing Distributor wrote:  Christina Fifer Hedke wrote: 10% off your first order!! FREE Utility Tote with ANY party (home,office,catalog,online)  www.mythirtyone.com/hedke
  Shawnika Franklin Spend $31 and get the All-In-One Organizer for $5!! We have a new Summer Catalog and new patterns!! Shop now: www.mythirtyone.com/sfranklin. Request a catalog and be notified of special sales at:Perfectly Pampered Treasures!!
  Tracy Baltzell Looking for a gift that is good for your skin and very pampering? Stop by my Perfectly Posh site and get Buy 5, Get 1 Free plus if you order $50 or more and I will throw in a FREE goodie apart from the Buy 5, Get 1 item! Be sure to click Events and select NMD FB Group to get this special. www.iheartposh.com