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Gift Advisors Decretive Valentine’s Day CANDLES

  Michelle Simmington  Hello all! I’m Michelle Simmington from Massachusetts and I am an Independent Scentsy Family Director.  You can view my webiste at ~ http://michellesimmington.scentsy.us and my FB page is https://www.facebook.com/pages/Independent-Scentsy-Family-Director-Michelle-Simmington/158973787461870.  Scentsy Wickless Candles are flame free ~ soot free ~ lead free ~wick free Description~ A SIMPLE SYSTEM ~ Distinctive Scentsy warmers melt specifically formulated wax with the heat of a low-watt light bulb, enhancing your home with more then 80 Scentsy fragrances safely, with no flame, smoke, or soot. ~ THE SCENTSY MISSION ~ To bring value to the world by providing an industry-leading, family-friendly business opportunity selling creative, artistic, high-quality products that WARM THE HEART, ENLIVEN THE SENSES AND INSPIRE THE SOUL. Scentsy warmers and wax are also child and pet friendly as the wax never gets hotter than your body temperature.  My favorite products are the warmers and wax as they are so safe and safety is most important.  Earn products for free and half price by hosting in home, on line, basket/tote parties.  Earn extra income by joining my team.  *** Join in January and get free shipping on your starter kit and earn Scentsy Fragrance products valued at $300 for free!

  Natalie Choate  Hi, my name is Natalie Choate, and I am a Pink Zebra Independent consultant. If you are looking for a unique Valentine’s gift this year, check out my website. We just released the Spring/Summer items! We have soft soy sprinkles that go in a warmer, are used to make a candle, and can be mixed together to create new scents. Women love the versatility of the simmering lights & shades. Reed diffusers or simmer pots are great gifts for your man’s office. www.PZstripes.com  You can also check out my special on my Facebook page. www.facebook.com/NatThinksPink

Michelle Kingsbury  Gold Canyon has the most fragrant candles and other scented products on the market. We are known for our double wicks, amazing fragrance and long burn times. Our Scent POD WARMERS have timers, no replacement bulbs and the scent pods are so easy to use, just place on your warmer and enjoy, no scraping or pouring of wax.  Gold Canyon has a large variety of products, a variety of scented candles and come in multiple different sizes. Products: Scented Candles Room Sprays  Wickless Candles Candle Holders Scented Oils Warmers Dippers, Trimmers Natural Cleaning Products And Much More  I am a local consultant looking for more customers and team members. If you are interested in looking at all the amazing things Gold Canyon has to offer, or if you’re interested in becoming a consultant yourself, please go to my Facebook page. You earn 25%+ commission on everything you sell. Do you want to place an order, or set up a time to see a catalogue, or smell the samples? Message me, or check out my Facebook page for more information.  Looking forward to hearing from you!  Also now through Friday, we have a 40% sales going on!!!!  https://candeliciouscandlesontario.mygc.com/


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List of FREE Direct Sales, MLM and Network Marketing SAMPLES:
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Do you offer FREE SAMPLES? Can we help you find some people to share your FREE SAMPLES with? </p>
<p>Post your FREE Samples in the Comments below and if You see something You have been wanting to try, get in touch with the REP with the FANTASTIC offer!
  Kristy Clark Doskocil I mail out Free Samples of the ViSalus shake mix to those that I have not already mailed samples too. I also make free shakes to try if you live near. kcdoskocil.myvi.net
 Virginia Davis I.send out scent samples 🙂 vsscents.scentsy.us
 Crystal Adams- Goldstein If you’ve never met MARK. I would love to send you some samples!!
 Courtney Lynn Hoffman I have soylicious.com tart samples 4 wax,warmers and soao samples all sents go to www.soylicious.com/courtneyhoffman 4 list of sents
 Janette Dominguez I send out free samples of our scents. www.facebook.com/janettedominguez or www.jdominguez.scentsy.us
 Denise Altieri I am an Independent Consultant with Arbonne International, Pure, Safe and Beneficial Products. Arbonne has the No. 1 Anti-aging skincare on the market and I have samples to send out. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Denise-Altieri-Arbonne-Independent-Consultant/209820432408610
  Josh Farris Zeal Wellness – All Natural Vitamin Supplement that’s helping to lower blood sugar levels, blood pressure, increase energy, and so much more. Message me with an address for a free sample and some literature! http://facebook.com/zealadaydotcom or http://www.zealaday.com .
 Karen Simon Poshed Divas, {Perfectly Posh} Independent Consultants is always looking for {SAMPLE TESTERS}! Just click the link below to receive samples of our pampering spa-grade product! https://www.facebook.com/PoshedDiva/app_106371316153638
 Tracy Hayes Message me for your Mary Kay samples or visit my site @ www.marykay.com/thayes35
 Lauren Danielle Garcia Come visit me &hearts; it pays to be a social beauty &hearts; on how to get free samples, discounts, & more! I have a fabulous $5 grab bag w/ samples going on now, hurry before they run out!
 Elizabeth Oswald I have a limited number of samples available of Shakeology from Beachbody. It is a whole nutrition shake that is so much more than just weight loss. I love the way it has made me feel. The energy, the um regularity hah, oh and it tastes so yummy you wouldn’t know you are getting so much health in one glass! www.facebook.com/busimomlosingit come on over and visit!
 Jenifer Bartoszek I send out FREE Samples 🙂 www.athenashn.com/633
 Amy Kypers I offer a free 5 day experience of NeriumAD… click here to send me your info http://www.realagedefyingskincare.com
  John Getson Samples available – Isagenix, Watkins, Organogold, Amsoil, etc…
For home-business owners: 1 yr free hosting account + 30 day trial marketing tools…  Message w/mailing address, phone, email and product line requesting.
 Tanya Goossen L’BRI PURE n’ NATURAL is a natural, anti-aging Aloe Vera based skin care. Meaning, we use Aloe as our first and main ingredient as opposed to water! Check your current products to see what’s listed first! We use no mineral oils, waxes, harsh chemicals, artificial dyes or scents.

Do you offer FREE SAMPLES? Can we help you find some people to share your FREE SAMPLES with? Post your FREE Samples in the Comments below and if You see something You have been wanting to try, get in touch with the REP with the FANTASTIC offer!