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Wholesome FOODS for the People You LOVE

  Kimberly Sweeney  Hello! My name is Kimberly Sweeney. I am an Advanced Distributor for The Gourmet Cupboard. My website is: www.ksgourmet.thegourmetcupboard.biz Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ks-Gourmet-Kimberly-Sweeney-The-Gourmet-Cupboard-Independent-Distributor/187595048006996?ref=hl I am located in Murrieta, CA. There are so many great mixes to choose from! Three favorite mixes from TGC are: Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Dip; Double Chocolate Bundt Cake; Potato Soup. Check out The Gourmet Cupboard’s monthly specials! At this time, I don’t have a special going, but, TGC does!

 Wendy Vibbert  Hi everyone! My name is Wendy Vibbert and I am an Independent Consultant with Tastefully Simply and I am a firm believer that nothing say’s I LOVE YOU better than FOOD. Tastefully Simple has so much to offer you. If you are looking for simple Appetizers?, Tastefully Simple has that! If you are looking for easy Meal ideas? Tastefully Simple has that! If you are looking for Desserts? Oh, Tastefully Simple has that covered as well. So why not show someone just how much you love them and purchase some Tastefully Simple today.  Be sure and check out my FB page at www.facebook.com/buyeatrepeatwithWendy  or www.tastefullysimple.com/web/wvibbert

  Donna Zeigler Roucoulet  Hi there! I am Donna Roucoulet, and I am an Independent Distributor with The Gourmet Cupboard. We offer a fantastic selection of gourmet food mixes which can make ANYONE a gourmet chef! Beginners, women, men, kids – anyone can make delicious dishes with our mixes. All of the dry ingredients are there, and you just add a few fresh ingredients to the mix. We offer everything from soups, meals, desserts, dips, flavored coffees, and more.  My website is http://www.donnaroucoulet.thegourmetcupboard.biz I am located in Connecticut, the company is located in Texas, and we can ship anywhere in the US or Canada.  My favorite mixes would have to be:  1. Spicy Saltine Mix – fabulous on oyster crackers for a spicy snack mix (hubby tells me I can’t make it any more because he eats it all!)  2. Cheesy Potato Casserole mix – delicious side dish, nice and cheesy, and can be turned into a main dish for any meal, including breakfast! and since this is for Valentine’s Day, my #3 mix would be our 5 Minute Microwavable Chocolate Fudge! (We also have it in peanut butter flavor.) Nothing could be simpler, and you can add in any goodies you want – walnuts, chocolate chips, etc. Treat your Valentine to some HOMEMADE fudge!  Message me and I can tell you what our monthly special is too, for some great savings on some something yummy!

 Fran Hamel  My Name is Fran, I’m newer consultant with WildTree. Join me for Fun with WildTree Freezer Meal workshops! We can prepare at your house or mine. I’m in Western MA. (though I know a couple reps in RI I could set you up with as well)  Wild Tree is natural and organic, free from preservatives, additives dyes and MSG!  Contact me to host your freezer meal workshop (or attend one of mine if you’re local) or  Order product and have it shipped directly to your home. Or just PM me for questions or additional info on any of the above.  http://www.mywildtree.com/307790/

 Lisa Lazowicki Hey all, I’m Lisa, an Independent Store Owner with Jerky Direct and have I got the PERFECT Valentine’s Gift for you! Is your Valentine: “Sweet & Spicy”? Try our organic gluten-free Sweet & Spicy beef jerky! “Hot”? Try our all natural HOT Buffalo-Wings Style chicken jerky! “Original”? Try our all natural Original buffalo jerky! Lots of other flavors of organic gluten-free beef jerky, all natural beef, buffalo, turkey & chicken jerky!  If your Valentine has 4 legs, I’ve even got some all natural gluten-free turkey pet strips!   All made in the USA! No MSG, sodium nitrates, added hormones, preservatives or other nasty things you find in most store bought brands! Tender, tasty & healthy! Visit my website at www.eatmorejerky.info for more information and to see all the varieties we have to offer! I’ve got lots in stock too, just $7/pk, 3 for $20 or 6 for $30 – mix & match – with FREE shipping!

Gift Advisors Health and Fitness and Weight Loss

  Shannon Sprau  Hi I am  Shannon Sprau  I am with Team Beachbody  My Website is : www.beachbodycoach.com/healthywife  My Location: NC  My 3 Product Recommendations: *Shakeology; Lose Weight—the Healthy Way  You won’t feel deprived, because every delicious shake tastes like a sinful treat. The proteins and healthy fats will help you feel fuller longer, so you’re less likely to snack. Superfoods help your body reduce cravings for junk food. Increased energy means your workouts feel easier. Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Greenberry, Vegan Chocolate, and Vegan Tropical Strawberry  *21-Day Fix; the latest breakthrough program from Beachbody. The 21-Day Fix takes the guesswork out of weight loss. It’s a unique portion-control system combined with easy-to-follow workouts that fit into anyone’s busy schedule.   *FOCUS T25; Get an hour’s results in 25 minutes a day! Trainer Shaun T gives you everything you need, nothing you don’t. 25 minutes. 5 days a week. 100% results.  ::SPECIAL:: All Challenge Pack orders placed Feb. 1st – 12th will receive a $50 eGiftCard to www.beachbodycoach.com/healthywife from me! Must contact me before ordering to get set up to receive your gift card.

  Cara Jones  HI, I am Cara The Wrap Lady! I am an independent distributor for It Works Global- Home of that Crazy Wrap Thing that everyone is talking about these days! I personally used our “Skinny Pack” to wrap my self from a size 24 to a size 14 in less than 8 weeks! The Skinny Pack Consists of 3 of my favorite products: A box of Ultimate Body Applicator Wraps, A tube of Defining Gel and a bottle of carb inhibiting Fat Fighters! I reside in Texas, but of course orders can be placed through my website www.CaraTheWrapLady.com! When you sign up for our Loyal Customer program, you can get this amazing Skinny Pack for only $109  “Wrap” yourself in love this Valentine’s Day with the Skinny Pack! You can also call/text me at 512.701.1572!

  Amy Baker  Hi my name is Amy and im an authorized distributor for bee fit zxt. Wether your trying to lose weight,gain energy or detox your body im here to help. You can like my page Amy, Authorized Distributor of Bee Fit Zxt LLC  Also i can be contacted via phone or text 740-616-1724 or email amysiegle@beefitzxt.com I will ship or deliver if local

 Laural Taylor Hello!  My name is Laural Taylor and I am a Independent Product Consultant for doTERRA Essential Oils!  I can’t think of a better gift for yourself or your loved one this Valentines day than the gift of Health! We have something for everything from a headache, sore muscles, fibromyalgia, immune support… Literally something for everything! Want to educate yourself on Essential Oils? We can meet up at a public place or you’re home and have a one on one discussion about the oils! You can try them out! You can also host a class that’s FREE and 100% educational for your friends and family! No purchase necessary! We can get you $100 I’m free oils before Feb 20th! Message me for details!  or to book your class / One on One! Come on over and visit me on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/helpingothersthroughoils  Shop online at: www.mydoterra.com/helpingothersthroughoils If you have any questions please feel free to contact me!