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 Kali Delaney Somerville  My name is Kali Somerville. I am an independent consultant with Pink Zebra. If you love home fragrance, then you will love Pink Zebra. All wax products are made with soy. So provides long lasting true to life scents.  Top sellers are: Simmer Pots, Simmering Lights, and our Sprinkles Visit me at or on fb at  Each month you can enjoy a different fragrance of the month. I am also offering on the first of each month new customers the opportunity to try Pink Zebra at 25% off.  Go to, choose the products tab, go to Sprinkles to choose one or a variety of your fave scents, then choose a simmering light or a simmer pot to warm your new scents in.

  Michele L McCoy Swartley  Hi everyone! My name is Michele and I am a full time – Celebrating Home Designer.  I represent a company who loves to decorate your home and soon your life with our new Penelope Ann line of purses, jewelry, scarves and more…with more than 65% of our line $50 and less, we offer great value when looking for home decor, stoneware, florals, fragrances, personalized items and soon purses, jewelry, sunglasses, readers, scarves and totes. My top sellers are our signature beanpots, fragrance, and the old world maps print. To view my complete line just go to or Specials vary month to month – March you may earn up to double hostess credits and April – you get to earn 3 brand new Penelope Ann line items with your qualifing party – a retail value of $80. Like what you see while browsing my catalog and preview catalogs – I am offering the first person to contact me and let me know you were sent through the Sneak Peek Outlet, their choice of a start up kit for 1/2 price! Just send me a personal message and I will be happy to get you started! This last special expires March 31, 2013. Thank you for taking a peek and looking forward to helping with all your decorating desires. 🙂

 Jeanette McMeel Duplechin Im Jeanette McMeel Duplechin with Clever Container… Clever Container offers products for EVERYONE who has need of ORGANIZATIONAL and STORAGE needs for every part of life – from OFFICE, to BEDROOM, KITCHEN, CAR, BATHROOM – you need it organized – we have your products!!! We offer OVER 100 products for UNDER $20!  TOP 3 SELLERS – the OTD Pocket Pantry(pockets that hang over your pantry door that provide much needed space to store boxes, bags and more), the set of 3 Bin There in Zebra stripes (3 different sized boxes in ZEBRA stripes (VERY POPULAR for the teens and/ or crafters ) and the Fridge bins(forget about find MYSTERY items in your fridge that have slid to the back of shelves and other items MONTHS later – bins hold everything – yogurt cups, coke, juice boxes, veggies, fruit ANYTHING that needs a special space in your fridge – PLUS also very POPULAR with other DS lines to SHOWCASE their items since they are see through)!  Need help?  Contact me at or We have Monthly Specials that change month to month.  To purchase – simply go top my website and click SHOP NOW

  Jennifer Lim-Somerton  Hello, my name is Jennifer Lim-Somerton and I am an Independent PartyLite representative. Decorating your home is what I love to do. We have so many home decor pieces to choose from. Take a look online at my website at and take advantage of our online special with any $50.00 purchase you can purchase 3 doen tealights for $12.00 and 4 boxes of votives for $12.00. What a deal. If there is anything I can help you with inbox me or email at

  Andrea Boyers  My name is Andrea Boyers and I am with Pink Zebra Home. Pink Zebra, diva style! Fragrances touch all of our senses, evoking memories and stimulating our moods. The aroma of cookies baking in the oven brings to mind happy times spent in the kitchen surrounded by family and friends. A folded basket of warm, fresh laundry implies clean and pure. Fragrance is what Pink Zebra is all about and what we enjoy bringing to you. Pink Zebra Sprinkles are a unique scented wax melt that are available in 51 different scents – combining different scents together allows you to make your own custom blend. Make some new memories today  You can contact me and shop online or view our new spring line at

 Theresa J Ferrari  Uppercase Living offers you a decorative way to make your space (home, office, dorm, wedding day, any special occasion etc…) a reflection of the unique individual you are. Whether you identify with a deeply motivational thought, a beautiful embellishment, a bold image, or a combination of these, Uppercase Living® expressions let you be who you are and lets you express that uniqueness in your surroundings. My top three sellers… Custom names for baby nursery, our newest bathroom expression “Wash your hands and say your prayers, Jesus and germs are everywhere and no. 3… Be~You~Tiful. You can shop on line or contact me for help through my website: or through my fanpage: Our specials change monthly plus we have bi-monthly good buys!

  Michelle Bednar  I love Pink Zebra. What is Pink Zebra a new twist to wax melts for your home. We offer Sprinkles instead of the traditional blocks. You can use them in many ways. Mix them to create your own recipes. Put them into candles to add a fragrant twist to your candle. You can put them in a mesh bag hang in your car, closet, or toss in your sock drawer. You can layer them to make your own candle with our many new shimmer glass accessories. We have reed diffusers, lotions, soaps, and simmer pots with many colors and shade options. First you choose your base and color option. Next you choose your shade metal, glass, wood or fabric. Last choose your sprinkles. Finally enjoy.  Our top sellers depend on your choice of scent. #1 is our sprinkles once a person chooses their sprinkles then they choose what simmer pot they would like to showcase in their home. The diffusers are another top seller. You do not have to touch the reeds to flip them. You simply attach the base and flip twist and remove again. No more fighting with your reeds and getting your hands all scented up. There are so many different combinations of products to choose all beautifully decorate your home. They offer two kit prices $99 and $199. Personally the $99 kit has everything you need to get started. You can check out the website for more details. Every month they offer a carton of the month and a jar of sprinkles at 1/2 off. Many party themes can be as simple as a product showing or as fun as a candle bar party where you create your own make and take candle from the sprinkles. There is also the online party, I load various photos and talk to each customer personally. I want to make each persons shopping experience the best I can. You can contact me directly through Facebook at or email from my link on my Pink Zebra Home page.

 Morgan Lady  HI my name is Morgan Lady & I am a Lifestyle Consultant for At Home! We are a Home Decor & more company that has online only based sales!! We have Flash sales that start every Tuesday & last for a week where the products are deeply discounted! Some of our Customer Favorite products are Inspired Decor, Kitchen Basics, Entertaining Essentials & Wall Decor! To see all of our very affordable decor visit   There is no requirement to sign up.  Make sure you check back often because we are adding NEW products all the time! We just got an update a few days ago of the NEW products coming & you will LOVE them!! I can’t tell you what they are, but I can say they are BIG with a BIG DISCOUNT!!!

  Megan Murphy  Hi there, my name is Megan Murphy and I am a Regal Representative. Regal is an 85 year old Canadian catalogue brand famous for our unique, one-of-a-kind household Regal products brought to millions of Regal consumers through a network of independent Regal sales reps in every province and territory.   We have a range of products from kitchen, to bathroom to greeting cards all available at reasonable prices.  We have many top selling items such as retro hot dog toaster, school day treasures book and fruit basket.  You can find me at and you can shop online at Place 5 orders and receive 15% off your 6th order!

  Mary Guzzardo-Cunningham  Hi, my name is Mary Cunningham and the product I would like to introduce you to is Bellaroma. We are a scented, melting wax company, offering warmers that melt the wax in jar candles either from the top or bottom without the need to light a wick as well as warmers for essential oils and melting wax blocks. Most all of us have wax in jars but never use them because we don’t like to put fire to the wick. This is what Bellaroma solves. You will find our products to be very versatile as well as compatible with products from other companies. Our specials change on a monthly basis and can be viewed by clicking on the Specials and Promotions link on my website – In addition, you can find an online catalog that you can either view online or download and print. I am so very excited about all of our products – they fit into the décor of my home and are customizable enough to fit into the décor of yours also from our #1 seller the Candle Aire that uses a scent pod that melts from the heat of a flickering bulb and contains a whisper quiet fan that pushes the lovely scents throughout your entire home. #2 of our best sellers would be our Parisian Lamp Warmers. The bulb in the lamp shade melts the jar candle wax sending off scents to make your home more welcome to all that enter and the lamp shades can be changed, we offer a variety of shades to fit the Parisian warmer to fit all styles. And then our 3rd best seller would be our Petite Fragrance Warmers that plug into the outlets adding a unique design while freshening the scents in the room.  In addition to my website,, I also have a Facebook Fanpage Bellaroma Scents by Mary Cunningham. I welcome you to stop by either and have a look around. Both locations have ‘contact me’ information for your convenience.

  Samantha Vail  Hi! My name is Samantha, and I am a proud Executive Home Consultant with Longaberger! Longaberger is a family business that puts its focus on quality, hand-made baskets and pottery that is all heirloom quality. Longaberger offers pottery, American-made baskets, home accents, and some great dip and dessert mixes! Our best sellers are the 8-1 Entertainer, which is a very versatile pottery piece, the Market Baskets, and Flameware- Longaberger’s special pottery that can be used ANYWHERE- even on the grill! Longaberger also offers weekly sales- you can always find upcoming sales flyers on my page, You can shop from the full catalog plus the special Longaberger at Home section on my site at Make your house a HOME with Longaberger!

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Bath Spa and Beauty

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 Joann DelCorso  I am JoAnn DelCorso, a sales representative for over 8 years, in The Beauti-Conrol business. We carry Mens, womens, young adults and women’s, skincare, bath, body Wellness [products, also, cosmetics which do not contain oils. The company has ben in business for over 32 years, dermatologist,allergy and no animal testing made in the U.S.A.. We carry products ranging from 10$ and up, skin care that does exactly what is promoted. See the wonderful products and discounts given continuously on, my favorite products would be the moisturizers and microderm abrasion. Shop now and you will also be benefiting the WHO orginization, Women Helping Others, thankyou

 Chris Arnold  Hi, I am Chris Arnold, Your Modern, Old Fashioned Avon Lady since 1996. Helping you find the perfect beauty and personal care products for you and get them delivered right to your door all at a budget friendly price.  Our 3 Tops Sellers are the Anew skincare line, Skin So Soft Bath and Body, and our Signature Fragraces  Visit me at or on fb at  New products, sales and specials every 2 Weeks on tons of products. Shop via my website, search for your favorite products or view the brochure online by going to the shop tab and clicking on the brochure cover on the left. For phone, email or text orders, visit my website or fanpage for contact information.

 Sharie Sorenson Bolton  BeautiControl is an internationally recognized beauty company owned by Tupperware Brands that offers personalized service, scientifically advanced skin care and premium quality cosmetics. As the first direct sales company to bring the Spa experience into the home, BeautiControl is known as the #1 Premium Spa Brand. You can find Specials on my website under the Specials tab. My website offers E-Beauti and SKIN S.P.A. so that you can know exactly what treatments you need.  Top 3 sellers are BC Spa Instant Manicure, BC Spa Facial & TFF Extreme Treatments.  Visit me at  or on fb at  Just go to my website and click on the SPECIALS tab. Every month there is a new sale.   Simple to shop with me as my “on-line store” is always open. Browse through the treatments and place your order. Your order will ship directly to you.

 Kerry Banks  My name is Kerry Banks. I am a consultant with two companies: Scentsy and Perfectly Posh. I joined Scentsy in November 2011 and Perfectly Posh in March 2012. Scentsy offers fabulous smelling products that are wickless/flameless, as well as kid friendly products like Buddies. Perfectly Posh offers Pampering Products that are all SLS, Gluten, Paraben, and Paraffin FREE.  Top 3 Suggestions: Scentsy: Bars (in over 80 different scents), the Silhouette warmer collection, and Washer Whiffs & Dryer Disks (that’s technically four items but the laundry care is amazing so you definitely need both!!)  Perfectly Posh: The Stripper (detoxing face mud), Sugar Fix (body sugar scrub), and Slathers (moisturizing body butters) Visit me at and  The New Spring catalog for Scentsy launches March 1, but Posh’s items are LIVE NOW! Tons of closeout items are listed on Posh’s site. Get them before they are gone! Just visit the links above and you can check out online. No need to attach to a party. Just add items to your shopping basket and check out. Items will ship once your order is placed and you receive an order #. Happy shopping! 🙂

  Jackie Coddington Do you know what chemicals and fillers on in your bath and body products?? If you answered no…. check out Perfectly Posh! Its a naturally based product line that is spa grade and free of fillers!  We have a BRAND NEW catalog filled with awesome new products including our new natural face care line!  My personal top three selling products are The Healer, a schea butter based skin stick infused with Essential Oils; Slathers, body butters all with different bases to meet your skins needs; and The Stripper, a detoxing mud mask to leave your skin free of free-radicals!  Visit me on fb at to keep up with all of the new products and offers available!  And visit to shop right online!  Just let me know if you have questions.

   Shaleen Ague  My name is Shaleen Ague and I am a Stay at Home Mom on a Pampering Pursuit. My job is to share with other women how to pamper themselves at home on a tight budget and even tighter schedule. Perfectly Posh offers spa-grade natural pampering products that are safe for the whole family. Never will be see SLS, parabens, Soy or Gluten in any of our products. Lots of Vegan options!   Our products will pamper your body and mind from head to toe with natural lotions, soaps, skin care and D-Tox products. Perfectly Posh uses lots of natural butters, oils and other nourishing ingredients.  Jump into a tub of one of our best selling sugar scrubs called Sugar Fix and/or Brown Sugar Baby. Wrap your hands around are very large Chunk bar soaps available in many natural fragrances. Or Strip the dirt from those pores with our Stripper facial d-tox mask. These are just a few of our most popular products.  Don’t just stop there…check out all we have to offer on my facebook page at:  Currently we have great discounts on our Fall/Winter product line. All our products are always Buy 5 get 1 Free and make sure you stop back to check out our monthly specials.   I would love to share more about our products and company with all of you.   Don’t just pamper yourself…share me with a friend and pamper it forward today.
 Magickally Crafted Marion  I am Marion, mother of 4 adult kids, 11 grands and 2 furbabies. I also am a caregiver for my two cousins that have Down Syndrome.  I am a rep for Enchanted Potions. It carries all your bath, body and home needs. AND it’s all handmade! Everything is priced very reasonably. An 8 oz bottle of shampoo is only $5.99! Everything is made when it’s ordered so it will be nice and fresh when you receive it. I believe our top 3 sellers would be our body lotion, butter bar, and shower gel. You can find me here:  I’m always willing to work deals on larger orders. So just ask!  You can find all products at If you want a big order just contact me first and we will try to work something out. 🙂
 Tara Thompson  Hello I sell MK skincare and makeup we also carry a mens line too. I joined MK because I love the products and helping women look their best at a great price. (Skincare) The 3 top sellers are firming eye cream, oil free eye makeup remover and anti aging cleanser.  fb page Tara Thompson Mary Kay Consultant I offer free samples with all orders.  🙂 Ask me today and I with help you find great products at an excellent price. 
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