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Do NOT mistake Self Help books training’s and seminars for Business Growth

Do NOT mistake Self Help books, training’s and seminars for Business Growth.  Many reps are looking for immediate gratification and a sense of accomplishment and will interpret Self Help as something that it is NOT.  Self Help literally means you are helping yourself.  When you attend training’s, conventions, seminars and webinars you are improving YOU and helping YOU grow.

There’s no doubt that this is good for YOU, but YOU Growing is not the same thing as YOU growing your business.  

The PROOF:  The proof is in the results.  Results are a measure of how much, many, far, long.  As a noun  Results means, ‘a consequence, effect or outcome of something’.  As a verb it means, ‘to occur or follow as a consequence.  So, as a result of your Personal Growth Training, you will grow as a person.  As a results of business actions you have taken your business will ‘take action’ = Grow!

The Mistake:  If you are measuring your Business success in the number of trainings, seminars, webinars and books you have attended or read your using the wrong equation.  As a result of all your training you may have become a great trainer, but your business may lack the RESULTS you are striving for.  Unfortunately, Self Help while it ‘feels’ good, is not the same thing as taking action.  Taking action often does NOT ‘feel’ good.  Well, not until later anyway.

The Resolution:  YOU Growing is not the same thing as growing your business.  But, YOU helping other Grow will Grow Your Business!  After a good book, a training, a team call, a seminar put in to practice what you have learned.  Do NOT misinterpret this to mean do grow, don’t improve yourself.  Self growth is good, but t grow your business what you learn HAS to be used.  Growing your business is about taking action.  Do not count any potential growth expectations.

The Challenge:

Week 1: Log the time you spend in one week on self help.  Be very honest about this time.  Log anytime you spend reading, on the phone with a mentor, communicating with colleges on calls, at lunch, in person or on fb or where ever and also any time spent at a training or seminar.  Take good notes.  Identify at least 5 things that these training’s have taught you.  Log any financial growth in your business.

Week 2:  Cancel ALL self help, just for one week!  Do not allow yourself to ‘connect’ with mentors.  Do not attend any trainings on or off line.  Actively use at least 5 of the things that learned during week 1 in exactly the same amount of time used during week 1 for training.  Log any financial growth in your business.  Do not count any potential growth expectations.

The Definition: Business Grow can be defined as the process of improving some measure of an enterprise’s success.  This improvement can be achieved by either boosting the top line or revenue with increased sales or income. or by increasing the bottom-line by minimizing costs.

The Training:  Take the Challenge!  We promise both you and your business will grow!

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What the COOL KIDS are Up to this Weekend

Time to shine! What are you up to this weekend? Will you work your business?
 Valene Lynn Lawrence wrote: I’m heading to OBX for vacation but you bet I will still be getting the word out about my company… I need to get that $10,000 bonus, plus its not work if you love it!
  Suzi Chaplin wrote:  YES! Always 🙂 Chocolate tasting party friday night, saturday sampling chocolates with a fantastic group at the Sagamore in Lake George NY, then Sunday making chocolate recipes with my kids www.chocolateparty.biz
  Tonia Taylor wrote:  Yes..WooHoo!!!..everyday….we will be hosting a showcase on tomorrow 5/11/12…90 days transformationwww.ardysslife.com/toniataylor
  Summer Bailey wrote:  Putting together samples, making flyers, etc for event/fundraiser at my sisters school… takes some time, but I’m a perfectionist lol… then on Sunday going to see my grandma and family 🙂
 Kristy Clark Doskocil wrote:  Headed to the campground and yes I’ll be working my business but that is not my main priority. It’s to be with my family. But it never hurts to have samples on hand and be ready to discuss the business. 🙂
  Eric Lori Hoskins wrote: have samples going out to 150 people at an event!
  Cindy Holden-Amor wrote: We are also heading to the camp ground! Will try to work it!
 Liza M. Meier Hunt wrote: Wrapping and blitzing all weekend! I have 6 people scheduled and a few to mail out! This business is exploding! Just signed on two more distributors last night and one just signed up a DT in NJ today!
  Mandy Vigil wrote: Scentsy Mother’s Day Open House AND Velata Launch! Busy, Busy!
 Sherry Orrell wrote: Fun lia show tomorrow nite! Then alittle fun with some gal pals this weekend!! Also, Mom’s Day celebration!!
Findsalesrep Get Found wrote:  Love it! So glad to be around so many MOTIVATED – Happy reps! You guys and gals Radiate Right Through Te Screen! 🙂
  Bridget Hughes wrote: So cool..did a gig at the Mall tonight…and, came home to find out that Diva Girl has added DENIM! Working it! www.divagirlparty.com/bhughes
 Cheryl Lamb wrote: Putting together sample paks with mini catalogs, biz cards and skincare samples. Then I tie a beautiful pink ribbon on the top of the cello bag. People love to receive a gift a soccer games. Great way to open communication! www.mybeautysociety.com/CherylAnn

 Brigette Holland wrote: Getting ready for a healthfair! Oh and PS got invited to the health fair becuase the director of the event found me on google!! Thanks Findsalesrep Get Found!!!!

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Where are You right this Second on the Energy Scale

Carmine Gallo, who writes “leaders who are exceptionally persuasive communicators” for Forbes.com resently shared a few tips that ‘Get Leaders Going’
Gallo wrote:

Where are you on the energy scale? Here’s a technique that I’ve used with executive speakers over the years and it works wonders. Right before the presentation I ask the speaker, “On a scale of one to ten—one being asleep and ten being Tony Robbins who is yelling, fist-pumping and smacking his hands against his chest—where are you right this second on the energy scale?” The typical response is somewhere between four and six. I then suggest that the speaker clap his or her hands together three or four times, shake out their arms, and put a big smile on their face. “Now where you are?” I ask. “About seven or eight,” the speaker normally responds. “Now rock it!” I exclaim.

Great tip and we know that there are more than a few exceptional leaders right here on FSR too! So, we asked a few to step up and share a few tips of there own!

 MarilynInfo StopShop wrote:  I focus on the help I will be offering, how much it has imporved myself, family and others too. So I get motivated and pumped on helping others excitement.
 Kim Newsom wrote:  I talk to my team members often and every time we get a contact or book a party or have a great lead we call one another and those calls inspire each of us to do better so the next time we can be the one calling with great news!!
Now what about you!  
Leave your Tips in comments.
Remember, your tips could inspire your next business builder! 😉