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If you are not on FindSalesRep You Are not in Business! 

Are you with one of these companies?

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Do That!

Get Found!

It really is that easy!    Help people find what they are looking for!  They are looking for you and what you’ve got -locally.  Come out of hiding and grow your business.  It’s free and easy.  Anybody can do this and why not????

It does not matter what business you are in, what company you are with or how you make money, everyone needs customers and customers need products.  In many cases these people know exactly what they want.  What they do not know is how much does it cost, can they save money some how and where can they get it.  Most people work with someone local and if they find you they may find someone else.

Getting found is so much easier these days and often it’s free!

Here’s an example: Go to FindSalesRep.com! This is a place where reps from any company, even yours can add a FEATURED Listing or a free listing for their direct sales business in their local city and GET FOUND!

Be on the Lookout for SMILES

Have you heard that things always happen in 3′s?  

Well is that because it’s true or because we make it happen?  

word of adviceThis week let’s make it happen.  If you don’t know what you are trying to do it can be hard to get it done.  So, let’s do it!  Let’s have everyone get a minimum of 2 new distributors on their team. You need this to be a BIG WEEK!  So, make it happen!  Let’s Start Thinking about helping a few people.  You have a gift – SHARE IT!

“Apparently, there is nothing that can not happen today.” -Mark Twain

What you need to do this week: To reach this weeks  goal it will take everyone reading this message finding 2 New People to Introduce to their business.  Remember: BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR SMILES!  The most open people are often smiling already!  Look for for these open mined people, look for their SMILES and share your story.  Coincidently, all of the industries top leaders were the ones that were found with a smile to start with. Imagine what bring in one of those kinds of leaders could do for your team.  Good Luck!