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Wholesome FOODS for the People You LOVE

  Kimberly Sweeney  Hello! My name is Kimberly Sweeney. I am an Advanced Distributor for The Gourmet Cupboard. My website is: www.ksgourmet.thegourmetcupboard.biz Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ks-Gourmet-Kimberly-Sweeney-The-Gourmet-Cupboard-Independent-Distributor/187595048006996?ref=hl I am located in Murrieta, CA. There are so many great mixes to choose from! Three favorite mixes from TGC are: Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Dip; Double Chocolate Bundt Cake; Potato Soup. Check out The Gourmet Cupboard’s monthly specials! At this time, I don’t have a special going, but, TGC does!

 Wendy Vibbert  Hi everyone! My name is Wendy Vibbert and I am an Independent Consultant with Tastefully Simply and I am a firm believer that nothing say’s I LOVE YOU better than FOOD. Tastefully Simple has so much to offer you. If you are looking for simple Appetizers?, Tastefully Simple has that! If you are looking for easy Meal ideas? Tastefully Simple has that! If you are looking for Desserts? Oh, Tastefully Simple has that covered as well. So why not show someone just how much you love them and purchase some Tastefully Simple today.  Be sure and check out my FB page at www.facebook.com/buyeatrepeatwithWendy  or www.tastefullysimple.com/web/wvibbert

  Donna Zeigler Roucoulet  Hi there! I am Donna Roucoulet, and I am an Independent Distributor with The Gourmet Cupboard. We offer a fantastic selection of gourmet food mixes which can make ANYONE a gourmet chef! Beginners, women, men, kids – anyone can make delicious dishes with our mixes. All of the dry ingredients are there, and you just add a few fresh ingredients to the mix. We offer everything from soups, meals, desserts, dips, flavored coffees, and more.  My website is http://www.donnaroucoulet.thegourmetcupboard.biz I am located in Connecticut, the company is located in Texas, and we can ship anywhere in the US or Canada.  My favorite mixes would have to be:  1. Spicy Saltine Mix – fabulous on oyster crackers for a spicy snack mix (hubby tells me I can’t make it any more because he eats it all!)  2. Cheesy Potato Casserole mix – delicious side dish, nice and cheesy, and can be turned into a main dish for any meal, including breakfast! and since this is for Valentine’s Day, my #3 mix would be our 5 Minute Microwavable Chocolate Fudge! (We also have it in peanut butter flavor.) Nothing could be simpler, and you can add in any goodies you want – walnuts, chocolate chips, etc. Treat your Valentine to some HOMEMADE fudge!  Message me and I can tell you what our monthly special is too, for some great savings on some something yummy!

 Fran Hamel  My Name is Fran, I’m newer consultant with WildTree. Join me for Fun with WildTree Freezer Meal workshops! We can prepare at your house or mine. I’m in Western MA. (though I know a couple reps in RI I could set you up with as well)  Wild Tree is natural and organic, free from preservatives, additives dyes and MSG!  Contact me to host your freezer meal workshop (or attend one of mine if you’re local) or  Order product and have it shipped directly to your home. Or just PM me for questions or additional info on any of the above.  http://www.mywildtree.com/307790/

 Lisa Lazowicki Hey all, I’m Lisa, an Independent Store Owner with Jerky Direct and have I got the PERFECT Valentine’s Gift for you! Is your Valentine: “Sweet & Spicy”? Try our organic gluten-free Sweet & Spicy beef jerky! “Hot”? Try our all natural HOT Buffalo-Wings Style chicken jerky! “Original”? Try our all natural Original buffalo jerky! Lots of other flavors of organic gluten-free beef jerky, all natural beef, buffalo, turkey & chicken jerky!  If your Valentine has 4 legs, I’ve even got some all natural gluten-free turkey pet strips!   All made in the USA! No MSG, sodium nitrates, added hormones, preservatives or other nasty things you find in most store bought brands! Tender, tasty & healthy! Visit my website at www.eatmorejerky.info for more information and to see all the varieties we have to offer! I’ve got lots in stock too, just $7/pk, 3 for $20 or 6 for $30 – mix & match – with FREE shipping!

Direct Sales Natural and Organic Products

  April Gust-Yohanek  Hello, I am April Yohanek with L’BRI Pure n’ Natural Skin Care  At L’BRI PURE n’ NATURAL, P&L stands for People and Love, not Profit and Loss. Our goal is to provide quality, aloe-based skin care, beauty care, and nutritional products at affordable prices, while sharing the joy of positive, healthy living.  Beautiful and healthy skin does not just happen. Skin deserves to be pampered, protected, and nourished with a daily regimen that leads to a youthful, glowing complexion. Aloe vera makes the difference and that is why aloe is the First Ingredient in our complete line of Skin Care products.  ***Try our Free Sample Program! and Enjoy a 20% Discount on your first Order. Please Mention this site (The Sneak Peek OUTLET) to get your discount!***  Top 3 Sellers:  1. Facial Peel  2. Facial Masque  3. Body Butter  Please visit my website to see full product line and let me know if you have questions or need help ordering:  www.aprily.lbri.com  or on fb at  www.facebook.com/Prettyfaces213

  Adeline Denniston  Hi, I am Adeline Denniston, Manager with Celadon Road. We are an organic products company based in Massachusetts and our products are made nearly entirely in the US. We have baby products, pet products, skincare and cleaning products, as well as decor and bring your own lunch products. We have free samples of our #1 seller, laundry detergent, just contact me to let me know which scent you would like to try. We have a great NEW consultant kit for just $79 for the summer. Our #1 product: Eye makeup remover and #2 product: Age defying moisturizer. Also, our Stain Remover and Lemon Mint Glass Cleaner are tops on the list.  Our online catalogue can be found at www.celadonroad.com.  Shop www.myceladonroad.com/adeline to find your new favorite products. ***Mention that you saw this on the Outlet and get a discounted shipping rate when purchased directly from me.***

  Jeni Gauley Schultz  My name is Jeni and I’m an Executive Sales Leader with Norwex. I’ve been with Norwex since Jan 2012. Norwex is a company that allows you to clean your home and body with just water! The mission is to radically reduce the harmful chemicals in your home and body care lines!! Specials: I have personal specials that are available by messaging me! I also have samples if you aren’t sure which you’d like to try!! Need a catalog, I can get you one as well!  Top Faves: * Bert and Ernie – Which are 2 cloths. Enviro (bert) Polish/Window cloth (ernie) They go together as a pair. These 2 cloths allow you to have streak free surfaces! These microfiber cloths are also embedded with silver! NO MORE Stinky Cloths.* Laundry Detergent – Using ½ tsp in a high efficient machine will get you 500+ loads of laundry! * Superior Mop Collection – Using a dry mop pad to sweep and the wet pad to mop, eliminates the broom and dust pan. Also eliminates toxic chemicals on your floors! No more buckets of yucky water! The wet pad has silver in it as well!  My website address is: http://jenischultz.norwex.biz/  My fanpage is: www.facebook.com/jeni2clean and my online catalog is http://media.norwexcs.com/Flipbook/USA_2013_Catalog/ I have personal sign on incentives and referrals! Contact me for my personal specials!! Norwex has monthly specials as well!  You can join my newsletter, purchase or sign up right on my website! If you go to http://jenischultz.norwex.biz/ you can purchase right there!! Super easy!

  Li-Anne Thatsme  Hi, I’m Lisa, Independent Store Owner for Jerky Direct. Jerky Direct offers tender and tasty organic gluten-free beef jerky, all natural beef, buffalo, turkey & chicken jerky, all natural fruit snacks, and Buffalo Steaks. We even offer all natural gluten-free turkey pet strips for the 4-legged members of your family! All made in the USA! Most of our products contain no MSG, sodium nitrates, erythrobates, added hormones, preservatives and are only minimally processed. *If you want to “try before you buy”, ask for a free sample, then PM me your mailing address and I will get one right out to you. Supplies are limited so hurry and get yours before they run out!  My personal top sellers are: Organic Gluten-Free Sweet & Spicy Beef, All Natural Teriyaki Buffalo and HOT Buffalo Wings Style Chicken. My personal favorite is the All Natural Gluten-Free BBQ Turkey!  Visit my online store at www.eatmorejerky.info for more information about our company and products, and to make your purchases! Be sure to follow me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/eatmorejerky!  I am not currently running any specials; however, like my Facebook page for any contests I may run!  When you’re ready to “TASTE THE DIFFERENCE”, visit www.eatmorejerky.info  select one of the tabs at the top of the page that suits you – “Bags of Jerky”, “Cases”, “Signature Series” (our top of the line Steak Sticks) or “Buffalo Meat” (our incredibly delicious buffalo steaks). Select the flavors you want, and add them to your cart. When you’re done, simply check out! Yes, it’s really THAT easy!

  Brandi Twilegar Fielding  My name is Brandi Fielding and I am an Independent Product Consultant (IPC) with dōTERRA Essential Oils. dōTERRA offers all natural and most pure essential oils available. Only dōTERRA Essential Oils are Certified Pure Theraputic Grade (CPTG).  Essential oils have been used for thousands of years to relieve health conditions and the causes. With modern medicine everywhere there is not much knowlege about EO’s and the benefits of them. Now with dōTERRA Essential Oils you can replace everything in your medicine cabinet.   For a limited time only or when items sell out, there is a set of Summer Splash set of essential that are popular to cook yummy summer meals with them! Retail price $62.67 Wholesale price at $47.00 when you order at least 125 PV through me (please message me with your order). Come like my page doTERRA Essential Oils IPC Brandi Fielding for daily updates, information about the oils and monthly specials. Make sure to visit my website http://puredoterraessentials.com/ too!