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Jewelry Gifts OVER $50

  Pam Moore  Hi, I’m Pam with Origami Owl. I live in the Western NY area! My favorites for you for Valentine’s Day are all winners! Whether it’s our New Heart Shaped Locket, (with our limited edition back plate) Our Stunning Black Locket with Crystals or Our Gorgeous Bracelet, We have what will knock her socks off! Pick a few charms that tell her story, and you’ve created the perfect Keepsake….Or even one of our Heart Window Plates-a statement on it’s own. For the Holiday I’m offering “Buy 3 charms get one Free” until Feb.5th. But you must order directly through me to get this deal–Not through my website!! My email is mpam75@yahoo.com and my website is  www.pamm.origamiowl.com   Here’s my Fanpage!  Have questions?  Let’s connect on my fb page https://www.facebook.com/pmoore.origamiowl

 Jeanine LaNeve Surprenant  Hi everyone! My name is Jeanine Surprenant and I’m an Independent Founding Designer with Mialisia jewelry! We have beautiful VersaStyle pieces that are changing the way women wear jewelry! Check out my website atwww.jeanines.mialisia.com We have beautiful items for Valentine’s Day including our special Sweethearts Set! Or check out a beautiful piece called Sorrento that can be worn as a necklace, bracelet, belt, in your hair, and many other ways! We also have earrings and rings! Check us out!


 Elise Flaskerud Peters Hi, my name is Elise Peters and I can help you create your own special and unique piece of jewelry that can be worn around your neck or your wrist. Our Lockets can help you to showcase your family, your hobbies and your passions. Each piece can be bought separately for a fantastic price. Create that perfect gift for the special someone in your life. Makes great gifts for friends and teachers too. I’ll help you piece together the PERFECT gift. Shop at www.sepeters.origamiowl.com

  Pamela Fatone  I am Pamela Fatone and I am so in LOVE with the new charms and chains coming out. I can not wait to get my hands on the Pavé crystal Heart, I am looking forward to more chains and charms in the Rose Gold,which is just beautiful and always the new charm offerings. Thats why,if you purchase from my website www.designurown.origamiowl.com and I can confirm the sale, I will send you a FREE Birthstone charm ( swarovski crystal) for you. E mail me after you have purchased your Locket and Chain, tell me your Birth Month and I will send you your Birth Month crystal.  You may need my ID# its 7804


  Sherry Orrell  Hi! my name is Sherry Orrell and I am an Independent Advisor with lia Sophia fashion jewelry. I have been loving the BLING and living the DREAM for over 5yrs.  lia sophia offers fabulous customer Specials, an outstanding Hostess program and a Lifetime guarantee. Our style guide has something for everyone…items starting at $19 and up! Many classic styles as well as trendy pieces to enhance your summer wardrobe! Check out all the top selling bracelets…they will make your outfit!  Check out my website to view the entire style guide as well as place orders on line www.liasophia.com/orrell This month is a terrific purchasing special: Buy 1 item at regular price and 2 additional items at Half off! The most expensive items are the Half off! ****If you contact me and place an order I will give you $10 off your order.****  Check out all the colors of the season with lia Sophia!

  Karen Hitchcock  Hi my name is Karen Hitchcock, and I represent Jewels By Park Lane. JBPL has been a family owned company for over 50 years and still going and growing strong. Whether your looking to add to your jewelry ensemble or just need the right piece for your special night out, JBPL has it.  Prices range from $12.00 to $499.00. Trends are happening all the time, bright colors, rose gold, long necklaces with or without pendants, are you ready?  The most popular pieces are in the Rose Gold collection:Aria, Camellia, and our NEW and beautiful Rose Gold Bracelet collection.  We have an “unconditional guarantee”, and a “Bonus Buy” program to help you save even more money.  visit my website to start making you selections at www.myparklane.com/khitchcock  You can like me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Glitz-and-Glamour/141685879320621 be sure to leave me comments on what your needs are and I can help you further.

  Kim Drietz  Hi there- My name is Kim Drietz and I am a Jewel Kade Stylist. This company sells unique, hand-crafted jewelry made in the USA that you can mix/match or create personal sayings specifically for you! We also sell Custom Canvases. It is truly inspirational jewelry that speaks to your heart.  This month we have a May Promo for six different combo pieces at 40% off retail price!! If you go to my website and go to SHOP NOW and the specials are listed under EXCLUSIVES.  The Top 3 sellers this season are the Horizon Necklace (great for the layering look), Lock ‘n Key Necklace (simply adorable!) to hang any charm on and another hot selling item is the Double Delight necklace.  You can shop at my personal website at http://kimdrietz.jewelkade.com/ My Facebook Group is called Let Me Charm You . Another great special is the charm Annabelle is being released from May 15 – May 31 – A retired piece coming out of the vault for a limited time only!!  Hope to talk to you soon and Happy Shopping!