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  Alicia Brown I’m Alicia Brown & I’m so very excited to share this wonderful new product line with you! Our Hearts Desire has beautiful customizable necklace, bracelet & key chain lockets that hold whatever charms you choose. Our bracelets also hold slide charms for a totally different look. What a great way to design your own unique piece or a heartfelt gift for someone special in your life. Teachers, nurses, grand kids, grandma, bff’s..the gift recipients are endless. MEN this is for you also. Men can make a memorable gift for their wife, girlfriend, mom, daughters or even grandma. I can help you design a locket or bracelet of what your heart may desire or that heartfelt gift for someone special in your life. Free charm with a locket purchase! Shop at: www.ourheartsdesire.com/lovelylocket

 Jeanine LaNeve Surprenant Hi! My name is Jeanine Surprenant and I would LOVE to help you find just the right gift for that special someone. Or something special just for you!  Mialisia is a brand new jewelry company that offers fashionable yet affordable jewelry to women of all ages! Its patent pending VersaStyle concept is what makes it different than any other jewelry out on the market today! Instead of the normal clasps on the ends, we have VersaStyle hooks (think of very small shepard hooks) which allow you to wear one piece of jewelry multiple ways! Add two pieces to gethers, and the number of fashionable looks you can make multiplies! From necklaces, to belts, to bracelets, these jewelry pieces do double and triple duty! AND n the best part is…you get to design your lookn as the possibilites are infinite! Our pieces range in price from $20-$50 with a few pieces a little less, and a couple a bit more in price. My favorite pieces include Perfect Circle necklace/bracelet $26, Sugar amd Spice necklace/bracelet/belt $45, and Simple Circle Earrings $17.  We are offering FREE SHIPPING for any orders $40 or more!  Your can visit my website to view and purchase products directly at http://jeanines.mialisia.com/ (no www in front of it  if you need any help or have any questions that I can help you with, feel free to contact me at my email address listed on my website!

  Kayla Boyer  HI! I’m Kayla! I’m an independent consultant with JuJuBelle! We are a 3 year old company that is quickly growing and constantly adding new items! We offer a fun, affordable, interchangeable jewelry system. You can constantly change your pieces to fit your mood or style for the day with just a few pieces! My 3 favorite products would have to be our Vintage Treasures line, our Sassy Sticks that can be personalized AND of course all of our charm & fobs! Feel free to visit my website and check out our 1,000’s of pieces! www.jujubelle.com/kaylab and if you need ideas visit my facebook fan page www.facebook.com/jujukaylab We have just released our Holiday items! And also a brand new photo Christmas ornament, along with our current Fall special offer necklace that is just $8!

 Liz Fogg  Hi! I’m Liz and I’m the owner of My Bling Place which will be opening it’s doors as the newest direct sales company by the weekend!!! You can visit us here on FB at: https://facebook.com/MyBlingPlace and the corporate website will soon have shopping available at http://myblingplace.com/  We currently carry custom bling bracelets, rings and hair clips with MANY other products being added this week with the launch! I can’t wait to help you find the perfect gift for yourself or a friend!

 Sherie Anderson  Hi, I’m Sherie Anderson, and I’d love to introduce you to a great company – Lilla Rose. The Lilla Rose product line centers around unique, functional, and well made hair jewelry. From our flagship Flexi Hair Clip, to Hair Sticks, the Flexi Oh!, Hairbands, and Bobby Pins, Lilla Rose has a product for every hair type and style! I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about our products, sizing, and why Lilla Rose is the last hair accessory you’ll ever need.  Right now, I’m offering a special for all new Lilla Rose customers – buy any 3 items, get 1 item ($16 or less) FREE. Please visit my facebook page for details – Lilla Rose – Sherie’s Fabulous Flexi’s, and while you’re there you can enter my monthly flexi giveaway! You can also order directly from my website –http://lillarose.biz/SherieAnderson – by clicking on the Go Shopping button in the upper right. I can also be contacted by email at dragonflywhispers06@gmail.com. I look forward to helping you with your shopping needs, have a great day!

  Jaimie Joubert  Hi! My name is Jaimie Joubert and I would like to introduce you to a brand new jewelry concept from Mialisia VersaStyle Jewelry. We have a great line of rings, earrings, and chains. Each of the chains has specialized hooks so that you can mix, match and play with your jewelry! Make your jewelry fit your outfit rather than being tied to just one look with each piece.  To view the products you can visit my site athttp://ohmymama.mialisia.com/ or my FB page ishttps://www.facebook.com/MialisiaNdIndependentDesignerJaimie and there you can view different mix and match options. Below I’ll post a video to give you just a little idea of how the jewelry works and just how versatile it is.  Through October we have a great promotion going on where you get FREE shipping on all orders $40 and over. Orders under $40 have a shipping cost of $7.95. Also, we will have new jewelry out in October! I have a personal customer appreciation plan of buy 5 items and get 10% off your next order! To make a retail purchase you can shop directly on my site (http://ohmymama.mialisia.com/) by clicking the “SHOP” button. Of course you can also always contact me through FB, email (ohmymialisia@gmail.com) and by text message or phone (701.693.5838). I am always available and happy to answer any questions or help you with placing an order!  I hope you take a look at the beautiful pieces Mialisia has to offer and find something you love! http://youtu.be/kb7SPsx58B8

  Tanya Gjerstad Hello! I’m Tanya, an Founding Designer for Mialisia VersaStyle ! We Launched in July, but before launch the Founder and Designer sold 1 million dollars of product out of their home. Mialisia Jewelry is not just any Jewelry….you can take Two necklaces and make them into 16 diffierent fashions. Versa Style Jewelry is a new concept in how to wear jewelry as the Ipod was to music. I would LOVE the opportunity to show you how to design new fashions….so easy as our necklaces have special hooks!! Please check out my FB page at Mialisia Jewelry, Tanya Gjerstad or my website at http://www.mialisiajewelrymagic.com   My three favorites products are Spun Sugar $55 and Cleary Classic $36 with these two pieces you can make 12 different Designs. But don’t forget the Silver Rain Earrings for $23 and the Central Park Ring $18 to finish your outfit. We offer a great free shipping special for orders over $40. And don’t forget about the Lifetime Limited warranty. How great is that. Something breaks, just send it back for replacement. You can watch the Mialisia Jewelry Magic video and shop online atwww.mialisiajewelrymagic.com Hope you enjoy the site!
 Sherri Strohecker Leopold  Welcome to the brand new company called Mialisia! Mialisia provides you with an assortment of jewelry that has the unique capability of attaching to one another- creating an unlimited number of looks! Long necklaces, can be worn long, short or layered, as a belt, as boot bling, a bracelet or purse bling and much more- we offer a limited Lifetime guarantee on our jewelry and excellent customer service. Prices range from $12-78 with the average being between $25-$35. We will be adding an additional 35 pieces Oct 5th and a holiday collection in November. Please visit http://sherrileopold.mialisia.com/ to view and or shop online for the necklaces, earrings, and rings we offer! We offer free shipping for all orders over $40 and it ships directly to you. A hostess with a qualified party will earn a hostess $55 in free and a half price item. I will throw in a pair of earrings of your choice all through October for hosting! Up to a $23 value in addition to your other host benefits. Refer someone that hosts a show and I will give you a pair of earrings also. Here are a few of my favorite pieces and top sellers! Feel free to contact me with questions. Follow my specials and new jewelry releases and updates on www.facebook.com/sherriwithmialisia
 Karen Hitchcock  Hi my name is Karen Hitchcock. I represent Jewels By Park Lane. If your looking for affordable, fashionable, got to look great jewelry, then visit my website www.myparklane.com/khitchcock.  From 1 piece to a complete ensemble, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings and watches I have it all. With our BONUS BUY program, you can create your own sale.  My all time favorite collection is HOOTY, I can wear it with jeans and a t-shirt or dressed for a night out on the town.  If need other ideas or  help shopping connect with me on my website.  THX!
  Michelle McLeod  Hi my name is Michelle McLeod and I’m a Director with Paparazzi Jewelry & Accessories, where everything is $5! YES only $5 ~ you did read that right! All jewelry is nickel and lead-free, all clear coated and beautifully made. I would love to attend your event or home party; I set up an elegant display with hundreds of pieces to choose from. Our headbands, hair clips and hair pins, and the new hippie headbands are hot hot items! Please check out my website  to connect with me and I will help you find the perfect piece! Thank you for your time!


 Donna Charon Chamblee  Hi my name is Donna Chamblee and I am a Cookie Lee jewelry consultant. It is important to me to help you find that perfect accessory for you or that someone special. I attend the launch each time so I can pick up, touch and examine each piece so I can really speak to the weight, color, and details of each piece. A happy customer is a repeat customer! ***I will offer Speak Peak Shoppers a 15% discount to any orders that are emailed to me. Must be emailed…not placed on my website. *** My top sellers…they vary…our team spirit bracelets are ALWAYS a hit…and our fusion necklaces. So many great sellers to choose from!  My personal site is Donna Charon Chamblee, I also have a FB site…Cookie Lee Jewelry~Donna Chamblee and my website iswww.cookielee.biz/donnachamblee which has my online catalog.  I don’t have any particular Summer deals but for anyone that refers someone that places an order of $50 or more or books a party with me, I will give the person a $25 credit. If someone refers someone to me that joins my team, I will give the person a $50 shopping spree.  Cookie Lee couldn’t be any easier. Go to my site, click on what you like and purchase it! If looking to cash in on the discount…be sure to email me instead of shop my site. 🙂

  Andrea Barkley Glasgow Hi! My name is Andrea. I’m a Mommy of (3) little ones. I have a (3) year old daughter, (2) year old son and (4) Month old daughter. Life has been hectic and fun the past few years. I am an Independent Consultant for Paparazzi Accessories. Everything that we offer is either $5 or $1 for our little girl collection. Our Jewelry and Accessories are amazing quality and since everything is such a great deal, you can walk away with an entire outfit accessorized for $20 or less!! We offer necklace & earring SETS, bracelets, rings, earrings, headbands, hair clips (which aren’t just for hair) and a little girl collection called Starlet Shimmer with bracelets, earrings, rings and hair accessories.  Buy 5 Items, Get One FREE! (Including Starlet Shimmer) Our inventory changes all the time, so it is hard to come up with an exact style top seller. The necklace/earring sets and bracelets are hugely popular! Vist me at  www.happylittletreasures.com or on fb at  www.facebook.com/HappyLittleTreasures  Host a Party, Stop by one of my events (posted on Facebook), Purchase on my facebook page or personal website. (Shopping Cart being added for easy online purchase)  If you have questions or need help, just ask.

  Coretta Campbell  Hey everyone My name is Coretta Campbell and I am a Ruby Director with Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry. I love making women feel beautiful with jewelry and providing fabulous pieces to update their wardrobe. We have exquisite and affordable fashion jewelry that is Blingtastic!  My Spring into Bling special is free gift with purchase. 3. Our top 3 sellers are True Diva Charm Bracelet, Expose Necklace, and Bling It ring. These pieces are always the talk of the town 4. My website is www.tracilynnjewelry.net/3421  The online catalog can be viewed directly on my website my clicking on catalog. I am giving away FREE gifts with purchase to jump start your SUMMER.  To make a purchase just click on my website link and go to the icon that states shop now and it will take to you the different catagories of jewelry.

  Renee Audia  Hi, My name is Renee and I’m a consultant with Paparazzi Accessories. We specialize in $5 jewelry and accessories. Yes! Everything is just $5! We have very cute and trendy necklaces, earrings, bracelets, headbands and hair clips. Our best sellers our our necklaces which come with earrings all for just $5! Every one can afford to look great without going broke!!  Special! Buy 5, get one FREE!! PM me for details.  Have questions or need help shopping?  Connect with me on FB – Paparazzi Accessories – Five Dollar Frills

  Brenda Srour  Hi, My name is Brenda Srour and I am an Independent Distributor with Premier Designs High Fashion Jewelry. The catalog has over 700 pieces in it with price range from $5 to $99 with an average price of $37. All pieces in the catalog have three prices: Full price, Half price and FREE, you decide how you want to shop. My top 3 picks have been, Color Wheel wire coil bracelet, priced below average; Casual Cool two strand necklace with magnetic closure reversible enhancer, priced above average; and, It’s a Wrap bracelet which come in two colors: hematite colored leather with silver beads or brown leather with antiqued brass beads, priced slightly above average. The company website is www.premierdesigns.com  You can go there to see if there is a jeweler near you to do an in home jewelry show, which gives you and your guests the best prices available. You can also visit my fan page @ www.facebook.com/premierdesigns.brenda that’s where you can see my top three sellers and pictures of other jewelry in the line as well as fashion tips. You can follow me on pinterest at http://pinterest.com/pdbrenda/ I would be happy to assist you in placing individual orders, If that’s what you prefer. This year it’s all about arm parties, so ***I will be offering any watch at 50% off when you order three bracelets for sneak peak shoppers.*** Also, I am offering a $10 gift card for people who join my mailing/email list.  (586) 871-9503  Premierdesigns.brenda@gmail.com