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Summer Time Slump In Sales for Direct Sales Reps

Uh-oh, it’s “Summer Slump” time.

Sometimes, in the summer, sales for Direct Sales Reps start to slump.  So, today, your FindSalesRep Support Team was racking their brains, trying to figure out what people are spending their money on during the summer besides travel and outdoor stuff.

post on your soap boxBrowsing pinterest told us that people are spending a lot of time and money on wedding related items  https://www.pinterest.com/categories/popular/  

Does your company have products that can help people prepare for weddings?  If so, it’s time to POST to Your FindSalesRep WALL!  Note that you’ll need a Featured Listing to post to your wall – if you need to add a listing or if you need to upgrade you can save up to 85% by checking out the FindSalesRep Treasure Chest.

Where’s Your WALL? YOUR FSR WALL is YOURS and you should Login to Your Listing at www.FindSalesRep.com and look for the “Post to Your Wall” link.

Post often using words and pictures that people will be looking for when they need what you’ve got and then… Get Found.

DID YOU KNOW that Reps with a Featured Listing on Findsalesrep.com, have the perfect place to post this kind of information?  Have you started to add Pictures, Descriptions, and KEY WORDS to YOUR FSR WALL?  This is MUST DO!  Must meaning…  you must do this.  It’s free and will help you grow your business.  Yup, it’s all about you and it will help You Get Found.

Keep potential and current customers up to date and increase your chances of getting found in search engines just by posting status updates on Your FindSalesRep Wall!

wall posts 4:30:2015                                    “Wait. What?  A Wall?”  

Yes, it’s a lot to take in…. but it’s true! You can get “social” with your potential customers on FindSalesRep.com. Let them know what you have in stock, about new products or about sales or special offers. Tell them what they need to know about you, your company and your products by using key words that will lead them straight to you.  Then, show them before and after photos or pictures from a new catalogue. Pictures say a thousand words. Share them! You can put it all in your own words. Use key words to tell them about new products, sales, whatever.

What do you want to share with the World?  Here are some ideas:

  • Post about your favorite products.
  • New product images with descriptions of the products benefits, or why you like the product.
  • Updates about your company’s business opportunity and compensation plan.
  • Inspirational quotes and images.
  • Product and Opportunity Videos (use the “Link” button to post YouTube video links).
  • Business Tips for Other Network Marketers
  • Links to any Articles you’ve written, or articles you like.
  • Pictures of you at home parties and events.
  • Pictures of you helping customers.

THEN… if you want to take it to the next level, here’s a great tip. Once you make a post, you can click on the “Permalink” to view just that post. Then, click the Pinterest share button – that way you get exposure on Pinterest and Pinterest also links back to your posting on your FindSalesRep Wall! So really, this is a Twofer Tip. Some pins from FindSalesRep Walls have been re-pinned thousands of times. That’s great exposure for your business.

You can also share the same link on Facebook, Twitter, etc. This is great because it gives you one place to link to from all of your social networks (so you can post once, and share everywhere).

Let’s Get You Found,


10 Business Tips to Keep You On Your Path When Things Go Horribly Wrong

Nobody gets through life without some disappointment, struggles, or just plain bad luck. These losses and or conflicts can be devastating. They can give you good reason to GIVE UP on Your Dreams. These experiences, as we are going throug

h them can be brutal. Each of them, naturally, can knock you off course or even completely out for awhile, but NOT everyone gives up. Some people focus that desperation and actually become stronger and GROW and find success and happiness – EVENTUALLY!

Here are 10 Tips to Keep You On Your Path When Things Get Tough:

Let the past be the past. – No matter how much you screwed up in the past, no matter how chaotic, traumatic or discouraging the past has been, the future is a clean, fresh, wide open slate.
Focus on what you’ve got. – Gratitude is powerful. Count your BLESSINGS everyday and they will lift you up. POSITIVE thoughts can inspire HUGE changes and put the focus on what’s important. Spend time and energy on things that move you in the direction you want to go.
Accept the Growth Cycle. – Things Change! Part of living and grow is facing change and experiencing failure. Think of those instances as NEW and sometimes difficult tasks, but not final steps. Try to gain something, to grow as person, figure out a lesson that you can take with you. This simple step will help you OVERCOME the tough stuff FASTER and help you move on in healthy way. You, in all your unique ways are greater than any problem and Everything that happens CAN be a life lesson if you are willing to LEARN!
Be in control. – Your emotions are your choice. Feelings change, people change, and time keeps rolling. A smile is a choice, not an accident. Don’t wait for someone or something to make you happy. Life Lotteries DO NOT EXSIST! True happiness has to come from within.
Surround yourself with LOVE. – Who you let in to your life MATTERS. Life is too short to waste a minute of it with ‘haters’. Consciously seek out people who bring out the best in you.
You’re not alone. – You are HUMAN and so is everyone else. Everyone Has Problems! No matter how embarrassed or pathetic you feel about your own situation, someone else HAS been there and gotten out. Find out there story. How did they survive and concur! There’s your road map! FOLLOW IT!
It’s hard to say exactly when you will succeed until you get there. – The only way to get there is to never give up and keep moving forward. Success is often closer than it seems, and arrives suddenly, when you least expect it.
Life is NOT easy. – If you expect it to be, you will perpetually be disappointed. Achieving anything worthwhile in life takes effort. Expect to work hard.
You always have a choice. – No matter what, there are always at least two options. If you can’t physically change something, you can change the way you think about it.
Take responsibility. – Your Life Is Yours! No one can make it happen to you. If you fail or if you succeed is all up to you. If you mess up, admit it, say sorry, even if it’s just to you and figure out how to fix it. If you ‘Make It’, CELEBRATE! Don’t be afraid to enjoy success. You Deserve to be Happy!

If You’re In Business FOR REAL

If you were starting a Hardware Business would you think you were successful if You sold your MOM a few nails, your siblings a hammer each and your BFF a screw driver?

No Way! You’d advertise, Promote and Give new customers a few good reasons to come through your door. Maybe coupons, maybe you’d be the expert at something, maybe you would have something that no other hardware store had or maybe you would just do it all for less.

BUT… You Would NOT Rely on your family and friend to build your business! So, IF you’re in business – For Real, HOW DO YOU DO IT? How do you reach out to NEW Customers, attract NEW Business Builders? How Do You Treat Your Business Like a Business?

  Coretta Campbell wrote:  I find it important to first let people know how your product/service would be a benefit to them, how can you help them it is not all about the sale it is about building a solid customer relationship that will keep them coming back to you and service with a smile 🙂
  Jessica Gustafson wrote:  Since I sell Pink Tools, and have spread my products to my family and friends… I can concur that does not create a business.

Are you in BUSINESS – For Real?

What Strengths Did You Bring to Your Directs Sales Business

Everyone is successful in the Direct Sales Industry in a different way. There’s no one right way to do direct sales! So, what strengths did you bring to your directs sales business and how are you putting them to work for you?  Do those past experiences and attributes make it easier for you to succeed now?  Bet they do!

We asked some TOP NOTCH REPS:

Do you have a STRENGTH that helps you in your Direct Sales Business? 

Here is what they said:

  Heather Nickless Leadership. I have always been good at building teams. There’s still a lot for me to learn but I like to make things easier for people. create things to help people succeed in their business and so forth. Training and all that good stuff.

Findsalesrep Get Found ‎wrote: Heather Nickless Team building was my strength too. Every Job I had before DS had a team building element. That training has helped me a lot in the DS Industry and now I look for ‘team builders’ to join my team because I know that they know how to BUILD IT BIG! 🙂

  Alicia Petersma Mathney Relationships! I love building old and new relationships…I love talking to people and listening to them 🙂

Findsalesrep Get Found asked, ‎Alicia Petersma Mathney how did you get to be such a good listener and how do your clients respond? 🙂

Alicia Petersma Mathney wrote:  It still takes work for me…I just have to close my mouth and listen…and remind myself to do that 🙂 Mary Kay Ash always said God gave you 2 ears and only 1 mouth for a reason 🙂 She was such a smart women and business women!! When I listen, then I can learn a lot more from customers and potential team members about who they are and what they want.  Findsalesrep Get Found Wow! That is so important. We forget that listening may be our biggest tool. Thanks for the share! 🙂


  ShaChena Gibbs  Great Day, my name is ShaChena Gibbs. I have been an Avon Rep since 2004 and I learned the back end of the business very well. In return I became a Trainer for new and seasoned Reps.

Findsalesrep Get Found asked: ShaChena Gibbs, we want to know HOW you do it. We want to help others learn and grow so that we can try to help them get out of STRUGGLE and in to SUCCESS. Can you tell us what “the back end of the business is”? Thx!

Back Office Management means learning the system and making it work with your lifestyle. I learned because when I was enrolled as an Avon Rep my upline moved to California. I had to fend for myself and learn the business. I didn’t leave the company, I just learned through experience how to make money to pay my bills and care for my family.

Teresa Francesca wrote:

Hi My name is Teresa Francesca! I believe in networking! Networking yourself through other D.S. Consultants will not only help you build a reputation with them but their clients as well! People will recommend you & your business more based on NOT being pushy, NOT being so overwhelming with information right away, & if you get to actually know the person more you guys can build an awesome network together and grow from there! ALSO, a great tip! ONE MAJOR TURNOFF IS TELLING PEOPLE YOU HAVE A GOAL! Remember they have bills to pay to which means they have a goal as well! USE YOUR BUYING DISCOUNT TO GIVE OTHERS A GREAT DEAL…I ALWAYS GETS REPEATS BECAUSE I ALWAYS TREAT MY CUSTOMERS WITH GOODIES & DISCOUNTS!

ANOTHER GREAT TIP, GIVE BACK TO YOUR RECRUITS! I always have a contest for my recruits!! Yes we all get a percentage from their sales but we can also give back some many they spent as well!! Great team support matters when your recruiting! 🙂

Beth Sisskin wrote:

Ok. As you know in any MLM or DS business, the most important thing, and it can’t be stressed enough is follow up. Also, establish a rapport with your prospects and make them feel like more than just a lead. Nobody wants to feel that way. Do something nice. In this business, you’re gonna have to put a little out to get a lot back. There’s so much more than “working from home.”. If you want to be successful, you’ll get back only if you’re willing to put in.

I put so much into my business the first year and it’s paying off! Make friends not businesses prospects!

MarilynInfo StopShop wrote:

Exactly. Don’t look at anyone as a $ sign. Take the $ signs out of the equation. Talk with each person as if your a friend and listen to them even read between lines. Get to know them and show you care. Don’t try to sell directly or on the first meet. Offer free consults to help them see if you can be of service to them. If not help them find which is a better match for them. They will appreciate that and word of mouth travels fast.

These are HUGE Strengths that when employed they can help YOU in your business too!  Try them out and if you have a strength to BRAG about share it in the comment section.  You never know who is listing and might need to learn about what you have to offer.  It’s your turn to Be A Mentor!


Marketing Success of Facebook

Everyone is on fb an if you are in business it’s a MUST!   It is a great tool for managing information for your team, clients and prospects BUT…

Facebook can also be a HUGE TIME DRAIN!

Spending 10 hours a day on fb marketing and getting no where can be frustrating and there are thousands reps doing just that!
Here is our advice:
Well, not really ours, we went right to the source and asked a super successful FB Queen for her Tips For Facebook.  Here is what Kim N. shared with us:

“Nope.  I don’t spend all day on fb. I have a fan page and I post pictures.  Just little stuff.  But that’s not what keeps my business going. I do home parties and all of my business Face to Face (well 99% of it ). My facebook page is more so my customers and team know where to find me and I can keep them updated so they remember I am in the business!
Also, I think customers lose contact information and  on fb  I can stay in their mind then they don’t have to search to hard for me.”