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Build It  Make It  Create It Organize It

  Jenny Wiest  My name is Jenny, and I am an independent director with ThirtyOne. We have great products to keep the American woman organized! I actually put our products to use today. As we near the end of the year, my paper work is ridiculous! It is everywhere, and I spend more time looking for papers than working!  So I took charge! I used a Fold ‘n File to get my papers going.  I can put the Fold N File in my Organizing utility tote when I need to take it on the road. I felt so good when done! I know where all my labels and business expense receipts are now! Here is a pic of what I am talking about. If you would like to see more ideas, please visit my website: www.mythirtyone.com/JennyWiest . ****Any referrals from the SNEAK PEEK OUTLET get 15% off their entire order.***

  Jessica Martin  Hi! I’m Jess and I am with clever container Americans spend more than $4 million dollars a year on organizing products! Clever container only has about 250 active consultants all over the country. These quality products help get and keep you organized in your house, car, office and more! I’m talking about REAL LIFE solutions that make your life easier! I am always looking for customers as well as team members! This is a great opportunity for anyone and I would love to tell you more about it! You can even host a party to help earn the kit! How cool is that?! And a new catalog coming in less than a month! www.mycleverbiz.com/jessicamartin 724-553-0907 getcleverwithjess@gmail.com and on facebook at www.facebook.com/clevercontainerbyjess  AND… I just got word from home office and have some very exciting news for you ladies! You will also be able to order starting tomorrow from the new fall/winter catalog that launches on October first! How exciting is that?! You can order from both catalogs until September 30th! And then only the new fall/winter catalog. If you place an order, please add it to Jess’s party

  Georgeanne Panos Hello Everyone! Welcome.. My name is Georgeanne Panos. I am  an Independent Consultant of Thirty-One Gifts since earlier this year and wow, I cannot sing enough praise about this company.  31 is all about exposing the world to our wonderful products.  If I had to chose (3) of my favorite products I would have to say, in random order, the Every Wear Wallet (it’s a wallet, clutch, purse) that comes with a detachable strap! (3 uses for the price of one $35); the Suite Skirt Purse (you pick a ‘foundation color purse’, in either black or brown and then decide, which isn’t easy, on a skirt that changes the entire look. So, you’re getting two complete purse looks for one price $60 comes with a skirt too); Large Utility Tote (this tote has more uses than I could possibly list and you can have it personalized too. Toys, towels, bridal shower gifts, baby shower gifts, organize your trunk junk, etc etc etc. $35. Every month there is a new Monthly Customer Special. Each month I’m like a kid, I get so excited. The September special is for every $35 spent, you can purchase a Organizing Utility Tote or Super Organizing Tote for HALF – OFF!! October special is, for every $35 spent you can purchase oen of (7) travel pieces for HALF – OFF!!  If anyone has any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. I thank you for taking the time and wish you Happy Shopping  www.mythirtyone.com/desertdesigns   (my contact information can be found on my website)

Home Party Consultant Products

Are you in LOVE with the products your Direct Sales or Home Party Company has to offer?

Tell us about YOUR Favorite Things – YOUR Products!  What’s your favorite? Can you share a picture? Got a link?

Think talking about your products  won’t help build your business? WRONG!!! Especially in a community where everyone is already in DS. They ALREADY ‘Get It’! If you have a compelling “THING” you might just attract your next Best Business Builder!!!! So, What’s YOUR “Thing”?

Here what a few of our friends shared on facebook:

Jeanine LaNeve Surprenant I love my Mialisia jewelry! Its a brand NEW jewelry concept that will chage the way women think about wearing jewelry forever! Mialisia has a patent pending design called VersaStyle which is a a hook on either end of the necklace instead of your normal clasp. Because of this, you are able to wear one or two piecesa of jewelry in multiple ways, as a bracelet, belt, necklace, layered necklaces, etc! Check out the video on my website and contact me for me for more info! You can look so fashionable at a very reasonable price!! http://jeanines.mialisia.com