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Ready To Promote Your Sales

Your Independence Day is likely to include backyard barbecues and time with loved ones. But between the burgers and the fireworks, you can be building your business.


Help your Customers Stock Up On Summer Specials.

Summer is a great time to renew your listing and promote your SALES!

Here are a few examples:

Pampered Chef is Offering a FREE scraper when you spend $75 or more when you shop online or at a party in July. Check this offer out at https://www.pamperedchef.com/special-offers
Origami Owl is Offering Up to 80% Off of Selected Items. Check these out https://www.origamiowl.com/shop/collections/sale

Ready to promote your sales?  

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P.S. You can also POST about your self, your company and your SALES in the Comments below


NO is a fact of life in the Direct Sales Industry

“NO!” is a fact of life in the Direct Sales Industry. How do you get over the disappointment and keep a smile on your business face?
  Kim Mckay By remembering that most no’s really mean no not right now:)
 Katie Fillingame Timby For every 10 “no’s” you get you will get 1 yes and it is usually a great yes.
 Amanda Blizzard I remember that i need to hear about 10 no’s for every yes i get, so every no brings me that much closer to a yes!
  Julia Martin Gives me more drive to keep moving on to greater things!
 Pontus Lindmark Biz A no is only a no at this particular moment. I use to think that my job is to promote my business and not necessarily get a yes straight away !
 Monique Wilson Every No. Make me stronger and more determine to reach my goals.