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Scentsy Consultant in Cincinnati Ohio

Please Welcome Angela Tippets ~ Scentsy Consultant in Cincinnati, Ohio

About Me

OMGosh! I love living life on my terms! I’ve been a Scentsy Rep for almost 10 years, and at the tippy top as a SuperStar Director since 2010 -it’s crazy where goals, hard work and an awesome team can take you! My husband (Scott) and I enjoy hanging out with our 3 almost grown children, we have a Harley Davidson motorcycle (we call it our “bonding” bike, our kids call it a mid-life crisis) and love to just go on rides together. My husband is super involved with the Boy Scouts of America and our son just finished his Eagle project. Our middle daughter, who had ovarian cancer at 15 is doing awesome and is now on a church mission for 18 months. Our oldest daughter just got married to an amazing young man and we couldn’t be more excited for them! We like to travel, try different restaurants -sometimes we’ll drive quite a distance for good food, hang out with friends, play cards, and a lot of times you’ll find me in our basement crafting away. I’m kind of an introvert, but as a business leader I’ve learned to be okay with getting out of my comfort zone. Our favorite thing is hanging out with our Scentsy friends while on earned, FREE incentive tripsI Most of our business is done online through social media and local events. Our team is called, “The Awesome Group” because they seriously are AWESOME! Even through our team is spread out globally, we mentor, teach, grow, learn, have fun, and enrich each other’s lives through live stream, team Facebook page, one-on-one conversations, and fun mail. Yep, you totally should join our team! ❤

My Favorite Products

Scentsy Warmers,
Scentsy Bars,
Cincinnati Reds Baseball Helmet Scentsy Warmer,
The Ohio State Football Helmet Scentsy Warmer,
Scentsy Essential Oils,
Scentsy Diffusers,
Scentsy Buddies,
Scentsy Laundry Products,
Scentsy Car Bars,
Scentsy Room Sprays,
Scentsy Start Up Kit

About My Company

Being a part of the Scentsy Family is so much more than warmers and wax! I joined as an Independent Scentsy Consultant in early 2007, then shortly after moved to Cincinnati Ohio area where we didn’t know a single person. It was hard because no one had heard of the Scentsy brand. Before I joined Scentsy, I started looking at other companies and what I wanted -or didn’t want. I knew I didn’t want to do facials or foot scrubs, clean or cook for anyone, or carry heavy products around. I definitely DID want to join a company that offered consumable products, who had great values and was forward thinking, who was also part of the DSA (there are strict rules and ethics for companies who belong to the DSA), and believed in giving back to the community. I wanted products that offered that “WOW” factor, products that were high-quality, and at least mostly manufactured/produced in the USA (our Scentsy Warmers are made in China and our Scentsy Bars and other additional products are manufactured in Meridian, Idaho), and that were family friendly so our kids could help out. I wanted the opportunity to grow with a great compensation plan, a company who values their employees AND their consultants. In the almost 10 years since my awesome Scentsy Start Up Kit showed up on my front porch, it has been the BEST journey. I won’t say it’s been easy, because it hasn’t always been easy. It’s been a lot of work, sacrifice, learning, growing, and becoming. Through my journey I’ve also learned a lot about myself, about friendships, team spirit, leadership, relationships, mentoring, teaching, goal-setting, supporting, encouraging, and business. We’ve met so many amazing people! When my daughter was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, our customers, our team, and our Scentsy family sustained our business while I focused on getting our daughter through those hard chemo treatments. To know that I’m a part of a tribe that cares, that values one another, that serves one another is a great feeling. The stability we have as a family, the opportunity I’ve been given to work from home on my terms, and flexibility of time has been a blessing. Scentsy is seriously THE BEST COMPANY to represent.

Featured Product Information

In December 2006 we had a close call when some tea lights caught our tabletop decoration on fire -about 6 inches from the wall in our house. Thank goodness we were home and our daughter saw that it was in flames. This was a decoration that was made for tea lights and that experience scared me to the point where I wouldn’t use candles any more. I was introduced to my first Scentsy warmer and the Scentsy system in early 2007 while working in a kindergarten classroom. The teacher had a Scentsy warmer in her class and I was a little concerned. She showed me how it worked, how it wouldn’t burn to the touch, and all the fun fragrances of the Scentsy bars. The concept was intriguing, and the business aspect excited me. I love that our Scentsy warmer and Scentsy bars are safe around children and pets, that our Scentsy essential oils are 100% natural, and that our Scentsy Diffusers are ultrasonic, nebulizing and use cool mist -all the best options.

Also, our Scentsy Laundry products are amazing! Seriously, I was a ___(insert brand)____ snob when it came to a certain brand of laundry products. The first time I tried our Scentsy laundry products though, there was no going back. While the process of doing laundry is still a mundane task, I do find myself actually enjoying it now.