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Expand Beyond Your Warm Market

Direct Sales Check List:
Step 1 Make a list of your warm market.
Step 2 Contact your warm market.
Step 3 Expand Beyond your warm market.

It’s easy to say “Expand Beyond Your Warm Market”, but how do you do it?

We want to hear from you! Share your Next Steps In the Comments.


  Here’s how Natalie Karen Boecker EXPANDS!

There are many networking events in my area. Anyone can google www.eventsinyourarea.com to get started. I also talk to others as I go about my life, i.e. when conversations arise related to health & wellness, or need for more income, I ask if I can share what my company has to offer………….in line at the store, at church functions, at our ballroom dance classes & parties, etc. Asking for referrals is another way to meet more people who may need what you have to offer.