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HANDBAGS and Pretty Purses

  Michelle Simmington  Hello all! I’m Michelle Simmington from Massachusetts and I am an Independent Scentsy Family Director.  You can view my webiste at ~http://michellesimmington.graceadele.us and my FB page ishttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Independent-Scentsy-Family-Director-Michelle-Simmington/158973787461870.  She’s got the look ~ Create your look  It begins with the perfect bag….. It only takes one Grace Adele Bag to transform your style when you add your favorite clutches, clip-ons, accessories and jewelry to create a myriad of inventive-yet-effortless LOOK.   With one back, two clutches, three accessories and a single collection of jewelry, you have enough beautiful products to create more than 30 unique looks.  The path to great style has never been so simple! ** 10% off for the month of January **  Contact me for FERUARY SALES. I personally LOVE my ocelot scarf and my Lyra Cluster Purple necklace. ~ THE SCENTSY MISSION ~ To bring value to the world by providing an industry-leading, family-friendly business opportunity selling creative, artistic, high-quality products that WARM THE HEART, ENLIVEN THE SENSES AND INSPIRE THE SOUL.

  Lois Ann Hutson  Hello Holiday Shoppers!! My name is Lois Ann Hutson and I am an independent representative with MICHE and I am in DELAWARE!! Miche is the hottest handbag on the market!!! We also have a brand new, beautiful magnetic jewelry line!! We offer 4 different size bases to fit your needs and gorgeous magnetic shells to match!! What woman would not love to get a MICHE under the tree? My top 3 gift ideas are:  1. Demi “Getting started Bundle” I recommend Vixen (pictured) and Joanne.  2. Single row base necklace with any add on and a stretch bracelet (pictured)  3. Miche Hip Bag or Wallet  ***Now through November 27th, when you order a getting started bundle, which includes your choice of base size and 2 shells, Miche will send you 2 FREE shells!! That’s right, 2 FREE shells!! Visit my website to order:  www.purseperfected.miche.com  ***LIKE my facebook page to get all the information as it comes out about BLACK FRIDAY specials and also for CYBER MONDAY!!  www.facebook.com/purseperfected  If you are local to me, contact me via facebook or at loisann@purseperfected.com to place your order through me and I will personally gift wrap your purchase and deliver it when requested.  ***When placing your order online, choose the “Holiday Shopping Spree” party and everyone that orders, either on the website or by contacting me, will be entered into a drawing for a $50 Gift Certificate!!!  Let’s go shopping!!  www.purseperfected.miche.com

 Staci Strassburg I’m Staci and I am a consultant with Miche.  Miche offers interchangeable purses, accessories and jewelry. The top three gift ideas would be a “getting started bundle” which includes a base bag and 2 shells, jet triangle two-row necklace, and the royal empress ring. ***I will be entering everyone who places a minimum $50 order into a drawing to win a free Hope bracelet.  Website:  www.stacistrassburg.miche.com  E-mail: stacilynn369@hotmail.com  Here’s to hoping you have a Blessed Christmas Holiday!!

  April Hoskins Steiner  Hello everyone my name is April Hoskins Steiner I am a Thirty-One Gifts consultant This month we have a great sale for every $35 you spend you can get a Medium Utility Tote for $7 if you want one of these great size Totes you have till the 26th of November, If you want the December special, For every $35 your Customers spend November 27 – December 20 they can get one of five Holiday Holi-buys for $5! I’d love to help you find just the right gifts for everyone on your list.  My web site is www.mythirtyone.com/steiner or my facebook page at www.facebook.com/bags4ladies

HANDBAGS and Pretty Purses

  Cheryl Tullis  Hi I am Cheryl and I am a Grace Adele Consultant.  Do you love purses and accessories?  I know I do. Grace Adele is the perfect system. It is built around keeping you organized and styled.  The quality of the purses are comparable to Coach without the price tag.  We have 2 new colors for spring….Pink and Orange. As well as other great color offerings.  Our best system is the Elegant Essentials Pack. You get a bag,clutch and wallet. www.cheryltullis.graceadele.us

 Michelle Bednar  Hello I am Michelle Bednar. I sell many things and I do rather well. I will start off with a company I was uncertain of at first, but then got really addicted really fast. That company is Thirty~one Gifts. I wish I could narrow down top sellers as this company has many items to offer and can be made personal. My favorite is the Skirt Purse. You can change the skirts without emptying your purse. Many prints to choose from. www.mythirtyone.com/mbednar Another top item I love is our Organizing Utility Tote it has many prints to choose and lots of pockets!! A new product that has been catching the buzz is our Inside-Out Bag 4 to choose from and you can turn it inside out to get a new look and it too has pockets inside and out!! Every month Thirty~One offers deals of the month for every $31 you spend you can get for instance this mo the Keep-It-Caddy for $5 next mo any tote 50% off. I have a group that you must ask to join and I mention all my sales and ideas there. Post pictures and answer questions and of course you can message me directly https://www.facebook.com/groups/484708358239676/ It is called Shelles Baggage Club Thirty~One Gifts is more than just bags, its an opportunity to have fun in what you do. CAUTION highly addicting!!! We can also help you get organized and clear up clutter. Office decor, picnic outings, toy bins, and more. Ideas are limitless.

  Joann Riddle Wagoner  I’m Joann Riddle Wagoner Director  at Miche, the most fashionable handbag on the market. Currently the most popular product is the the newest LUXE shells. Our best selling base is the Demi Bag, followed by the Prima and Classic. Each month Miche offers a different “special.” For March we are offering our hostesses the opportunity to purchase from the Luxe collection at a huge discount. Please visit the website and shop from the comfort of your home. www.joannwagoner.miche.com  Contact me if you have questions or need help.  

 Maureen Daniels  I sell Miche handbags and accessories.  Miche handbags are unique … you buy the base bag and then covers to match your style or mood … so you can give your bag a facelift everyday. Saves time, space and money.   Top 3 Sellers for Miche Bags varies month to month as we have new releases and specials every month.  View all that Miche has to offer at http://maureen.miche.com/ To view Miche’s catalogs scroll down this page to see the latest http://maureen.miche.com/Shop  Miche specials this month: 15% off select shells.  Go to https://maureen.miche.com/Shop/Category/594  My specials and promotions are always posted on my fanpages so like it to stay in the loop.  Don’t miss a SALE!  http://facebook.com/myhandbagmyway  If you have any questions, I can be found on Facebook at http://facebook.com/wahmshops  Thank you,  Maureen Daniels

  Cindy Genna Manatrey  My name is Cindy Manatrey and I am a Independent Senior Consultant for Thirty One Gifts. We have functional products for everyday use. Such as our organziation totes, purses, wallets and more!  Our best sellers are our Large Utility Totes, Organizing Utlity Totes and our Thermal Totes. These are great totes for the grocery store, mobile office, diaper bags, laundery, lunches and more!  You can go to my website at www.mythirtyone.com/cmanatrey, click on the tab “place an order” and shop away! It’s as simple as that!  I also have a closed facebook page, where I do fun things such as drawings, contests, fun facts and more!  You can check that out at: http://www.facebook.com/groups/406118102741684/  Each month our company does awesome customer specials. Which is posted on my facebook page and also on my website.  I’m excited to be apart of this great experience with such a wonderful company. I cant wait to help you with your next purchase. 🙂

  Andrea C Ceci  Hi! My name is Andrea Ceci and I am a Director with Thirty One Gifts. We offer items to organize your home along with handbags and totes. We run specials every month for you when you spend $31.  Our three top sellers are the  1. Large Utility Tote – great for the trunk of your car  2. Keep-it Caddy – use it as a mini diaper bag  3.Organizing Utility Tote – excellent tote to use for a mobile office  You can request to join my closed group for extra specials that I have to offer https://www.facebook.com/groups/Andrea31/.   You may also visit my website to place an order and shop our catalog at www.mythirtyone.com/ACCECI.  Let me know if you need help or have questions.